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The Oz has become the local propaganda arm of the North Koreans

The central point is that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and a delivery system that can land them in the United States. Other than let them go on forever developing these armaments and the ICBMs to go with them, … Continue reading

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Give Peace a Chance is NOT Peace at Any Price

It is hard to believe that LIQ was actually ever a general if he cannot see how fortunate we are that Donald Trump is President and not Hillary and no longer Obama. I particularly find it wonderful how invisible Obama … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s speech to the UN

Starts 45 minutes in. You can either watch it yourself or let his enemies interpret it for you. As good as any speech of its kind you have ever heard, and it holds its strength right to the end. From … Continue reading

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Putin warns of planetary catastrophe

My focus almost daily is on North Korea since there is a lot that can go wrong, with an attack on the Norks not the worst of the outcomes. You may be sure everyone who matters is wondering to what … Continue reading

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What’s next?

From Drudge and I assume everywhere else. The one thing no one will do is ask Hillary or Obama what they would do. And this is not an American problem, it is a problem for us all. NKorea’s Sixth and … Continue reading

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Strange days indeed

These are strange times for liberal Jews who, like me, were born in America only because their grandparents ran there to escape fascism.  What an astonishing sentence.

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Wasn’t me

So the Canberra circus rolls on for another day – today Niki Savva is making excuses for Barnaby: It is not Joyce’s fault that New Zealand has a ridiculous law that not even New Zealanders understand, or that the Australian … Continue reading

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These are not unrelated stories

First this: President Trump Launching Section 301 Trade Infringement Investigation: “This is only the beginning”…. During an afternoon announcement with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, President Trump announced the launch of … Continue reading

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The Gipper one more time

Update: Brendan O’Neill on the various hate groups.

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World events do keep rolling along

I wonder if any of those folks discussing North Korea have factored in NK’s development of nuclear weapons, its development of a nuclear weapons delivery systems, and the threats being made by North Korea to attack the United States or … Continue reading

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