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Roundup Feb 24

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. A really nuanced inside story on the situation in multicultural Sweden, h/t notofan from the Wed forum. Dan Mitchell. Will Trump drain the swamp? Italy going down. Agility in Action. At the cutting edge of innovation, … Continue reading

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Roundup Feb 17

Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog. Dan the man. What have George Schultz and James Baker been smoking to suggest there are so many atmospheric problems that we need to take out an insurance policy in the form of a carbon tax? … Continue reading

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Philip Kitcher, philosopher of science and pitcher for climate alarmism

As the rolling blackouts in South Australia provide a warning the Green renewables future, with the same prospect impending in Victoria, another factor has come to mind in the witches brew of influences which caused the failure of climate science. … Continue reading

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Going south?

Dan Mitchell commented that Canada is taking some turns for the worst lately, prompting the thought that they are “going south” to match some of the absurdities of the Obama regime. Which promoted another thought – what is this about … Continue reading

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British childcare is expensive! Who would have thought?

Yesterday I got a mail from Malcolm boosting his childcare package. Wanting to he helpful but also in a hurry I quickly replied “Save the money and deregulate the system. The regulations are far over the top”. I go a … Continue reading

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Good news and bad news in child protection

Following up previous accounts of the shortcomings of Australian child protection dealing with the systemic problems here and here and the particular situation in South Australia which was revealed in an inquiry last year. Readers may recall that the central … Continue reading

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Roundup Feb 10

Hendo’s Media Watchdog. Dan Mitchell. On the rather small amount of good quality satire on The Donald. Not convinced by Putin’s flat tax. Learning from Greece, don’t balance the books by increasing taxes. Everything you need to know about France. … Continue reading

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Ivan Kennedy on the dual role for C02, warming and cooling

You read it on the Cat. My friend Ivan Kennedy, a Sydney-based Agricultural scientist with special interests in physics has applied some basic principles to explore the drivers of global warming and cooling. The model suggests two contrasting roles for … Continue reading

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As the streets flood in Sydney and its 44 at Cunnamulla

Dorothea McKellar said it a century before extreme weather was invented:)

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David Leyonhjelm Guest Post on Assisted suicide in 2017

If you think it’s time the ban on assisted suicide was lifted in your state, you can lobby your local politician and ask them to do something about it. Indeed, you can do the same if you are opposed to … Continue reading

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