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The May way to do Brexit

A bit more sarc. Quite refreshing.

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Trouble in the socialist paradise. What is happening in Sweden

Where did this come from? Criminal gangs? We might have expected street violence due to the experiment in multiculturalism that is under way but what is this with the bombs? Sweden has experienced a sharp rise in explosions in recent … Continue reading

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PDT’s 75th D-Day Anniversary Address

Even mentions “the intrepid Aussies”.

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Remember, remember the fourth of June

OK, so it doesn’t rhyme, but we should remember the date all the same. Here’s the story from today, fourth of June even: Storm over surprise warship visit. Defence experts said it was ­important there was transparency about engagement with … Continue reading

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Me old china plate

Two stories, separate but thematically linked. The first about Chinese foreign policy starts with this. Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has warned that Australia will become “a tributary state” to China unless the Morrison government joins the US … Continue reading

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Europe follows Australia

EU election results: Massive Victory for Conservative Nationalists in European Elections…. Polls are all closed. Election results are beginning to come in fast. The overall result in the European (EU) Parliamentary Election reflects massive gains for conservative nationalists in Italy, … Continue reading

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Farage surges approaching EU elections

The spirit of Brexit is alive. Farage tops Labor and Tories combined. There’s a message to parties that ignore their base :

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War zones

This is the minor story of the moment at Drudge. White House reviews military plans against Iran… ‘Deploy 120,000 troops’… SAUDI: OIL PIPELINE ATTACKED BY DRONES… Mystery shrouds ‘sabotage’ of tankers… This is the major story. CHINA STRIKES BACK DUMP … Continue reading

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Progress in Africa

A striking demonstration of progress in darkest Africa. Hope this works for people who don’t do Twitter and Facebook, it came from a Twitter comment placed in a comment on a Facebook post. It is a dramatic animation to show … Continue reading

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Notre Dame interview

A Chinese media source has reported an interview with a retired architect and engineer who worked on Notre Dame over three decades. According to my translator he thought that the electrical system and surveillance in the building were too good … Continue reading

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