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How to find balance in an unbalanced world

In part their value is in having things explained from a conservative perspective and partly it is to correct the lies that are never ending in the traditional media, and given how frequent and relentless they are, seem to be … Continue reading

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In The News there is no truth and in The Truth there is no news

That was the old soviet joke when the two major papers of record were Izvestia [The News] and Pravda [The Truth]. Nowadays our own equivalent is Fake News which is everywhere. We are living in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four which for … Continue reading

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Enemies of civilisation

These people are on a mission to destroy the American president that, if successful, would also destroy their very own country. On CNN’s “New Day” Saturday, hosts Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul put up a graphic showing every Trump-related entity … Continue reading

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Pro-Trump and anti-Green all at the same time!

From Powerline where the focus is on the media but really, where the focus should be on the inanity combined with smugness of the left. They ruin everything they touch, with Western Civ clearly in their line of sight.

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Clueless in the Age of Trump

Janet Albrechtsen has just discovered the Deep State: Trump takes on the experts to save democracy Trump may be democracy’s saviour in this epic tale. His election remains the first serious challenge to a growing global consensus among “experts” on everything … Continue reading

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If it misleads, it leads

I wasn’t going to post on this, but then the front page of one of those typically left-wing financial journals, in this case our own AFR, has as a front page story: “Warlike” Trump banishes enemies” with a photo of … Continue reading

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A bit of background on Malcolm

I put this up on line back in February 2015 just as Malcolm was about to lead the knifing of Tony Abbott. Title turned out to be wrong – I did vote for him – but the post was extraordinarily … Continue reading

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Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh shooter, was rabidly anti-Trump

My wife lunched with her two oldest friends where the Pittsburgh shooting came up, and both said that the killer had been pro-Trump. Now I do understand how hard it is for some people to take on board that bad … Continue reading

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The media and the President

It’s not so much that they have been wrong in the past but that their ignorant ill-will is never ending. They will get him if they can. In the meantime, there are the mid-term elections next Tuesday in the US … Continue reading

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You will know him by his enemies

Jordan Peterson is one of the most relentless and effective enemies of the left. Yet he is frequently criticised by those who are supposedly on his own side. If you are in any doubt about which side he is on, … Continue reading

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