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Scientific American Sokalized

To Sokalize is to plant a piece of gibberish in a supposedly serious academic paper to demonstrate the credibility or lack of credibility of the editors. The original Sokal hoax. This one caught the once-respected journal of popular science reporting. … Continue reading

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The US public perception of the climate debate

August 21, 2017: Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Americans think that climate scientists understand the causes of global climate change “very well.” A Pew Research study found that only 19% believe that the climate scientists have a very good understanding of … Continue reading

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Let the purge of begin

Applying the limits to tolerance or stamping out free speech? And does it matter? its his site. The blacklisting of alt-right sites on the Internet has begun in earnest. Add CloudFlare to the growing list of companies refusing to do … Continue reading

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The John Templeton Foundation

Free enterprise people and conservatives might like to be reminded of the John Templeton Foundation grants. The late John Templeton was a religious man and a huge supporter of free enterprise. He made a fortune and that money is being … Continue reading

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David Horowitz on Charlottesville

Key points. 1. One of the parties had a permit to be in the park where the violence occurred, the others did not. 2. The left have been doing violence in the streets for years but it suddenly becomes an … Continue reading

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The radical right in 1987

A blast from the past, discovered in my archives, something that I probably wrote for CIS Policy a few years ago. A review of The Radical Right: A World Directory. A Keesing’s Reference Publication, Longman, 1987. 500 pp. This compilation … Continue reading

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Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform

Martin Ferguson and Jennifer Hewett at the Sydney Institute. The podcast. See Bill Hutt in Revivalist 4 for some historical background on the role of trade unions in relation to wage fixing, law and order and productivity.

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Liberty Quote

It is an open question whether the relatively free society, which can support autonomous sciences and is supported by it, which grew out of the ‘European Miracle’ and which constitutes a unique and fragile exception in human history, will be … Continue reading

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Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform

Off to the Sydney Institute in their new premises, high in the air in the Governor Phillip Tower in the city to hear Martin Ferguson launch a new round of reform in industrial relations. Perhaps. Tomorrow his talk will be … Continue reading

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Interesting US development. Dem governor jumps ship!

Governor of West Virginia changes sides. The story from Ballotpedia. Switch makes 26th Republican trifecta and 34th Republican governorship Citing concerns with the direction of the party, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia announced that he would switch his party … Continue reading

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