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Guvs Got Gabby Gobbo to Get With Gatto

Pimps with badges: Police to Lawyer X: ‘Do whatever it takes’. Barrister-turned-informer Nicola Gobbo was told people “high up” in Victoria Police wanted “results through any means necessary” during Melbourne’s gangland war, including sleeping with underworld figure Mick Gatto. She … Continue reading

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Checks and balances

Francis Fukuyama has an interesting essay in the WSJ looking at the deep state: Those attacking the “deep state” are really attacking the rule of law. Public officials in the executive branch are obligated to implement the policies of their … Continue reading

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The Pell Prequel

Sir Ken blows the police whistle BECAUSE he appeared there on a Friday, before a weekend awash with Boris, what he said is yet to resonate. The testimony given by Sir Ken Jones last week at the Lawyer X Royal … Continue reading

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Hanson & Lambie

I can’t quite decide if that sounds like a law firm on Collins Street or the blue-stamped maker’s name on an old Australian-made dunny. More obviously: Scott Morrison has been spending too much time at work and doesn’t even appreciate … Continue reading

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High Court will have to overturn itself to reject Pell appeal

Law scholar Russel Marks – writing at the left-of-centre The Saturday Paper – explains why. Time and time again, the High Court has asserted this test, and it is surprising how often state appeal courts depart from it. It’s called … Continue reading

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Familiar Little Stabs

Two things were predictable following yesterday’s decision by the High Court to grant Cardinal George Pell leave to to appeal his conviction in Victoria on fanciful charges of child rape. First, that Louise Milligan – den mother to the nation’s … Continue reading

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He makes Jackie Chiles look like Ninian Stephen

Back in September, Professor Ben Matthews – a former top legal adviser to the anti-Catholic Royal Commission (and an ABC-published expert) – judged the likelihood of an appeal being granted to Cardinal George Pell. Is Cardinal Pell’s application to appeal … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Pell’s case off to the High Court

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If he said this in a chat-room, he’d already be in custody

NSW Police Minister says he would want officers to strip-search his children.

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“We rely on our military”

Meanwhile, in the United States, coupist Bill Brennan admits the Deep State is real and its police powers transcend the Constitution, the voters and the courts: As in previous times of National peril, we rely on our military, diplomats, intelligence … Continue reading

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