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Roundup 3 Dec

Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog. IPA Hey, what did I miss? This weeks timewaster, Google earth view on how your place changed since 1985. Dan Mitchell’s trepidation about Trump, will he really drain the swamp?. Weather. Judy Curry’s week. A nice … Continue reading

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Dan Mitchell finds an OECD report that he likes

Dan Mitchell, our man in DC, has used up a lot of electrons rubbishing the OECD but this week he found a paper which says some things in favour of not so big government. This post is packed with information … Continue reading

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Speaking truth to progressive racism

Has there been a more divisive president than Barack Obama? President Obama welcomed Black Lives Matter activists several times to the White House. He racialized the entire criminal-justice system, repeatedly accusing it of discriminating, often lethally, against blacks. At the … Continue reading

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Dan Mitchell on the prospect of smaller government

Prompted by the victory of Donald Trump, people are starting to wonder whether his mix of policies can make a difference to the US debt, to regulation and to big government. Dan Mitchell contemplated Wagner’s Law which points to a … Continue reading

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Dan Mitchell on economic progress under Castro

In addition to the murder and unfreedom, check out the economic record. In a column back in 2014, I noted that living standards in Cuba and Hong Kong were identical in the 1950s. But the two nations then conducted an … Continue reading

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Roundup 26 November

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. David Leyonjhelm speaking on free speech in the Senate yesterday. Dan Mitchell on the war on drugs, specifically laws on money laundering, and the cost of laws and regulations which don’t achieve their purpose. Dan’s Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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US liberals rethinking

Rethinking identity liberalism h/t John Roskam. Mark Lilla, a true blue liberal, has attracted some critical attention from his buddies by suggesting that they lost the plot with identify liberalism and they need to do something different. But how should … Continue reading

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How Clinton lost it in the flyover country of the rust bucket states

h/t OldOzzie How a train ticket could have saved the Clinton campaign. The 2016 election came down to the plight of Rust Belt voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Hillary Clinton ignored her husband’s advice and thus neglected the Rust … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving message from Dan, our man in DC

Some thoughts about the way socialism destroys the motivation of both producers and non-producers. “Simply stated, redistribution from Peter to Paul undermines the incentive of either to produce. And the greater the level of plunder, as we see from extreme … Continue reading

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Jo Nova on the implication of Trump’s plans for NASA

Jo Nova explains how NASA was recruited into the warming PR machine and what can happen when sanity and professionalism return to the organization. BTW I totally endorse Sinc’s views on the waste of money in space. Divert the funds … Continue reading

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