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Linemen For The Country

As Australians Google Depression recipes, two millionaires squabble                                         Only in a second-rate nation would two former leaders fight for history’s honours – over telephone wiring. Before Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison sabotaged the NBN after 2013, Oz was on track for 98% full-fibre to … Continue reading

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When will Audrey Zibelman and the AEMO come clean with the public?

We will not get out of the various holes that are falling into, debt, civil liberties, energy policy, without a move towards bipartisan politics. That will not happen until the general public have a half decent grasp on the real … Continue reading

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Centre-Right Recovery Highly Unlikely

Greg Sheridan should stick to foreign affairs. His latest political and economic musings in The Australian yesterday include: “The government’s massive fiscal intervention in the Australian economy, entirely justified by the gravity of the COVID-19 crisis, will change centre-right politics … Continue reading

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Gallop: The public knows the media is lying 24 hours a day

In Poll Where Trump Triumphs on COVID-19 Response, the Media Come In Dead Last. It will be recalled that Australia’s own op-ed pseudo-alphas excoriated Donald Trump from the start. When he played down the accuracy of the CFRs doing the … Continue reading

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Yeah. Nah.

There is a new political reality of shifting uncertainty from day to day which requires a recognition from all our leaders of the dangers of the conflict of the old politics and power structures. Point-scoring has no upside for anyone … Continue reading

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Gratitude and The Triumvirate That Wasn’t

WOULD this crisis be – or look – any different in the telling and reporting if Hillary Clinton, Bill Shorten and Jeremy Corbyn were the trio in charge of the Angloshere right now? My guess is yes, it would. For … Continue reading

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PRC Spokesman Missing In Action

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Who Tars Wins

IN the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, Nick McKenzie and Chris Masters thundered, “No Australian could now credibly deny that a small number of our special forces soldiers committed executions of Afghans, such was the power of a video obtained by … Continue reading

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Is bug response overblown hysteria? Sefton for the ayes

The best American news round-up man in the business, Ace of Spades editorialist J.J.Sefton: The Chinese Coronavirus, Oriental Plague, Yellow Fever International Silver String Submarine Band is now spanning the globe to bring you a constant variety of panic. The … Continue reading

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Rudd idea could have taken out the world’s G20 leaders

Two weeks ago, Kevin Rudd scolded Prime Minister Scott Morrison for not organising a huge corona-summit:   Yesterday he scolded Prime Minister Morrison for not withdrawing himself and his cabinet from the world:   To the relief of everyone – … Continue reading

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