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Guest Post: Peter O’Brien A defence of Roger Franklin

Scene:  ABC Ultimo Studio.  Monday Night Q&A. Host Tony Jones: Good evening and welcome to Q&A.  Tonight’s panel includes Niki Savva, columnist for The Australian,  Mona Chalabi of the Guardian and American scientist Lawrence Krauss. In the wake of yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Scream Test: ABC edition

This comment made on Q&A Monday night is causing a kerfuffle: You’re more right likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you. As Rowan Dean pointed out on Tuesday – within hours 22 refrigerators … Continue reading

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More Self-loathing Incompetence From SMH

Michael Smith has brought my attention to this article written by SMH’s Latika Bourke on 13 April 2017. Predictably, it’s the usual self-loathing plop that we’ve become accustomed to no longer paying money for: Australia should follow the British Conservative … Continue reading

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The Gillian Triggs Award

It seems that Outgoing human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs wins freedom of speech award which I have picked up at Andrew Bolt where you can see Rowan Dean saying everything that should be said about how demented such an award … Continue reading

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The ABC owes Peter Dutton an apology

The ABC has been running this story about a 5-year old and Peter Dutton’s version of events for some time. I haven’t paid too much attention because it looked to me to be one of those he-said she said stories. … Continue reading

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ALP racist stunt thrown out of court

This morning the ALP announced it would contest the election of Lucy Gichuhi to the Senate on the basis that she was a Kenyan dual citizen. Didn’t take the court very long to deal with that:  In a High Court directions … Continue reading

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How does that slippery slope work?

So yesterday on the way home I was listening to Melbourne ABC radio.* They were interviewing Dr Bronwyn King (an oncologist) from Tobacco Free Portfolios. It was only during a meeting with a representative of her superannuation fund in 2010 that Bronwyn … Continue reading

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Sensible vaping policy … in New Zealand

New Zealand will legalise vaping. The Government announced today it will change the law to legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes. Products will be legally sold at some point next year. The change is a big win for the e-cigarette … Continue reading

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Who will monitor the monitors?

Saw the video this morning when it was put up by SRR on the open thread. And we can now find this on Drudge: Exclusive: Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos, extremist as … Continue reading

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