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That has got to hurt

So Professor Jeffrey Sachs was on Q&A this week. Beating his own drum: No, I’m sorry, with respect, what I have helped to lead has been a massive decline of poverty on the same side as you, helping to get … Continue reading

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Attitudes change once in opposition

Here is Brendan O’Connor verballing the government and Australian Federal Police: As a result of today, it’s clear now the government is using the power of the state and using taxpayer dollars to attack its political opponents. Shocking just shocking. Let’s … Continue reading

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You have got to be kidding

In the Queen’s Birthday Honours: The Honourable Roman FINKELSTEIN QC, South Yarra Vic 3141 For distinguished service to the judiciary and to the law, to legal education as an academic, to jurisprudence in the fields of commercial and competition law, … Continue reading

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Not to mention the Gillard government …

It seems News Corp journalist have been threatened: Radical extremists have threatened some of News Corp’s most senior employees for their reporting on Islamic State. As News Corp celebrated the company’s best journalism at its annual News Awards on Friday … Continue reading

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The debate on press regulation continues

Earlier this year the Melbourne University Law Review published a paper by Ray Finkelstein and Rod Tiffen setting out a defence of the Finkelstein Review and its recommendations. Chris Berg and I have written a reply that can be downloaded … Continue reading

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Remember the Finkelstein Review?

You would think Craig Emerson would recall media policy under the previous Labor government. But no: By asking the ABC whose side it is on following the airing on Q&A of a question from a man who had been charged … Continue reading

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The value of Royal Commissions

Graham Richardson asks the question: … you have to wonder what prompted the Abbott government to set up a royal commission that could spend millions of dollars to work out that Gillard could never be charged with an ­offence. … … Continue reading

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Section 18C

In an article in today’s Australian, Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz states that section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 should remain unchanged. He writes For those who understand the operation of 18C, this campaign has been somewhat disheartening: 18C’s opponents have avoided making … Continue reading

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Ask your MP what they have done for free speech

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Costings and censorship

This afternoon I banged out about 600 odd words on the Coalition costings – they are up at The Conversation (please click through). The biggest problem with the costings, to my mind, is the $1 million set aside for the … Continue reading

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