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A cartoon compendium on Obama and the media

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Are the media really this clueless?

If the insight of the media into all things is as penetrating as their insight into Trump’s attitude to themselves, these people are as stupid a bunch as I have ever seen. This is from The New York Times even: … Continue reading

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How do you prevail against this?

The Deep State – what I have called the progressive internationalism – are doing all they can to hobble and destroy Trump even before he enters the White House. This article on The Deep State Strikes Back: The Permanent Campaign … Continue reading

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The deep state

If you are not spooked by all of this then you are made of tougher stuff than I am. MEDIA AND CIA FALL FOR ‘GOLDEN SHOWER’ HOAX… TAPPER, BLITZER RATTLED… YOU’RE ACTING LIKE NAZIS, TRUMP TELLS SPY CHIEFS… Russian tech … Continue reading

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Dealing with fake news

First, for your holiday pleasure, Stefan Molyneux interviews Paul Joseph Watson. Two of the greats in breaking down the MSM monopoly on the news. But the MSM has retains an astonishing level of power in spite of the fact that … Continue reading

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Malcolm does something right

How’s this: Australian FM: We Would Have Voted Against Anti-Israel UN Resolution. Australia would have voted against last week’s anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations Security Council had it been given the opportunity, the country’s foreign minister said in a … Continue reading

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Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog

Another week goes by. When do Hendo and the watchdog get a WEB (well earned break) like the hard-working luvvies in the ABC?

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Fake news and real totalitarians

How do such liars get away with it. Because they have no shame in lying right to your face and the established left – in the press, within political parties and throughout social media – are willing to fall instantaneously … Continue reading

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Gerard Henderson’s Media watchdog

The media watchdog. Leaving LA today, no time for a roundup.

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Socialists everywhere you turn

My wife knows I don’t read The Oz any more so she opened the paper to the page while I sat down to dinner. And on the page there was this: Does the National Broadband Network work? What a question! … Continue reading

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