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Picking fights

The ALP and their fellow travellers are picking a lot of fights. Retirees. Mortgage brokers. Taxpayers. Easter worshippers. Christians. That is from the Australian Political Debate page on Facebook. Really? Not smart. Not necessary. The faithful should be left alone … Continue reading

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“Do you see the impression it causes?”

That was a question posed by Virginia Trioli of @TheirABC this morning to Scott Morrison. This is in relation to a water buy-back that is causing some kerfuffle. The correct answer is: No. What impression, precisely, does it cause? Explain to … Continue reading

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Peter Ridd wins a victory for academic freedom against political correctness

Will this be a shot heard around the world? From Benny Peiser at the Global Warming Policy Forum picking up a feed from The Australian. A Federal Court judge has ruled that James Cook University acted unlawfully when it sacked … Continue reading

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Tactile nuclear weapons

Is this really funny? She is one of two Senators from New York and is running for President. This should truly frighten you, as much for the lack of attention this has received from the media as for her outright … Continue reading

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Some people said something

And from Omar’s colleague: Rashida Tlaib On Omar’s Disgusting 9/11 Remarks: She’s Just Speaking Truth. They provide a major public service in alerting those who are capable of being alerted to the kinds of ideas that are harboured among the … Continue reading

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Is this the greatest political scandal in American history?

Is a scandal still a scandal if it’s not reported in the press? If not, what is it? Seems pretty bad. Start with this from Ace of Spades. Thursday and the big story is the reaction to Attorney General William … Continue reading

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And here as well

Via Instapundit. MAY THE SAME THING HAPPEN HERE: There Is No Left Left In Israel. “The most far-reaching consequence of the 2019 Israeli election may well be that it verified, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is functionally no left left in … Continue reading

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Affirmative dissent

This is a comment on a post with a self-explanatory title, The Looming Danger for Dissident Professors. It’s essentially why sites like this are necessary just to remind ourselves that it isn’t us who are nuts. Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote … Continue reading

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Further evidence of The Rise of Anti-Christian Sentiment in the West

Received today from Professor Augusto Zimmermann in WA. Dear Friend, I would like to call your attention to a very serious matter. As you know, I am organising in Perth a major conference on religious freedom entitled ‘Religious Freedom at … Continue reading

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Government to be subsidising Porsches

Here I was thinking that I has bought my last car and wouldn’t be in the market for another car. But no. Bill Shorten is promising to subsidise Australians into luxury cars. “How long does it take to charge it … Continue reading

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