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Wish you were here: Mont Pelerin meeting in Hong Kong

While Steve Kates was selling Say’s Law to the socialists, three other Cats were soaking up the genteel fervor of the Mont Pelerin Society’s Hong Kong meeting. Highlights for the first day or so included Vaclav Klaus who reckons the … Continue reading

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Unweaving the web of Aboriginal welfare dependency won’t be easy

In The Australian today “It is not easy to imagine a less controversial statement than Tony Abbott’s claim that the arrival of the First Fleet was the “defining moment in the history of this continent”. Nor could it possibly be … Continue reading

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George Orwell on socialism, capitalism and totalitarianism

This is a regrettably slow-paced talk by David Ramsay Steele, now a libertarian, who was once a Marxist but such a serious and critical scholar that he saw through the whole socialist/collectivist thing and turned against it. The talk is … Continue reading

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High-speed broadband can quickly be delivered at a reasonable cost

In The Australian today: “That the release of the cost-benefit analysis of the National Broadband Network has generated as much heat as light is perhaps unsurprising. The debate about the NBN has always been drenched in politics. And the analysis … Continue reading

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Warburton recommendations on the RET’s future

To recap, the present arrangements on renewables are ramping up to require 41,000 GWh of electricity from large scale facilities (wind mills) and 4,000 GWh from small scale Rooftop PVs) to be supplied by 2020.  Electricity from windmills costs 2-3 times the … Continue reading

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RET carbon spending reaches crescendo

Whenever a businessman, and in many cases an environmentalist, recommends the on-going subsidy for renewables it almost always means someone with a vested interest in forcing consumers or taxpayers to pay for something that is not in their interest. So … Continue reading

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Wayne Swan’s tale: file under fantasy

In The Australian today: “Strewth Proust, Swan’s on the loose! With the memoirs of the world’s greatest treasurer shaping up as the stocking stuffer of the season, Wayne Swan’s remembrance of deficits past adds mightily to this year’s choice of … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm’s guest post “An UnhealthyApproach to Health”

Published as an op ed in The Fin Review. Popular thinking about the role of government is all over the place. Nothing exemplifies the muddle more than the widespread support for massively increased government spending on medical research, and the … Continue reading

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Climate change lobby works at making money

I had a piece in the Herald Sun on Friday further addressing the fraudulent and income sapping climate change issue. The “greatest moral challenge of our time”, is how Kevin Rudd referred to climate change, which was allegedly resulting from … Continue reading

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We already have a Tax Commission – it’s called the Parliament

John Hewson over at The Drum: … let us go to the other extreme and pose the question of whether it is inconceivable that the Abbott White Paper might consider, given the overwhelming importance of the tax and transfer system … Continue reading

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