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Follow the money

There is no greater truth than this: follow the money To meet their Paris Agreement climate change commitments, both Australia & NZ will be expanding their pipeline of clean energy, low-carbon transport and sustainable water infrastructure as well as their … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast

In the AFR today is a recycle of an oped by Robert Rubin in the Washington Post.  It is titled: America’s debt has exploded. Why does no one care? Robert Rubin is the former US Treasury Secretary under President Bill … Continue reading

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Possibly the funniest thing you will read today

As reported in the Fairfax press from the Hayne Royal Commission: Hostplus chief executive David Elia has defended spending $260,000 of the fund’s money hosting employers at last year’s Australian Open, saying it was important to keep up with competitors. … Continue reading

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Public Servant Politicians

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) appears to be having an ideas shin dig at Byron Bay. Talk about dining with the Devil.  And at this shin dig, former Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (and Australian … Continue reading

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The world has gone mad

Spartacus is not a fan of President Trump.  To the extent that this matters to anyone but Spartacus, but Spartacus has supported somethings the President has done, but has criticised other things. But this item from the US just shows … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

Gotthard Base Tunnel Switzerland. Longest tunnel in the world at 57 km, with a total rail track length of 152 km. Opened on schedule in 2016. Total cost $AU 13.2 billion. WestConnex in Sydney. 33 km of road of which … Continue reading

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23.9% and Taxation by other means

The Liberal-National Coalition Government has a stated budget policy of not collecting more than 23.9% of GDP in tax. What a laughable objective. It reminds Spartacus of a “strategy” executive in an organisation he once work for who convinced the … Continue reading

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Catallaxy Exclusive – Spartacus Satire

Your correspond Spartacus has recently posted a number of satirical posts designed to highlight the folly and lunacy of our political overlords.  The most recent of these posts was: Catallaxy Exclusive – Labor Promises to Expand ACMA and ACCC Armory. … Continue reading

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Thank you Jason Soon and Sinc

A random thought occurred on the road this evening, we all enjoy playing on the Cat, so lets remember Jason Soon who started it back around 2005 and Sinc who took over a few years ago and carried it onward … Continue reading

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Black Americans swing to Trump

In the face of the Trump Derangement Syndrome. h/t Empire 5.5 on the open thread. A poll conducted by the NAACP shows that black support for President Donald Trump sits at 21 percent, which, according to the Washington Examiner, is … Continue reading

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