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“Thank you Mr President for your inspiring speech”

Trump declares the U.S. is ‘open for business’ in Davos, as he tells global bigwigs ‘America First does not mean America alone. Speeches on the vid begin around 4:45 in. PDT at around 8:30. President Donald Trump defended his aggressive … Continue reading

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More bad news on Italy. And good news as well!

Dan Mitchell reports on the sorry state of affairs. Italy is not much better than Greece. But wait! There’s a chance, however, that all this bad news may pave the way for good news. There are elections in early March … Continue reading

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Maybe people should get serious about nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea and Iran

Nuclear War will come to us when someone starts a war on the West. They will attack us. And this is a very small taste of what it would be like, as we have just seen. FALSE MISSILE ALERT SHAKES … Continue reading

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Straight talk on Palestine in the UN Human Rights Council

That’s telling them.

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Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t

From If President Trump Is Mentally Unstable, Let’s Hope It’s Contagious. Just look at what this president who supposedly has a diminished capacity has been able to accomplish: Led Congress to pass tax reform bill providing $5.5 billion in cuts … Continue reading

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Dan Mitchell on the descent into Hell in Venezuela

“Cheer up” they said, “Things could be worse”. So we cheered up. And sure enough, things did get worse. Can someone please post the list of lefties who wanted Chavez to come over here and brief us on economic reform. … Continue reading

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So who has the scariest biggest red button after all?

After you’ve been negotiating with unions in the New York property market, what’s so tough about international relations? According to the story that has just been released, North Korea agrees to high-level talks with South Korea on Jan. 9. Seoul … Continue reading

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The free market road not taken in South Africa

Some thoughts prompted by a Facebook exchange on the life and work of William Harold Hutt who was a fine economist and a historian of apartheid. He described how this was started by the restrictive employment practices of the trade … Continue reading

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Making Iran Great Again

IRAN ROCKED BY PROTESTS TEHRAN WARNS HARD-LINER COUNTER RALLIES INTERNET BLOCKED . Early Stages Of Regime Change? ‘Time for REVOLUTION’… Demonstrators Beat… Two killed… TRUMP: WORLD WATCHING… . That’s from Drudge. This is from Instapundit. CNN’S IRAN CORRESPONDENT: World Thinks That … Continue reading

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“A shocking column of bias, vitriol and singular ignorance”

It’s getting to be as regular as the rising sun that the only value from most of the columnists at The Australian is so that they provoke replies from their readers. And so again, yet another anti-Trump screed, this one … Continue reading

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