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Confirmed: proposed cash ban is about controlling your money

Proposed cash ban is not about controlling your money, says Reserve Bank. NOW that 2020 is well underway, let’s not allow this to escape the scrutiny it deserves. A Liberal government has legislated to ban Australians from spending any more … Continue reading

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The late great Ray Evans on the lessons of Black Saturday

In 1966 the Victorian government published a booklet entitled Summer Peril. On the cover was a terrifying photo of the 1964 Lorne bushfire. The foreword was by the Premier, Sir Henry Bolte, who began: “Over the years our state of Victoria … Continue reading

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Checks and balances

Francis Fukuyama has an interesting essay in the WSJ looking at the deep state: Those attacking the “deep state” are really attacking the rule of law. Public officials in the executive branch are obligated to implement the policies of their … Continue reading

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Housing affordability cruelled by Netflix

A whole bunch of people owe Bernard Salt an apology. In 2016 he argued that the penchant for smashed avocado for breakfast was the reason many young people couldn’t get into the housing market. Not to be outdone, ASIC has … Continue reading

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For a looming super-dooper-power, China sure is gutless

This story via Fr John Zuhlsdorf: Xi Jinping Portraits Replace Catholic Symbols in Churches. A Catholic Church in Ji’an, a prefecture-level city in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, was built this year at the cost of more than one million … Continue reading

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The New Diocletians

Here is one of the most important and least acknowledged truths of the age: in the contemporary West the most persecuted group by far is Christians. Every doctrinaire left-wing ‘progressive’ who hears that truth asserted will immediately go into a … Continue reading

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Inspiration for Victorians

I’ll definitely make sure I see this. The Michael Herbig-directed film tells the true story of the Strelzyk and Wetzel families who escaped East Germany to freedom in a home-made hot-air balloon in 1979. Via Instapundit. Deutsche Welle review: ‘Balloon’ depicts … Continue reading

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Bush fire season is upon us and the blame game is in full swing. Before the area became ­national park, Mr Layer said, he would get permits to collect firewood from the state forests. Since the national park was declared … Continue reading

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Arrest this man

Andrew Cooper has an op-ed in The Australian this morning. He makes some astonishing claims: My crime? Well, I haven’t committed one. I think the law enforcement types refer to that as being unrepentant. He is denying both his crime … Continue reading

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Who governs Australia?

Here is Morgan Begg in The Australian: Bureaucrats are using Australia’s foreign-influence laws to run a covert political operation out of the Attorney-General’s Department to silence Australians because of their political beliefs, all under the nose of the Coalition government. Here … Continue reading

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