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For Labour is not just led by dirty men but by dirty old men, with roots in the contaminated soil of Marxist totalitarianism. Nick Cohen on anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party.

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Majority of Australians support US alliance whoever becomes president

We have just had eight years of the worst ever president in relation to American foreign policy, someone who has happened to mangle every single international relationship the US has. With Hillary – the architect of the disaster in Libya … Continue reading

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James Paterson on BREXIT

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The only thing one learns from history is that no one ever learns from history

A kind of before and after. This is the before: Bernie is my comrade And this is the after still to come to the US but a genuine model of a Bernie future: Yellow Water, Dirty Air, Power Outages: Venezuela … Continue reading

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Trump is an ASADA agent or how Keynes caused WWII

So on Friday I was at a lunch speaking to several Cat lurkers who asked if we were ever going to post on anything other than Donald Trump and ASADA. So this post saves time and effort by combining our … Continue reading

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Suffering conditions worthy of Anglo-Saxon countries

Is this the very letter of what it means to be living in a bubble, Labour law revolt across France humiliates President Hollande? A day of chaos left Mr ­Hollande under pressure to ­perform another humiliating U-turn, after his climb-down … Continue reading

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Rudd for the UN

There are has been a lot of speculation over the years about Kevin Rudd campaigning to be the next UN Secretary General. The Australian’s latest story is here. I have no doubt these rumours are true. There has also been … Continue reading

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What now?

We all know the news: EXPLOSIONS ROCK BRUSSELS AIRPORT, SUBWAY… ‘Allahu Akbar’… RAIDS UNDERWAY ACROSS BELGIUM… ‘Shocking’ Unpreparedness… INTERIOR MINISTER: ‘Never could have imagined something of this scale’… Brussels Ran Ad Mocking Notion of Islamic Violence 2 Months Ago… FLASHBACK: … Continue reading

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What happens when the smartest man who has ever lived becomes president

The first of the Trump anti-Hillary ads and it’s on foreign policy where a very large part of the battle for the presidency will be fought. After the last seven years and by then it will be eight, it will … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Zeev Vinokurov: The cult of Trump

While the possibility of authoritarianism is never easy to think about, the rise of Donald Trump to leading GOP presidential contender teaches us a valuable lesson. If Trump can win in the United States, an Australian much like him could … Continue reading

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