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Guest post for a friend of Barnaby Joyce on the abortion debate in NSW

Not into marching against abortion holding a placard? That’s cool; I’m not either, plus I’m too far away from most places… But we could sign Barnaby Joyce’s petition and share the link widely. Support Life! Human life is not just … Continue reading

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Position Vacant: Liberal Premier of South Australia

As reported in yesterday’s The Australian:   “South Australian Premier Steven Marshall remains on the hunt for a new governor, with his preferred candidate a female with links to the Liberal Party’s moderate faction, sources say.” Seems to me the … Continue reading

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Victorian election 2018

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Victorian government defies Victoria Police

The Herald Sun again: LABOR MPs who used taxpayers’ money to part-pay for election campaign staff are refusing to co-operate with the police investigation into the rort. … But a Labor figure last night confirmed that MPs and former members … Continue reading

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Queensland Election Forum

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Daniel – you have one job: Protect life, limb, and property.  

I’m happy to accept that the optimal level of crime is not zero. I’m also happy to accept that we can’t live zero-risk lives. Furthermore there is a price to be paid for living with a very large number of … Continue reading

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How’s That Landslide Going?

While everyone in the mainstream media was falling over themselves to congratulate WA Labor on its landslide election victory, TMR noticed that things weren’t quite going to plan in the upper house: The media’s ‘analysis’ of WA Labor’s victory in … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Paul Farmer Scrap the GST formula

The Commonwealth Grants Commission should scrap the current formula of redistribution for the GST as it destructive to a long term successful Federal system. It is not only perverse that WA isn’t getting its per capita share but it is … Continue reading

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Greedy politician comes undone

Last September, as his proposed $5 per tonne iron ore tax enjoyed healthy popular support, a confident WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls sat down with representatives from the big end of the mining sector and told them he was ready … Continue reading

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Ruining Melbourne

I’ve been meaning to write this since before Christmas but now on the way back from Copenhagen I think of it as more urgent than ever yet feel a despondency about whether anything can be done to head off this … Continue reading

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