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The enemy within …

David Sharma has an interesting op-ed in the Australian this morning: Today, we are engaged in a once-in-a-generation build-up and modernisation of our defence forces, acquiring new and more powerful capabilities. This is because we recognise that our strategic environment … Continue reading

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Let me take a wild guess: because they’re not sick?

Medevac asylum seekers detained in a Melbourne hotel for months. Australian Border Force, the federal government agency responsible for the detention, would not say why the men are in a hotel rather than hospital … A picture of the sufferers … Continue reading

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Danish boffin: Australia could be invaded by the UN

The ABC asks: Could climate inaction unleash ‘dark forces’ that threaten democracy — and lead to war? “If there was something that was decided internationally by some more centralised procedure and every country was told ‘this is your emission target, … Continue reading

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Reckless vanity is not press freedom, Mr O’Brien

KERRY O’Brien – Paul Keating’s reminiscence man and Gough Whitlam’s former press secretary – told the audience at last night’s Walkley Awards that the polarisation of journalists as left or right-leaning was a trend that “has to be resisted”. O’Brien – … Continue reading

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The espionage crisis

A week after Paul Keating mocked democracy and accused Australia’s intelligence agencies and journalists of conspiring to invent espionage claims against China, charges of Beijing-ordered murder and an attempt to install a Chinese agent in federal parliament have been aired … Continue reading

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Their ABC condoning violence

Can aggression and violence be a better option than assertiveness and strong arguments to effect change? #QandA — ABC Q&A (@QandA) November 4, 2019

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Tony Abbott is a treasonous commie

I have been having FAR TOO MUCH fun recently mocking the journalist class for their new found concern over national security laws. While they were playing silly buggers, whack-a-libertarian, and preaching on high to we lessor mortals the parliament passed … Continue reading

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Chinese influence in universities

It used to be that communists hid under our beds, now they go to university. This story has been developing in The Australian over the last few weeks and has now jumped across to the AFR. Education department officials as … Continue reading

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Spying allegations

There is a rather breathless piece in the Australian this morning talking about a computer scientist at UNSW working with ‘generals’ in the Chinese military. A University of NSW computer science professor co-authored researc­h with Chinese generals linked to Beijing’s … Continue reading

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“In a game of ‘cat and mouse’ with the nation’s adversaries”

And by “adversaries” he means enemies. Are you aware Australia has enemies? This was the front-page story in The Oz this morning which has virtually disappeared from the online edition: Espionage threats unprecedented, says spy boss Duncan Lewis. You should … Continue reading

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