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Russia and Europe

As some of you have realised I’m off conferencing in Russia and Belgium. I have long wanted to visit Russia – St. Petersburg particularly, but Moscow is good too. On the other hand, I’ve never particularly wanted to visit Brussels … Continue reading

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I am travelling to Brazil for a week. In the meantime the regular posts should be appearing at the regular time, or irregular times as the case may be. Posting may be light or heavy. Moderated comments and the spaminator … Continue reading

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You’ve got it coming

After complaints that the Cat is too slow, the hamsters worn out etc. etc. etc. the Ozblogistan tyrant will be sacrificing a goat, calling up the demons, releasing the hounds, and unleashing the terrors. In short, we’re upgrading.

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New Liberty Quote

Simply magnificent: … after a succession of governments intent on proving that their word is their junk bond, any voters who aren’t jaded should have their pulse checked. Henry Ergas

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Site news: June 29

For some reason – I don’t know why – some threadster comments are being caught up in the spaminator and others are going straight into Trash. I am clearing out comments as quickly as I can – hopefully the spaminator … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago the UK conference that I was going to be attending next week was cancelled and so I thought I would be spending the crushing ice age (usually known as winter) in Victoria. Then last week I … Continue reading

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New threadsters

As threadsters would realise the Cat has come under a sustained Bird infestation attack over the past few weeks. As a consequence I have become a bit more cautious about approving new threadsters. If you have had your initial comment … Continue reading

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Upgrade and maintenance

The Cat is currently being upgraded and maintained – so some disruptions will be occurring. Sorry about that.

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Comments that deserve their own posts

This is from Rob the original – the threadster previously known as Rob, Positive, and Not Sure. Dear Sinclair, More drivel and hatred from your twisted little mind Sinc. Fancy quoting from that pruned up little twat, Savva. The hatred … Continue reading

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Friedman Conference promo

The 4th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference is set to be the largest free-market conference in the Asia-Pacific Region, with over 300 participants, 30 presenters, and 8 international guest speakers , and, of course, staring the great Professor Sinclair Davidson! … Continue reading

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