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Getting the priorities right

The Queensland government disbanded a mining health and safety committee because it didn’t have the right “gender representation,” shortly before four mine and quarry workers died in the state. Queensland Mines Minister Anthony Lynham today confirmed the committee — which … Continue reading

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I’m about to be arrested

I just received a phone call from the ATO advising me that I needed to make an immediate payment to avoid arrest. This is a scam – the ATO would never call in advance. They would just come and arrest … Continue reading

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Scomo in Cloncurry and the National Water Grid

At 6.15 Alan Jones was on the line to Scott Morrison in Cloncurry on the topic of water that is lost or wasted for want of dams and sensible allocation of water rights. Apparently the answer is a national water … Continue reading

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Get Up being extra grubby

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Picking fights

The ALP and their fellow travellers are picking a lot of fights. Retirees. Mortgage brokers. Taxpayers. Easter worshippers. Christians. That is from the Australian Political Debate page on Facebook. Really? Not smart. Not necessary. The faithful should be left alone … Continue reading

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“Do you see the impression it causes?”

That was a question posed by Virginia Trioli of @TheirABC this morning to Scott Morrison. This is in relation to a water buy-back that is causing some kerfuffle. The correct answer is: No. What impression, precisely, does it cause? Explain to … Continue reading

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What they said: Academic Freedom edition

Report of the Independent Review of Freedom of Speech in Australian Higher Education Providers: Agreements were accessed for 38 universities. Agreements for Bond University, Torrens University Australia and the University of Divinity could not be located. Thirty six of those agreements make explicit reference … Continue reading

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How much?

So Bill shorten has been refusing to outline the cost of his global warming climate change policy. This incident gave rise to this fascinating twitter exchange: Cats will remember that we covered the infamous Treasury modelling at length at the … Continue reading

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Negative gearing policy cover up

Here is an interesting story from the AFR: Labor has deleted substantial detail on its negative gearing and capital gains tax policies from its housing policy website. On Tuesday Labor’s website has just over 10 paragraphs explaining the policies whereas less than a … Continue reading

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Labor is coming for your tax refund

This morning Bill Shorten said something interesting (emphasis added): Bill Shorten has attacked the ability of wealthy people to claim a tax deduction for their accountancy fees. … Mr Shorten singled out deducting accounting fees as “one of the rorts we … Continue reading

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