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Coordination at last: fire bosses burn off political hazard

Queensland fire chief rejects criticism on shortfall in hazard reduction burns. Victorian fire chief says calls for more fuel reduction burns are an ’emotional load of rubbish’. RFS Commissioner says hazard-reduction burns made his organisation ‘public enemy number one’.

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If these ferals weren’t forgotten before, they should be now

‘Go back to Kirribilli’: Morrison heckled by angry residents in Cobargo. Some local residents were unhappy to see the PM on his visit. “So many people here have lost their homes,” one woman said to Mr Morrison on Thursday as … Continue reading

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Have the nation’s transport ministers cut short their holidays?

The Christmas holiday road toll (so far): 22. Fires death toll (so far): 17. No? Why not? Meanwhile, tits & ass paper of record, The Daily Mail ‘reports’: ‘More tasteless than the fireworks themselves’: Scott Morrison is slammed for hosting … Continue reading

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Journalists want Morrison girls punished for bush-fires

CHRISTINE Nixon has rolled back onto centre stage today to testify at the Lawyer X Royal Commission. Of more interest than anything she is likely to say there is the hot new talking point – tangential to her imposing personage … Continue reading

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On rentier capitalism

Alan Kohler has a confused column in the Australian today. The British Conservative Party has managed to become the party of the working classes, as well as disaffected middle classes, while hanging on to a large part of its rich … Continue reading

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UK Election Open Thread

I’ve taken all of this, including the title, from our Canadian sister-blog Small Dead Animals. Welcome to the 2019 general election, a pre-Christmas present few British voters seem anxious to unwrap. Current seat distribution: General election 2019: A really simple guide. … Continue reading

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“Enough, enough, let’s get this done”

It’s a real ad.

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Wild mauling for Hayne

Daniel Wild tears Kenneth Hayne a new one this morning: Far from being a disinterested arbiter of banking regulation, Kenneth Hayne’s comments about climate change have proven he is just another left-wing representative of the Canberra swamp and the wrong person … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a winner, baby

Turner Prize judges unanimously vote to give art award to all 2019 finalists.

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Their holy mission is to use the coercive power of the State

This has set the left ablaze: Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers the 19th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention. It is almost impossible to have imagined more destructive despicable people than … Continue reading

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