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News judgment in the modern world

Report recounts 10 ‘episodes’ involving Trump and questions of obstruction… AG SAYS NO CRIMES… Considered president’s frustration with media when deciding… Not ‘conscious wrongdoing’… White House lawyer refused order to fire Special Counsel… Detailed scenes of raging… ‘This is the … Continue reading

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Tactile nuclear weapons

Is this really funny? She is one of two Senators from New York and is running for President. This should truly frighten you, as much for the lack of attention this has received from the media as for her outright … Continue reading

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Is this the greatest political scandal in American history?

Is a scandal still a scandal if it’s not reported in the press? If not, what is it? Seems pretty bad. Start with this from Ace of Spades. Thursday and the big story is the reaction to Attorney General William … Continue reading

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Further evidence of The Rise of Anti-Christian Sentiment in the West

Received today from Professor Augusto Zimmermann in WA. Dear Friend, I would like to call your attention to a very serious matter. As you know, I am organising in Perth a major conference on religious freedom entitled ‘Religious Freedom at … Continue reading

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PDT’s Michigan rally

The above is a ten minute highlights reel. Below is the full hour and a half which you should at least watch the beginning of.

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Hypocrisy and bullshit

Following the terrorist attack in Christchurch last week the Morrison government (and others) is seizing the opportunity to blame social media companies. Here is Scott Morrison on Twitter: Shocking – 69 minutes. Now this isn’t a criticism of the NZ … Continue reading

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Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. on journalism

In journalism, we validate statements. Period. That’s the whole job. For about 100 years, the essence of journalistic education has been to teach elementary discipline about the handling of facts, like the need for multiple independent sources. This training is … Continue reading

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It’s official: NO collusion

TRUMP WINS! CAMPAIGN DID NOT COLLUDE WITH RUSSIANS MUELLER DOES NOT FIND OBSTRUCTION* NO PROOF OF CRIMES BARR TEXT  It’s now official. There was never any collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign. But everyone knew that, and has always known that. This was … Continue reading

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These people should terrify you

Why are these lefty idiots so upset about Mueller not intending to indict the President? Why aren’t they relieved that there was no conspiracy to subvert their democracy? Because they are dishonest swine who care not a whit about truth, … Continue reading

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Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog Issue 444

This week. His conclusion re the debate between the PM and Waleed Aly. In fact, the Prime Minister’s account of what Andrew Robb said was consistent with Scott Morrison’s version of events and inconsistent with Dr Aly’s assertion which was … Continue reading

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