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Chronology of Agenda 21 in Australia Part 2

PART 2: 1999 – 2017 Graham Williamson Toward the end of the 1990s, Commonwealth Environment Minister in the Howard Government, Senator Robert Hill, “announced plans for perhaps the most far-reaching changes to Federal environmental laws in twenty years”, Shades of … Continue reading

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Today you lose freedom of speech, tomorrow freedom of religion …

I wonder if Vic Alhadeff appreciates the irony, or even sees a connection? Here he is advocating against free speech: The proposed changes, if passed, will send a dangerous signal that hate speech is sanctioned as a form of freedom of … Continue reading

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Guest post David Leyonhjelm on the Greens vs One Nation

Sitting in the Senate during a late night session recently, resting my eyes and losing concentration, I wasn’t sure which Senator was speaking when I caught the following snippet: “Why are we allowing multinationals to strip our nation of its … Continue reading

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Where I agree with Richard Denniss …

Richard Denniss – chief economist at The Australia Institute – has a column at the AFR.  This time he has some comments I agree with – getting soft in the old age. There are 750,000 unemployed people in Australia, up … Continue reading

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Les Miz after reality finally bites

An absolutely stunning photo. The people behind the barricades are, of course, the people who put Chavez and now Maduro into power. I wonder what they now know that they didn’t know then. If you look to the government to … Continue reading

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Big business doesn’t need you

Scott Morrison was out and about today begging big business for help. “I have raised consistently with large business representatives the need to address the broader collective reputation issues large businesses have with the Australian public that are being cynically … Continue reading

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The Government overturns the rule of law to back the ATO vs multinationals

Senator Leyonhjelm. The Multinational Tax Avoidance debate is multi-faceted. In this video, I discuss how the ATO is trying to prevent multinationals from having access to the courts for 12 months, which is a gross violation of the rule of … Continue reading

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Deirdre McCloskey on the minimum wage

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“Nobody cares about 18c”

One of the “arguments” against amending 18c is that “nobody cares about 18c”. Maybe true – yet I suspect nobody cares about a whole lot of things that the Parliament legislates. How many people would care about any law until … Continue reading

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A question for politicians

Gary Johns is one of the more sensible people you’ll ever meet. He is also a former ALP federal cabinet minister. These days he writes magnificent books and a must-read column in The Australian. Today (as on many previous days) … Continue reading

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