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Identity politics is reactionary

Peter Baldwin continues the series of articles on the site of the Blackheath Philosophy Forum looking at identity politics. Old progressive verities have been turned on their heads. The aspiration to transcend race is now denounced as ‘racist’. Affirming the … Continue reading

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Peter Baldwin on identity politics

This is the third paper in a very important series on identity politics by Peter Baldwin who is the convenor of the Blackheath Philosophy Forum in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. This article supports Count 3 of my indictment … Continue reading

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The Orwellian world of left feminism

Anything that is taken up by the left sooner or later becomes destructive and divisive. Christian charity becomes the welfare state and “social justice”. Etc. No wonder some of the most active feminists of my generation no longer answer to … Continue reading

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Are rooftop solar subsidies the most regressive policy ever?

Social justice warriors love progressive policies that disadvantage the rich for the (possible) benefit of the poor. (Interesting thought, how often do the poor suffer as well in the medium to long term. Think job creation). Can someone imagine a … Continue reading

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ALP funded think tank “reluctantly” supports ALP policy

Labor’s planned ban on refundable excess franking credits has been declared a “second-best policy in a third-best world” by respected policy think-tank, the Grattan Institute. In its submission to Liberal MP Tim Wilson’s House of Representatives economics committee inquiry into … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Don’t let the terrorists and supremacists win

If it is the right thing to locate Australia’s embassy in Jerusalem, we should do so even if terrorists threaten violence in response. And if it is ok to be white, we should be able to say so even if … Continue reading

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Identity politics and apartheid

I have long thought that identity politics and apartheid is the same thing – just that identity politics seems to be more respectable.  Racist right wingers are appalling while racist left wingers are promoting human rights.  It’s all so easy … Continue reading

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Talk about being out of touch …

The Herald Sun is reporting: COUNCILS across Melbourne could move to fortnightly rubbish collections under a plan to reduce food waste ending up in landfill. A state government agency has recommended that food and garden refuse be collected in special … Continue reading

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Comment we received

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A modern Stalingrad over the credibility of the left

Or to be more American, this is a return to Gettysburg. Or for us in the British Empire, we are again at Waterloo. But however you slice it, this is where the left and the media have placed their credibility … Continue reading

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