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Bird Strike

Gentlepeople – there has been a recent outbreak of Bird strike. Many thanks to those threadsters who email me to let me know. As a result I’m taking a very cautious approach to approving new comments and threadsters. Many apologies … Continue reading

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New Threadsters

As some of you may know we experienced a Bird Strike late last week. Thank you again to those individuals who emailed to notify me. Since then there have been several new threadsters appear. Given the recent Bird Strike I … Continue reading

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I’m off

Posting might be light – it may be heavy. Regular open threads will appear more or less at the usual times. Play nicely. Comments that get caught up in auto-moderation and the spam filter may take a bit longer to … Continue reading

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Public Service announcement

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Off to Europe

I’m off to Europe for a week of conferencing and meetings. Posting might be light – or not, as the case may be. The usual open threads will appear at the more or less usual times. A French election forum … Continue reading

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Well earned rest … or something

I expect to be out of internet range for the next two weeks. So posts will be very light. Non-existent actually. I have set up all the usual open forums and the like to appear as normal. But … I … Continue reading

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US Election site news

I realise that there will be a lot of interest in the US election over the next two days. Jacques will be increasing the number of hamsters so that we shouldn’t experience any outage. Thanks be to Jacques. At the … Continue reading

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I’m off to Malaysia for a few days – making the world safe for free trade and multinational corporations. Posting may be light or heavy – all the regular open forums will be opening up as usual (at somewhat random … Continue reading

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Russia and Europe

As some of you have realised I’m off conferencing in Russia and Belgium. I have long wanted to visit Russia – St. Petersburg particularly, but Moscow is good too. On the other hand, I’ve never particularly wanted to visit Brussels … Continue reading

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I am travelling to Brazil for a week. In the meantime the regular posts should be appearing at the regular time, or irregular times as the case may be. Posting may be light or heavy. Moderated comments and the spaminator … Continue reading

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