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If only

From John Black, former Labor senator for Queensland, writing about Labor review of the recent election result: We also agreed that the voting blocs that stood to gain the most from the spending policies of the Labor campaign — think … Continue reading

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Bushfires Proof That Global Carbon Action Has Failed

The bushfires ravaging New South Wales and Queensland are proof that Australian climate policies are an exercise in waste and futility. While no scientist with any credibility would attribute the current bushfires to climate change that hasn’t stopped the usual … Continue reading

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Facts, Fictions, Morons

Fair dinkum. Not only has the language of the bureaucracy permeated the media, but now the idiotic arithmetic has. Writing about the crisis talks, yes crisis, around the ABC deciding to not broadcast the 2020 Olympics, Eamonn Tiernan writes: Crisis … Continue reading

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Joakim Book: The Real Reason Nobody Takes Environmental Activists Seriously

nvironmental activists are weird. Filled with a deep-rooted desire to do good, to save the world from imminent destruction, and to preach the ecological gospel to anybody (un)willing to hear it, they wield a surprising amount of influence — in the media if … Continue reading

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If someone else was paying for it, you would really find the Australian Public Service funny.  Like if they were the Kiwis picking up the tab.  But we Aussie taxpayers, the very few net tax payers of us there are, … Continue reading

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“Rate cuts ‘holding back’ the economy”

The main story in the Business Section of The Australian today with the heading in the paper found above. Online, the headline reads: Rate cuts eroding confidence, bank CEOs warn. They can see it, but unfortunately with modern economics such … Continue reading

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Weasel words and dog whistling by ABC Managing Director David Anderson

A Q&A episode has been pulled under instructions from Ita Buttrose because participants advocated advocate violence, arson and extrajudicial killings. Both Mona Eltahawy and Nayuka Gorrie called for unspeakable acts of violence. But David Anderson was less than forthright in his condemnation of … Continue reading

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The Axis of Plans

TAFKAS does not know which came first – the chicken or the egg.  Similarly, he does not know where the recent obsessive use of “plan” came from.  Was it Elizabeth Warren or was it the Australian Liberal and Labor Parties? … Continue reading

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Foreign Influence

Sinc on Cat and Janet Albrechtsen in the OZ have have well covered the whole foreign influence business and the CPAC conference. There is much to be said about the appalling legislative drafting that led to the mess, similar to … Continue reading

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100 million

100 million. No. Not the amount of money the Commonwealth Government wastes every week or so but the estimate of people killed by Communism. Or more specifically Communist regimes. TAFKAS actually reckons the number is higher if you account for … Continue reading

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