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For Queensland Premier, the coast is conveniently clear

30,000 Queensland deaths predicted by worst-case coronavirus modelling, Premier reveals. THE Courier Mail reported earlier today that an expected spike in COVID-19 cases after the foolhardy 28 March local council elections had “failed to materialise.” Which means that Annastacia Palaszczuk … Continue reading

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Okay – so I’m happy to believe that requiring people who enter States or Territories to self-isolate for 14 days isn’t actually “closing the border”. When we hear stories that the State borders are being “closed” that is short-hand for … Continue reading

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WA Labor spends millions to ‘prove’ privatisation doesn’t work

WHEN even the ABC acknowledges a “big price tag” and a deal that “will come at a significant cost,” you know we’re talking seriously large sums. The McGowan government will spend $93,000,000 to roll back the Barnett government’s privatisation of … Continue reading

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The Ridiculous Doctor Miles

IN Bernard Lane’s excellent report for The Weekend Australian on the astounding debacle that is Queensland’s draft LGBT conversion therapy ban, there is this era-defining smithereen on the cancellation of a lesbian event because the woman involved doubts the womanliness … Continue reading

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NSW Liberals: only government timber workers can plant trees

Berejiklian government abandons forestry privatisation after bushfires. We are committed to ensuring the forestry industry recovers from the fires and the thousands of people who are employed in the sector have a strong and secure future.” That’s Treasurer Dominic Perrottet. … Continue reading

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An anchor jacket for the minister, please

Shark nets and drumlines will be reintroduced along Queensland coast. [SMART drumlines] have been trialled in NSW since 2015 and have a satellite-linked GPS communication unit attached to a baited hook, which immediately alerts authorities when a shark is caught. … Continue reading

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Every single case cited has a woman playing the victim

Queensland politicians call for end to insults, but how long will the civility last? Julia Gillard pioneered the ‘misogyny’ shield in politics but the female politicians of Queensland have perfected the art. When they’re not being nasty, they’re on a … Continue reading

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Pines Before People

Incredible, secret firefighting mission saves famous ‘dinosaur trees’. Seventeen people have died in NSW bushfires. I’d like to know if these resources could have saved any of them – or the property of thousands of others. The trees have survived … Continue reading

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Annastacia Palaszczuk holidayed while township burned

Veteran who ran makeshift refugee camp for Aurukun residents slams Queensland government. THE heroic saviour of 60 fleeing men, women and children from Aurukun has compared the rioting, violence, vendetta and malicious arson that followed the murder of two young … Continue reading

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Not “killer trees” but killer governments in thrall to greens

Just look at this disgraceful jungle road in Gippsland. There should be 25 metre breaks on either side.

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