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Familiar Little Stabs

Two things were predictable following yesterday’s decision by the High Court to grant Cardinal George Pell leave to to appeal his conviction in Victoria on fanciful charges of child rape. First, that Louise Milligan – den mother to the nation’s … Continue reading

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He makes Jackie Chiles look like Ninian Stephen

Back in September, Professor Ben Matthews – a former top legal adviser to the anti-Catholic Royal Commission (and an ABC-published expert) – judged the likelihood of an appeal being granted to Cardinal George Pell. Is Cardinal Pell’s application to appeal … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Pell’s case off to the High Court

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If he said this in a chat-room, he’d already be in custody

NSW Police Minister says he would want officers to strip-search his children.

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“We rely on our military”

Meanwhile, in the United States, coupist Bill Brennan admits the Deep State is real and its police powers transcend the Constitution, the voters and the courts: As in previous times of National peril, we rely on our military, diplomats, intelligence … Continue reading

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Freedom for Christmas

Britain will go to the polls on 12 December. There have been few sadder spectacles in modern times than John Bull in orange overalls. “This House cannot any longer keep this country hostage,” Mr Johnson said. That’s a brilliant and … Continue reading

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Is it? Really?

Journalists are up in Canberra – seeking special privileges. News Corp and the ABC have confirmed to a Senate Committee that journalists at the centre of police raids in June still do not know whether they could be criminally prosecuted. … Continue reading

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Regulators discover Parliamentary accountability

One of the fig-leaves that so-called “independent” government agencies  rely to justify their lack of democratic accountability is that they are required to appear before the Parliament and answer questions.  Usually this is just a nonsense. Politicians are time-poor generalists … Continue reading

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Robo-debt and Tyranny

So here is an interesting thing – the government is being sued. The occasion was the announcement at Parliament House by Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon that his law firm Gordon Legal will be launching a class action on behalf … Continue reading

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Calling bullshit on the New Zealand chief censor

David Shanks, New Zealand’s “chief censor”, has an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph. Sounds like he has a tough job. I’ve never seen so many film festival movies as I did in my first year, watching them at a cinema … Continue reading

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