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Rafe’s Roundup July 7

A bonus edition, there is so much material to report. This comes without the repetitive “around the town section”. I hope that section is working as a portal to provide quick access to the think tanks and some other good … Continue reading

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Do we really want racism enshrined in the Constitution? Discuss

I suggest we do not. As Greg Melleuish explains, our constitution is about workability, not identity. When Australia’s Founding Fathers came together in the 1890s to draw up a constitution to enable the colonies to federate, what did they think … Continue reading

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The rise of the unsustainable welfare state

Some people were always aware of the need to be alert to the “undeserving poor” who rort the system. Here are some blasts from the past. A sample from Benjamin Franklin: I am for doing good to the poor, but … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: Why I won’t be voting for an increase in childcare funding

From The Fin Review Every time I make comments critical of childcare subsidies, the internet explodes with abuse about the evil, childless, cat-owning libertarian who doesn’t understand that bearing children requires lashings of other people’s money. The internet outrage always … Continue reading

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Quadrant July/August

Check out Quadrant on line and the current July August edition. Archives on line for subscribers, back to 1956/7.

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On line Austrian economics

Introducing the Virtual Mises University Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous sponsor, the full cost for VMU is a mere $20. A pittance of 50 cents a lecture to attend Mises University where learning is refreshingly free of mainstream … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup July 2

Rafe is a veteran blogger and almost an icon of the blogosphere. At the very least he’s an amiable eccentric who doesn’t do any harm. Ken Parish of Club Troppo. Greece. A magnificent statement from Oliver Hartwich, h/t IPA Hey! … Continue reading

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CIS Policy quarterly on line

Get up to date with a click here and here. Welcome to our new electronic edition of POLICY magazine. This is a mirror of the printed version, which you can read on your computer, smart phone or tablet. One of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm takes on the nanny state

Good luck with this David! Libertarian senator David Leyonhjelm has launched a broad-ranging parliamentary inquiry into the burgeoning “nanny state”, declaring war on laws and regulations that prevent Australians having fun at their own risk. The Senate inquiry, which was … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday IEA

The Institute of Economic Affairs celebrates 60 years. The IEA was incorporated in 1955, but its activities came to motion in 1957, when its founder–Anthony Fisher, a chicken farmer who was to be an inexhaustible promoter of free market think … Continue reading

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