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Our tax dollars at work

Instead of concentrating on reading, writing and arithmetic, primary schools are providing more social engineering: Eleven-year-old children are being taught about sexual orientation and transgender issues at school in a taxpayer-funded program written by gay activists. The Safe Schools Coalition … Continue reading

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Inquiry into illicit tobacco

I got invited to make a submission (PDF) to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement Inquiry into Illicit Tobacco. Here is a taste: In this submission I have adopted an economic perspective on tobacco consumption as opposed to a … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. Privatise hospitals

Imagine if a libertarian like me had his way with health policy and nobody died. It would be a disaster. Not for the public, but for the thousands of public servants and lobbyists who would be out of a job. … Continue reading

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Does nobody ever check the numbers?

Yesterday the official Australian government news agency published an interesting news story relating to Australian government policy. The rate of smoking among young people in Australia has dropped to a record low, and there is hope it could be the … Continue reading

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A critique of Durkin et al

Last year Sarah Durkin, Emily Brennan, Kerri Coomber, Meghan Zacher, Michelle Scollo and Melanie Wakefield published a paper in Tobacco Control that concluded: These findings provide some of the strongest evidence to date that implementation of [Plain Packaging] with larger … Continue reading

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The truth about plain packaging – The 3.4% myth

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Cross Post: Terry Barnes – Don’t extinguish debate on E-cigs

As 2016 starts amid fireworks and hangovers, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions. For nearly three million adult Australians who smoke, many are resolving to stub out their cigarettes and give up a habit that is expensive, dirty … Continue reading

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More plain packaging untruths

Simon Chapman is blaming the decline in under-age smoking on plain packaging. I suppose he has to point to some victory of that policy. But he provides us with this graph. I suppose this is to illustrate his point. To … Continue reading

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There’s an idea

From the Daily Telegraph: If [NSW premier Mike] Baird wants to find more health funding, there are other measures he could look at [rather than lobby for an increased GST]. He could get rid of the upper house, he could … Continue reading

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Plain packaging is 3 years old today

So how is the Gillard government’s theft of intellectual property working out as a policy to inhibit smoking? Not well. Here is a picture based on data collected by States (or in the case of Victoria on behalf of the … Continue reading

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