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An average Catallaxy reader is better informed than the average viewer of ABC news

There was this in the comments on the previous thread that quite caught my eye: George Wallace #2335836, posted on March 24, 2017 at 7:17 pm (Edit) One of the biggest stories on earth right now – the illegal surveillance … Continue reading

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He said she said media edition

The me in the title is Scott Adams, Dilbert’s Scott Adams: Some Fake News About Me from Bloomberg. A true exposure (via Instapundit and Small Dead Animals) of the cretinous actions of the media. This is how the article begins: … Continue reading

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How fortunate we are to have The Australian

I would just like to put in a word for The Australian in the midst of our mourning the passing of Bill Leak. He was the bravest cartoonist in the world but he could only have reached his audience because … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Robert Murray An Age of Decrepitude

After almost a lifetime of reading theAge, Melbourne’s 162-year-old morning news­paper, I am debating whether to cancel my subscription. This is not so much about digital technology as, in the words of a veteran ex-subscriber friend, because the paper is … Continue reading

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Towergate one day on

It’s not even possible to get consensus on whether it even matters whether Obama had done any of it. The thing about Watergate was that if Nixon really had been involved in a cover-up, this was a high crime and … Continue reading

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This is an American constitutional crisis

Donald Trump accuses Obama of ‘wire-tapping’ his office before election. If this is true, you are looking at a genuine effort by a sitting president to subvert not just the election but the Constitution. This is not, as Trump has … Continue reading

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The Swedish model

One day the media will actually hit on a genuine scandal and we will never hear the end of it. They are trying as best they can and have gone through Russia hacked the election, then Mike Flynn, and now … Continue reading

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Trump v the media

Bret Stephens, a columnist at the Wall Street Journal, delivered the annual Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture and discussed the relationship between Donald Trump and the US media. Some of you may have noticed that we’re living through a period in which … Continue reading

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CNN called out

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That polluted vehicle

Being the media that is, in a quote taken from Thomas Jefferson by Donald Trump in his presentation today. This is picked up at Ann Althouse. To your request of my opinion of the manner in which a newspaper should … Continue reading

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