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Who is laughing now?

I am. Nick Xenophon was joking around just this week about being in violation of s44 – but not really peeps, just a joke. Yes. Well. South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has been told he is a UK citizen and … Continue reading

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On Brandis v Hanson

So Senator Hanson turned up in the Senate chamber dressed in a burqa.  To be clear, I don’t think she was making a point about the plight of women in Islam. Rather I suspect – along with George Brandis – … Continue reading

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The rules are for other people

President of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia, Robin Speed: While the High Court is considering this matter, no politician should be required to resign or stand down. Australia is governed by the rule of law not by the … Continue reading

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Wasn’t me

So the Canberra circus rolls on for another day – today Niki Savva is making excuses for Barnaby: It is not Joyce’s fault that New Zealand has a ridiculous law that not even New Zealanders understand, or that the Australian … Continue reading

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Okay – these foreigners are infesting our Parliament story is getting boring

DEPUTY Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has made the shocking announcement that he will refer his own eligibility to sit in Parliament to the High Court over dual citizenship. The Deputy Prime Minister made the announcement in Parliament this morning. The … Continue reading

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What is the end game here?

So the rebel Liberal-five have released their draft legislation: Religious ministers and civil celebrants will be protected from legal action if they refuse to marry same-sex couples under a proposal by a group of Liberal MPs. Senator Dean Smith, MPs … Continue reading

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Today you lose freedom of speech, tomorrow freedom of religion …

I wonder if Vic Alhadeff appreciates the irony, or even sees a connection? Here he is advocating against free speech: The proposed changes, if passed, will send a dangerous signal that hate speech is sanctioned as a form of freedom of … Continue reading

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Safe Schools Unit Guide Goes ‘Missing’

I was watching Andrew Bolt’s show on Sky tonight and he had a concerned mother on to discuss the Safe Schools agenda. Some of you may know her from this video:   If you’ve been reading TMR’s posts on the … Continue reading

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Scott… Meet Irony

To think this was barely two months ago!  

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Damn foreigners

Now the s44 scandal becomes even more interesting. Todate we’ve seen rather open and shut cases of s44 violations; foreign born politicians who remain dual citizens cannot sit in the Australian parliament.  This doesn’t strike me as being particularly unreasonable, … Continue reading

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