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Trump does well media go silent

Why Trump has been out of the news today: Trump’s Middle East Trip Was a Big, Surprising Success—and the Iranian Regime is Nervous. A few excerpts for the record: So how is Trump’s first foreign trip as president playing out? … Continue reading

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Eight years is a long time in politics

As they all too well know, if Trump succeeds where they have failed, their destination is the scrap-heap of history. So where are we in the Middle East? From Drudge.   LET’S MAKE A DEAL! TRUMP ATTACKS IRAN AS SAUDIS … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Pointman Dismantling Obama’s darker legacy.

If you look at the political headlines lately, the press and TV are really running two stories to the exclusion of all else. The first is Trump firing James Comey as FBI director. It’s a bone they just can’t let … Continue reading

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Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Math

I read this article in National Review this morning – Social-Justice Math Class: ‘Math Has Been Used as a Dehumanizing Tool’ and thought it was a troll.  But then I went to the source material. Is there any doubt why the West is … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Lionel Page and Ahmed Skali English-Speaking Conservatives: Le Pen is Not One of Yours

On Sunday 7 May 2017, French voters elected, with a landslide, Emmanuel Macron as the country’s new leader, ending Marine Le Pen’s bid for the presidency. This has been a unique election in that neither candidate hails from France’s two … Continue reading

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Guest post on Agenda 21

The original file contains dozens of links which I don’t have time to insert at present. RC, Xian China AUSTRALIA SURRENDERS ITS DEMOCRACY, SOVEREIGNTY, & INDEPENDENCE An Introduction & Chronology of Agenda 21 in Australia Graham Williamson Agenda 21, or … Continue reading

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“We have to be prepared to do what we have to do”

The differences between DJT and his predecessor are profound. Obama was a lightweight far-left dunce who took almost nothing seriously other than his self-importance. Trump feels the weight of the world on his shoulders: Trump: ‘You make a mistake here, … Continue reading

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International elections scorecards

And now in France. FRENCH ELITE HUMILIATED AS OUTSIDERS SWEEP TO VICTORY… EU or out? Macron, 39-year-old eyeing French presidency… Le Pen battles to become first female at Elysee… No mainstream party candidate advancing…   And in other election-related news: … Continue reading

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Guess who was “a supporter of the American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War”

How can this possibly be true and not have become common knowledge? From: This is the open scandal that Congress should investigate: John Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus … Continue reading

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Trump’s cautious and necessary start to rebuilding American credibility

I was going to put this up last night but thought I would give LIQ’s post some space. But I do have to say that anyone who takes the time to look at where Australia is located on the map, … Continue reading

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