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Bernanke rewriting history

Ben Bernanke is taking credit for having saved the US economy. Okay – what else would he say? But this comment leapt out at me as not possibly being correct: But there is no doubt that the jobs situation is … Continue reading

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Lets hear it for the Protestant missionaries

Robert Woodbury gave a talk at CIS last week on this topic. Should have blogged on it but was too busy. Next best thing, read the source paper. From the American Political Science Review Vol. 106, No. 2 May 2012 … Continue reading

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Nagasaki – a US POWs perspective

In the late spring of 1945, I saw that the cruelty with which we prisoners of war were treated was only increasing. Our guards told us that Japanese units facing attack had received orders to kill all military and civilian … Continue reading

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Robert Conquest (1917-2015)

It is essential to mark the passing of one of the great historians and enemies of totalitarians of all varieties. Robert Conquest passed away on August 3 at aged 98. I think it is even possible that I read every … Continue reading

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800 Years of the Magna Carta

At Runnymede, at Runnymede, What say the reeds at Runnymede? The lissom reeds that give and take, That bend so far, but never break, They keep the sleepy Thames awake With tales of John at Runnymede. At Runnymede, at Runnymede, … Continue reading

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What would Churchill have done? II

Long time Cat readers will know that I’m a great fan of William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill. The opening page and a half must contain some of the best writing in the English language. This particular paragraph is important … Continue reading

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What would Churchill have done?

Either we are at war with an existential enemy or we are not. Either these things are a threat to our way of life or they are not. We are either so in command of the situation that it does … Continue reading

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“The two socialist systems are uncannily alike”

Daniel Hannan on the Nazis and Soviets. For some reason, there are people even today who find this comparison gets under their skin.

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Fear the ignorance

Supposedly an answer to Fear the Boom and Bust which you can watch here as an antidote. This has been put up at the History of Economics discussion thread, but the look on the face of the student at the … Continue reading

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Economic sinners

I am in the middle of so many projects in which the modern version of economic theory is at the centre, that I find my thoughts overflowing into these blogs. A blog is not, however, supposed to be anything other … Continue reading

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