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Victorian Police Minister gets some community feedback

A man has confronted Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville, slamming the government’s ‘inaction’ on crime and objecting to participants in a recent rally being labelled racists. Moments after she finished a press conference about security ahead of the Australian Open … Continue reading

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Nanny state incoherence

There is something of a debate going on about “Pill Testing“. Recreational drugs can be covertly cut with poisonous or “filler” substances. Uncertainty about strength and purity can lead to accidental overdoses. Pill testing exposes what a tablet really contains … Continue reading

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In the street with the yellow jackets

On the spot report. As you would expect the radical left is there doing what they do best fouling everything they touch with violence and destruction. It is the ordinary folk on the march! CFACT used the weekend break at … Continue reading

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Talk about being out of touch …

The Herald Sun is reporting: COUNCILS across Melbourne could move to fortnightly rubbish collections under a plan to reduce food waste ending up in landfill. A state government agency has recommended that food and garden refuse be collected in special … Continue reading

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What does Dreyfus mean by “corruption”?

Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus has an op-ed in the AFR talking about a proposed federal anti-corruption body.  I think reasonable people can disagree as the need for such a body – my second biggest concern is that I suspect there … Continue reading

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Tell that to ASIC

Matt Canavan, quite rightly, has issued a warning to big business: Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan has warned big business not to form its own policy on greenhouse gas emissions in the wake of the dumping of the National Energy … Continue reading

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Boettke on Hayek and the populist revolt

“Government fails because it grows, and it grows because it fails” [272] “We must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage…if we can regain that belief in the power of ideas … Continue reading

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Libertyfest Brisbane

Two great days in Brisbane, no Cats in sight but a lot of very good speakers. After chatting with two or three people who did not know about Catallaxy I asked for a show of hands in the next session … Continue reading

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That’s got to hurt …

The Mocker is out and about commenting on the Victorian government’s decision to ban Sky News from train stations. In relation to Laura Jayes skewering Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan: By this stage viewers no doubt concluded Allan was unfit … Continue reading

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You are a slave to the state

As technology enhances the state’s capacity to surveil its citizens it is becoming more and more apparent what relationship we have vis-a-vis the state. This is especially so in the modern welfare state. The logic is as follows: the state pays … Continue reading

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