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Notre Dame interview

A Chinese media source has reported an interview with a retired architect and engineer who worked on Notre Dame over three decades. According to my translator he thought that the electrical system and surveillance in the building were too good … Continue reading

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The “Professor Standard”

Herman Cain has a job application in the WSJ: The Fed still operates on the “professor standard,” enshrined with Bill Clinton’s nominations of pure academics. Their textbooks say strong economic growth, particularly strong wage growth, causes inflation, which Fed policy … Continue reading

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And here as well

Via Instapundit. MAY THE SAME THING HAPPEN HERE: There Is No Left Left In Israel. “The most far-reaching consequence of the 2019 Israeli election may well be that it verified, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is functionally no left left in … Continue reading

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Alice Weidel, German politician talking sense on Brexit

Alice Weidel is a the Leader of the Alternative for Germany Party in the Bundestag since October 2017. She sounds like a good egg and she is of course described as far right and hated by the left. She suggested … Continue reading

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So just how WTO-compliant is that?

This is from this morning’s Australian: Trade alliances caught in crossfire as the giants clash. It’s about how Australia will be runover in a clash between the US and China over trade. Xi will resist any attempt by the US … Continue reading

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Friedman Conference reminder

The 7th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference, Sydney 23-27 May. Join us in Sydney from 23-27 May 2019 for the biggest and best pro-liberty event in the world as the World Taxpayers Associations host their 17th Biennial Conference in Sydney … Continue reading

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What is good in life Donald?

It looks like the Trump-as-Manchurian-candidate push has failed. Far too many media outlets in the US are going to be very disappointed that their President is not a traitor but just happened to campaign better than Mrs Clinton did. I … Continue reading

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Identity politics at its most absurd

Australia is by a long chalk the least racist country on the planet. People from everywhere just live here and rub on together. Maybe some tall-poppy syndrome problems, but basically our ethos is “have a go”. No one’s ethnic or … Continue reading

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More trouble looming for Venezuela

It is hopefully only a matter of time before Juan Guaido inherits the ruins of Venezuela. But Ben Powell and Rafael Acevido warn that the road to recovery will be long and hard under the socialist policies that Guaido will … Continue reading

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The denuclearisation option

UPDATE: PDT’s post-meeting press conference: “sometimes you have to walk”. You should wind the video back to the beginning of the press conference. The original post is below. _________ PDT is in Hanoi trying to resolve the Korean War which … Continue reading

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