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Markets are human flourishing

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The silence really was deafening – listen for yourself

Meanwhile in Australia, on a more positive note, Malcolm Turnbull to reset terror pitch to Muslims. The comments thread is particularly instructive.

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Syrial killers

  WAR: RUSSIA BEGINS AIRSTRIKES IN SYRIA; WEST DISPUTES TARGETS USA DISARRAY Both from Drudge. From the first story: Russia launched airstrikes Wednesday in Syria, sharply escalating Moscow’s role in the conflict but also raising questions about whether its intent … Continue reading

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Progressive internationalism

Among the most dangerous enemies of our way of life is the progressive internationalism so well exhibited by our new Prime Minister. It is a marriage of convenience between the left in general and the libertarian right in particular. We … Continue reading

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Thinking of you all

As some of you know I’m currently in Chicago. Normally I wake up in the middle of the (local) night on the second day of my visit, but tonight I’ve woken up in the middle of the third night. Saturday … Continue reading

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Not the six o’clock news

The world changing right in front of us but virtually none of it will be mentioned in any heated way by our journalist class. This is from Drudge: EU chief fears union will collapse… Migrant stream shows no sign of … Continue reading

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Two articles on immigration

As everyone knows, open borders leads to a more harmonious happier more contented and prosperous world. Here are two articles published today that you might therefore read to confirm your views on how bizarre those who oppose immigration are. One … Continue reading

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Pity we can’t whip them all

There are doubts about whether Jeremy Corbyn will even attempt to enforce a parliamentary whipping system. That’s a great line from the (UK) Telegraph. Is the Labour Party as dead as suggested? Despite all the hype surrounding this election, trade … Continue reading

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Venezuela on the Thames?

I have friends on the left who used to say that the best thing that ever happened to their political desires was the fall of the Soviet Union. It would make it possible for socialists to win and hold governments … Continue reading

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Media ignorance and America’s alignment with the Nazis of the 21st century

Socialism is a viral belief system that attacks people when they are young, and is especially destructive of people with university degrees in the arts and humanities. It is a kind of equaliser, that makes smart people effectively stupid. You … Continue reading

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