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Russia invades Ukraine

Mr Useless still president: Declaring that Russian troops had crossed into Ukraine, President Petro O. Poroshenko on Thursday canceled a planned visit to Turkey and convened a meeting of the national security council to focus on the “marked aggravation of … Continue reading

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The neo-cons are back, baby.

Well according to the Wall Street Journal anyway. So now liberals want the U.S. to bomb Iraq, and maybe Syria as well, to stop and defeat ISIS, the vilest terror group of all time. Where, one might ask, were these … Continue reading

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“No faith teaches people to massacre innocents”

Between rounds of golf, these were President Obama’s remarks on the execution of journalist James Foley by Islamic State: Today, the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group ISIL. Jim was a … Continue reading

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Thank goodness – that’s settled

Source. Now that the UN is involved we can all relax.

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The latest horror stories on the US economy

From Drudge, just a few side comments on the American economy, not featured but just listed. All so very ho hum because really, who doesn’t know any of this: Fed Official Warns ‘Disappointing’ Growth Could Foretell Future… Sluggish jobs market … Continue reading

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A victim of tyranny

I hope that one day this photo is as famous as Tank Man.

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Obama faux pas

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The slow death of the American economy

The descent of the United States is taking so many different forms but economically it is heading down towards the middle of the pack and will fall lower before it even begins to turn around. This story from the Wall … Continue reading

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Obama seeks to follow in Whitlam’s steps

It does strike me that Obama would like nothing better than for the Republicans to try to impeach him, not just because it would create a great crusade to keep him President, but mainly just to distract from how colossally … Continue reading

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Running down your capital

A third world economy is not one in which everyone is poor, only most of the people with the elites still managing to do all right. The US is not there yet, but it is trying. This is an astonishing … Continue reading

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