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How is that plain packaging working?

Quit Victoria and the Cancer Council Victoria say cigarettes can be bought at 8000 places, which makes them “more available than bread and milk”. Doesn’t sound like consumption is collapsing as we’ve been told. Mind you the underlying motive is … Continue reading

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Tobacco excise revenue up again

The Final Budget Outcome for the 2013-14 financial year has been released. The government are having a bit of fun at Wayne Swan’s expense: Despite Labor initially forecasting a surplus of $5.4 billion for the 2013-14 financial year, and keeping … Continue reading

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Living under the jackboot

Cameron Stewart this morning has an attack on David Leyonhjelm: In the world of crossbencher David Leyonhjelm, it seems any absurdity is possible when it comes to his disregard for the decency and morality of ASIO agents, whom he believes … Continue reading

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Anti-tobacco lobby and self-interest

The World Health Organisation is running an anti-tobacco conference in Moscow next month. What is very interesting is a recommendation that tobacco excise make up 70% of retail prices. Here is Arthur Laffer discussing that proposal. But over and above … Continue reading

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That is a parking sign in Sydney. The need for regulatory simplification is obvious. (HT: Jason)

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Nanny stater hectors us with stolen money

There is an op-ed in the Herald Sun about alcohol abuse: THERE was a time when Victoria led the way on public health measures; when the state was not afraid to embrace bold measures to reduce harm and to save … Continue reading

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Smuggling? Really? Who would have thought II

NSW Police clearly haven’t read the BMJ Open journal that recently reported: One year after implementation, this study found no evidence of the major unintended consequences concerning loss of smoker patrons from small retail outlets, flooding of the market by … Continue reading

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Household expenditure on tobacco June 2014 quarter

The national accounts figures came out yesterday and I thought it might be interesting to plot the last three data vintages on Household Tobacco Expenditure. That’s the seasonally adjusted data. You’ll notice a small increase in tobacco expenditure in the … Continue reading

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Chris Berg belts Abbott too

Abbott and Brandis seem to have thought that merely mentioning the word “terrorism” would be enough to ensure their policy an easy run. Yet no matter how real the terrorist threat, the pre-emptive surveillance of every single Australian would be … Continue reading

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Smokes and mirrors

After a very busy time sensitive news cycle, my latest op-ed has been published on Quadrant Online: Of the three major Gillard government initiatives – carbon tax, mining tax, and plain packaging – only the plain packaging policy is not … Continue reading

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