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What is capitalism?

There is an interesting thread at Powerline on the question What is socialism? The central aim of socialism has always been to rid ourselves of the capitalist system. And what, exactly, do these socialists wish to get rid of? Certainly … Continue reading

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The Green Socialist agenda

What is most useful in the greater scheme of things is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more proof than anyone could wish to have how mad they are, but also that they have an agenda. But just because you and I … Continue reading

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Third world answers to our economic problems

DEM: TAX RICH AT 90% If it weren’t so depressing it would be funny. The main focus of this post, however, is the one published by Peter Smith over at Quadrant Online starring another Socialist moron. The new star of … Continue reading

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Advice on how to run our economies from the last people who would know

An organisation made up of third world tyrannies wishes to teach the rest of us how to run our economies. A couple of examples. From Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise Capitalism as we know it is over. … Continue reading

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What is the Democrat response to the Venezuelan counter-revolution?

MADURO ON BRINK? USA RECOGNIZES GUAIDO AS PRESIDENT BATTLE OF CARACAS The news is a few hours old but I am still waiting for the reaction of any of the Democrats, and of course, Miss Ocasio-Cortez. The left are the … Continue reading

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The Opportunity Costs of Socialism

The American Government (ahem, The Council of Economic Advisers) has just released a new paper – 72 pages in length – titled: The Opportunity Costs of Socialism. Here are the first paras from the Executive Summary to give you a … Continue reading

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Socialism kills

Socialism is even more devastating to your life than smoking – fantastically bad for your health and welfare, will ruin your income-earning potential, and cost you your freedom. It might even kill you just as it has done for so … Continue reading

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It’s more difficult to understand why socialism doesn’t work than you might think

The reasons are explicable but they are very difficult to understand without a thorough knowledge of how economies work. From Instapundit GLORIA ALVAREZ ON REASON TV: Socialism Fails Every Time (Video): . It certainly has a lot of bad luck associated with … Continue reading

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“A Sociopathic Philosophy Conceived in Gross Error and Ignorance”

A note to me from the author. If you want to stop and reverse the resurgence of socialist ideas on campus and elsewhere, here’s an excellent vehicle for doing it: This thirty-three thousand word essay is now available in Kindle … Continue reading

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The left are like locusts. They cannot help destroying

From Sarah Hoyt, where I have extracted her core argument which really gets to the heart of things as they now are. Her title is: The Left are the Locusts of Culture. There is a scene in Independence Day where … Continue reading

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