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Youth smoking increased after plain packaging

Tobacco Control has a paper by Sally Dunlop, Donna Perez, Anita Dessaix and David Currow that has some damning results and implications for the plain packaging policy. You get a very different impression reading just the abstract than you do … Continue reading

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How is that slippery slope going?

Here is Vera da Costa e Silva speaking at the recent New Dehli COP7 Framework Convention on Tobacco Control conference. We are also watched by sugar and alcohol products manufacturers, who see the tobacco control movement as a precursor to … Continue reading

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Guest post: Bill Leak – call to arms

As some of you may know, Bill has been hand making cigarette packet covers (‘Slip-Ons’) since the Nanny State introduced plain packaging. He has now had them professionally produced and this is a ‘Call to Arms’ to help market them. … Continue reading

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Pots, kettles and plain packaging surveys

The Labor party were having a bit of fun in estimates this week: Taxpayers contributed $640,000 to a book edited, written and published by Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus Centre which was ridiculed in Senate Estimates on Thursday as … Continue reading

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An interview with the Globe and Mail

Yesterday morning I received this tweet: @SincDavidson Hi Sinclair, I have tried to reach you for a story I’m doing on plain packaging. Wondering if you can please respond? — Carly Weeks (@carlyweeks) October 18, 2016 Seemed very strange. I … Continue reading

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Tim Andrews on plain packaging

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Bojan Pretnar on plain packaging

Several weeks ago I was interviewed by a Slovenian newspaper on tobacco plain packaging policy. Soon afterwards I was contacted by Bojan Pretnar – a Slovenian IP specialist – who has taken an interest in plain packaging. He has very … Continue reading

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Know the facts

Cat have seen these arguments before, but it’s nice to have then all in one place.

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More dodginess on plain packaging

Last week Ashton de Silva and I published a working paper on SSRN critiquing the Tobacco Control papers on plain packaging. On Friday the Victorian Cancer Council responded. Ashton and I will closely examining their press release – but in … Continue reading

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Cross post: Tim Andrews – In a country, far, far away, tobacco is just the beginning

Private property is at the heart of the successful modern economy. The protection of property rights has enabled us to flourish and created unprecedented prosperity, while secure property rights have been identified as the key difference between successful and failing … Continue reading

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