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Guest Post: Brad Emery – Greens still living in a clean energy fantasy world

A young woman rides her bicycle into an inner city polling booth to vote in the 2013 Federal Election.  She tosses her mane of matted dreadlocks over her shoulder as she dismounts and fetches a bottle of organic prune juice … Continue reading

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Animal crackers

The ABC is suffering from a profound identity crisis. It is uncertain about its place in a crowded media landscape, unnerved by its critics and unsure of its future. Last night I chaired a forum for the Centre for Independent … Continue reading

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IPCC: Warming cost are small and less than costs of forcing carbon abatement

The IPCC is rolling out its “Fifth Assessment” horse-choker Working Group papers and slim-line Summaries for Policymakers. In this era where film stars with carbon footprints 100 fold those of common folk exhort us to reduce consumption levels to save … Continue reading

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Me against the world… or the revenue lobby, at least

Due to popular demand, I post a transcript of my recent ABC Drum piece about the fiscal constitutionality underpinning the GST design framework. To my mind, one of the more astounding aspects of the effective prohibition against free-wheeling GST rate and base … Continue reading

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Joseph Benedict Hockey, meet Edward William Foxall

Undertaking an analysis of the history of Australian monetary systems, I have been dutifully combing through original nineteenth-century literature examining the nuances of the free banking regime which once existed here. (For the record, I am a supporter of free-banking … Continue reading

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Restoring trust Labor lost its way to sideline Palmer

In The Australian today: “That affluence can buy influence is hardly news. What makes Clive Palmer different is that he flaunts it. Repeatedly, he tried to seize control of the Liberal Party in Queensland. When that failed, he set up … Continue reading

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That’s Far North Queensland, mate

About the only sensible thing I’ve heard about Cyclone Ita came from a local: that’s Far North Queensland, mate. And what has happened to our fighting spirit: hope for the best, plan for the worst? Now the motto seems to … Continue reading

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Bureaucratic madness

We were at dinner last night and hearing about an instance of complete bureaucratic madness.  The woman telling the story is a very energetic and competent person in her 60s. For a number of years, she has been a volunteer … Continue reading

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Can the ACCC perform a useful service?

Mathew Dunckley has a fine article in today’s Fin.  He says, “The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission insists it does not have sufficient evidence to back building company Boral’s claims it is the subject of an unlawful union-led boycott.  Boral … Continue reading

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Rafe’s Roundup 11 April

Philosophy in the Blue Mountains. On the theme of Turncoats, Keith Windschuttle will talk about his experience and another talk will cover David Horowitz. Keep up to date with the Shaken and Stirred Events! Industrial Relations. Gerard Henderson on The … Continue reading

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