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It is the end of times (or something)

Two op-eds have caught my eye today. The first by Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times and reproduced in the AFR: The idea that the middle-class and the young will always be the most stalwart supporters of democracy is also … Continue reading

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My blog history of the election

My “blog history” of the American election is being published which consists of all of the posts I did on the election starting in July 2015 when I actually saw Donald Trump in Las Vegas. I call it a blog … Continue reading

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Insomnia cure

For all those Cats having difficulty sleeping – my good friend Chris Berg has posted his PhD thesis online. From the abstract: Between the 1890s and 2008 the Australian system of prudential regulation of banking went from an almost entirely … Continue reading

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Reading lists

This is reading time at the beach or on the plane or just because. All suggestions welcome. Let me meantime recommend Michael Lewis’s The Undoing Project: a Friendship that Changed the World. It’s about the story of two psychologists who … Continue reading

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From my days in The Rebel Alliance

Sent to me by an old old friend, also shown here. I have, of course, refused to pay the blackmail he has asked for to have the photo suppressed. My wife recognised me but I doubt anyone else would. This … Continue reading

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Where’s the FBI? Where’s the outrage?

With all the fake news about “fake news”, what about dealing with some real news. Why is this just a sidelight, hardly discussed anywhere in the media. MORE ELECTOR THREATS: ‘PUT BULLET IN MOUTH’… LONG-SHOT BID TO BLOCK MONDAY… Angry … Continue reading

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When was economics not radical?

The History of Economic Thought online discussion forum has had this request posted: I would be interested in your thoughts and reactions to this article: When Economics Was Radical. The article was published in The Chronicle of Higher Education [CHE]. … Continue reading

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How fleeting is fame

I just went down to pick up some exams from admin and when I went to sign for them I had to ask the date, which is apparently November 22. So I said in passing that it’s the anniversary of … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day: November 11, 2016

Memory, let all slip Memory, let all slip, save what is sweet of Ypres plains. Keep only autumn sunlight and the fleet clouds after rains. Blue sky and mellow distance softly blue; these only hold Let I my panged grave … Continue reading

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Deirdre McCloskey’s defence of the bourgeois virtues

A long interview with Deirdre McCloskey explaining why she wrote three thick books to rescue the productive people and the decent values which have made us prosperous and free from the “often idiotic” abuse from socialists and economic illiterates at … Continue reading

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