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The media have a perfect right to be liars and fools

But others then have a perfect right to call them liars and fools when they are. So what are those liars and fools doing now: Almost 350 news outlets to publish editorials denouncing Trump’s ‘dirty war’ on press. Nearly 350 … Continue reading

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It’s not just their lies, but what they ignore

All picked up today. CNN Caught Putting Socialist on Panel to Pretend He’s a Disillusioned Trump Voter Left Working Furiously To Bury Feinstein Spy Story Media Silent: Linda Sarsour Connected to Terrorist Training Compound in New Mexico OMAROSA CALLED OUT … Continue reading

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Lysander: The ABC and the “Right” to No

Yesterday, I walked into a taxpayer funded department and got myself a taxpayer funded salary. I got a taxpayer funded iPhone, laptop and iPad. I got a prestigious email address or the like. I got a taxpayer funded car … Continue reading

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Quality journalism

I turned to the opinion page in The Australian and for a change four articles that not only could I read through to the end, but could agree with them all. In alphabetical order with a representative quote from each. … Continue reading

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Do his colleagues know?

So this morning Chris Mitchell finally woke up to the intolerance on the left. While intimidation of Australia’s politicians falls far short of anti-Trump hysteria, there is among students, artists, journalists and political activists an increasing intolerance here, too. I … Continue reading

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Joe McCarthy and the Deep State

The term “McCarthyism” makes a come back in The Oz. But like everywhere, they use McCarthyism as if it had been a bad thing. But before I go on, let me remind you of my review of Diana West’s astounding … Continue reading

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Press hypocrisy

The luvvies are outraged – how dare President Trump criticise the press? Our democracy is at risk! Although to be fair, their democracy might be at risk; however the democracy where people turn up on election day and vote for … Continue reading

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Fairfax sold itself to Nine

Fairfax Media will cease to exist by the end of the year – regulators willing. Nine and Fairfax have agreed to a historic merger in a cash-and-stock deal to create a $4.2 billion company that would reshape Australia’s media landscape. … Continue reading

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Reflexive ignorance across the media

ADDED ON: Old Ozzie mentioned in the comments that the Russian President had spoken about a Western assault on Christianity and traditional values in 2013 – just before anti-Russian troubles began, so I went looking to see what he meant, … Continue reading

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The media: Hiding the pro-Trump rally in London

Something for Steve.

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