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Saving the Third World with King Coal

There is a good piece by the dreaded Bjorn Lomborg inside the back cover of the Fin today. Coal will lift Africa out of poverty. (I think it is poverty, had to photograph the piece in sections and missed some … Continue reading

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Obama thanks Iran for spitting in his eye

This is pretty well where things have washed up: Iran Releases Sailors After U.S. Promises ‘Not to Repeat Such Mistakes’. There is also this, Iran’s Humiliation of Barack Obama is Now Complete. Meanwhile, perhaps out of embarrassment, this is so … Continue reading

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Spitting in Obama’s eye

Not even the major story, such is the way of the world. PENTAGON: 2 NAVY BOATS IN IRANIAN CUSTODY… 10 Sailors Detained, Hours Before State of the Union Speech… Accused of ‘Snooping’… EQUIPMENT CONFISCATED… US OFFICIALS SCRAMBLE… Iran sanctions relief … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen on China

(HT: Marginal Revolution)

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David Leyonhjelm guest post on whaling

Australian anti-whaling crusaders are again railing against Japanese whaling. It’s an obsession and long past its use-by date. There are many reasons for disliking whaling. Some do not like the killing of any animal, particularly if its death appears gory … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and migration

What are the advantages Muslim societies have in dealing with others? This is how it is explained by John O’Sullivan: Europeans Studiously Ignore Muslim Mobs, but most importantly, what he shows is the effect of Islam on the subjection of … Continue reading

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Some advice to a weakling president

This is a disturbing picture where we find the President of the United States has teared up over some policy issue. I cannot recall a single instance of a major politician ever being brought to tears except when attending a … Continue reading

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North Korea has exploded its first hydrogen bomb

An atomic bomb is a tactical nuclear device for use in a wartime environment. A hydrogen bomb, which uses an atomic bomb as a trigger, is near enough a doomsday device which offers no battlefield or tactical advantage to its … Continue reading

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That was 2015 – wait till you see 2016

Roger Simon in 2016: Year of the Chinese Curse first reviews the Obama years 1-7: On the domestic front, race relations — initially pretty good, considering we’re talking about flawed human beings — have turned more sour than they’ve been … Continue reading

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And who should succeed that empty presidential chair?

An empty chair has been an apt metaphor for Obama although I do think he began and continues with an agenda that in his own eyes has been quite successful. But Clint Eastwood got it right where others supposedly more … Continue reading

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