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Think tank uses fake figures to calculate mining sector tax

We received a disgruntled phone call followed by two grumpy emails (one of which is at the bottom of this story) from a Mr Roderick Campbell of Manuka, ACT, after exposing TAI’s fake claim that the mining industry paid just 15 … Continue reading

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Busybodies and hypocrites

Here is Graham Richardson preaching about the need for good health policy: Probably no product in the world that has managed to penetrate more countries and cultures than Coca-Cola. Its billboard advertisements can be seen in Europe, Africa, Asia, the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on tax cuts

I have an op-ed in the AFR today talking about the government’s latest thought bubble. Spending is just off 2009-10 GFC stimulus levels. The government brags about the increased powers it is giving regulatory agencies and the Australian Tax Office. … Continue reading

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Government employees support government policy

The Productivity Commission believes the federal parliament should go ahead with its legislated plan to impose GST on low value imported goods. That’s surprising.

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What an apt analogy

A story about the ATO and a so-called tax gap caught my eye this morning: The Australian Taxation Office is confident it can squeeze more out of corporate Australia, narrowing a gap of about 6 per cent — or $2.5 billion … Continue reading

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Two op-eds on the Bank Levy

In the last week I have published two op-eds on tax policy and the bank levy in particular. The first in The Spectator Australia and the second in the Australian Financial Review. ~*~ The relationship between taxpayers and government should … Continue reading

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Tax data sharing

I have long been concerned by the ATO engaging in data sharing with foreign governments – after all, we can’t be sure that foreigners have the same levels of privacy protections that we do. Any data shared with a foreign … Continue reading

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Where I agree with Richard Denniss …

Richard Denniss – chief economist at The Australia Institute – has a column at the AFR.  This time he has some comments I agree with – getting soft in the old age. There are 750,000 unemployed people in Australia, up … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm – An Apology to Taxpayers

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Reality Is ‘The Rich’ Do Pay Their Fair Share

I had an op-ed in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday (no link) on tax. **~** It is pre-budget silly season again. You know, the time of year when we get to hear all of the good reasons why government should … Continue reading

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