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No, it isn’t that one of them has the teeth of Kingston Town

Jenna Price: The incredible, telling difference between Ardern and Morrison. “She hugs those who need it …”

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Will there always be an England?

This image allowed millions of “refugees” to enter Europe, changing Western Civilisation forever, and leading to its possible demise within a century. Just a picture with no associated policy, and in fact no possible policy. Now we have this as … Continue reading

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IG’s Report covers up as much as it can but plenty still there to be seen

The depth of the deep state is a wonder to behold, and it is only because of PDT that we have even had a glimpse of it. No one can doubt after all this time that the FBI, along with … Continue reading

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Enough humans already, says Wallaby tolerance crusader

Last week: Joint statement by Rugby Australia, NSW Rugby Union and Israel Folau. “Inclusiveness is one of Rugby’s core values and it welcomes all people to the game …” Today: David Pocock and wife Emma vow not to have children … Continue reading

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Bureau of Meteorology springs into action to hide decline

It might be hard to believe, but Thredbo has just recorded our coldest summer day. On Monday, the second day of summer, the temperature only reached -1 degrees Celcius at the Thredbo weather station, the coldest maximum temperature recorded anywhere … Continue reading

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Impeachment theatre

I keep reading about how the impeachment investigation is going badly for the Democrats, but that’s only how we look at it. ‘It did nothing’: White House blasts Judiciary Committee hearing as ‘desperate charade’. The White House called the first … Continue reading

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Censorship is not a form of free speech

Should a carrier of information be allowed to do this: ’60 Minutes:’ More Than 300 Ads by Trump Campaign Taken Down by Google and YouTube. That is, should a carrier of the views of individuals who have signed up in … Continue reading

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A heartwarming story about 911

Here’s the review from The Guardian: Come From Away – a feelgood 9/11 musical? Believe the hype. I went because everybody I knew who had seen it told me not to miss it. And it’s Canadian, to its bootstraps. No … Continue reading

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Voluntary Assisted Living

It’s true that leftists can’t meme. But they are good at hero worship and neurotic fellowship. They’re currently waiting for the endgame of the Democratic primaries and, from that drawn-out contest, a Trump slayer to save America, the world, the … Continue reading

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“JC refused to apologise to the Rabbi”

In a disastrous interview with Andrew Neil, Jeremy Corbyn has refused four times to apologise for his party’s rabid anti-semitism – despite the extraordinary intervention of the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Ephraim Mirvis says Corbyn is “unfit for … Continue reading

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