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Dear old Dick

Here’s the thing, Dick: if you want to make a point, it’s worth doing some homework. Now good luck to Dick for his $500,000 tax refund.  He no doubt has one of the few very large legacy superannuation funds, with … Continue reading

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Bob Brown – Road to Damascus or Not in My Backyard?

After spending his life telling us that (1) climate change is the number one world problem and (2) renewables (including wind and solar) are critical to addressing climate change, St. Bob Brown is now saying a wind power project in … Continue reading

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Lessons for ALP in demise of European left populism

Today in The Australian As Labor struggles to find its bearings, it would do well to consider what is happening in Europe. ­ Syriza, which was trounced by the conservatives in last Sunday’s elections, was not merely a Greek phenomenon … Continue reading

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They are the shepherds and we are the sheep

Treasurer Frydenberg met with RBA Governor Lowe today.  It seems it was such an important meeting, a media announcement was warranted. So says Treasurer Frydenberg: The combination of the tax cuts, the interest rate cuts, the infrastructure spending, the regulatory … Continue reading

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Wrecking the Murray Darling’s agriculture

Not for the first time Four Corners this week aired an alarmist program on the Murray and irrigation, full of dark forebodings of graft and corruption, overlaid on the familiar green left theme that Murray Darling basin, the source of … Continue reading

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The last word

There have been a number of posts and hundreds of comments on this site relating to the Israel Folau matter.  TAFKAS has been party to many. And this debate on this site has demonstrated the most of the best and … Continue reading

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To Folau or Not Folau

TAFKAS suspects that the very mention of Folau in the heading of this post will trigger a number of comments.  But with the benefit of time and reflection, TAFKAS believes that he can summarise the Folau matter in 3 points: … Continue reading

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Is the AFR rejoining economic rationality?

The AFR has spent a decade of extolling the merits of renewable energy.  It has waxed lyrical on the beneficial effects of taxes on fossil fuels (aka renewable subsidies, the NEG).  But, following a passage rightly pointing out the cost … Continue reading

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Travel Notes

Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today. Your intrepid correspondent has taken the family on holiday, from the emerald city to Melbourne. TAFKAS very much likes Melbourne – it is a great place – and has visited many times, but … Continue reading

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Clover Moore’s Climate Catastrophe

I have a piece in the Spectator that chides Sydney’s virtue signalling ‘climate emergency’ as being downright lethargic compared to star performers like Melbourne, which has had new programs every five years since 2003 promising carbon neutrality. In recent years, governments … Continue reading

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