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The Australian doesn’t handle criticism

That post at The Australian was in response to this story by Alan Kohler: If someone told us 30 or 40 years ago that there would be a global publisher with 2.45 billion readers that would publish virtually anything without … Continue reading

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Take this as a comment

THE year’s final Q&A airs tonight. It will also be the final appearance of host Tony Jones. He’s relocating to Beijing to join wife Sarah Ferguson, the ABC’s China bureau chief. There is an interesting interview (including a few video … Continue reading

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Spoiler alert: it involves even more lying

Fed up with her countrymen, the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan asks what more the media can do to convince Americans that Donald Trump must be overthrown … Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not changing any minds. Here’s how journalists can reach … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott condemned by Louise Milligan’s nana

As my Irish Nana would have said: Jesus, Mary and Holy Saint Joseph. I have been out tonight and just caught up with this from the excellent @BrendanDonohoe7. — Louise Milligan (@Milliganreports) December 2, 2019 Latest … Respected non-Catholic … Continue reading

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From the ABC – the least trusted name in media

It’s from the ABC [the chart used to show up in the post but you will now have to go to the link to see it yourself] which is why journalists come out so high, even among ABC-watching LNP-voters . … Continue reading

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Voluntary Assisted Living

It’s true that leftists can’t meme. But they are good at hero worship and neurotic fellowship. They’re currently waiting for the endgame of the Democratic primaries and, from that drawn-out contest, a Trump slayer to save America, the world, the … Continue reading

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Reckless vanity is not press freedom, Mr O’Brien

KERRY O’Brien – Paul Keating’s reminiscence man and Gough Whitlam’s former press secretary – told the audience at last night’s Walkley Awards that the polarisation of journalists as left or right-leaning was a trend that “has to be resisted”. O’Brien – … Continue reading

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“trump in afghanista”

You know, the media who, of course, you can trust to keep up with everything, wanted to know why he had gone for a medical examination and why he had not worn his tie. Here’s the answer. And for what … Continue reading

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“JC refused to apologise to the Rabbi”

In a disastrous interview with Andrew Neil, Jeremy Corbyn has refused four times to apologise for his party’s rabid anti-semitism – despite the extraordinary intervention of the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Ephraim Mirvis says Corbyn is “unfit for … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end ad infinitum

Dear members of the media, if you want to understand why no one cares about impeachment and minds are not being changed, watch this and understand. — Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) November 21, 2019 Will be interesting if Trump actually … Continue reading

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