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May Day, m’aidez, Marx @ 200

Being May Day and all, I thought I would jump in early to remind everyone that Karl himself will have his 200th birthday on Saturday. And in looking online to see how the celebrations will be going, I came across … Continue reading

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“A society based upon the opinion of civilians”

This is from Winston Churchill, found as the opening words of Daniel Hannan’s wonderful How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters: “There are few words which are used more loosely than the word “Civilization.” What does it mean? It … Continue reading

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Jobs in the USA

A nuanced examination by our Dan in DC. As usual nothing is as simple as you would like it to be. Commenting on a talk about rethinking the unemployment rate: As far as I’m concerned, the key factoid is near … Continue reading

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Socialists at heart

Coming from the area of the social sciences that had made its name on its one key insight, that individual private-sector decision-making is the key to wealth, growth, employment and prosperity, but now to find that virtually the entire profession … Continue reading

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Does the left ever get anything important right?

Just wandering through Instapundit this morning and the overpowering sense of no is everywhere. Examples: 1) LATE-STAGE SOCIALISM: Mad Max violence stalks Venezuela’s lawless roads. In one video apparently showing a looting and uploaded to social media, people are seen gleefully … Continue reading

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The October Revolution reaches 100

What have socialists ever done that would make anyone think they care about other people? For myself, I cannot think of a thing. Socialist ideas have never, not in a single instance, not at any time in the whole of … Continue reading

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NZ the next Venezuela

The stupidity of some people plumbs depths that are always hard to fathom. Is it really all that hard to learn from history? Jacinda Ardern: ‘Capitalism has failed New Zealanders’. Listen to this bewildering idiocy and marvel how someone can … Continue reading

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Advance Australia Fair

Who is the one creating more wealth for toil: the person pouring the beer; or the person who took out a business loan to buy the pub; who paid for the pub’s fitout and facilites; who takes on the unending … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not is not a socialist slogan

This is from the comments thread at Tim Blair. The point being made was that the money wasted paying Soupstain and Triggs is mere chicken feed compared with the amount of money being wasted on maintaining the desal plant in … Continue reading

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A modern case study on the evils of socialism

Venezuela is the most important case study on the evils of socialism in the world today which is why you hear so little about it. But this did come up today: Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided … Continue reading

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