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Tax data sharing

I have long been concerned by the ATO engaging in data sharing with foreign governments – after all, we can’t be sure that foreigners have the same levels of privacy protections that we do. Any data shared with a foreign … Continue reading

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Where I agree with Richard Denniss …

Richard Denniss – chief economist at The Australia Institute – has a column at the AFR.  This time he has some comments I agree with – getting soft in the old age. There are 750,000 unemployed people in Australia, up … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm – An Apology to Taxpayers

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Reality Is ‘The Rich’ Do Pay Their Fair Share

I had an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday (no link) on tax. **~** It is pre-budget silly season again. You know, the time of year when we get to hear all of the good reasons why government should … Continue reading

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Just how absurd the Low Value Good GST is

The extract below is from Chris Berg and my submission to to Senate inquiry. ~~~+++~~~ To highlight the absurdity of the Bill, we make use of one of the examples set out in the Explanatory Memorandum (pg. 21). Wei is … Continue reading

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Easter 2017

Long term Cats will have seen this before – but it has become something of a tradition to post this up at Easter. Several years ago my RMIT colleague Tim Fry and I had an Easter-themed op-ed in the Fin … Continue reading

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Tax Stats 2014-15

Every year the ATO put out their annual Tax Stats report. It is a treasure trove. I have – since the early noughties – been keeping track of the proportions on net income tax being paid by various income groups. … Continue reading

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Tax beat up

Yes, I know, I know. It’s not like the Fairfax media to beat up on taxation. This morning, however, there was this interesting story in the SMH: The tax on an Australian family earning $82,000 a year has risen to … Continue reading

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The new tax being proposed by the Turnbull government

Update I: Submission available here. Update II:  Chris Berg and I have an op-ed at The Australian on this topic. Chris Berg and I have made a submission to the Senate inquiry into the GST low value good bill. I’ll … Continue reading

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Big business doesn’t need you

Scott Morrison was out and about today begging big business for help. “I have raised consistently with large business representatives the need to address the broader collective reputation issues large businesses have with the Australian public that are being cynically … Continue reading

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