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Clive Hamilton and Sinophobia

A few years ago Clive Hamilton wrote a very strange article in The Guardian that lead to this editorial statement (emphasis added): This article was amended soon after publication on 18 February 2014 to correct the headline, a misreported statistic … Continue reading

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Politics makes strange bedfellows specially on the left

Having personally moved left to right over the course of my political life, I can see that it is possible. But also having seen that absolutely none of my friends from those earlier times has done the same, it is … Continue reading

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It’s a wonder that Democrats can still show their faces in public

It really is extraordinary how the left is self-destructing but more extraordinary is that there is not a shred of evidence of shame and remorse. A brief round-up from today. Are there any interests of ordinary people that they represent … Continue reading

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Attitudes change once in opposition

Here is Brendan O’Connor verballing the government and Australian Federal Police: As a result of today, it’s clear now the government is using the power of the state and using taxpayer dollars to attack its political opponents. Shocking just shocking. Let’s … Continue reading

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Trump gets HW out of the headlines (except for here)

TRUMP MOVES HARD TO UNDO OBAMA: IRAN HEALTHCARE CHRISTMAS All that at Drudge. BTW who’s that Obama chap? And then there’s this too: GREAT AGAIN: CONSUMER SENTIMENT HITS 13-YEAR HIGH… STOCKS SET NEW RECORDS… Meanwhile, the Weinstein saga continues to flatten the … Continue reading

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No news is good news if it’s bad news for the left

How do we know that PDT is the best president in 25 years: Media Give Trump Most Negative Presidential Coverage in 25 Years. To which they add as a subhead: “Only 5 percent of news reports are positive, according to … Continue reading

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More evidence of plain packaging failure

From The Saturday Paper: According to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics national health survey, adult smoking rates fell from 16.1 per cent in 2011-12 to 14.5 per cent in 2014-15. The National Drug Strategy household survey shows a … Continue reading

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The most dangerous organisation in world history

Sent from my old public school mate in Silicon Valley with this note: Excerpt from the book “Who Rules the World” by Noam Chomsky. I found his comments to be accurate. I hope that you are able to make out … Continue reading

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A tad hypocritical

Here is Bill Clinton commenting on Donald Trump’s DACA decision: DACA has brought hundreds of thousands of young people out of the shadows — allowing them to live without fear, go to school, work, and contribute to America in countless … Continue reading

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Free TV Australia think we’re stupid

Free TV Australia are denying that they have banned the advert for being “political”. Rather their story is this: “The advertiser was requested, but declined, to add an identification tag to the commercial to comply with Schedule 2 of the … Continue reading

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