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The World Health Organization’s Tough Tactics Against Tobacco and E-Cigs

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Bill Leak – Call to arms II

I’m speaking now directly to Bill Leak. The Human Rights Commission has announced that it has given him a fortnight to produce evidence that he was not being racist when he drew a picture of an Aboriginal man who didn’t … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Tim Andrews Why Is Our Government Refusing To Save People’s Lives?

Imagine there was a way to save hundreds of thousands of lives and save the Australian taxpayer hundreds of million dollars a year in healthcare costs. Imagine if such a technology existed. And experts all over the world have proven … Continue reading

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Cross Post: Marcus They Get How Much at the Human Rights Commission?!

By now, everyone is aware of Bill Leak’s infamous cartoon. TMR has elected to reproduce it here as a firmly extended central digit to the left – which loves taking offense for the sake of taking offense and which specialises in encouraging … Continue reading

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An interview with the Globe and Mail

Yesterday morning I received this tweet: @SincDavidson Hi Sinclair, I have tried to reach you for a story I’m doing on plain packaging. Wondering if you can please respond? — Carly Weeks (@carlyweeks) October 18, 2016 Seemed very strange. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terry Barnes Nanny NHMRC stacking the deck on drinking guidelines?

The National Health and Medical Research Council does loads of stuff.  Some useful, some not. One bit of stuff it’s doing is reviewing its 2009 Alcohol Guidelines, the advice it sponsors about booze: how much can you drink, what constitutes … Continue reading

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Ian D Suttie and the ‘taboo on tenderness’

The gender engineering movement under way in Victoria brings to mind the work of the Scottish psychiatrist Ian D Suttie. His ideas could have revolutionised psychoanalysis in a humanitarian and scientific way but he died with his one book just … Continue reading

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A deal is a deal

I see our elected elite are all out and about carrying on about gun control and horse-trading and the like. The kerfuffle started this morning: Malcolm Turnbull is being pressured to relax the nation’s gun laws to secure two key … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Terry Barnes Harm reduction: is Nanny losing the initiative?

This week has been a good and bad week for the harm reduction cause. First the bad.  UK Health secretary Jeremy Hunt declared war on the course which is the greatest delight of all meals: pudding.  Mr Hunt has listened … Continue reading

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Cross post: “World Health Organization Uses Exclusion to Silence Debate” Says Former Australian Minister

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been severely criticised in a comprehensive report launched today by former Australian Government Minister, Dr Gary Johns, who claims that a forthcoming WHO international tobacco convention lacks the transparency and dialogue which underpin United … Continue reading

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