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You are a slave to the state

As technology enhances the state’s capacity to surveil its citizens it is becoming more and more apparent what relationship we have vis-a-vis the state. This is especially so in the modern welfare state. The logic is as follows: the state pays … Continue reading

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If only there was a technology that could solve this problem …

PVO in The Australian: Consumers won’t know who has seen their records, or when. The system doesn’t even have the capacity to track the online ­accessing of information by individuals within organisations. In other words, you’ll know a particular hospital … Continue reading

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It’s no joke

From Paul Johnson’s wonderful Humourists: From Hogarth to Noël Coward. Having now flown from Budapest to London, where I finished the book on the flight, I find it both eerie and appropriate that this is how Johnson’s book ends. In … Continue reading

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ABC panellist advocates eugenics

On Q&A last night there was this proposal from panellist Corey White: I specified that drug addicts should be given incentives, um, cash to delay reproducing because the fact is that a lot of drug-addicted people do have children and … Continue reading

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First they came for Tommy Robinson

Great enterprises start small. First they put away just one fellow who is causing trouble and when that works they put away a second. You know the one about first they came for the Jews. In this case, first they … Continue reading

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Spare us the hypocrisy

There is a shock, horror, surprise headline on the Australian today. MPs warn Facebook over China data deal It turns out that Facebook might be sharing the information we voluntarily reveal to to world about ourselves with communists. Yes – … Continue reading

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Monopolists restrict supply

I’m shocked. Shocked. NBN Co was considering introducing a policy of “fair use” for fixed wireless, Morrow said, so heavy users could be throttled back to the same usage as everyone else during busy periods. “In the fixed wireless there’s … Continue reading

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Big government and privacy

Chris Kenny is having a terrible two weeks. Last week he claimed that the Liberal Party was too libertarian. This week there is this howler: We have done infinitely more to undermine our own privacy than we ever would have … Continue reading

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Terry Barnes: Life is short but smokers’ lives are shorter. Legalise vaping now.

The much-anticipated House of Representatives committee report on e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers – in other words, vaping – was tabled on Wednesday. Very predictably, the majority of MPs came down in favour of the status quo: we don’t know the long-term risks of … Continue reading

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The best two sentences you’ll read all week

The big losers were Nick Xenophon and his SA-BEST candidates who look unlikely to win a single lower-house seat. Mr Xenophon was beaten in Hartley by sitting Liberal Vincent Tarzia who was given a hero’s welcome when he arrived at … Continue reading

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