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Chris Berg belts Abbott too

Abbott and Brandis seem to have thought that merely mentioning the word “terrorism” would be enough to ensure their policy an easy run. Yet no matter how real the terrorist threat, the pre-emptive surveillance of every single Australian would be … Continue reading

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Smokes and mirrors

After a very busy time sensitive news cycle, my latest op-ed has been published on Quadrant Online: Of the three major Gillard government initiatives – carbon tax, mining tax, and plain packaging – only the plain packaging policy is not … Continue reading

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Abbott invites a civil disobedience campaign

Here is Tony Abbott on Tuesday: As for 18C, look, I’m a passionate supporter of free speech. I absolutely am a passionate supporter of free speech and if we were starting from scratch with Section 18C, we wouldn’t have words … Continue reading

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Metadata explained

This helpful slide – posted to Facebook by our good friend Helen Dale – explains metadata. So much better that George Brandis’ mus, der, um, err, mum … I suspect in Brandese that translates to “get with Team Australia or … Continue reading

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The government wants to record your browser history

Be sure to watch the video clip at this SMH story. Update: Now up on Youtube.

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Tony Abbott’s “we are us” moment

MESSAGE FROM THE PRIME MINISTER THE RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ACT  The Government will not proceed with the proposed changes to the Racial DiscriminationAct 1975 (the Act). Over the last five months, the Government has undertaken a comprehensive process of community consultation. We wanted … Continue reading

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There will be no free speech under a government I lead – it’s “a complication”

From the ABC: Mr Abbott said he was dumping Senator Brandis’s draft laws, which would have removed key sections of the Racial Discrimination Act which the Attorney-General said made it illegal to “hurt the feelings of others”. The PM said … Continue reading

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(il)Liberals for 18c

Matt Kean is the State Liberal (!) MP for Hornsby and NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Communities. There is no doubt that freedom of speech is important but it is important because of the role it plays in our democracy. Freedom … Continue reading

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George Brandis is a hypocrite

George Brandis wants to strengthen Australia’s Intellectual Property laws: It involves three main proposals, but the big one is overturning the important iiNet decision that highlighted that ISPs are protected from liability for users infringing, because they’re not the proactive party. In … Continue reading

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Smuggling? Really? Who would have thought …

Authorities blame the surge in counterfeit cigarettes on the introduction of plain packaging two years ago. (HT: Dick Puddlecote)

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