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The plan to deindustrialise the nation appears to be working

Jo  Nova reports on some more alarming developments in The People’s Republic of Victoria. Manufacturers are drawing up contingency plans to shift operations out of Victoria this summer as fears of blackouts and sky-high electricity prices for the March quarter … Continue reading

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You couldn’t make it up!

Clear a fire break and go to gaol. Here in Western Australia farmer Szulc cleared a 20 wide break through scrubby regrowth on his own land, and they sent him to jail for 15 months. No heritage trees were destroyed, no … Continue reading

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Roundup 15 Nov

Lest we forget. Ten years on, Tony Thomas recalls Climategate at the University of East Anglia. Based on dud modelled forecasts, the West is now spending $US1.5 trillion a year in quest of zero CO2 emissions. Today, anyone questioning this … Continue reading

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Learn from history or repeat it

Jo Nova reports on the fires of 1946. In 1946 fires burned in an “almost unbroken chain from Brisbane to Townsville”. They lit up the sky at night, pushed plumes of smoke 3,000 ft in the sky, that looked like … Continue reading

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From Prague to Vienna

Lolita the Opera was running in Prague but time did not permit because the caravan has to move on from the most beautiful city in Central Europe to Vienna, the city of rich deserts and coffee houses. We are here … Continue reading

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Lest we forget. Venezuela and the useful idiots of the progressive left

This was in the beginning. What are they saying now? BONUS. The joy of adapting to climate change.

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Dan in DC and Tony in Melbourne. Etc.

Dan our man in DC reports some good news for libertarians on the Word Trade Organization. Earlier this year, I shared a short video about the benefits of the World Trade Organization. 4 mins. I wanted to keep the video … Continue reading

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Roundup 7 November

Australian Monarchists League celebrates 20 Years since the defeat of the 1999 Republic Referendum with a buffet dinner on a Tall Ship. Thursday 14 November. Australian Institute for Progress. Fridays on Logan Road: The Future of Hong Kong with Dan … Continue reading

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Patrick Byrne on Blockchain

An alarmingly long interview that is engrossing from the go get, busy cats can go straight to 25 minutes for the blockchain story and how it addresses the great problem of liberal politics – the corruption of institutions when they … Continue reading

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From the swamp. Trump comes through on the withdrawal from Paris

Looking back to the time when many thought he would not be able to do it. A more positive recent commentary. The CNN video ridicules Trump for saying that global warming is “an expensive hoax.” We should respond by outlining … Continue reading

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