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David Leyonhjelm guest post on motorists

Australians love their cars. It’s not hard to see why; cars can be comfortable, convenient and liberating. Yet our governments seem intent on making life for motorists more difficult. First, there are the taxes on new cars. There’s a 5 … Continue reading

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Mongrel bunch of bastards or poor oversight?

Well. This is very interesting – the ABC and Fairfax have shot across the bow of the ATO. Two Australian Taxation Office whistleblowers have told a joint Four Corners and Fairfax investigation about a toxic internal culture where vulnerable small … Continue reading

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Easter 2018

Our traditional Easter Post Several years ago my RMIT colleague Tim Fry and I had an Easter-themed op-ed in the Fin Review. I have posted it before, but it is well worth revisiting. ~~~++~~~ Easter commemorates the death and resurrection … Continue reading

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Dodginess on tax regressions

The Guardian is reporting that Andrew Leigh has a new paper looking at whether firms that pay more tax employ more workers. In a paper published in the Economic Analysis and Policy journal, Labor’s shadow assistant treasurer finds that companies … Continue reading

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Another day, another tax

The Fairfax media are reporting that a $5 tax will be applied to parcels entering Australia. A discussion paper obtained by Fairfax Media shows department is considering ways to balance the bio-security budget, which is under pressure by the explosion … Continue reading

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JS Mill, rent, and taxation

I found this comment in The Australian by Adam Creighton: It’s extraordinary how some of the finer distinctions of yesteryear have seeped almost entirely out of modern economic theory, which might explain some of the broader public’s frustration. In the … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm: Hanson true to form on company tax cuts

Senator Hanson’s opposition to company tax cuts is disappointing, but unsurprising. The main benefit of company tax cuts is to boost foreign investment, and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation opposes foreign investment. The company tax rate is the final rate of … Continue reading

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Emma Alberici and the ABC have lost authority

Why the ABC’s economics correspondent felt the urge to share her incomplete understanding of corporate tax with the nation is somewhat puzzling of itself. Suffice to say Alberici has ­irrevocably lost the authority that should attach to her position by … Continue reading

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Think tank uses fake figures to calculate mining sector tax

We received a disgruntled phone call followed by two grumpy emails (one of which is at the bottom of this story) from a Mr Roderick Campbell of Manuka, ACT, after exposing TAI’s fake claim that the mining industry paid just 15 … Continue reading

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Busybodies and hypocrites

Here is Graham Richardson preaching about the need for good health policy: Probably no product in the world that has managed to penetrate more countries and cultures than Coca-Cola. Its billboard advertisements can be seen in Europe, Africa, Asia, the … Continue reading

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