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The latest in not-the-news

The top two stories at at the moment. Not likely to be on the ABC in the morning, but just thought you might be interested. Peace is breaking out. Media won´t cover it, by Don Surber    Original Article   … Continue reading

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China, China, China

David Archibald has been pointing towards a coming confrontation with China for quite a long time, and it seems that his concerns are reflected at the very top in the United States. Never mind what I or David say, this … Continue reading

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The one certainty is that there is no certainty

With the Deep State found at every turn, it is hard to know where to look for sense on PDT’s pull-out of American forces from Syria. The one person whose views I therefore most wished to hear were those of … Continue reading

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From the Wall to Wall Street

TRUMP VOWS VETO OVER WALL! FRUSTRATION BUILDS SHUTDOWN LOOMS Meanwhile, in The Oz, this is the headline story in the paper – allies warn as Trump pulls troops out of Syria – but it’s no news anywhere else, including at … Continue reading

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The Chinese belt and road strategy

Lend money to cash strapped nations, leverage the debt to get access to resources and build infrastructure to benefit Chinese countries and then international influence by having the captive nations vote in international forums for the benefit of the Chinese … Continue reading

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Trump the gamer

This is an account of the serious games that President Trump is playing to maintain momentum and keep the initiative in global politics. Interesting comments on the Chinese economy. Maybe nothing really new, just another perspective on the master strategist … Continue reading

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Marrakesh express derailed

This is the final para in a post by Judy in The Weekend Oz: World in no hurry to board the Marrakesh Express on migration. The principal roles of a sovereign government are to protect the nation’s borders and to … Continue reading

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What do we want? Trump. When do we want him? Now

France, on their way to becoming a 3rd world country chants. WE WANT TRUMP🤣 — jack white (@HorseRacingCOO) December 3, 2018 The left and the complacent do not see that for us the only way forward into a future … Continue reading

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There are lessons here for us

PARIS WORST RIOTS SINCE 60S TAX REVOLT VIOLENT That was Drudge; this is Instapundit. MORE ON THE FRENCH RIOTS: “There are parallels between what is happening in France and almost every other developed country, including Canada, as comfortable urban elites seek to … Continue reading

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The caravan invasion of the US. Men looking for work, funded by the UN and World Without Borders

The story on the ground. Watch and listen to this if you don’t watch anything else today.

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