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What makes war inevitable

My favourite book of all time is Herodotus’s Histories. It is the first historical narrative ever written and tells the story of how our way of life was preserved in the face of a Persian invasion in the fifth century … Continue reading

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Thatcher, Reagan, and Gorbachev

In February 1984, Margaret Thatcher flew home from the Moscow funeral of the Soviet leader Yuri Andropov. Frustrated by his equally aged successor, Konstantin Chernenko, the British prime minister told her aides, “For heaven’s sake, try and find me a … Continue reading

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Even more holiday reading. Horowitz and The Open Society and Its Enemies.

On the plane to Phoenix, finished reading Radical Son by David Horowitz who was a leading player among the radical “generation of ‘68” that set the campuses on fire and got serious about taking over the universities and the media. … Continue reading

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Learning history

This caught my eye in the AFR this morning: Paul Little and his wife Jane Hansen have donated $10 million to Melbourne University to promote the teaching of history. Ms Hansen, a former investment banker who is currently undertaking an … Continue reading

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C’mon, seven days from now it will all be last week’s news

Everyone lives at a moment in time which vanishes even as a new present arrives. Don’t worry. Be happy. This is today. TERROR SCARE HITS GERMANY: COPS WARN ‘NOT TO WALK IN GROUPS’ MERKEL DEATH KNELL: RISE OF THE ANTI-IMMIGRATION … Continue reading

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The war aims of the Islamic State

The choice between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull is a choice between someone who gets the major issue of our time v someone who does not. I watched Tony’s interview with Bolt on Sunday and he must have used the … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day: November 11, 2015

In Flanders Fields – John McRae In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are … Continue reading

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What they said: On Thatcherism

Tony Abbott: …your invitation to give this lecture suggests there was at least a hint of Thatcher about my government in Australia … Adam Creighton: … indeed the biggest similarity was in the manner of their removal — by furious … Continue reading

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Agincourt: 25 October 1415

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Back to the future day

Today is the day Marty McFly arrived in the future. On my recent Chicago trip one of the tour guides was a Chicago Cubs fan and told the story that this year the Cubs would win the World Series. He … Continue reading

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