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Marxism and Fascism

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Countdown to Christmas IV

Okay – I’m going to admit that until this morning I had never heard this song – or even heard of this song. But for our enjoyment:  

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Johan Norberg on plastic bags

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Johan Norberg – on trade and manufacturing

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In praise of Greg Lindsay

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Liberty Quote

It is an open question whether the relatively free society, which can support autonomous sciences and is supported by it, which grew out of the ‘European Miracle’ and which constitutes a unique and fragile exception in human history, will be … Continue reading

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The World Health Organization’s Tough Tactics Against Tobacco and E-Cigs

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Johan Norberg – Rich is Green

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Passing on costs

Language may not be safe for work or children. (HT: Cafe Hayek).

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Trevor Burrus: The public health menace

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