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Rafe’s Roundup 31 August

Not much good news around at present. Tasmania made it to the international news in Britain with the Big Sheep. Some light relief: crashing wind turbines and a problem with demolition. The history of Europe in maps, note especially the … Continue reading

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Pedro Schwartz at the University of Buckingham

Off to Buckingham today to hear Pedro Schwartz talk about “Coase on China: Property rights and transaction costs revisited”. Schwartz is a Spanish economist and libertarian, connected with the Cato Institute and the Mont Pelerin Society. He writes an essay … Continue reading

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Lauren Bacall 1924-2014


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Another booknote from Michael James: On the rise of the nazis

Introduction On reading Andrew Bolt’s piece on why Germany had to lose the First World War I pressed Michael to provide a booknote on a book that he told me about on the canal between Ellesmere and Chirk. The book … Continue reading

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Ongoing research for Catallaxy

The sacrifices that I make to serve the readership of the Cat! Friday 25, we docked at Wrenbury after a week on the water and unloaded our gear from the narrowboat into the car for the trip back to base, … Continue reading

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Productivity, productivity, productivity

Stop celebrating over the Carbon Tax and get back to the main game. The mantra in real estate is location, location, location. In economic policy, try “productivity”. This is a warning shot from Robert Gottleibsen. Of course Grace Collier has … Continue reading

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Guest post from David Leyonhjelm: Marriage is a private matter

From The Fin Review. Most Australians are horrified when they read stories detailing how, in some countries, parents arrange their children’s marriages and then get mighty stroppy when the kids won’t play along. The explanation for this is simple: one … Continue reading

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Rafe’s roundup 4 July

World news. This is one of my favorite blogs. This is another good one as well. Climate news. Warming pause approaches 18 years. The cost of renewables. Ageing celebrities. Remember Ralph Nader? Nice picture of a big tree. Books. First … Continue reading

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Guest post: David Leyonhjelm. A new era in the Senate

From The Fin Review The first of July 2014 will be my first day as a Senator, representing NSW and the Liberal Democratic Party. I hope history will say it was the day we got to work putting Godzilla back … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 25 June

News. 40 years after the revival of Austrian economics – see the special post. Employment. Past peak climate science employment. Human rights. The destruction of human rights by the Human Rights movement. Books. Black comedy. One of the inspirations for … Continue reading

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