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Trevor Burrus: The public health menace

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Johan Norberg on happiness

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Johan Norberg on Tax Havens

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Poverty not inequality is a problem

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How anti-Semitism costs the economy

(HT: Coordination Problem)

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The role prices play in society

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The importance of specialisation and trade

You’ll notice that while he assembles the ingredients for his chicken salad sandwich (mostly from scratch) he makes use of modern kitchen equipment to do so. Strictly he should also have developed the tools to make the sandwich too. He … Continue reading

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Good parenting

I have to say I wish there were more of this.

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David Leyonhjelm on the Magna Carta

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Keith Windschuttle invokes the Colonel Jessup defence

This must be one of the greatest speeches in movie history – in an otherwise dull movie. The Jessup speech captures the security dilemma facing liberal societies very nicely. People with guns have to secure our freedom. Yet the problem … Continue reading

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