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ABC beat-up

Yes, I know. Another beat up at the ABC. Red Symons is a 1970s rock star – he is also an ABC radio host on Melbourne radio. His style is irreverent but he always gets to make thoughtful points. There … Continue reading

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Who you calling old?

There was this interesting exchange on Q&A last Monday: DAVID LEYONHJELM I sit next to Greens in the Senate and hear that claptrap all time. It is absolute garbage. (APPLAUSE) JUDITH BRETT I must say, you old men! (LAUGHTER AND … Continue reading

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This is the one that belongs to us

There was a time, maybe during the 1980s, that I took global warming as a hypothesis worth thinking about, but somewhere around then I concluded there was nothing in it and since then anyone who has taken it seriously has … Continue reading

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Captive minds

Peter Smith discusses the posturing of the left, giving us a brief list of leftist idiocies, of which, he notes, there are far more to add: Ever more generous provisions of welfare, health and education are ‘rights’, the denial of … Continue reading

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Quadrant Couldn’t Have Timed Things Any Worse

This time last year, Quadrant lost the last of its government funding. Rather than giving them a handout, I advocated subscribing on the basis that it represented good value for money. I also put my money where my mouth was and … Continue reading

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Fake news trolling

What shall we say about this which is a comment from OK, but what have you done for me lately?? As well as having a cool Christian name, ‘Malcolm’ is right to slam Kates’ simplistic rants – such as ‘you … Continue reading

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Left bots get their news from comedians which is why they are so ignorant

Is Comey a bad guy – he stopped Hillary from becoming president – or is he a good guy – investigating Trump’s Russian connection? Expect not honesty, consistency or common sense from the left who get their lead from comedians. … Continue reading

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How Venezuela Came to Be

Now that Venezuela is completely ruined, Steve Kates rightly wonders why there has been no explanation as to how it all came about. I add that the complete lack of insight is most glaring in respect of socialist and communist cheer … Continue reading

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The ABC owes Peter Dutton an apology

The ABC has been running this story about a 5-year old and Peter Dutton’s version of events for some time. I haven’t paid too much attention because it looked to me to be one of those he-said she said stories. … Continue reading

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Know thine enemy

There is something so lacking in resolve among the supposed right side of the political spectrum that I am at a loss to understand how to get others to see what is right before their eyes. The left knows its … Continue reading

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