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Baedeker bombing

It seems the cultural vandals of the left have picked up where Hitler left off with his attack on Western civilization. When the tide of war turned he launched his bombers at the great cities of England with their heritage … Continue reading

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Hayek on The False Promise of Socialism and The Road to Serfdom

This is Chapter 6 of Boettke on Hayek. From the academic critique of central planning Hayek moved to more direct political engagement with the socialists in The Road to Serfdom (1944). Some of this was written in Cambridge where Keynes … Continue reading

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Serious issues with global temperature data

Who would have thought? John McLean audited the HadCrut4 global data from 1850 onwards for his PhD thesis, and then continued it on afterwards till it was complete: “I was aghast to find that nothing was done to remove absurd … Continue reading

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University problems, more than just too many students

Important message from Grace Collier in the paper yesterday, reprinted by Old Ozzie in comments on the open thread in case you can’t access the original. The Business Council is concerned but their concern with bad course selection, time for … Continue reading

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Boettke on Hayek and Market Socialism

Recapitulating the story of Boettke on Hayek so far. The purpose of the book is to show how Hayek rose to some of the great challenges to good economics and classical liberalism. The main theme of the story is the … Continue reading

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Lets unite on affordable and reliable power

We are told that “Electricity Bill” Shorten has written to Scott Morrison calling for a bipartisan approach to immigration and cognate matters. The headline in The Weekend Australian reads Lets unite on migrants. What if we had PM who was … Continue reading

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Picking up a vote or two

Two facts. Nothing that Australia does about emissions will make a scrap of difference to the weather, even if CO2 was a significant driver of the beneficial warming we have enjoyed over the last two centuries. Second, injecting unreliable energy … Continue reading

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More warming worries

What does the IPCC have to say about the warming effect of windmills? The Harvard researchers found that the warming effect of wind turbines in the continental U.S. was actually larger than the effect of reduced emissions for the first … Continue reading

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Rite-On! New conservative kid on the block

Rite-On! put on a stirring show on the final evening of Libertyfest in Brisbane last week. Rite-On! Is committed to fighting for common sense Australian values so our children can grow up in a free and democratic society. Check them … Continue reading

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The Sokal hoax repeated

For the “You couldn’t make it up” file. Deliberately faked papers accepted by progressive academic journals. Commentary in the US. Commentary on the original Sokal hoax.

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