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PDT at the UN

I sat up to watch PDT at the UN last night and it was epic. You might have thought he was running to be President of the World, and in many ways he was. But he was also trying to … Continue reading

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Other than the Swedes who cares about the Swedish election?

From Swedish election: deadlock as far right makes gains. Sweden faces a period of political uncertainty after an election that did not leave either main parliamentary bloc with a majority With more than 99% of the vote counted, the centre-left bloc is … Continue reading

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Trump doing good for Africa

The Trump administration will support electrification in Africa using coal, reversing the previous US position and also the policy of the World Bank and the IMF. The African Development Bank (ADB) is set to back coal-fired projects in Nigeria, Kenya … Continue reading

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Reporting on our progress with Agenda 2030, previously Agenda 21

h/t a Facebook post reporting on a call to Alan Jones with a heads up on our ongoing responsibilities to the would-be world government. Interesting objectives. Looks like promoting motherhood at first glance. Assuming that motherhood is still politically acceptable … Continue reading

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Google collaborating with Chinese censors

Who would have thought? Fortunately there is unrest among the staff. The internal furor began after The Intercept earlier this month revealed details about the censored search engine, which would remove content that China’s authoritarian government views as sensitive, such … Continue reading

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The death of democracy in Cambodia

The Cambodians thought there was some light at the end of the tunnel but it appears to be on the way out. Check out this captivating account from the daughter of the imprisoned leader of the main opposition party. Top … Continue reading

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Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts

Via Instapundit. INTERESTING FT PIECE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: The Chinese are wary of Donald Trump’s creative destruction: The president is the first US leader in decades to challenge China on multiple fronts Donald Trump … Continue reading

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More electricity for Africans

Good news out of Africa. Paul Dreissen and David Wojick report on the change of direction of the African Development Bank. The Obama administration was a disaster for power-starved Africans because they backed expensive and unreliable power developments. One of … Continue reading

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Talk about creepy

Perhaps a bit of common sense at last from the Foreign Editor at the Oz: Back trump on Iran, with Netanyahu, Putin’s co-operation. But first he says this: Now, I think that crew of creepy right-wingers in the US and … Continue reading

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Tweet not so softly and carry a big stick

TRUMP TWEET BOMB THREATENS ‘DEMENTED’ IRAN PREZ ‘CONSEQUENCES LIKE FEW HAVE EVER SUFFERED’ President Trump late Sunday tweeted out to Iranian President Rouhani to never threaten the U.S. again or face historic consequences. The tweet came on the heels of … Continue reading

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