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International elections scorecards

And now in France. FRENCH ELITE HUMILIATED AS OUTSIDERS SWEEP TO VICTORY… EU or out? Macron, 39-year-old eyeing French presidency… Le Pen battles to become first female at Elysee… No mainstream party candidate advancing…   And in other election-related news: … Continue reading

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Guess who was “a supporter of the American Communist Party at the height of the Cold War”

How can this possibly be true and not have become common knowledge? From: This is the open scandal that Congress should investigate: John Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus … Continue reading

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Trump’s cautious and necessary start to rebuilding American credibility

I was going to put this up last night but thought I would give LIQ’s post some space. But I do have to say that anyone who takes the time to look at where Australia is located on the map, … Continue reading

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Theresa! What is best in life?

UK PM Theresa May has called a snap election after polls indicated the Tories were 21 points ahead of Labour.

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Do enemies beat policies?

Adam Creighton makes a big call: If I were French I would vote for Marine Le Pen in next week’s presidential election. That is a huge call. Not to do so would be to endorse the political and economic elites … Continue reading

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Now to some basics

I was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt over what he was up to in Syria, but if he actually intends to put America on a path to war over the use of chemical weapons in Syria … Continue reading

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America’s war aims

Let me begin where I last ended: Just exactly what are America’s war aims in Syria? And how will I be able to tell when those war aims have been achieved? Here the issue is stated in the way I … Continue reading

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Now what and where does it go from here?

Where are the positives in bombing Syria? Sort of diminishes the story that Russia had hacked the election to ensure that Trump would win. Kind of cuts the feet beneath the Democrats since they are the type of people who … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Georgina Downer on Syria

There are seminal moments in a US presidency, often sadly sparked by catastrophe. Recall the Srebrenica Massacre for Bill Clinton and 9/11 for George W Bush. Likewise, Tuesday’s horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria marked a turning point for Donald … Continue reading

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Sentimentality in politics

That a million supposed refugees have entered Europe on the back of a photo of a single drowned child is no different from the massive increase in tensions in the Middle East because Assad had used poison gas. The American … Continue reading

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