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Green taxes killing European industry

Open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU. Nobody but nobody in my business seriously invests in Europe. They haven’t for a generation. Everyone in my business does however invest in the USA, Middle East or China, or indeed, … Continue reading

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What is happening in Paris? Not much according to the MSM

There appears to be a different story to be told, but who would know? Where is the media? Seriously, we are now 13 weeks deep in a massive movement that has garnered thousands of participants every week in one of … Continue reading

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Venezuela on the brink

Stories from inside Venezuela from The Rebel. The people of Venezuela are rising up against their brutal dictator, Nicolas Maduro. Most of the world’s democracies have recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimately elected president of Venezuela; dictatorships like Cuba, China … Continue reading

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The Lomborg newsletter

Bjorn Lomborg on a range of development issues.

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Inside Venezuela

A report from ground level in Venezuela via Rebel News.

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Two kinds of globalization

It is confusing to find that something that was a Good Thing when I was young and naïve has become a Bad Thing. Of course it is two very different things under the same name. I suspect that the same … Continue reading

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Advice on how to run our economies from the last people who would know

An organisation made up of third world tyrannies wishes to teach the rest of us how to run our economies. A couple of examples. From Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise Capitalism as we know it is over. … Continue reading

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The dogs that didn’t bark in the night

Yesterday I asked What is the Democrat response to the Venezuelan counter-revolution?. Today we have the answer: That weird silence from Democrats over Venezuela’s massive rejection of socialism . “Weird” is not the word I would use, more something along … Continue reading

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What is the Democrat response to the Venezuelan counter-revolution?

MADURO ON BRINK? USA RECOGNIZES GUAIDO AS PRESIDENT BATTLE OF CARACAS The news is a few hours old but I am still waiting for the reaction of any of the Democrats, and of course, Miss Ocasio-Cortez. The left are the … Continue reading

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There is only one Brexit

I’m sure everyone is fixated with the circus that is UK politics at the moment.  The problem as I see it is the desire to “have a deal”.  The stark reality is that there are no deals to be had … Continue reading

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