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Paul Kelly on Trump

Paul Kelly has an op-ed this morning warning about the consequences of a Trump presidency. Essential to this disruption is the confusion at the heart of the Trump debate in Australia: while Trump is extolled by some conservatives, Trump himself … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Robert Carruthers Getup & acts of foreign interference

We are a sovereign nation deciding things for ourselves or at the whim of whatever foreigners pay the biggest “bribes” to our politicians, activists or public servants. ASIO is tasked to stop acts of foreign interference: “AUSTRALIAN SECURITY INTELLIGENCE ORGANISATION … Continue reading

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Noah Smith on the global Islamic civil war

I’ve long known that Islamic fundamentalists are more likely to kill other Muslims than anyone else – but the magnitude of the numbers is shocking. Some of the malign energy of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other radical Islamic groups has been … Continue reading

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The sins of the grandchildren …

Peter Dutton has managed quite a feat: a criticism of Malcolm Fraser that I think is wrong and unfair. Who could imagine commentary so wrong that Malcolm Fraser is unfairly maligned? So what did Dutton do? Mr Dutton last week … Continue reading

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Our UN overlords have spoken

Australian politicians have given permission for people to act in xenophobic ways and have allowed for the rise of nationalist groups, the United Nations special rapporteur has said at the end of his first official visit. He also voiced support … Continue reading

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Malcolm and national security

This is Greg Sheridan discussing Malcolm’s views on foreign policy. The other shocking national-security moment for many Liberals came after Attorney-General George Brandis called on Labor to dis­endorse Peta Murphy, its candid­ate for Dunkley, because she had opposed tough anti-terror … Continue reading

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Roskam on Abbott

Now that he’s a backbencher, Tony Abbott is making some good points about how to defeat Islamist terrorism. When he delivered the annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture in London last month, he said two things were required to defeat terrorism. The … Continue reading

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Xenophon and conscription

Nick Xenophon has a go at wasted Defence expenditure. The latest revelations that Defence has spent $21 million on the US navy and more than $18 million on big-end-of-town consulting firms for advice on Australia’s future submarine project beggars belief. … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton was in Australia advocating open borders on 911

To understand the problems we face with ISIS it is essential to understand the mindset of those who lead the parties of the left, and now even some parties of the conservative right. This is from The Age on September … Continue reading

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Waleed Ali is being verballed

I have noticed a tendency to verbal Waleed Ali’s Channel Ten discussion of ISIS both here and in the broader media. So I’m posting his piece here. I think it is very good. He spoke well. He spoke sensibly. Before … Continue reading

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