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Enlightenment principles

This statement is from an exhibit in the Arts Museum in Aarhus and captures the values of the enlightenment in a way that spells them out so that they can be understood in the times in which we live.

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For nerds and Popper fans

A talk by a major scientist on Popper’s philosophy of science and how it helped his career. Mostly good but a bit weak on some points, especially the function of consensus, he thinks that frauds are rapidly found out.

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The Donald J. Coyote syndrome

Wile E. Coyote must have eaten quite a lot of roadrunners in his time, even if not that roadrunner. Sylvester has to have eaten his fair share of birds, even if he never quite gets to Tweety. The big bad … Continue reading

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Popper on paradigms in 1932

While Popper was writing the original German version of The Logic of Scientific Discovery during the early 1930s one of the issues on his mind was the rearguard action of Newtonians to resist the scandalous novelty of Einstein’s new theory. … Continue reading

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Is modern science polluted?

Maybe. So, instead of being rewarded for research that supports a prior hypothesis, no matter how sloppy it is, those involved in climate studies get published a lot not by testing (which can’t be done in the prospective sense) but … Continue reading

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Science weird and broken

Two stories I came across today about scientific puzzles that completely uproot our conventional views of how the universe operates. First this: Meet Niku, the Weird Object Beyond Neptune That Nobody Can Figure Out. And what’s weird? Authored by the … Continue reading

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What did socialists use before they had candles?

Electricity! A joke I heard at a wonderful Freedomfest presentation on “The Intellectual Battle for South America”. Here, however, the central question was not about economics but about philosophy. The basis for the talk: If the evidence of failure is … Continue reading

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Janet and Terry on Cory

Here is an interesting thing. Two columnists whose opinions I usually trust have well written, well argued positions on Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives. Terry Barnes: If he is wants to be truly constructive, Bernardi instead should put his Australian Conservatives … Continue reading

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Suppose you’re on a game show

Off on an airplane in an hour or so and heading to the United States on the way to two conferences. No blogging for a while, and definitely not till I’m on the other side. I therefore thought I’d leave … Continue reading

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Who will save us from the experts?

There are two articles paired at Instapundit that really do capture the Brexit moment. The first is It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses which is exactly what the article is about and is offered … Continue reading

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