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The Swedish model

One day the media will actually hit on a genuine scandal and we will never hear the end of it. They are trying as best they can and have gone through Russia hacked the election, then Mike Flynn, and now … Continue reading

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Trump v the media

Bret Stephens, a columnist at the Wall Street Journal, delivered the annual Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture and discussed the relationship between Donald Trump and the US media. Some of you may have noticed that we’re living through a period in which … Continue reading

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CNN called out

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That polluted vehicle

Being the media that is, in a quote taken from Thomas Jefferson by Donald Trump in his presentation today. This is picked up at Ann Althouse. To your request of my opinion of the manner in which a newspaper should … Continue reading

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Hallucinating the news

This business with Trump’s press conference yesterday, which I discussed here, is a political Rorschach Test of the most extraordinary kind. If you saw a perfectly reasonable presidential outline of policies and then a response to questions asked, you are … Continue reading

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“Donald Trump going over the head of the media”

I watched the press conference this morning but had things to do so didn’t get around to posting it till now. It is compelling for the whole one hour and seventeen minutes. If anything, he might well turn out to … Continue reading

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The circling of the elites

Sunday morning so thought I would look at the paper and there we have this column by PVO on Political discourse coarsened by reactionary war against ‘elites’. It’s not every reactionary who becomes the wave of the future, but there … Continue reading

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If you think Trump is Hitler visit Auschwitz

Having just been to Birkenau-Auschwitz, which I did reluctantly but am not sorry that we did, the ignorance of anyone comparing Trump to Hitler, or American immigration policy to the Final Solution, is not just ignorant but sickening to a … Continue reading

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Post-modern press

Our last day in Europe and so our last day with The New York Times. And as a special full-page opinion just to mark the occasion, there is a story that I don’t need to quote from since you will … Continue reading

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This just cannot be true

Can this really be true: CNN Quietly Releases Updated Pic Showing Trump’s Inaugural Crowd Size Greater than Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Crowd. It comes via so someone thinks its true. If it is, it’s the end of the line for … Continue reading

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