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Sydney Uni By The Numbers

I read in the media today that Sydney Uni academics are protesting the University awarding an honorary doctorate to former PM, John Howard. Now I don’t have a particular view on Mr Howard or the awarding of this honorary degree. … Continue reading

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SA Blackout – Heads Will Roll

As reported in the Australian  South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon says heads will roll over the state’s energy arrangements What’s the bet that if heads roll, they will be the wrong heads. But this was, to me, SenXen’s best line: He … Continue reading

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Last week, ASX’s cash equities market closed because of a systems failure.  Almost every man and his dog came out to complain and demand answers.  Even the Treasurer, HonScoMo, felt it appropriate to make comment and demand answers.  Many questions, … Continue reading

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Daily Milton

As true in Australia as in the US and as true today as in 1977 when these words were spoken.

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The first debate

So who won? Many pundits argued that Trump won the first 20 minutes but Hillary won the rest. Unfortunately, the first 20 minutes was Trump being even more protectionist than Hillary so that’s scant consolation. I really don’t think he … Continue reading

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The sign at the entrance to the US Presidential Debate

Trigger Warning.  Trigger Warning. A trigger warning sign at #DebateNight is actually a great metaphor for the entire US presidential @AielloTV — Ben Norton (@BenjaminNorton) September 26, 2016

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The Tin Cup Coalition

I have not watched Q&A for a long time.  It is just a constant repeat of the same inner city mantra.  Based on reporting from Fairfax media today about last night’s effort, there is no reason to change my view. … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup Sept 24

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. Accuracy in Academia. CIS Policy Quarterly is available on line. Spectator Life. Spiked. Read about Freedom for Freshers on campus. Freshers’ week, once a time full of boozing, socialising and awkward dorm-room fumblings, is now little … Continue reading

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Look who’s listening … pretty much no one

When you switch into the news tonight, there will be some carefully selected shots of our Prime Minister addressing the General Debate of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York. There will … Continue reading

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Climate treaty ratification’s unfortunate momentum

The Obama-led enemies of prosperity are trying to lock-in the Paris climate treaty ahead of a Trump victory.  This imposes severe restraints on carbon dioxide emissions from developed countries but not on emissions from most developing countries, which now account … Continue reading

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