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Fake news and real totalitarians

How do such liars get away with it. Because they have no shame in lying right to your face and the established left – in the press, within political parties and throughout social media – are willing to fall instantaneously … Continue reading

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If only we were as smart as they are

The reality is that the left is more obtuse, less informed and cruelly indifferent to the social and political fates of those into whose hands entire nations fall. Vide Cuba and Venezuela for recent examples. What follows is typical snide … Continue reading

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Socialism is a cult

Socialism is a cult rather than a series of rational beliefs. With the evidence of failure available at every turn, to hang on to the beliefs a typical socialist must hold about the world under socialism requires a form of … Continue reading

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How is that slippery slope going?

Here is Vera da Costa e Silva speaking at the recent New Dehli COP7 Framework Convention on Tobacco Control conference. We are also watched by sugar and alcohol products manufacturers, who see the tobacco control movement as a precursor to … Continue reading

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Self-interest and the anti-free speech brigade

The usual suspects are circulating a list of signatories condemning Bill Leak’s “racist cartoon”. The full list is here. Ten we have the statement: We are journalists, writers, photographers, artists, publishers and others who work in the media and communications … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Marcus They Get How Much at the Human Rights Commission?!

By now, everyone is aware of Bill Leak’s infamous cartoon. TMR has elected to reproduce it here as a firmly extended central digit to the left – which loves taking offense for the sake of taking offense and which specialises in encouraging … Continue reading

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Is there nothing these people don’t corrupt?

In this case, we are talking about polling. The aim is to get people voting for Republicans not to bother since it’s all over. This is from Zero Hedge: New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through “Oversamples”. … Continue reading

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Ian D Suttie and the ‘taboo on tenderness’

The gender engineering movement under way in Victoria brings to mind the work of the Scottish psychiatrist Ian D Suttie. His ideas could have revolutionised psychoanalysis in a humanitarian and scientific way but he died with his one book just … Continue reading

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Hegemonic masculinity and other things Grade 1’s learn

VICTORIAN children will be taught that men and boys are conditioned by society to be “heterosexual”, “emotionless” and encouraged to exert dominance over women. Under the Respectful Relationships curriculum, seen by the Herald Sun, students will be taught about “identifying … Continue reading

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Vile lefty attack

So I went to Youtube looking for a clip of Ross Cameron on Paul Murray Live. As you do, I put “Paul Murray Live” into the search engine and then filtered for clips posted today. This is what I found … Continue reading

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