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The worst American president ever

I guess on this one he can’t blame George Bush so he blames someone else: President Obama largely blamed the United States’ intelligence community in an interview broadcast Sunday for giving an incorrect assessment of the capabilities of the Islamic … Continue reading

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Obama girl – then and now

This is astonishing. I saw the second video but didn’t appreciate just how amazing it was until I saw the first. People grow up, they learn from the world and they really can change. First the flash hit of 2008. … Continue reading

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The arc of insanity

A bit of projection here from the chief Democrat in the House of Reps: PELOSI: REPUBLICANS ENDANGER CIVILIZATION It’s only 13 years after Osama bin Laden declared his own private war on the West and think how well he’s done … Continue reading

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A foreign policy metaphor

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Nobel Peace Prize winner goes to war

Well sort of. But he did say this which is a copy of what Tony Abbott has been saying: The president laid out his plan Wednesday evening in a prime-time televised speech to the nation from the White House, saying … Continue reading

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September 11

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At last someone amongst the American elites has said it

It has been obvious from the start but until now no one who has mattered has said it. Here is the story, Tom DeLay: Obama paralyzed by Muslim sympathies. Tom Delay, please note, had been the House majority leader not … Continue reading

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Bringing ruin to the USA

You do have to wonder when there is going to be reaction against Y=C+I+G amongst economists. How do they explain this? Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 36-Year Low The two theories of the Obama presidency remain … Continue reading

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There but for the Grace of God

I catch the flight home in half an hour but I must say seldom has any trip of mine been so complete. All my interests – economic, political and historical – came together so seamlessly that I only wish life … Continue reading

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Russia invades Ukraine

Mr Useless still president: Declaring that Russian troops had crossed into Ukraine, President Petro O. Poroshenko on Thursday canceled a planned visit to Turkey and convened a meeting of the national security council to focus on the “marked aggravation of … Continue reading

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