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The supply of land is not fixed

Adam Creighton has managed to combine several of my pet hates into one article. Productivity growth has stagnated and a better tax system is among the obvious levers governments can pull to revive it. With bold reform on hold federally, … Continue reading

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Some people never learn

A few years ago we posted a piece about Michael West – then employed by the now defunct Fairfax Media: An international expert who can’t tell the difference between revenue and taxable income? Really? A journalist that doesn’t bother to … Continue reading

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Robo-debt and Tyranny

So here is an interesting thing – the government is being sued. The occasion was the announcement at Parliament House by Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon that his law firm Gordon Legal will be launching a class action on behalf … Continue reading

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I’m about to be arrested

I just received a phone call from the ATO advising me that I needed to make an immediate payment to avoid arrest. This is a scam – the ATO would never call in advance. They would just come and arrest … Continue reading

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Easter 2019

Our traditional Easter Post Several years ago my RMIT colleague Tim Fry and I had an Easter-themed op-ed in the Australian Financial Review. I have posted it before, but it is well worth revisiting. ~~~++~~~ Easter commemorates the death and … Continue reading

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Negative gearing policy cover up

Here is an interesting story from the AFR: Labor has deleted substantial detail on its negative gearing and capital gains tax policies from its housing policy website. On Tuesday Labor’s website has just over 10 paragraphs explaining the policies whereas less than a … Continue reading

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Tax stats for 2016-17

The ATO have published their annual tax data (for 2016-2017).  I first started playing with this data in the early-mid noughties. It was so unknown then that I once had a referee to a journal article claim that the data … Continue reading

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Labor is coming for your tax refund

This morning Bill Shorten said something interesting (emphasis added): Bill Shorten has attacked the ability of wealthy people to claim a tax deduction for their accountancy fees. … Mr Shorten singled out deducting accounting fees as “one of the rorts we … Continue reading

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Blood from a stone

RBA Assistant Governor Luci Ellis gave an interesting speech yesterday. For a little while now, the team at the Bank has been grappling with how one might reconcile apparently weak national accounts figures with the noticeably stronger labour market data. One … Continue reading

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Fatal flaws in the Labor policy to increase wages

The IPA has produced a short and lucid summary of the false assumptions that underpin the ALP policy and the damage that it will do to employment. h/t Wes Goh. Still, there are legitimate concerns about stagnating real wages. Real … Continue reading

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