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Privatise the ABC: Hysterical reaction edition

Chris Berg and I have a forthcoming book on why and how to privatise the ABC. Per-order here. Chris and I have been getting some great publicity from some unusual sources. The Guardian, for example: When the communications minister, Mitch … Continue reading

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Privatise the ABC

Against Public Broadcasting: Why and how we should privatise the ABC — Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson ISBN: 9781925501896 Paperback, $29.95 COMING IN MAY 2018 The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a media colossus with a reputation for integrity and quality. It … Continue reading

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PDT 50% approval!

SPRING SHOCK: TRUMP HITS 50% APPROVAL And from Powerline: Trump is now more popular than Obama. Media hostility to President Trump has been unremitting since he secured the Republican nomination. It didn’t stop, or even slow down, with his inauguration. … Continue reading

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“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”

Original title, and correct title, “This is what mind control looks like.” UPDATE FROM ACE OF SPADES: With a few videos at the link worth a watch. Media Currently Freaking Out About Sinclair Coordinated Message Seems to Have Forgotten Their … Continue reading

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Definitely a sign of things to come

View image on Twitter “What’s up deplorable?” . ‘ROSEANNE’ BOOM STUNS HOLLYWOOD PROMPTS SOUL-SEARCHING   A continuation of Is this a sign of things to come? And what might continue from here? Is it possible the left might begin to … Continue reading

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Is this a sign of things to come?

FURTHER UPDATE: ‘ROSEANNE’ RATINGS BLOWOUT: OVER 18 MILLION VIEWERS… DEVELOPING… Biggest TV launch of season… Revival’s Stunning Premiere… Can She Save America?  And you might find this of interest as well: LOL! Hillary Clinton gets a mock-tastic shout-out on ‘Roseanne’ … Continue reading

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What’s the answer?

Via SDA where it says: This was an interesting graphic in a recent e-mail: Leftist_Propaganda_Online.jpg In comparison, Prager University has 70 million views per month. Not bad, but nothing compared to the Leftist Propaganda Machine. Take some time to talk … Continue reading

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And the news is that this is not news

I’m with marcus on taking a hard approach to dealing with the left. I just came across this, which is a report in an obscure journal about a statement made by the President of the United States, via twitter, that … Continue reading

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Emma Alberici and the ABC have lost authority

Why the ABC’s economics correspondent felt the urge to share her incomplete understanding of corporate tax with the nation is somewhat puzzling of itself. Suffice to say Alberici has ­irrevocably lost the authority that should attach to her position by … Continue reading

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Who you calling shouty?

This morning the Cat got mentioned in despatches – well, actually the Australian. Former editor in chief Chris Mitchell was writing about the social media pile on, good journalism, free speech, and academic freedom.  He raised the issue of Clive … Continue reading

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