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“I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting”

TRUMP CANCELS KIM SUMMIT NKOREA RIPS PENCE… Claims demolished nuke site… MATTIS TELLS CADETS: YOU WILL SEE BATTLE…  In the midst of all this, I find the American left insane. Why is any of this on anyone’s agenda? BBC BOMBSHELL: … Continue reading

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This year in Jerusalem

EMBASSY IN JERUSALEM!   The American embassy, that is. And for some background, this is fascinating: How Harry Truman Crossed His Own State Department to Recognize Israel. One of the few businessmen to have been an American president. Read it … Continue reading

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No war, at least not yet

Peace in the Middle East? Not impossible. WEEKEND: IVANKA SET FOR ISRAEL…  Even with all this. MIDEAST TENSE… Hamas Gaza head gives support for protesters to breach fence… Saudi tests siren after Yemen rebels fire new missiles… Meanwhile Korea is … Continue reading

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No more fat to cut at the ABC amongst other things

AIR RAID SIRENS ISRAEL IRANIAN FORCES FIRE ROCKETS KHAMENEI WARNS TRUMP OIL SPIKES   UPDATE: Iran Politicians Burn U.S. Flag, Vow ‘Death to America’… ‘Zionists will Regret’… EUROPE HITS BACK AT USA OVER THREAT OF SANCTIONS… But don’t forget this … Continue reading

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Symbols of Soviet rule in Budapest

Memento Park displays the statutes which were put up during the communist rule in Hungary and taken down when the nation was liberated. The previous link has a catalogue of the works, this link has more informative pictures and details … Continue reading

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Where does proving what everyone knew get you?

BIBI DROPS BOMBSHELL ` Netanyahu Reveals Secret Iran Warhead Project… 100,000 stolen files… Docs ‘conclusively prove’ nukes sought… USA Confirms Authenticity… Israel ready to bomb if necessary… Iranian recruitment base in Syria hit, causes earthquake… 26 Dead… Massive fireballs… Israel … Continue reading

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What would a property developer know about foreign policy?

What you will only see on Fox. President Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss Ronny Jackson’s withdrawal, Michael Cohen and the possible North Korea summit. Also, the president says he is disappointed in his Justice Department, calls Comey’s … Continue reading

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Who knows? Maybe the worms really are turning

NeverTrumpers: What if Trump really is making America great again? They are afflicted with a nagging suspicion. Trump might, how shall they whisper it, Make America Great Again. The tax bill has given the economy a bit of a tailwind, … Continue reading

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Madness is the new normal

  START OF THE DEAL: NKOREA FREEZES MISSILE TESTS   Does seem to show how relatively incompetent Trump’s recent predecessors were. But there is still this and more. China military islands now control South China Sea… Beijing final touches on … Continue reading

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“Without me, they wouldn’t be discussing anything”

Stormy Daniels is still news, but this barely raises a ripple: US and North Korea holding ‘extremely high level’ talks ahead of Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un. “We have had direct talks at very high levels – extremely high levels … Continue reading

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