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Bush fire season is upon us and the blame game is in full swing. Before the area became ­national park, Mr Layer said, he would get permits to collect firewood from the state forests. Since the national park was declared … Continue reading

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Arrest this man

Andrew Cooper has an op-ed in The Australian this morning. He makes some astonishing claims: My crime? Well, I haven’t committed one. I think the law enforcement types refer to that as being unrepentant. He is denying both his crime … Continue reading

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Who governs Australia?

Here is Morgan Begg in The Australian: Bureaucrats are using Australia’s foreign-influence laws to run a covert political operation out of the Attorney-General’s Department to silence Australians because of their political beliefs, all under the nose of the Coalition government. Here … Continue reading

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Statement from the Liberal Democratic Party

To all Liberal Democrat members and supporters, By now you may have read the media reports in relation to the Attorney General’s department targeting the organisers and key speakers at the recent CPAC event in Sydney. If not, please take … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott is a treasonous commie

I have been having FAR TOO MUCH fun recently mocking the journalist class for their new found concern over national security laws. While they were playing silly buggers, whack-a-libertarian, and preaching on high to we lessor mortals the parliament passed … Continue reading

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Germany in decline and Kohler on the failure of democracy compared with China

A couple of items from The Weekend Australian. A piece reprinted from The Economist described the “simply awful” state of German manufacturing. The index of output shows the sharpest decline since 2009. The services sector also lost momentum. Many economists … Continue reading

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Anti-trust targets size

From the WSJ: In the early days of DoubleClick, a prospective employee asked what my ultimate goals were for the newly formed internet advertising company. With the arrogance of a young startup founder, I responded, “To be broken up by … Continue reading

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Don Aitkin on why nations fail

His summary of Why Nations Fail: the Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty, by Acemoglu and Robinson. The sub-text of the story is the difference between Argentina and Australia although he did not explore that topic as he was urged … Continue reading

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Robo-debt and Tyranny

So here is an interesting thing – the government is being sued. The occasion was the announcement at Parliament House by Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon that his law firm Gordon Legal will be launching a class action on behalf … Continue reading

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Calling bullshit on the New Zealand chief censor

David Shanks, New Zealand’s “chief censor”, has an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph. Sounds like he has a tough job. I’ve never seen so many film festival movies as I did in my first year, watching them at a cinema … Continue reading

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