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If it’s political leadership you want I have just the man for you

As soon as I saw the title – The West is in strife — and looking for leaders – I went looking for what I knew would be there: Since Trump’s elevation to the most powerful position in the world, … Continue reading

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Will the Victorian judiciary apologise?

Remember earlier in the year? Three Turnbull government ministers yesterday withdrew their most contentious criticisms of the Victorian judiciary’s handling of terrorism sentences but refused to apologise to the Court of Appeal, leaving open the threat of contempt charges. Ministers … Continue reading

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Swamp increasingly isolated by Trump

The actual headline at Drudge is WASH POST LEAD TUES: TRUMP INCREASINGLY ISOLATED IN SWAMP…. A very large part of the Republican Congressional party has about the same level of competence as Malcolm Turnbull and are about equally useless. That … Continue reading

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Xenophon goes down

Perhaps this particular dual-citizen read the writing on the wall but Nick Xenophon has announced he is resigning from the Senate (perhaps before the High Court can rule that he was never elected). I think Simon Birmingham has best summed up … Continue reading

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Breaking News: SSM Plebiscite is On

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PVO thinks the Liberals are too left-wing

It’s not often that PVO and I agree on economic issues: But then this week we read all about planned government intervention when it came to the remuneration of bank executives — keeping in mind that, unlike some nations where … Continue reading

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Let’s check those dates

First –  a rule that applies to the application of s44: The majority in Sykes disagreed.  They said that ‘incapable of being chosen’ takes the relevant time back to when you nominate. So when candidate x nominates they cannot be a dual … Continue reading

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Who is laughing now?

I am. Nick Xenophon was joking around just this week about being in violation of s44 – but not really peeps, just a joke. Yes. Well. South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has been told he is a UK citizen and … Continue reading

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On Brandis v Hanson

So Senator Hanson turned up in the Senate chamber dressed in a burqa.  To be clear, I don’t think she was making a point about the plight of women in Islam. Rather I suspect – along with George Brandis – … Continue reading

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The rules are for other people

President of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia, Robin Speed: While the High Court is considering this matter, no politician should be required to resign or stand down. Australia is governed by the rule of law not by the … Continue reading

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