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RIP Barry Williams, skeptic and all round good bloke

Barry Williams died this morning. We were friends for many decades and I am not sure of his age which was probably approaching 80. He was never a prominent mover and shaker although for some years through the ’80s to … Continue reading

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Jo Nova on the power situation in SA and Victoria

Not a pretty sight. SA is the mendicant state today, as you would expect. Liberty Quote Very few people, even among environmentalists, have truly faced up to what the science is telling us. This is because the implications of 3C, … Continue reading

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More bad news on Italy. And good news as well!

Dan Mitchell reports on the sorry state of affairs. Italy is not much better than Greece. But wait! There’s a chance, however, that all this bad news may pave the way for good news. There are elections in early March … Continue reading

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Libertarian laughter and something for the WTF? file.

Some humour from Dan Mitchell, roving libertarian reporter. Reagan played the press for suckers using jokes. Interesting to compare and contrast with Trumpie. Goddam birds! More laughs provided by Jon Nova from some of the usual suspects. Stephen Hawking “send … Continue reading

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The four horsemen of the current apocalypse

Wolfgang Kasper at the Mannkal-IPA conference on Western Civilization. Two wear red and two wear green: the revival of Marxism, the Welfare State, Environmental Fundamentalism and Islam. The horsemen used to be Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. For nerds. A … Continue reading

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Straight talk on Palestine in the UN Human Rights Council

That’s telling them.

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Dan Mitchell on the descent into Hell in Venezuela

“Cheer up” they said, “Things could be worse”. So we cheered up. And sure enough, things did get worse. Can someone please post the list of lefties who wanted Chavez to come over here and brief us on economic reform. … Continue reading

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Amazing. Migrants boost crime rates in Germany

Who would have expected it?

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The free market road not taken in South Africa

Some thoughts prompted by a Facebook exchange on the life and work of William Harold Hutt who was a fine economist and a historian of apartheid. He described how this was started by the restrictive employment practices of the trade … Continue reading

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Jonathan Haidt predicts the campus climate will change next year

Bold thoughts. Lets hope!

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