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Bug side effects: sudden new respect for borders and reason

Mexico considering restrictions on US border amid coronavirus fears. Top Iranian cleric okays buying future Israeli coronavirus vaccine.

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It’s not all bad news


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While neo-nazis saluted swastikas in their suburban garages …

Mardi Gras MAYHEM: Stabbings, protests and violent brawls with police.

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… and right on cue.

Last week I suggested that a speech given by the head of ASIO was code for additional funding and powers. Today Reece Kershaw, commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, has an op-ed in the Australian making the case for additional … Continue reading

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Jo Nova’s Coronavirus update. How it kills and how we can be saved

Pulling no punches. The great news is ICU staff are getting much better at keeping people alive when they get ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which can happen with other diseases (like Influenza). Seems, the ICUs can keep 84% alive … Continue reading

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How to secure bipartisan funding for your spy agency

Neo-Nazis among Australia’s most challenging security threats, ASIO boss warns. In suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology.” – ASIO director general Mike Burgess   But … Continue reading

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Australians woke t0 the rather breathless news that ASIO had smashed a spy ring and was protecting us from unprecedented threats. …  Mr Burgess said ASIO had intercepted and disrupted a foreign intelligence service agent sent as a “sleeper” agent to … Continue reading

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How are you feeling, Jimmy? Like a mean motherf*cker, sir!

Defence force flies experts to Kosciuszko in corroboree frog rescue mission.

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Dreyfus ordered P.S. mates to go after Abbott, CPAC organiser

AND they obeyed, of course. Because being diligently impartial public servants in Canberra comes with a very solemn and widely understood responsibility: to pursue conservatives on behalf of the ALP. Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus sparked the Attorney-­General’s Department’s push for … Continue reading

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The enemy within …

David Sharma has an interesting op-ed in the Australian this morning: Today, we are engaged in a once-in-a-generation build-up and modernisation of our defence forces, acquiring new and more powerful capabilities. This is because we recognise that our strategic environment … Continue reading

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