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Why doesn’t the left prefer the truth to outright falsehood since the lies will create major harm in all our lives, even their own?

In case you didn’t see it. The media plus all of their readers and viewers prefer lies to truth. Why that is cannot be explained since the lies will make their lives far, far worse, while the truth will allow … Continue reading

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If their readers wanted news they wouldn’t read The New York Times

New York Times releases a second edition with a different headline after Twitter backlash and liberals announce they’re canceling subscriptions. Must not say anything even slightly positive about the President. They live in a sheltered workshop in which exposure to … Continue reading

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What is the legal and ethical answer?

Let me see if I can put my point in reply this way. Suppose I start up a blog on some platform and it runs for a few years. Then suppose whoever runs the blog’s platform decides that they do … Continue reading

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If it’s not illegal to say it, it should be illegal not to transmit what is being said

This was from August 26, 2017: It must be made illegal on “social media” to deny service to people who say things that are not illegal to say. Then by coincidence almost exactly a year later, on August 29, 2018, … Continue reading

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Crony capitalism at work: Will nobody think of the children

It has been painful watching the often sensible Adam Creighton and normally sensible Paul Kelly contort themselves in praise of the ACCC report hit-job on social media platforms this week. Paul Kelly’s effort in The Australian this morning is magnificent … Continue reading

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There is a constituency on the right for forcing media tech giants to become even-handed

This was the title of the post: I am tired of conservative bleating over social media, with this his basic point. Conservatives are going to get nowhere good with their unending complaints over big tech and the internal policing of … Continue reading

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Twitter too

Big tech must be treated like media: Sims. ACCC chair Rod Sims has described technology giants Facebook and Google as publishers, who should be regulated in a similar way to traditional media. Following the release of the ACCC’s final report … Continue reading

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“add, copy, delete or alter”

The media have been jumping up and down about the warrant to search their ABC: A top ABC ­staffer was “staggered” by the Australian Federal Police warrant executed in yesterday’s raids which he condemned for ­granting officers the power to … Continue reading

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“Behavioural awareness officers”

I spent the weekend in Canberra, visiting my money, and so missed the appearance of “behavioural awareness officers” at the football. As an Essendon member I go to a lot of games and see crowd behaviour on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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The Guardian on the ‘Death Tax Lie”

The Guardian has a huge story on the ‘death tax lie’ from the last election. Bottom line: No one Guardian Australia has spoken to has argued that Labor lost the election because of the death tax falsehood. No one inside … Continue reading

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