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More evidence of plain packaging failure

From The Saturday Paper: According to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics national health survey, adult smoking rates fell from 16.1 per cent in 2011-12 to 14.5 per cent in 2014-15. The National Drug Strategy household survey shows a … Continue reading

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The most dangerous organisation in world history

Sent from my old public school mate in Silicon Valley with this note: Excerpt from the book “Who Rules the World” by Noam Chomsky. I found his comments to be accurate. I hope that you are able to make out … Continue reading

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A tad hypocritical

Here is Bill Clinton commenting on Donald Trump’s DACA decision: DACA has brought hundreds of thousands of young people out of the shadows — allowing them to live without fear, go to school, work, and contribute to America in countless … Continue reading

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Free TV Australia think we’re stupid

Free TV Australia are denying that they have banned the advert for being “political”. Rather their story is this: “The advertiser was requested, but declined, to add an identification tag to the commercial to comply with Schedule 2 of the … Continue reading

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Let’s check those dates

First –  a rule that applies to the application of s44: The majority in Sykes disagreed.  They said that ‘incapable of being chosen’ takes the relevant time back to when you nominate. So when candidate x nominates they cannot be a dual … Continue reading

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Strange days indeed

These are strange times for liberal Jews who, like me, were born in America only because their grandparents ran there to escape fascism.  What an astonishing sentence.

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Read the question: Citizenship edition

Social media and the luvvies (and some people who should know never to believe anything the left says) are in an uproar: Fresh questions have been raised about the eligibility of federal Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis, following the discovery of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Magic Pudding Electricity Theory

In writing a response to a letter from NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin, Michael Crawford illustrates the demise of the electricity industry’s efficiency with this graph. Dr Crawford continues “The National Electricity Market (NEM) was established at the end of … Continue reading

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Scott… Meet Irony

To think this was barely two months ago!  

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Plausible deniability

Yobbo emails to report these pictures all over Perth: But Socialist Alliance are ahead of us – apparently it is all a hoax. The group also posted a comment on their Facebook page to clarify it had nothing to do … Continue reading

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