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South Australian blackout: it was, in fact, caused by the windfarms

Though the wind-farmers’ propaganda machine regaled the media with fallen pylons as the cause of the South Australian 28 September blackout, the latest AEMO release refers to the pylon collapse as a cause of the State blackout only in a footnote. … Continue reading

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How silly and greedy is Crown Resorts Limited?

Kerry Packer must be rolling in his grave, seeing his son squander the family fortune on gambling. Kerry might have had control over various Australian governments, but Jamie thinks that he could control the Chinese Government. Like his mate Bob … Continue reading

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Politician accuses central banker of profligate policies – man bites dog!

This month UK Prime Minister Theresa May warned the Bank of England that its policies had damaged the interests of savers, pensioners and the young.  The Governor, fresh from campaigning against Brexit, fired back ‘The objectives are what are set … Continue reading

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Howard shows how far we’ve drifted from the Menzies era

Today in The Australian Set against the turmoil that has racked Australian politics since 2007, John Howard’s masterly series on the Menzies era reminds us of what stability looked like.

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Is this really consultation?

I received this email from Treasury on 14 October.  The closing date for submissions is 21 October. Come on, Kelly, this is a joke.  You cannot call this consultation.  You are just going through the motions to foist your ill-considered … Continue reading

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What a national disgrace

Australia’s former Prime Minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard, recently appeared on CNN’s Global Public Square show to discuss her experience as Australia’s first female Prime Minister. The show is hosted plagiarist but otherwise generally decent interviewer Fareed Zakaria.  But this … Continue reading

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Who would have thunk it?

Who would have thunk it?  Who could have predicted it?  A grant national scheme, thought up, designed and implemented by the Rudd Government would turn out to be an abject failure and an economic albatross undermining economic growth and prosperity … Continue reading

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Queensland and Victoria seeking to feast off national economic amputation

There are those who say if you force people to invest in horses and buggies and use these for half of their road trips we would all be better off.  Not for them the superficiality that this would reduce real … Continue reading

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Dots of climate science 3 Big Science

The first post in this series noted the decline in some aspects of education since WW2 and the second described the rise of radical environmentalism using the anti atomic power movement as a “Trojan horse”. Moving on to another post … Continue reading

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The dots of climate science 4 Uncritical science

The last post in this series treated Big Science as a postwar development closely related to the rise of Big Government. Apart from the intrinsic dangers of Big Science (too much money chasing too few ideas and the pressure to … Continue reading

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