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Free speech not academic freedom

QUT academic Brian McNair has gotten himself into a bit of trouble. A Queensland university is in damage control after one of its ­academics, Scottish-trained media professor Brian McNair, described Islam as “a cancer on the planet”. Here is the … Continue reading

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Daniel – you have one job: Protect life, limb, and property.  

I’m happy to accept that the optimal level of crime is not zero. I’m also happy to accept that we can’t live zero-risk lives. Furthermore there is a price to be paid for living with a very large number of … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn on the refrigerator risk to freedom

In Australia in recent days there has been some controversy over a Quadrant editor’s response to the obnoxious remarks of someone on the ABC’s Q&A panel that an American has more chance of being killed by a falling refrigerator than … Continue reading

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How times have changed

Then:   Now:  

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Treat them like paedophiles

The British Prime Minister says the internet must now be regulated following London Bridge terror attack. She added that “terrorists had ‘safe spaces’ online” and that has got to end. That is finally getting to what truly does need to … Continue reading

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Well actually …

Charles Wooley makes these contradictory statements in the Australian: And I would have replied that I remember Christians indiscriminately blowing up innocent civilians during the so-called Troubles in Northern Ireland. They believed God was on their side, so any atrocity … Continue reading

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Surely this is a form of insanity

What’s the technical term for evading reality? Whatever it is, this is the worst example I have seen: Trump talks terrorism while Europe shouts ‘Climate!’: While terrorism may top President Donald Trump’s agenda, European leaders keep pressing him on climate … Continue reading

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New front in the war on terror

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The left sees itself as the Rebel Alliance

Given the split decision in the comments over Rogue 1, we went along last night to have a look. And I have to say that watching the latest Star Wars was an endurance test, but it did not lack for … Continue reading

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The lone wolf social media group

I mentioned some time back that ISIS would perhaps hold off its rampaging until after the American election was finally settled, which only finally occurred this week. So whether a coincidence or part of a deliberate strategy, there does seem … Continue reading

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