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Donor disclosure

There is a bit more bedwetting going on than usual at the moment. Julia Baird,  of Fairfax and ABC fame, had an op-ed in the SMH last week: Yet there is a concerted campaign on Twitter to ensure the IPA … Continue reading

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Seaward bound and unbound

Let’s first define seaward: “the direction or side away from land and toward the open sea”. Seems pretty innocuous, yet there has been quite a disturbance in the force over the use of just this word the other day. And … Continue reading

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The best 4 sentences you’ll read in a long time

Creativity and sex have long been linked, as has art with the contravention of bourgeois values. Long may it be so. But too many perverts have taken cover in art for too long. Too many artists have callously used their … Continue reading

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Don Aitkin on the benefits of Western civ.

Including universities. Teaching about Western civilisation is divisive? Even saying it may be superior to others? Wheee! And this is coming from within higher education, where argument ought to be central. So I thought I might put down some of … Continue reading

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Spare us the hypocrisy

There is a shock, horror, surprise headline on the Australian today. MPs warn Facebook over China data deal It turns out that Facebook might be sharing the information we voluntarily reveal to to world about ourselves with communists. Yes – … Continue reading

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The ANU has form

There are several pieces in the Australian this morning having a go at the ANU.  I have thoughts on the matter that I’m hoping to share over the next few days or so, but in the meantime I just want … Continue reading

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If only 10% of what Robinson said was correct then the barbarians have already won

The usual high minded idiocies from Janet Albrechtsen on Don’t call it censorship when Islam critic’s simply in contempt of court. If you want to find out what she said, you can buy the paper. Here are the top comments … Continue reading

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What they said: Believe everything you’re told edition

This is not about free speech, not about the freedom of the press, nor about legitimate journalism, and not about political correctness. Judge Heather Norton Professor Ridd’s academic freedom is not and has never been at issue and is not … Continue reading

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A message from the Australian Environment Foundation

James Cook University (JCU) has sacked Peter Ridd, who until then held a chair in geology at JCU.  He remains a highly valued AEF Director and Scientific Adviser. Peter is determined to fight his termination in court—along with the ‘final censure’ that … Continue reading

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Another goner

The High Court has ruled against Kay Gallagher. Labor senator Katy Gallagher has been thrown out of politics after the High Court found she was ineligible to sit in parliament. The full bench of the High Court has ruled the … Continue reading

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