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On the road in the Middle Kingdom

In China there is access to The Australian and Catallaxy but not Andrew Bolt, Google or Facebook. Baidu is the local search engine and WeChat is for communication of all kinds. I am here with my Chinese friend Amy to … Continue reading

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Sinc Libertarian of the Year

Reading John Roskam’s letter to the troops last Saturday I find that Sinc was voted libertarian of the year at the Friedman Conference the weekend before. I don’t recall seeing this announced on the Cat last week. Belated congratulations!! Be … Continue reading

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Hayek in Australia

A reminder of times past. Dusting off this paper for a talk to the History of Economic Thought conference in September. The paper mentions the abuse that economic rationalists copped from both sides of the House in this days. Some … Continue reading

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Marching for science?

Hurry to reserve a good place! Please contact us ([email protected]) if you would like to reserve a place at the front for clear viewing. Send in the clowns! A nice commentary by Roger Franklin. Raining on the parade, a gory … Continue reading

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Odds and ends April 20

Back from Tasmania and packing for China. Tell Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor of “Australia’s leading university” what you think about student union blocking The Red Pill from screening on campus. mailto [email protected] He may claim this is out of … Continue reading

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Dan Mitchell on how to make nations rich

A present from Dan Mitchell, our man in Washington DC. This mini-documentary from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation outlines the public policy framework that is necessary for a poor nation to become a rich nation and includes several … Continue reading

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For Steve

I will confine myself to a few words on one crucial point which seems to be to be absolutely clear…namely the pollution of the mind by the mass media. Every human society which has endured long enough to leave records … Continue reading

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Karl Popper on Hayek and the European Union

I think we should learn from our mistakes [the EU] and start again, very simply with sovereign democratic states bound by treaties of close cooperation and mutual assistance, and a programme for the defence of peace. Attentive Cats will have … Continue reading

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Roundup March 27

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. Mark Steyn’s week. US Accuracy in Academia. Spiked on line. Liberty Quote. Western civilisation has been transformed from the love child of Christianity and the Enlightenment into a malformed neo-Marxist culture where minority groups manufactured for … Continue reading

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Roundup March 17

The Media Watchdog. Renewed late on Friday afternoon. The Australian Spectator. The British Spectator. Liberty quote. When the far Left was a global force, the mainstream liberal Left had to draw dividing lines and defend itself from its attacks. Now … Continue reading

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