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Happy Australia Day

It is common for today’s woke folk to gnash their teeth about Australia Day and propose changing it to another day and to call 26 January ‘invasion day’, a day of shame when the Aboriginal people were dispossessed. Yet there … Continue reading

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The enemies of the environment: the Greens

(UPDATED 25/1/20) History is littered with examples of groups claiming to be acting for some ideal actually achieving the opposite; sometimes with intent, at other times with ideology. Double agents, traitors, seditionists, anarchists and the use of deceit and subterfuge. … Continue reading

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Politicians engaging in politics

Who would have thunk it.  Politicians engaging in politics. This Bridget McKenzie business has been going on for 2 or whatever weeks now.  Yes.  Based on what as been reported, the conduct has been bad. But the rank hypocrisy of … Continue reading

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Democracy becoming dominated by the politics of envy?

Among the attendees of the recent Mont Pelerin Society were Steve K, Sinclair and me.  A great many issues were discussed in the debate on liberty, efficiency, their friends and enemies. I have a piece in today’s The Australian, which … Continue reading

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A pox on all of them

Having delayed it as long as possible, TAFKAS is being forced to convert his internet service to the NBN.  Not because he wants it, but because he is forced to. Now it is worth noting, that TAFKAS was quite happy … Continue reading

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Coming to a public financial market near you

Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading advisers on IPOs, will no longer take companies in the US and Europe public if they have boards made up entirely of white men. Speaking to CNBC at the World Economic Forum at Davos on … Continue reading

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Fire crisis is normal: Abolish all energy subsidies

Now that the rains have arrived to turn 2019-20 into a perfectly normal year in Australia will all the alarmists at Fairfax, the ABC and the Guardian declare it so?  Not on your nelly – at least while their is … Continue reading

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Roger Scruton, heroic champion of art and truth

Today in The Australian It may be the fate of most public intellectuals to become more and more public and less and less intellectual; it was never that of the late Roger Scruton.  

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Hey Jacqui. Put the bucket back on your head

This morning, TAFKAS was listening to the radio when he heard the Hon. (yes Hon.!!!) Jacquie Lambie hyperventilating again.  This time, she was rambling on about this sporting grants business and demanding that Bridget McKenzie, as the responsible Minister, resign … Continue reading

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Remind me, which one is David and which on is Goliath

According to the inner city latte set at the Sydney Morning Herald: The Department of Defence is embroiled in a battle with residents of an apartment building in Potts Point over the construction of a 12-metre high substation at the … Continue reading

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