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Agit prop and the agent provocateur

The one blessing about being brought up in a communist household is that you understand the left a good deal better than most. It also brings an added measure of concern when I see how easily a public unused to … Continue reading

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Remember Michelle Fields?

What’s your view on whether Michelle Field was pulled to the ground by Trump’s Chief of Staff? This is the truth. The entire story was a fabrication, a complete and absolute lie wholly made up with malicious intent. It was … Continue reading

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The National Security Editor at The Oz speaks out

There are times when I think the media are inhabited by clueless clowns and then there are times when I think things are even worse. This is written by the person The Australian has designated as its “National Security Editor”: … Continue reading

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You wouldn’t want to be distracted, would you?

There’s this. Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls THE WOMEN: MEDIA IGNORED CLINTON ACCUSERS… FOUR MORE? What if Ken Starr Was Right? ANOTHER woman accuses Franken of grabbing… SILENCE OF THE … Continue reading

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Did you know PDT has just come back from Asia?

Among the other things that have been submerged by the Senate race in Alabama has been Donald Trump’s singular successes on his tour of Asia. The OZ, being slightly less demented than the rest, still finds it hard to actually … Continue reading

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“Trusting the ABC was a rookie mistake”

An interesting article about the hysterics at the ABC and their fellow hysteric our interim Prime Minister: Four Corners stopped truth from ruining its ripping yarn. It’s about how nothing has come of the Royal Commission after “the ABC’s Four … Continue reading

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Illogical negativism in, logical positivism out

I have a post up at Quadrant Online: Weaponising Illogical Negativism. This is how it starts, discussing the base philosophical creed across the media and the left. The core principle of logical positivism which underpins verification as the basis for … Continue reading

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The Age used to be a newspaper of record

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“It would be a great thing to have a good relationship with Russia, Trump said”

PDT is afraid of nothing. Here they are, out to railroad his presidency because of some alleged form of pre-election collaboration with Putin and Russia, and here he is, just yesterday, collaborating with Putin and the Russians: Putin and Trump … Continue reading

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The Russian Revolution 100 years ago today

Here it is November 7 and it’s the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution – that is, the Russian Revolution – and there is going to be a celebration in Melbourne, and no doubt everywhere else across the West (but … Continue reading

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