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Churchill and the Gallipoli Campaign

This is Steve Hayward discussing the military and political issues that surrounded the lead-up to the attack at Gallipoli. Everyone may know this already, or may just be wrong, but it seems the wasted lives were in the execution and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: MuddyPuppy – The lead up to Gallipoli

As early as the 19th of December, 1906, the possibility of the Turkish Dardanelles being a target in the event of war was being treated with caution, particularly in regards to a purely naval expedition without the aid of substantial … Continue reading

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It’s 150 years today that the American Civil War came to an end

I guess it’s not yet the 9th April in the US so we get to commemorate this great moment before the Americans do. The odd thing for someone my age is that the Democrats were the party of slavery and … Continue reading

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All quiet on the Iranian front

There are other news stories, of course, but the virtually instant disappearance of the negotiations between Obama (not America) and Iran as worth even a mention is astonishing. The majority of the American media, who are as inane as they … Continue reading

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The epitaph of our civilisation?

This is a note I have sent to the Societies for the History of Economics in relation to the Harvard final year economics exam. It is based around a truly insightful comment by Roger. I have put the Harvard final … Continue reading

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Keynes and Keynesian Economics in Light of the Financial Crisis

The economic societies of the United States meet over the first few days of the year, with the meeting this year in Boston. This is the full conference program which is gigantic. My interest is what is being said about … Continue reading

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Yet another eccentric English genius

Another film about an English eccentric, this one about a hundred years after William Turner. I must confess that I haven’t yet come across a single person I know who liked Mr. Turner. It seems to me there are an … Continue reading

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McCracken, Malthus, Keynes and Say’s Law

It was all the way back in October that I received an email from Thomas Colignatus, a blogger in The Netherlands. He had read my article on the origins of the General Theory and had written a post on it … Continue reading

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Is Joe Hockey the worst Treasurer in 40 years?

Several weeks ago I was asked if I thought Joe Hockey was a good Treasurer or not, and my answer was “too early to tell”. To be fair, I think that is still my view, but I suspect that, on … Continue reading

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Australia’s not so secret war

Tim Blair has gone after the critics of Hal Colebatch’s Australia’s Secret War: How Unionists Sabotaged Our Troops in World War II which had the audacity to win the Prime Minister’s Literary Award, or at least shared one with someone … Continue reading

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