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Utopian aspirations from Plato to Marx, Mao and Pol Pot

Chapter 9 of The Open Society and Its Enemies Perfectionism and Utopianism. Don’t miss the bonus link at the end! Everything has got to be smashed to start with. Our whole damned civilization has got to go, before we can … Continue reading

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Marx and the coming of the socialist utopia

Chapter 18: of The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper (1945) The Coming of Socialism In this chapter and the two that follow, Popper tested the coherence of the chain of predictions that Marx made for the coming … Continue reading

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Symbols of Soviet rule in Budapest

Memento Park displays the statutes which were put up during the communist rule in Hungary and taken down when the nation was liberated. The previous link has a catalogue of the works, this link has more informative pictures and details … Continue reading

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Costing climate change. Show us your workings!

Revisited an old post on Lomborg’s economic analysis of the cost of warming.There seems to be a consensus around 3% of GDP. Is that happening at present, or is it a projection 80 to 100 years out with the assumption … Continue reading

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Another look at the precautionary principle and climate change

The precautionary principle is supposed to promote playing safe in the face of impending hazards, erring on the side of caution rather than recklessly letting things proceed on their own accord. So we test drugs, cars, fountain pens and at … Continue reading

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Going off the grid.

Interesting line of argument from Jo Nova. Chinese Bitcoin miners are reopening the Hunter Valley coal power station called Redbank in NSW. They have a deal that gets around our gargantuan, mismanaged grid by buying coal power direct for 8c/kWh, … Continue reading

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The Anti-capitalist Mentality and Green Tyranny

Liberty Quote Environmental policy is not driven by tree-hugging activists, earnest liberal bloggers, or ecologically minded citizens. Instead, it flows from the lobbyists and executives of well-connected multinational corporations and built-for-subsidy startups that see profit in the loan guarantees, handouts, … Continue reading

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Thousands worse off under NDIS. Who is surprised?

From The Australian. How surprising. A gigantic Federal bureaucracy set up to provide a comprehensive range of services to a highly mixed population of people with diverse needs and a high degree of vulnerability. What could go wrong? Not funded … Continue reading

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The cost of government around the world

Dan Mitchell’s international comparison of tax burdens. Belgium tops the table, not surprising they are the headquarters for the EU. Look at the second chart to see how the needle moves when the family is considered rather than single taxpayers. … Continue reading

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Jobs in the USA

A nuanced examination by our Dan in DC. As usual nothing is as simple as you would like it to be. Commenting on a talk about rethinking the unemployment rate: As far as I’m concerned, the key factoid is near … Continue reading

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