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This is a law and divinity school dropout

“This is Thermopylae. This is Agincourt. This is Dunkirk. This is the Battle of the Bulge. This is 9/11.” – Al Gore speaking about the ‘threat’ of ‘climate change’ at the World Economic Forum in Davos. UPDATE: Truant child approached … Continue reading

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Was drone a convenient excuse to punish Cardinal Pell?

For appealing his case to the High Court, maybe. Police interview pair after suspicious drone near George Pell’s jail. Two men have been interviewed by police after a drone was seen flying over the central Melbourne prison where … Cardinal … Continue reading

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Impeachment is all for show and not intended to succeed

Made it back from the US where they had just begun the impeachment business. And in the hotel we were staying at – perhaps explicable because we were in California – it was MSNBC running in the restaurant night and … Continue reading

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Wollemi ace now wants an end to coal exports … and debate

DOUBTLESS enlivened by the success of a multi-million dollar, emission-spewing mission to save some non-rare trees in a national park somewhere – which may or may not have been endangered by fire anyway – NSW environment minister Matt Kean has … Continue reading

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75 Years After Hitler, Another Naturalist Touts a Final Solution

David Attenborough warns that humans have ‘overrun the world’.

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A Farewell To Soulless Science Fiction

ACE has posted a grim round-up of news on the science fiction front as evidence accumulates that Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars have all been dragged down by enwokened, holier-than-thou leftist meddlers. Like the monotone and lock-step Cyberpersons … Continue reading

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No more debates, says science minister (who isn’t a scientist)

Climate deniers robbing Australia of time to respond to impacts, Science Minister Karen Andrews warns. “Let’s not keep having debates about climate change.” Shut up, she explains. Andrews graduated as an engineer before a relatively brief career working in power … Continue reading

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Why is Robert Skidelsky speaking at Mont Pelerin??

I’m now mid-Pacific, about five miles high, on my way to the regional meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Palo Alto. It is a the meeting of the remnants of the last few remaining supporters of market economies not … Continue reading

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James Delingpole on fire

Australian ‘Climate’ Fires Are Pure Fake News Propaganda.

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Torture: Pell moved to maximum security prison for terrorists

At Fairfax. The move to Barwon (where Carl Williams was assassinated) is being blamed on a drone flyover.

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