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Foreseeable consequences

More evidence that the Plain Packaging policy is imposing high costs on the community: This week $20,000 worth of smokes were stolen by pair of burglars who used shopping trolleys to wheel away their loot. Police believe the two offenders … Continue reading

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That Plain Packaging result again II

When dealing with nanny-staters and lefties you always have to check the data yourself. So it is with a rather triumphal tweet sent by Simon Chapman AO last week. Look at the graph – it purports to show annual growth … Continue reading

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That Plain Packaging result again

Last week I put up a cross-post from Chris Snowdon responding to the latest national accounts data on household tobacco expenditure. I thought I’d reproduce his graph and blow things up a bit and add in a trend line just … Continue reading

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Cross post: Christopher Snowdon – Aussie tobacco figures again

I didn’t intend to revisit the Australian tobacco sales data again. The only remarkable thing about them is that, after years of decline, they didn’t fall in the first year of plain packaging. In fact, the latest set of figures … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Simon Breheny – Shifting the goal posts on plain packaging

Earlier this year, I made a submission to the Department of Health’s post-implementation review of the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011. Ostensibly, the objective of the review is to determine the extent to which the regime has met its stated objectives. Unfortunately, the review seeks … Continue reading

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Adam Smith on smuggling

Here is Adam Smith talking about smuggling wool: The prohibition, notwithstanding all the penalties which guard it, does not prevent the exportation of wool. It is exported, it is well known, in great quantities. The great difference between the price … Continue reading

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More evidence on the failure of plain packaging

Here is Simon Chapman making ex cathedra pronouncements: The tobacco industry’s most common claim was that plain packs would see smokers turn away from buying the purposefully confronting and unattractive plain packs and seek out illegal products not in plain … Continue reading

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Anti-corporate fascism

So Woolworth’s had an ad campaign that some people think is inappropriate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it – the kind of people who are offended by this tend to offended by any display of patriotism and/or … Continue reading

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Meta data bill has passed the Parliament

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Patrick Basham on the Nanny State – Updated

Update: Patrick Basham will be speaking in Sydney on Thursday. This event is free for all Premium and Platinum members of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, all members of the CIS and IPA, and all students, and $10 for everyone else. If … Continue reading

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