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Going Dutch

“It is one thing to have free immigration to jobs. It is another thing to have free immigration to welfare. And you cannot have both. If you have a welfare state, if you have a state in which every resident … Continue reading

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How is the Iranian deal in America’s interests?

I can understand how the Iranian deal is in Iran’s national interests. I can also understand how it is not in the national interests of many of the countries of the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia in particular. But … Continue reading

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Aren’t you glad Obama is president?

Meanwhile, while we agonise over Cecil, there is this to distract your attention. From Drudge: IRAN: Obama Admin Lying About Nuke Deal for ‘Domestic Consumption’… ARMS RACE: Saudis Want More Missiles… Top French Official Contradicts Kerry Claims… TEHRAN SAYS US … Continue reading

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Greece the musical

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We will lie to the public any time, anywhere

The post-Obama era is going to be something quite different from the one he inherited, as dangerous as it already was. This is the article in full: Obama’s dishonesty on Iran. Under the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran, that … Continue reading

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Thatcher’s legacy

My RMIT colleague Tim Fry sent me this very interesting article: In spite of widely publicised cuts to benefits, like the benefit cap and the end of the ‘spare room subsidy’, only 30% want to see more government spending on welfare benefits … Continue reading

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Go on, make sense of this

Obama has been perfectly consistent in his policy and the American media and the left in general have been perfectly consistent in their ignorance. Since Iran will lie, and Obama was perfectly aware that Iran has lied, how does one … Continue reading

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The Donald live

The media man of the moment here in the US is Donald Trump, no doubt because to them he is an oddball who belongs to the Republican side of politics. They think they have invented someone utterly without mass appeal, … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio live blog

At Freedomfest – Marco Rubio: “America’s Dream: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone”. There he is, right there, on stage. He is telling his life story. The American dream is about happiness and fulfilment as you define it. And why is … Continue reading

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Pig Iron Malcolm

Picked up at Andrew Bolt that Malcolm Turnbull wishes to line up on the New York Times side of every issue, in this case possibly the single most important foreign policy issue of our generation. On the ABC naturally, Communications … Continue reading

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