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My visit to the Berlin Wall

This being the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I thought I might tell the story when I was there myself. I was hitchhiking in Europe in 1973 and as we were at the East German border … Continue reading

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The best airplane book ever

Bought a pre-publication copy at Freedomfest, even had it signed, and then read it all the way home. But that wasn’t what was so extraordinary. No matter who I sat next to, so soon as they had seen the title, … Continue reading

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Defining socialism in the modern world

Here is the original story: Socialism is losing its stigma thanks to Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as a MAJORITY of American women age 18-54 would prefer socialism to living in a capitalist country. That story was replied to here: 55% Of … Continue reading

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The true face of socialism

Socialism is a con job put over because there are just enough people around who believe in the tooth fairy. Short of war, these people stick around for a long, long time. Vicious and without a drop of humanity in … Continue reading

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Getting the lights back on in Venezuela

Still black in Venezuela. hz housewife flagged a very important Jo Nova post on the problems of getting up a collapsed grid. Quote. History books will be written about this crisis. Matias Delacroix points out in Wired, that it’s very … Continue reading

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What I learned from my presentation on socialism

Quite interesting discussion today on what’s wrong with socialism and why don’t we teach what’s wrong with socialism. The consensus at the end – which I might add I am not part of – was that we do teach what … Continue reading

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Invitation to seminar tomorrow on Why Socialism Cannot Work

I am doing my presentation to the School tomorrow on “I, Mechanical Pencil” which is really a critique of socialism as well as a critique of standard textbook theory which never discusses anything relevant to why a socialist economy can … Continue reading

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Presentation on what’s wrong with socialism

This post will be work in progress for the next few days as I put together is my presentation on “What’s Wrong with Socialism?” that I am presenting to the School on March 13. Anyone wishing to add comments to … Continue reading

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Are there degrees of ‘socialism’?

I had a brief query from a friend the other day: This is probably a red-herring but I did wonder if there are degrees of ‘socialism’ in which some degree of government ownership and control of the means of production … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson discusses the Nazis in comparison with communists

How does one make the moral distinction, Peterson asks, between the Nazis and the comms, with the person posing the original question actually using the term “socialism” which shows that in his mind there is no distinction worth worrying about? … Continue reading

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