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You know what, it can happen here

From How a Police State is Born by Steve McCann. When societies lose their freedom, it is not ordinarily because autocrats or tyrants have forcibly taken it away. It is usually the result of the population willingly surrendering their freedom … Continue reading

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Need Is Good

This really is a strange world. At any time in my trading life if someone said, ‘on the same day you’re going to see jobless claims hit 3 million-plus in a week, the stock market will open higher,’ I would … Continue reading

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Can’t See The Trees For The Forest

We didn’t require any regs or legislation to toss a few million out of work and destroy all their businesses, but to lop a tree down takes 6 months at council.” – Infidel Tiger

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An information problem not a supply problem

“I think it’s not even a message, it is the reality, really we in Australia we are very lucky because we have a world class supply chain we have world class producers of food and produce and we really have … Continue reading

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One owner – she only drove it on Sunday. No, not to church.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal that three weeks after putting their broadcast package to the open market, RA has not had a single offer. The lack of formal interest has forced them to extend their period for offers for another … Continue reading

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How will they wash down their bats?

Prince Harry and Meghan have ‘no intention’ of selling milk to the Chinese.

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Nukes: how good are they?

Tony Grey in The Australian: Bushfires, drought: Nuclear the answer to burning problems. His column is as good a hook as any to re-visit Peter Lang’s superb analysis, posted here at Catallaxy in November: Peter Lang: What could have been … Continue reading

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Facebook and pornography cannot just be left to the market

Here’s one way to discredit the market system: Arnold Kling asks the question: I am sick of reading about people who want to regulate Facebook. You didn’t come up with the idea. You didn’t build the business. Now that it’s … Continue reading

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Market-based medicine

Australia does have as near as I can tell the best healthcare system in the world, although like every system, it no doubt could be better. The other three I know best are the Canadian, the British and the American … Continue reading

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Ludwig von Mises

  “He fought and he fought and he fought. Without ever seeing the evidence that he was ultimately right”.  Jeffrey Tucker.

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