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More evidence on the failure of plain packaging

Here is Simon Chapman making ex cathedra pronouncements: The tobacco industry’s most common claim was that plain packs would see smokers turn away from buying the purposefully confronting and unattractive plain packs and seek out illegal products not in plain … Continue reading

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Anti-corporate fascism

So Woolworth’s had an ad campaign that some people think is inappropriate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it – the kind of people who are offended by this tend to offended by any display of patriotism and/or … Continue reading

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Meta data bill has passed the Parliament

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Patrick Basham on the Nanny State – Updated

Update: Patrick Basham will be speaking in Sydney on Thursday. This event is free for all Premium and Platinum members of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, all members of the CIS and IPA, and all students, and $10 for everyone else. If … Continue reading

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A glaring omission

Yesterday the ABC ran this breathless story: The first comprehensive evaluation of Australia’s ground-breaking plain packaging tobacco laws shows they are working, the Victorian Cancer Council says. Fourteen separate studies on the impact of plain packaging in its first year … Continue reading

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Victorian Cancer Council documents plain packaging failure

The Victorian Cancer Council has published some fact sheets on plain packaging. Fact sheet 4 has this very interesting graph: Now the Victorian Cancer Council makes the argument that the overlapping confidence intervals indicate that none of the increases in … Continue reading

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Chris Snowdon on Plain Packaging

… confiscation of property in the name of propaganda …

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Little Brother is watching you

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Is this a typo?

Simon Chapman in The Conversation: Overall, there were 5,593 deaths from all causes, with current smokers nearly three times (2.96) more likely to die than never or former smokers. No, Simon. Non-smokers die too.

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Healthway scandal – accountability is for other people

Remember the WA anti-smoking agency that tried to ban Carmen because the story takes place in a cigarette factory? They were out of control then – but it seems they’re more than over-jealous bureaucrats imposing their wowser views on the … Continue reading

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