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David Leyonhjelm on a lower tax bill

Limit government to what we need it for, and we will all save thousands of dollars in tax. If the government only got involved in the provision of services that the private sector is not well suited to provide, like … Continue reading

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ALP funded think tank “reluctantly” supports ALP policy

Labor’s planned ban on refundable excess franking credits has been declared a “second-best policy in a third-best world” by respected policy think-tank, the Grattan Institute. In its submission to Liberal MP Tim Wilson’s House of Representatives economics committee inquiry into … Continue reading

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Memo to the Liberals

I have had a number of conversations with people over the last few days about the next election. They all have told me that they have had a gutful of the government and their shenanigans and while they don’t like … Continue reading

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The importance of economic growth for the poor

Dan Mitchell, our man in DC with current US data to demonstrate that all boats rise and fall together. See also Jim Rose and the NZ Taxpayers. That reminds me, we are going to NZ at Christmas, travelling from bottom … Continue reading

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Flow-on from the Trump tax cuts

Good news from our man in DC. Not much to see in Australia yet. Funny thing that.

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Gene Tunny: The Andrew Leigh-Sinclair Davidson company tax debate

In March, there was extensive media coverage (e.g. in the Guardian Australia) of shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh’s company tax research which found companies paying lower effective company tax rates (i.e. actual tax paid/profits) did not create more jobs than those … Continue reading

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Incidence of company tax

Warren Mundine in the AFR this morning: In its fight against company tax cuts, Labor peddles the myth that company tax cuts are a windfall for big businesses and their shareholders, this week even launching ads suggesting Malcolm Turnbull supports company … Continue reading

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We’re from the government and we’re here to pick your pockets

From a Government’s perspective, there are only two things they want: your votes and your money. The rest is just rhetoric to get you to vote for them and to make sure you pay every last cent of your tax … Continue reading

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Charles Jacobs: Tax cuts on the nose: Millennials

As the tax cuts were passed in Parliament, new CIS research suggests that they may not have the backing of one of Australia’s largest group of voters. Indeed, in new polling we have commissioned from You Gov Galaxy, it appears … Continue reading

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Spare us the hypocrisy

There is a shock, horror, surprise headline on the Australian today. MPs warn Facebook over China data deal It turns out that Facebook might be sharing the information we voluntarily reveal to to world about ourselves with communists. Yes – … Continue reading

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