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Win Win! More renewables and lower power bills!

Australian ingenuity leads the world again. Even better than an unfunded national disability insurance scheme! Not to mention a national broadband network. A national broadband network? I said not to mention that. Throw in a fair work system drafted and … Continue reading

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Warren Mundine on the Uluru Statement

Warren Mundine had a very thoughtful op-ed on the Uluru Statement  in the AFR yesterday. One is there be “a First Nations Voice enshrined in the constitution”. The statement doesn’t detail what this means but the idea comes from a … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Colin Mendelsohn Australia’s looming e-cigarette ban robs smokers of a chance to quit

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) recent interim decision to effectively ban nicotine-containing e-cigarettes is a harsh blow to smokers. Australian smokers will be denied access to life-saving technology estimated to have helped millions of smokers to quit overseas. Those … Continue reading

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University research and the pub test

Another Coalition government, another outbreak of research funding hysteria. Treasurer Scott Morrison has cautioned the Australian Research Council to consider the popularity of new research projects, amid pressure to impose a “pub test” on the agency’s decisions. Economist Michael Potter … Continue reading

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Charles Koch on innovation

It was once widely accepted that progress depends on people challenging and testing each other’s hypotheses. This leads to the creation of knowledge that, when shared, inspires others and spurs the innovation that moves society forward and improves lives. It … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Nigel Cory – Roving Government “Bandits” Pillaging and Stealing Intellectual Property Need to Be Confronted by “Gunboat” Nations

A number of countries see cutting-edge intellectual property, especially for life sciences and high-tech goods, much like a predatory bandit saw trade caravans in centuries past—as something there to be raided and plundered. As trade and economic activity becomes more … Continue reading

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