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Attention, Border Force

A clear and present danger to Australia: No worries: Bring ISIS wives, children home, Keneally urges government.

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What did Remainers think was going to happen?

Remainers are reaping a whirlwind: Boris Johnson has refused to back down over accusations he is stoking hatred against MPs and endangering their lives with inflammatory language over Brexit. Amid furious confrontations between his frontbench and Labour MPs on Thursday, … Continue reading

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If you can’t settle the science, settle the policy

So we hear a lot about the need for ‘evidence-based policy’. But there is a huge elephant in the room: The replication crisis (or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis) is, as of 2019, an ongoing methodological crisis in which it … Continue reading

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The UN and democracy

Jennifer Oriel has a great piece today at the Australian. Silence is golden if you are the UN and climate change is your meal ticket. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has punished nonconformists ahead of the climate summit in New York … Continue reading

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Calling bullshit on the New Zealand chief censor

David Shanks, New Zealand’s “chief censor”, has an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph. Sounds like he has a tough job. I’ve never seen so many film festival movies as I did in my first year, watching them at a cinema … Continue reading

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C.L. : Tim Flannery names Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones as anti-child ‘predators’

A “furious” Tim Flannery has a column at ABC Online this morning whose stated purpose is to ‘change the language’ in relation to “denialists,” such that henceforth they be regarded as akin to, and be associated with, child abusers. The gloves … Continue reading

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All immigrants are traitors

Gladys Liu seems to have created something of a stir by having a “bad” interview on Bolt’s show. The Labor Party are having a great time stirring things up. Some of their comments, however, are quite offensive. “There have been … Continue reading

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C.L. : No country for old Catholics

It was a combination of unwavering viciousness and happenstance that allowed evil to win in the Coen brothers’ celebrated neo-noir neo-Western. Hopes for a just denouement were dashed on the rocks of brutal reality – though it must be acknowledged, … Continue reading

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Call to arms! Can we stand idle while Trump enforces the rule of law?

A bit of jolly sarc.

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We are all Israel Folau

Well, apart from deplorables who don’t believe in freedom of faith and free speech. No need to agree with him, just recall the statement (probably falsely) attributed to Voltaire. I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to … Continue reading

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