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David Kemp and Australian liberalism book launch

This evening the Menzies Centre hosted the launch of the first of five volumes of Australian history by David Kemp. This is The Land of Dreams: How Australians Won Their Freedom 1788-1860. Four more volumes are supposed to be practically … Continue reading

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Another wind turbine in flames

“Trouble at mill!” specifically Windy Hill near Ravenshoe. h/t Peter Campion.

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Help wanted on power prices

JC has asked if I can do a comparison of Australian power prices with other nations. I can’t answer the question because I think it is too hard. There is so much variation at all levels of distribution, given the … Continue reading

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More on the silly and destructive ban on vaping

Dan our Man in DC on the harmful campaign against vaping and e-cigarettes. As a fiscal policy wonk, I’ve come across depressing examples of counterproductive tax provisions (health benefits exclusion, ethanol credits) and spending programs (the entire HUD budget, OECD … Continue reading

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A film for us! Lets hear it for Kelsey Grammar

The rise of the Tea Party and the way it prepared the way for the Trump revolution. A talk with the Director/Producer about the empowerment of the angry voter.

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Coal shares rise on the back of divestment

Jo Nova signals that coal shares are on the rise despite the efforts of greens to block investment in coal mines. Despite? More likely because of! Something to do with supply and demand I suppose. Ask the Professor. Meanwhile hundreds … Continue reading

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The similarity of the leadership of science and business

Comments on the previous thread underline the deficit of leadership in the business community that has a parallel in science. Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Australia, is upset by power prices but in the same … Continue reading

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Jo Nova on the impending power price tsunami.

Tsunamis can start small, a barely perceptible ripple offshore, then they break on land and all hell breaks out. One of the ripples of the power price tsunami came a few months ago when a small recycling firm in Adelaide … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson 10: Climate change alarmism 0

Possibly the best 6 minute demolition of the bogey of climate change. At the Cambridge Union.

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Load shedding in NZ. The AUFLS system (not joking)

Thanks to NTOldie, an explanation of the aptly named AUFLS load shedding system to protect the grid in the north island of New Zealand. Somewhere there must be an explanation of the way the system works here. Buried somewhere in … Continue reading

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