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Can reach all of Australia too

Don’t mean to distract you from the important news, but just thought I’d mention it. NKorea says new ICBM test a success; Can reach all of USA! Launch Calibrated to Avoid Military Response? NIKKI HALEY: CLOSER TO WAR… Beijing expresses … Continue reading

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Gladstonian liberalism is the answer

I’m not sure I know the question to which Cosmopolitanism Is the Answer, but whatever the question, it is the wrong answer for me. As it happens, these are things I have lately been thinking about myself having come across … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Ardern on Manus

A week ago I sent the following letter to The Australian: Your editorial tells us Malcolm Turnbull and Jacinda Ardern  ‘are off to a good start’.  Really?  Let’s hope not. Here we have New Zealand’s neophyte PM throwing a grenade … Continue reading

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“It would be a great thing to have a good relationship with Russia, Trump said”

PDT is afraid of nothing. Here they are, out to railroad his presidency because of some alleged form of pre-election collaboration with Putin and Russia, and here he is, just yesterday, collaborating with Putin and the Russians: Putin and Trump … Continue reading

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A speech as deliberate and unambiguous as you will ever hear

Necessary too. This is the brief story that comes with the corroborating video above: A Powerful Message – President Trump Delivers Remarks in Beijing’s Great Hall…. PDT commences at the ten minute mark and he does not mince words. President … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Terrorist attack in New York

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It’s not all Harvey Weinstein

I guess it’s kinda like a lottery. With so many targets in the world and with North Korea realistically having only a single opportunity to shoot off a missile before their world caves in, the possibility of any of us … Continue reading

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The approach to foreign policy America has desperately needed

Via Instapundit whose heading is Ridiculous, it’s not getting any press as if anything PDT did right would ever be mentioned: Trump’s Malaysia Gambit: Call It Another Win. Who would have thought foreign policy would be one of his major … Continue reading

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The most transformative president in American history

Unique to a degree unimaginable even to those who supported him for president. And it was unimaginable since no one, not even DJT, understood the obstacles that stand in the way of good policy both domestic and international. But Trump … Continue reading

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Go on, what’s the plan to deal with Iran and North Korea?

I won’t say they won’t get him in the end, but he’s been everything I had hoped for, and for good measure he’s doing a damn site better than Malcolm and Theresa. Yet here we have a typical MSM bit … Continue reading

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