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Guest Post: Peter Greagg — The policy implications arising from the economic costs of taxation.

The imposition of a tax raises the price of things being taxed, and thereby generally reduces the amounts sold. This reduction in the amounts sold, relative to the situation before the things were taxed, is called the efficiency cost of … Continue reading

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Does Australia need a Google Tax?

No. I gave a presentation tonight on the Google Tax – slides here. Some important papers here and here.  

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Is the ATO that dumb?

Former Fairfax journalist Michael West has re-appeared at the University of Sydney and The Conversation. Still banging on about multinational tax avoidance. The Tax Office now publishes an annual list of Australia’s 1,900 largest companies, which shows their revenue, profit … Continue reading

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How much?

Another day and anther bunch of do-gooder tax-seeking statists arguing that a tax will make the world a wonderful and safe place. This time it is an obesity tax.  WHEN two out of three Australian adults and one in four … Continue reading

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“The new mediocre …”

I have an op-ed in the AFR this morning that talks about Australia’s fiscal strategy over the past ten years and the need for a return to “the old-time fiscal religion”. Right now politicians tax as much as they think … Continue reading

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Cascading sales tax – again

Must be a very slow news day – Pauline Hanson is in the media describing what she would do as PM (for a start she is in the wrong house for that). The One Nation leader said under her vision for … Continue reading

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Propaganda watch: Taxation

Chris Berg and I have a paper in the latest issue of Econ Journal Watch on the so-called base erosion and profit shifting scare that governments are using to justify the introduction of double taxation. From the abstract: Corporate tax … Continue reading

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Company Tax Resources

Writing Sinclair Davidson, Multinational corporations, stateless income and tax havens, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, April 2014. Sinclair Davidson, Evasion, Avoidance or Simply Compliance? The G20’s Most Taxing Issue, International Banker, 17 November 2014. Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson, Beware … Continue reading

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Government shakedown

So I have returned to some very interesting lefty bleating – it appears that the federal government has identified a new source of revenue – welfare recipients. Before that it was multinational corporations, excessive super balances, the air that we … Continue reading

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Guest Post: MC More of Labor’s tax policies will lead to economic recovery.

The Australian Labor Party is putting forward sensible tax policies that will lead economic recovery. Currently the parliament is hung up on the Back Packer Tax issue with the Coalition advocating a 32.5% tax on foreign back packers while Labor … Continue reading

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