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Roundup 15 Nov

Lest we forget. Ten years on, Tony Thomas recalls Climategate at the University of East Anglia. Based on dud modelled forecasts, the West is now spending $US1.5 trillion a year in quest of zero CO2 emissions. Today, anyone questioning this … Continue reading

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Roundup 7 November

Australian Monarchists League celebrates 20 Years since the defeat of the 1999 Republic Referendum with a buffet dinner on a Tall Ship. Thursday 14 November. Australian Institute for Progress. Fridays on Logan Road: The Future of Hong Kong with Dan … Continue reading

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Roundup 27 Oct from the swamp in Washington DC

The admirable beaver h/t the Doomlord. More on their ingenious land management and engineering. Chile explodes in a popular revolt against energy costs. Jo Nova on the continuing vandalism of the weather records by the BOM. Coal is booming in … Continue reading

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Roundup 22 Oct from Prescott Valley Arizona

Arizona Sunset Several important posts from Jo Nova recently. See them all! UPDATE. Don Aitkin on deplatforming. Microbes love plastic! Stop worrying about drinking straws and all the other microbe food in the rivers and oceans! Microbes are eating the … Continue reading

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Roundup 12 October. From Seattle Airport

How dare you! Lisa Simpson said it in 2007. It was funny then, now it is just sad. Just in time. Escape from freezing in Vancouver. The coldest day in 123 years. Creativity and Innovation Project. Run by Ieva Notturno … Continue reading

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Roundup Sunday October 6

AROUND THE TRAPS At the IPA a new report from Research Fellow Kurt Wallace, measures ‘regulatory dark matter’ that could be called rules invented by fools with no accountability. Red tape costs us $176 billion each year and who would … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 25 July

Update. Re electric cars, don’t miss the outstanding contribution from bemused in the comments! Special. Courtesy of hzhousewife an interview with Candace Owens that almost disappeared due to a rising tide of political correctness inside the once-unrestrained and uncensored Playboy … Continue reading

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Big Green Plans + Folau & corporate virtue signalling + Faith vs Coal + ATA Podcast

And Windwatch!! Apologies to people who commented on the first edition. In the course of updating I managed to lose the version with comments. Most unfortunate, some of the comments added good value, please feel free to comment again. REAKING … Continue reading

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Roundup 27 June 2019: Austrian economics special edition. Plus the super industry on future power policy

BREAKING NEWS. Thanks to Ben this is the report from Industry Super Australia on the future of power. A very stylish effort, they have obviously got some money to play with! There are 100 pages and at a glance it … Continue reading

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Midweek Roundup

Our server has has a volume of posts problem so I am aggregating the last three to reduce the pressure and make room for other people who might have something to say. Sorry about the comments that will be lost. … Continue reading

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