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Booth blowhard bothered by Bolt

Paws of fury: Singo’s house cat lashes out                                                                                       RAY Hadley has refused to give Andrew Bolt a live right of reply on 2GB after maliciously accusing the Herald Sun columnist and blogger of being a serial defender of paedophiles. Like … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull and our “friend and brother,” President Xi

Why is it that certain former Australian prime ministers can be counted on to spread the lies of China? Amir Husain is a Punjabi-born computer technician and artificial intelligence entrepreneur, a very successful one. Whether or not that makes him … Continue reading

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Why are we not doing the same, and cutting salaries as well?

Now they are starting to get serious. START CUTTING DOWN ALL NON-ESSENTIAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES/SERVICES. WE CAN NO LONGER AFFORD THEM, AFTER HITTING OUR ECONOMY WITH A HAMMER AND DANCING WITH LUNACY:  COVID-19: massive unemployment, except in government. This will never come … Continue reading

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A powerful state directing action must be avoided at all costs

It’s getting harder to read the papers but also not easy to break the habits of a lifetime. So what greets me on the front page of the Australian today: Tough measures working: PM. And how does he know they’re … Continue reading

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The medical, the statistical and the political

You know, as in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. On the medical, I don’t know anything at all. I don’t know how one gets the Corona Virus, prevents it or cures it. An expertise far from my own … Continue reading

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Even though mum and dad are at home with little else to do

Childcare centres to be free for parents during pandemic, Scott Morrison announces. The Federal Government will spend an estimated $1.6 billion to fund the radical — but temporary — overhaul of the struggling sector, which has been pleading for a … Continue reading

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The politics of the left has many ways to kill you

This is just one. They do not care about you or anyone else at all. All they are interested in is power for themselves. Personally I think it’s mostly politics but some people think it’s all politics. It’s getting harder … Continue reading

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For Queensland Labor, coronavirus a disappointment so far

Committee recommends Queensland legalise voluntary assisted dying. Chief promoter of the cause, David Muir – chairman of the far left-wing Clem Jones Trust (mentioned here in November) – wants pandemic restrictions lifted so that Parliament can be recalled to pass … Continue reading

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Utterly shameless

If you know someone who is not yet social distancing, you might want to show them this 👇#coronavirus — Annastacia Palaszczuk (@AnnastaciaMP) March 26, 2020 And they might want to show Premier Pandemic Poll this.

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Business chiefs work miracles for the cause, mocked by media

There are mystery sludge crossbreeds in Wuhan’s wet market nobler than these animals. Ace has the round-up.

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