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With the Menzies crowd and Brendan O’Neill in the Bordello Room, Kings X Hotel

A stirring address this evening by the editor of Spiked and a leader in the push-back against political correctness in all forms. The most unlikely venue you could imagine but full marks to the Menzies Research Centre for doing something … Continue reading

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Great moments in regulation

Dan Mitchell reports from DC. Just regulate it! And in France. According to the IEA, France is sitting on 80% of Europe’s frackable gas – enough to keep the country self-sufficient in energy for centuries. But the Macron government has … Continue reading

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More on the silly and destructive ban on vaping

Dan our Man in DC on the harmful campaign against vaping and e-cigarettes. As a fiscal policy wonk, I’ve come across depressing examples of counterproductive tax provisions (health benefits exclusion, ethanol credits) and spending programs (the entire HUD budget, OECD … Continue reading

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Australian Taxpayers Alliance October Report


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Libertarian humour from Dan Mitchell

A selection of jokes including the not so funny activity of “policing for profit” aka asset forfeiture.

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Deirdre McCloskey on admiring entrepreneurs

Why do we need entrepreneurs? What is their role in a free society? We need entrepreneurs to decide what to do. The only alternative is governmental bureaucracy, which is good for national defense and a few other things, but very … Continue reading

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The vaping revolution in Britain

From Matt Ridley’s blog. Not happening in Australia for some strange reason. Britain is the world leader in vaping. More people use ecigarettes in the UK than in any other European country. It’s more officially encouraged than in the United … Continue reading

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Trump says to Obama’s car fuel rules…

“You’re Fired!” WASHINGTON—The Trump administration took direct aim Thursday at California’s role as de facto auto regulator for the nation, proposing to end the state’s ability to set its own fuel-efficiency standards and to dial back Obama-era limits on tailpipe … Continue reading

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Something from Dan Mitchell to cheer you up

The western world’s most depressing graph.

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Wolfgang Kasper meets the EU octopus

Right out of Kafka or the You could not make it up file.

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