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Mostly about Scott Walker but also Art Laffer

This is mostly about Scott Walker but also a bit about Art Laffer and the economy. First, to say that Obama doesn’t love America is as weak a truth as ever I have heard in politics. To leave as an … Continue reading

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Knights, surpluses … and privatisation

Luke Malpass tells some uncomfortable truths in the AFR this morning. When New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key cut government spending, voters understood. When he brought back Kiwi knighthoods, his popularity rose. When Prince Philip was knighted, Key got an … Continue reading

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Obama and the Israeli election

Obama has only one enemy in the world, American’s closest ally in the Middle East. From Drudge today: BIBI BE BAD… White House ratchets up criticism of Netanyahu… Inside HQ of ex-Obama staffers’ campaign… Iran Targets Netanyahu Children for Assassination… … Continue reading

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Shame on them

(HT: MT via Twitter)

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“Straight out of Tehran”

Senate DEMOCRAT Blasts Obama Admin For Iran Talking Points “Straight Out Of Tehran” (January 21, 2015). There is a new world dawning, and it is arriving before January 2017. More on Obama and Iran from John Hinderaker at Powerline, where … Continue reading

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American sniper, female division, goes to Congress

This is Joni Ernst’s reply to Obama’s State of the Union speech. It’s cornpone but effective. She is the newly elected Senator from Iowa and utterly Tea Party, Sarah Palin endorsed even. These are some rueful comments from The Washington … Continue reading

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Others are taking the leadership role that Obama will not

The US is leaderless and rudderless, which means that the entire West is leaderless and rudderless. Nothing has made it more evident than the absence of Obama from any attempt to provide direction in the face of the rising tide … Continue reading

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The war is with Islam against its extremest fringe

It is not a war on terror. It is not a war for free speech. It is a war for the preservation of our western civilisation and modernity. This is Benjamin Natanyahu speaking in Paris: “Our common enemy is radical, … Continue reading

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La Marseillaise in times of war

The Grand Synagogue Paris – January 2015 Casablanca – 1943 Aux armes citoyens!

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How surprised by this are you?

From Drudge: ‘We can live together’… Netanyahu, Abbas attend Paris mass rally… Largest in French history… KISS-OFF: USA represented only by ambassador? Officials skipped Washington ‘Charlie’ rally, too… Gunman appears in chilling video, declares loyalty to Islamic State… WIRE: Both … Continue reading

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