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Catallaxy survey: post-election (survey 25) – closed

A range of question relating to the post-election environment. CLICK FOR SURVEY CLICK FOR RESPONSES Did Kevin do well? Here is a chart of Labor’s first preference votes at each Federal general election since 1901. Note: for the 1931 and … Continue reading

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Enough “Professor” Kerryn Phelps

Clive Palmer has been warned several times by Bond University that he should not refer to himself as “Professor Clive Palmer” because he has an honorary accolade of “Adjunct Professor”. Like an Honorary Doctorate, an Adjunct Professor does not allow one … Continue reading

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Be more dog

Dogs are loyal, honest and don’t suffer from hubris. They are reliable, intelligent and inquisitive. They rarely become bored, and grasp each day as if it were their last. Walk around today, though, and you’ll see so many humans looking … Continue reading

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Can the Government withdraw the Local Government Referendum?

There has been a lot of talk in the media about whether Kevin Rudd might drop the Local Government Referendum, especially as Tony Abbott and many in the Coalition appear to have shifted to opposing rather than supporting the referendum. … Continue reading

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Another likely casualty of the Rudd redux is David Feeney (UPDATED 2 JULY): FEENEY WINS

The Labor preselection for the safe seat of Batman has Senator David Feeney – a so-called numbers man and one of the ‘faceless men’ who moved against Kevin Rudd in 2010 – and local Mary-Anne Thomas who is supported by … Continue reading

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2025 summit

I expect that our hyperactive and excitable prime minister, Kevin Rudd, will want to get together another 1000 of the great and good for a 2025 summit. The 2020 summit was such a success, and the Rudd redux wants to … Continue reading

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Catallaxy survey 20 – closed

A slight mix of questions this week: estimate the probability of the extinction of humans by 2100 – former Chief of the Defence Force Chris Barrie thinks there is a 50% probability a question on the voting age (as requested … Continue reading

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Local government referendum (Barnaby Joyce)

Barnaby Joyce is a sensible person, who has made some telling points about the climate capers. The one area where we depart is in his support for the local government referendum. I asked Barnaby Joyce’s office for some information concerning … Continue reading

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Australian Treasury

David Uren argues that Martin Parkinson, Treasury Secretary, should be kept in place under a Coalition Government because Installing a Coalition-friendly outsider – names mentioned include NSW Treasury head and former Peter Costello chief of staff Phil Gaetjens, and John Howard’s … Continue reading

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Is Peter van Onselen Rudd’s campaign manager?

I thought that Peter van Onselen was supposed to be a journalist. But his writings over the past month have been consistently pro-Rudd. He seems to be acting as Rudd’s campaign manager. Today we have his article Blocking Kevin won’t leave … Continue reading

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