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Tweet not so softly and carry a big stick

TRUMP TWEET BOMB THREATENS ‘DEMENTED’ IRAN PREZ ‘CONSEQUENCES LIKE FEW HAVE EVER SUFFERED’ President Trump late Sunday tweeted out to Iranian President Rouhani to never threaten the U.S. again or face historic consequences. The tweet came on the heels of … Continue reading

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Trump’s Russian Revolution

Some further reflection on PDT’s dealing with Putin in Helsinki. The truly repulsive bit of the media flak were that nothing positive about the president would ever have been said by the clowns in the media no matter what had … Continue reading

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The Deep State and Donald Trump

Back in Oz and the first thing I see at the airport is that ludicrous front page on The Australian: Putin backlash hits Trump after Helsinki summit supplemented by its fool editor-at-large Paul Kelly with his Friends betrayed, foes rewarded: … Continue reading

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Paul Kelly sings Trump’s praises

Trump flew to the Helsinki summit after his visit to Britain where he trashed every notion of a trustworthy US-Britain alliance and treated his embattled but gracious host, May, with cavalier contempt. This followed his attendance at the NATO summit … Continue reading

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The Winston Churchill of our times

‘Our relationship had never been worse – but that changed four hours ago’: Trump hails ‘direct, open, deeply productive’ talks with Putin US President Donald Trump has come face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland The pair made … Continue reading

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Actually only 68%

Although perhaps not the mayor of London. As noted about the pic: Pretty much every American news outlet is gleeful about the “giant Trump baby balloon,” as it is conventionally described, that supposedly is dominating the London landscape while Trump … Continue reading

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It’s not just London Bridge that’s falling down

Been in London for the past four days on an unplanned diversion but did manage to be here for the World Cup quarter final. But when I went to join the celebration, from Charing Cross, through Trafalgar Square, up through … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer 1950 – 2018

The great Charles Krauthammer has passed away after revealing last week that he had cancer and just weeks to live. Irwin Stelzer has an obituary at the WSJ. Charles Krauthammer, who died Thursday at about 5 p.m. ET, announced his impending … Continue reading

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The Australian Deep State

An article in the AFR today by Gareth Evans, the day-before-yesterday’s man and then some, writing on How we should manage Donald Trump’s meltdown world. But what he most clearly gets across is what a breath of fresh air PDT … Continue reading

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Canadians do not like PDT’s America First policies

Not much of a surprise really, since they prefer Canada First policies, though why they elected Justin Trudeau if that was in their minds is beyond me. Via my refugee ex-mate from communist Hungary, who is now more socialist than … Continue reading

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