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Freudian displacement and the non-war on ISIS

Maurice Newman has an article in The Oz today on Waffling West empowers Islamic terror. And there he wrote, in the kind of article that has already virtually disappeared, about how there is something else that is the Number One … Continue reading

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Following the Obama playbook

America has many problems and enemies to go with them but the only enemies Obama really cares about are Republicans. Same for Malcolm. Australia has its own list of problems but the only enemies Malcolm can get himself worked up … Continue reading

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That’s got to be a political asset

This is a story about Donald Trump campaigning with his wife and children. The caption at the bottom of the picture reads: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, middle, speaks near his wife, Melania, left, son Baron, daughter Ivanka, second from … Continue reading

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Does anyone know what’s going on?

There was a time that everyone seemed to try to cool things down. Not now. Why would Turkey do this? Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey: U.S. official. The United States believes that the Russian jet shot … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton was in Australia advocating open borders on 911

To understand the problems we face with ISIS it is essential to understand the mindset of those who lead the parties of the left, and now even some parties of the conservative right. This is from The Age on September … Continue reading

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Waleed Ali is being verballed

I have noticed a tendency to verbal Waleed Ali’s Channel Ten discussion of ISIS both here and in the broader media. So I’m posting his piece here. I think it is very good. He spoke well. He spoke sensibly. Before … Continue reading

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Learning on the job – international division

Malcolm is finding this being PM a bit trickier than he thought it would be. Hanging around with Mark Scott and others of that sort left him with the impression that every problem has an easy solution, and they are … Continue reading

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Voting on how to respond to ISIS

The heading is Australia’s most outspoken commentators on how we should fight Islamic State after Paris attacks but more interesting is that at the end of the summaries, you can vote for your favourite position. The five positions in the … Continue reading

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The leader of the free world

None of this is a surprise, but since the implications are so obvious you would think there would be more of a commotion in the US: President Barack Obama does not want and will not read intelligence reports on groups … Continue reading

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Peace in our time.

thanks Malcolm!

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