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You would think they would hope we would all forget

From today’s Cut & Paste in The Oz: We gave him a hard time in 2007? We gave him our endorsement. The Australian’s editorial, November 23, 2007: Mr Rudd has spoken of recapturing some of the reform zeal of the … Continue reading

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“The biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!”

Is this not the most formidable scandal of our time? Hillary Clinton used her office as Secretary of State to confer benefits to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her foundation and cash to her husband. … Continue reading

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Go on, what’s the plan to deal with Iran and North Korea?

I won’t say they won’t get him in the end, but he’s been everything I had hoped for, and for good measure he’s doing a damn site better than Malcolm and Theresa. Yet here we have a typical MSM bit … Continue reading

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News from up the street

J.E Sefton likes to begin his round-up of news at Ace of Spades with “links from around the world, across the nation and up your street”. Well this one is literally up my street. You can read the details here … Continue reading

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Who cares if NKorea EMP would kill “90% of Americans”?

MCGOWAN ACCUSES BEZOS OF HARASSMENT COVERUP ‘WON DIRTY OSCAR’ AMAZON SUSPENDS STUDIO CHIEF That’s the lead story at Drudge and everywhere. Meanwhile this hardly gets a mention: Congress warned: NKorea EMP would kill ‘90% of Americans’… Mysterious absence of ‘rocket … Continue reading

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Getting your priorities right

From Drudge, and no doubt representing the news balance everywhere. FBI PROBES WEINSTEIN SUICIDE FEARS   NKorea: Trump Has ‘Lit The Wick Of War’… Threatens ‘Hail Of Fire’… USA DEPLOYS ANOTHER NUKE WARSHIP…

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No news is good news if it’s bad news for the left

How do we know that PDT is the best president in 25 years: Media Give Trump Most Negative Presidential Coverage in 25 Years. To which they add as a subhead: “Only 5 percent of news reports are positive, according to … Continue reading

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Bad advice from The Financial Times

Every time I think we are making progress on getting rid of Keynesian macro, I come across something like this from The Financial Times in the UK: Donald Trump’s trickle-down delusion on tax. Today, debt is 77 per cent of … Continue reading

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The Oz has become the local propaganda arm of the North Koreans

The central point is that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and a delivery system that can land them in the United States. Other than let them go on forever developing these armaments and the ICBMs to go with them, … Continue reading

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What really matters is not what matters but who decides what matters

This is a twitter stream on Big Brother and Protecting Elections which really is not just funny but also relevant and serious. And speaking of Facebook, let me also mention this: Mark Zuckerberg’s Fake News Problem Isn’t Going Away. From … Continue reading

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