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Entrepreneurship good and not so good

On the plane ride to Canada we watched The Founder which is about Ray Kroc turning the conception behind this minor fast food outlet that opened in Los Angeles in the 1950s into the international McDonald’s phenomenon it became and … Continue reading

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Communism for Kids versus Economics for Infants

Just like the article says, this is MIT’s new publication ‘COMMUNISM FOR KIDS’. You can pick it up at Amazon where you can find the following blurb: Once upon a time, people yearned to be free of the misery of … Continue reading

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Trade is good (with very few exceptions)

The more I think about Steve’s post on Trump and trade the more alarmed I get.* First things first – I do know who Wilhelm Röpke was; but no, he was not as important as Hayek. Moving along. I don’t think of … Continue reading

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Bob Day – A message from Tim Andrews

Yesterday afternoon we learned the devastating news that Bob Day is facing potential bankruptcy due to circumstances outside of his control. Bob Day has been more than a campaigner for sound public policy. He is someone who has sacrificed himself in dedicating … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Nigel Cory – Roving Government “Bandits” Pillaging and Stealing Intellectual Property Need to Be Confronted by “Gunboat” Nations

A number of countries see cutting-edge intellectual property, especially for life sciences and high-tech goods, much like a predatory bandit saw trade caravans in centuries past—as something there to be raided and plundered. As trade and economic activity becomes more … Continue reading

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A critique of the Turnbull government’s innovation policy

So a paper that Jason Potts and I wrote on innovation policy got published in the Australian Economic Review. Yesterday it got this rave review: The early crits on the government’s innovation agenda are in, thanks to reviews in the … Continue reading

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The rapture is upon us …

From last weeks Q&A: GERMAINE GREER: … and we’re actually forgetting something about them – the first responsibility of a company is to its shareholders. They’re not allowed to just give away money because it would be a noble thing … Continue reading

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Cuba before and after

That this is not part of our universal understanding of the difference between communism and capitalism is itself enough to condemn modern education in the West. The picture on the left is from sixty or so years ago. Obama’s words … Continue reading

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You know, I cannot even begin to think of a title that can capture how surreal this is

The story comes with a title that exactly captures what an American president can now say in public: OBAMA: ‘THERE’S LITTLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM’. And it is not just that the American president is a vacuous cypher, but … Continue reading

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The Empire Expands

The 4th branch of government, the Administrative Branch, continues its voracious expansion seeking ultimate control.  It has taken the next step and now seeks to administer and regulate thought.  Yes that’s right.  They have taken baby steps towards prosecuting thought crime. … Continue reading

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