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Tell that to ASIC

Matt Canavan, quite rightly, has issued a warning to big business: Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan has warned big business not to form its own policy on greenhouse gas emissions in the wake of the dumping of the National Energy … Continue reading

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Territory Rights Euthanasia Bill defeated

It is not often that I completely disagree with my good friend David Leyonhjelm on important matters. But I’m not convinced that adequate safeguards can ever be written into voluntary euthanasia legislation to prevent murder.  I am especially unconvinced that … Continue reading

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Read the question

I have some experience at setting assessment tasks and grading the resulting answers. One of the most common errors students (and everyone else) commit is not reading the question carefully. Another error that everyone commits is providing the correct answer … Continue reading

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First they came for Tommy Robinson

Great enterprises start small. First they put away just one fellow who is causing trouble and when that works they put away a second. You know the one about first they came for the Jews. In this case, first they … Continue reading

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We need more judges like this

I’m sure many Cats recall a series of horrific rape crimes committed in Sydney in the early noughties. The judge who presided in the subsequent trial has written his memoirs and it got extracted in the AFR.  Some highlights: Sexual … Continue reading

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Who are you going to blame?

This is what Tony Abbott reckons is currently wrong with Australia: My issue is not immigration; it’s the rate of immigration at a time of stagnant wages, clogged infrastructure, soaring housing prices and, in Melbourne at least, ethnic gangs that … Continue reading

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Different laws for the little people …

Here is Paul Kelly explaining the Turnbull voluntary scheme to comply with the constitution: The proposal backed by cabinet is consistent with the principles Turnbull has outlined for days: no third-party auditor, no onus-of-proof reversal and putting responsibility on MPs … Continue reading

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Audit the Parliament

s44 of the Constitution continues to give and give and give.  It seems that there will have to be some sort of audit of our elected Parliamentarians to determine if they are eligible to have been elected under the Constitution. … Continue reading

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David Levy and Sandra Peart on the problems with experts

The Queen of England famously challenged the economists to explain why they didn’t see the approach of the Global Financial Crisis. It is not clear that anyone provided an answer although the Austrians would claim that they did better than … Continue reading

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What an apt analogy

A story about the ATO and a so-called tax gap caught my eye this morning: The Australian Taxation Office is confident it can squeeze more out of corporate Australia, narrowing a gap of about 6 per cent — or $2.5 billion … Continue reading

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