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A slightly skeptical take on the Whitlam legacy

Barry Williams, the sometime Grand Vizier of the Australian Skeptics, produced an idea about the legacy of Gough Whitlam which he gave me permission to share. It is very much about the transition from the generation of ALP politicians who … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 23 October

UPDATED The voyage of life. Weather Channel man speaks. No significant warming at this time. Books. Classics, fun book covers, New books at Connor Court. A tribute to a great libertarian, Leonard Liggio. Corporate welfare in New Zealand. A new … Continue reading

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Poetry in the Pub: get with it you Sydney Cats!

8 pm WEDNESDAY 22 OCT IN THE WILLOUGHBY HOTEL 315 PENSHURST ROAD, CORNER MACMAHON Upstairs in the Henry Lawson Room Alastair Spate will be reading “My Love and I” and other poems Support the tradition of poetry reading, keep alive … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: guest post on the NBN debacle

From The Fin Review last Friday. By mid-2015 the NBN will have cost taxpayers more than $12 billion, while only 12 percent of premises will be connected. It will burn $100 million a week this financial year and by mid-2015 … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 17 October

Update for Blues lovers, a piece about B. B. King at Harvard in 1980 by my friend and host in Boston, Charlie Sawyer. Books. Stunning covers. The Subterranium Press. Detective stories. Alice Munro’s short stories. Around the town. IPA HEY. … Continue reading

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A bit of philosophical fun

for a change of pace. h/t Bill Clarke.

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The New Leviathan: Collusion of trade unions and big business

Ken Phillips at The Independent Contractors and also Grace Collier have been looking at the way trade unions have gone into partnership with big firms for mutual benefit, regardless of the interests of the workers and especially at the expense … Continue reading

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Popperism in 61 seconds

Richard Feynman does it on the blackboard. Popper’s The Logic of Scientific Discovery in 20 pages.

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Stone the crows! Challenging the sacred cow of medical research

Stephen Matchett has put on the armour of Don Quixote and taken a tilt at the sacred cow/windmill of state-funded medical research. Not, you understand, that this is picking potential winners, as the Medical Research Future Fund Action Group explains, … Continue reading

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Counting the cost of alternative energy sources

A nice piece by Don Aitkin looking at the full cost of renewable energy. There’s not as much hype as there once was about electric cars, but I recall my surprise on learning that you would have to run one … Continue reading

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