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Moment of liberation: cheers, prayers and a juicy steak

It seems the Cardinal gave his first exclusive interview to the American Catholic News Agency. Good choice. “I was watching the television news in my cell when the news came through,” Pell told CNA, in an exclusive interview shortly after … Continue reading

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Statement by His Eminence George Cardinal Pell AC

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THERE will be something ironic and remarkably apt about an acquittal tomorrow for George Pell, if that’s what the High Court has decided. A man held in solitary confinement will be released into an imprisoned country. In light of the … Continue reading

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Ruse In The Top Paddock

TO refresh my memory, I was doing some crisis management research yesterday into the near-starvation of the earliest European Australians in 1788. I was mainly interested in the details of how Governor Phillip managed the situation and how one would … Continue reading

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Freedom vs. The State

ON the broader question of moral leadership and violence – for those who monopolise the latter (the so-called “National Cabinet”) are now doing so – last year the elderly shuffled into the crosshairs of euthanasia/“assisted dying” advocates who regard frailty … Continue reading

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Theme For Our Times

“Mad bull lost your way.” Something like that. But is the mad bull the bug or the state? Why not both, I say. Have an equally apt or better suggestion from any genre? Let’s hear it. Stairway To Heaven not … Continue reading

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Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Orange Man

I acknowledge the writer whose leitmotif it was; the link and his or her name have now disappeared down and around Instapundit’s fast-moving pianola/coronarola roll. The thesis was that ‘Make America Great Again’ was the most prophetic platform in the … Continue reading

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Bugs Bump Drugs

Rolling Stones Postpone North American Tour Due to Coronavirus Concerns.   Keith Richards, Seattle Customs, 1972 Tour 

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Hullo! How are you?

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Something to pass the time watching while staying at home

In six hundred years, will the CoronaV even be remembered? Depends on what happens next. AND THEN THERE IS THIS: From Bosnich in the comments: …….and the Black Death originated in China. And then, sure enough, from the net we … Continue reading

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