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The ABC generates $1 billion in value

Michelle Guthrie hit back – strongly according to some media sources – against ABC critics in a speech today. For those who prefer an abacus-type approach to this debate, I have some fresh information. How do you put a price … Continue reading

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A new society shattering statistic

In 2004 I introduced a new statistic to the Australian policy debate: In 1996/97, the top 25% of income earners paid 61% of total net tax; by 2000/01 they were paying 64% of it. At the time this caused a … Continue reading

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What they said: PVO on selling the ABC

THE ABC should be privatised to save the taxpayer the more than $1 billion it costs each year to run, to reap a one-off injection of revenue from the sale price to help retire government debt, and to remove a … Continue reading

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Shut it down. Fire them all.

The Rabz doctrine was on display this morning on Outsiders. Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron had me on talking about Chris Berg and my book on the ABC.  They gave a great shout out for the Cat – thank you … Continue reading

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About the ABC

So yesterday Chris Berg and I had an op-ed in the AFR (ungated version here) talking about the ABC: Let’s be blunt here: the ABC burns through $1 billion of taxpayers’ money every year. Not shareholder money, not a mogul’s … Continue reading

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“Far right”: the left’s term for people with normal values and common sense

Found in the US on Powerline, but from our own ABC. Steve Hayward finds it funny, and cannot detect the anti-Trump vitriolic hatreds that lie behind it. In some ways it demonstrates that for those of us who line up … Continue reading

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The right and the left on the ending of the Korean War

There are two views on North Korea that you can find if you look. The easiest to find is the left-media take that nothing happened, and it’s all a well-worn charade. But then there is this, which I will come … Continue reading

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Harvey and Tommy

How’s he gonna get a fair trial? The banner headline at Drudge. HARVEY IN HELL RAPE CASE INDICTMENT Compare and contrast: British Media: Lockstep Lies: Did the Daily Mail’s lawyers have to check with the British government, which had placed a … Continue reading

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Hold the front page: Tax collectors unpopular

Chris Jordan complaining: Australia’s taxation commissioner Chris Jordan has launched a scathing attack on the public broadcaster for a Four Corners episode in April which quoted a company owner attacking the ATO as a “mongrel bunch of bastards”. Look mate – there … Continue reading

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If only 10% of what Robinson said was correct then the barbarians have already won

The usual high minded idiocies from Janet Albrechtsen on Don’t call it censorship when Islam critic’s simply in contempt of court. If you want to find out what she said, you can buy the paper. Here are the top comments … Continue reading

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