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Cascading sales tax – again

Must be a very slow news day – Pauline Hanson is in the media describing what she would do as PM (for a start she is in the wrong house for that). The One Nation leader said under her vision for … Continue reading

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Propaganda watch: Taxation

Chris Berg and I have a paper in the latest issue of Econ Journal Watch on the so-called base erosion and profit shifting scare that governments are using to justify the introduction of double taxation. From the abstract: Corporate tax … Continue reading

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Government shakedown

So I have returned to some very interesting lefty bleating – it appears that the federal government has identified a new source of revenue – welfare recipients. Before that it was multinational corporations, excessive super balances, the air that we … Continue reading

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Guest Post: MC More of Labor’s tax policies will lead to economic recovery.

The Australian Labor Party is putting forward sensible tax policies that will lead economic recovery. Currently the parliament is hung up on the Back Packer Tax issue with the Coalition advocating a 32.5% tax on foreign back packers while Labor … Continue reading

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All profitable companies pay 30% (28.5% for small business)

Yesterday on Insiders there was a spat about the percentage of tax paid by Australian companies. #Insiders stunning AFR ed doesn't realise most companies don't pay 30% corp nominal tax rate, effective rate is 24%, half MNC paying nothing — … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on taxation

Speaking in the House.

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David Leyonhjelm on superannuation

The Government has pulled a swiftie on superannuation. In the May budget it proposed to increase tax on super by nearly $3 billion by 2020. Labor sniped at some design features but offered no real opposition and proposed its own … Continue reading

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James Paterson on tobacco excise

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The diesel rebate is not rent-seeking

Tom Elliot is a smart and normally well-informed guy so I was somewhat surprised to see him make this rookie mistake: Also thanks to their lobbying might, both the resource and agricultural industries are also exempt from paying fuel excise … Continue reading

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Why isn’t this an investment loss?

So the news out of Victoria is that Uber will be legalised. The Herald Sun revealed today that Uber will be legalised and all taxis will be able to set their own fares in Melbourne under the most radical transport … Continue reading

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