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Six months is going to be a long time in politics

The Morrison government has lost another seat in federal parliament, with Julia Banks announcing she will immediately move to the crossbench as an independent. Ms Banks, the member for Chisholm, announced she will sit as an independent for the rest … Continue reading

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Presidents and Parliaments

I don’t wish to dwell on this in particular, but let me start here: Trump slammed outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., tweeting that Ryan “should be focusing on holding the Majority” instead of weighing in on the president’s push … Continue reading

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I think Paul Collits is cross

A fantastic diatribe on Tony Abbott and the Liberals by Paul Collits over at Quadrant Online. Paul is riffing off the op-ed Abbott has in the Australian this morning. Yes, there are all sorts in the Liberal Party: old wets, … Continue reading

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Memo to the Liberals

I have had a number of conversations with people over the last few days about the next election. They all have told me that they have had a gutful of the government and their shenanigans and while they don’t like … Continue reading

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Identity politics and apartheid

I have long thought that identity politics and apartheid is the same thing – just that identity politics seems to be more respectable.  Racist right wingers are appalling while racist left wingers are promoting human rights.  It’s all so easy … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson and Brett Kavanaugh

One of the major major flaws on the right is the reluctance to the point of refusal to back its side in a fight. Donald Trump is almost unique in his willingness to contest on every patch of disputed territory. … Continue reading

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“Bullying” is the very essence of the political process

From A Snowflake’s Guide to Politics. See if you can see a pattern. Here is the first definition of “arm twisting” that comes up on Google. It’s from The Cambridge Dictionary: arm-twisting noun [ U ] UK ​ /ˈɑːmˌtwɪs.tɪŋ/ US ​ /ˈɑːrmˌtwɪs.tɪŋ/​ behaviour in which you try to make someone do something by threats or … Continue reading

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My agenda for our new government

This is the agenda for the new government. 1) Balanced Budgets, Easing of Business Regulations and a Sharp Reduction in Public Spending Modern macro, that teaches that spending, of itself, is the basis for economic growth, higher employment and rising … Continue reading

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New PM: Scott Morrison

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Turnbull will not stand if party room votes for a spill

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