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Everybody Relax: the UN Has Banned Nuclear Weapons

If you want to know how pathetic the UN truly is, look no further than its recent treaty ‘banning’ nuclear weapons. In reporting this gross waste of time, the Pravda arm of Sky News (a.k.a. proudly proclaims that 122, yes, count them, … Continue reading

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The only one in step

Trump stands alone as 19 of the G20 leaders stick with Paris agreement on climate change and German Chancellor Merkel brands US decision to quit ‘regrettable’ US President Donald Trump found himself alone at the G20 summit over climate change, … Continue reading

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A day is a long time in politics

All from Drudge today: U.S. bombers challenge China in South China Sea flyover . . . US, Russia reach deal on Syria cease-fire . . . Explosions in sky as Pyongyang celebrates ICBM launch . . . Iran Still on … Continue reading

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Political primitives

As I continue to wend my way through the anti-Trump crowds I meet at every turn, I remain at a loss even to work out how to engage them at all without making them my bitterest enemies. These are people … Continue reading

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World political stupidity reaches all-time high

At least in Oz it’s 29% plus, which is much more than I would have thought. The plus-side countries are invariably in the direct line of fire, other than in Europe which is universally negative, even in Poland and Hungary, … Continue reading

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Michael Kirby on North Korea and Otto Warmbier

Last Tuesday Michael Kirby gave a significant talk at the Sydney Institute. It is a talk that he has given many times in his capacity as author of the UN report on human rights in that country. It had extra … Continue reading

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Opportunity costs

Wondering how many children in the Third World could get clean drinking water for the price of the subsidies for rooftop solar in the west? Add the price of subsidies for windmills etc. Judging from some of the comments we … Continue reading

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Scotland saves the day

While in London a couple of weeks ago I attended a Chatham House Rules function that looked at polling into the then forthcoming UK election. There were two predictions: The Tories would retain government but not with as great a … Continue reading

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UK 2017 election thread

UK polls close 7 am Friday morning Australian Eastern Time Zone.

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How times have changed

Then:   Now:  

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