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War on drugs has officially gone to the dogs

An unnamed senior constable has told the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) hearing into last year’s Splendour in the Grass debacle that he was just following the lead of a dog. That’s not a comedic exaggeration. He testified that he … Continue reading

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Tasmanian wowsers mark centenary

A century ago: In 1919, 20 special deputies called “Sheriffettes” were sworn in to monitor the swimwear of the bathers at Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York. This was the latest salvo in an ongoing battle between women and beach authorities … Continue reading

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Calling bullshit on the New Zealand chief censor

David Shanks, New Zealand’s “chief censor”, has an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph. Sounds like he has a tough job. I’ve never seen so many film festival movies as I did in my first year, watching them at a cinema … Continue reading

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News from Tolga and Jo Nova on fire. Update, a new paper from Judy Curry. And why CO2 is not the climate control knob

Our man in Tolga (north Queensland) has written to the local press on the absurd green tape tying up farmers. QUOTE The ever-tightening regulatory stranglehold on farmers by governments “for the health of the Reef (The Express, 21/8) is based … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Time for new thinking on smoking

At the World Taxpayers’ Association Biennial Conference in Sydney recently, experts discussed global approaches to tobacco control and harm reduction. From this it is timely to ask whether our bureaucrats and government need a change of mindset. According to both … Continue reading

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Australian Taxpayers vs the Tobacco Import Ban

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, a 75,000+ member national grassroots advocacy group representing the nation’s taxpayers condemned the government’s ban on tobacco imports through the mail stream. “This law is about exerting social control over Australian adults, not about stopping illegal … Continue reading

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What if we stopped apologizing?

Why Donald Trump is the nemesis of the left.

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Comparing the size of welfare states

Dan Mitchell provides some handy bar charts to show international figures on social welfare spending, pension spending and public health spending. Education would be an interesting addition. He notes that there was virtually no welfare state in OECD nations prior … Continue reading

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WeAreChange on the yellow vests and other stories

Don’t know much about We Are Change but I think I like them. We Are Change is an independent media organization covering everything from global protests, riots, and civil unrest, to confrontations with politicians and injustices, to all that other … Continue reading

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With the Menzies crowd and Brendan O’Neill in the Bordello Room, Kings X Hotel

A stirring address this evening by the editor of Spiked and a leader in the push-back against political correctness in all forms. The most unlikely venue you could imagine but full marks to the Menzies Research Centre for doing something … Continue reading

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