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It hurts when you laugh

Nick Cater is magnificent in The Australian today: LIKE Tarzan, the feral child raised by the Mangani apes, Stephen Conroy ended his term as communications minister barely able to speak intelligible English. He had, after all, spent much of the … Continue reading

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Scott Carpenter RIP

Scott Carpenter (1 May 1925 – 10 October 2013) was the second American to orbit the Earth in the Mercury capsule Aurora died on Thursday from a stroke. His flight on 24 May 1962 achieved 3 orbits in just under … Continue reading

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World’s biggest cuckoo clock

I couldn’t let Sinc’s post go past without giving a plug for the world’s biggest cuckoo clock which I have had the privilege of visiting. Triberg is the centre for German cuckoo clocks and there is even a shop with over 1000 different cuckoo … Continue reading

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The NBN Board

Siobhan McKenna is getting worried. She is the part-time Chairman of the Government-owned NBN Co. receiving $209,630 per annum (plus superannuation and other benefits) of taxpayers’ money and is now using our money to employ a lobbying firm (Bespoke) and … Continue reading

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Individualised Transportation Modules (ITMs)

Back in 2010 I wrote about the concept of individualised transportation modules: self-piloting vehicles that can fly from point to point making road and rail redundant. Adrien – a public transport advocate – called this science fiction. Yet, self-driving vehicles seem just … Continue reading

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Coalition NBN policy

The official slogan of the Coalition NBN policy is Fast. Affordable. Sooner. But it should be Faster. Affordable. Sooner. Better. After all, the NBN is a pipe dream. It will never be – just like a Labor surplus. Conroy could have … Continue reading

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Techie toys

I am an early adopter or, as my family puts it, a sucker for new techie toys. I am currently using an iPod (well, several), an iPad and a Kindle. I don’t have an iPhone, mostly because I don’t like … Continue reading

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NBN Business Plan

The NBN business plan is here. The pricing section contains this table The following table describes wholesale access pricing for NBN Co services. Peak download speed (Mbps) Peak upload speed (Mbps) Fibre Wireless Satellite 12 1 $24 $24 $24 25 … Continue reading

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Whether you like it or not.

There is a very old joke (from the 50s I think) about the Communist Party organiser telling the crowd  how wonderful it will be under Communism. “When the revolution comes comrades, you will have caviar for every meal” One fellow … Continue reading

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Conroy v Google

Do you trust Conroy more than Google? “The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has accused Google of launching “the single greatest breach in the history of privacy”.” No, me neither. Conroy is turning out to be one of those quite rare … Continue reading

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