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Happy birthday Karl 28 July 1902 to 1994

True ignorance. Freedom and security. Against dogmatism. “I had another good innings with Wolfgang Pauli in Zurich” (Unended Quest section 27). He might have opened the innings for Austria or even New Zealand if he only had half-decent coaching at … Continue reading

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Trade union mythology – collective bargaining evens up the share for labour

Main paper 8. Collective bargaining to even up the shares between labour and capital. Reasonable and peace-loving supporters of the labour movement may concede that violence in industrial relations is an evil, but they may argue that it is (or … Continue reading

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Well Tesla my fancy

We are a cynical mob here on the Cat and several, including Judith, have expressed some scepticism about the likelihood of the electric car displacing the internal combustion engine. Not so some others like Alan Kohler who has been driving … Continue reading

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Downsides of the minimum wage hike in Seattle. How surprising!

What did they expect? Lose lose results all round. Some workers want less hours so they can remain eligible for low income government benefits like childcare and tax credits. And the restaurants are in trouble.

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In today’s The Australian When Ovid, in the Metamorphoses, made the first recorded use of the term “reformare”, it meant the sudden rejuvenation of an old man — but for one day only.

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Industry super funds get desperate

The industry super funds are getting really desperate.  The sharing of the booty of the equal representation model, underpinned by legislation, is under attack – well actually, some very modest changes to the governance of APRA-regulated super funds are being … Continue reading

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Red tape and carbonphobia strangling the economy

Regulation, coal and and renewable energy make a potent brew as Bill Shorten’s suicidal excursion to a 50 per cent renewable energy target is demonstrating. I did a catallaxy piece on the Watermark mine fiasco some days ago and have … Continue reading

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The co-conspirators

Here is a photo of the co-conspirators  who have only one thing on their mind – how to fleece the citizens by extracting even higher taxes.  We could call them King John I, II, III etc. This has nothing to … Continue reading

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We’re the best of a bad lot

I saw this at Tim Blair the other day which I found quite depressing, even though he wrote it up in a kind of upbeat way: We’re Number One! We’re Number One!. And sure enough, there we are at the … Continue reading

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Renewable energy propaganda scores goals

Demonstrating a triumph of propaganda over reality, today’s Essential Report poll finds that over  55 per cent of respondents think that the government should give more support to renewables (only 12 per cent thought coal should get more support). This … Continue reading

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