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Where would be without the advice of Libby Lyons and her trusted staff at the Workplace Gender Equality Agency?  Let me just bring you up to speed on the 25 permanent staff members of the WGEA: Women   21 Men … Continue reading

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Australia will need to follow US in lowering business imposts

From my piece in yesterday’s Herald Sun Australian politicians recognise that a Trump presidency will bring radical change in US.  But none of them understand that this also creates a competitive threat. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is backed … Continue reading

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General James Mattis – nominee for US Secretary of Defence

Mattis said the following to his Marines as a rule to live by in Iraq. Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.

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Trump torpedoes the Global warming con but Australia soldiers on

At a tremendous cost to the economy’s future, Australia is refusing to heed the revolutionary change in global climate policy that Trump is ushering in, changes reinforced today with his appointment of an EPA Administrator who is at total odds … Continue reading

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Government Entrepreneurs

Earlier this week, I attended a seminar about an emerging business sector; an innovative sector focusing on delivering better and cheaper customer solutions. The subject of the seminar was government policy in general, but amazingly, two thirds of the time … Continue reading

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I have never supported a carbon tax

Our prime minister is being too cute by half in saying he has never supported a carbon tax. As opposition leader, he did support the government’s ETS which included a fixed price on carbon – a tax – for several … Continue reading

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Education Master Chef

Consider this.  You are preparing a meal.  You are using great and fresh ingredients and are operating in a great kitchen.  But the meal you produce tastes like crap. Is the reason the meal tastes like crap because of the … Continue reading

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Do You Still Beat Your Partner?

What an offensive question eh. How about this disgraceful effort from the Anti-Australia Institute.  This is a full page add from today’s (7 December) Australian Financial Review. There are a few leading questions I would like to ask of the … Continue reading

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Construction – Contemporary Style

Empire State Building, New York, USA – Ground breaking was on March 17, 1930. Construction soon began and the building officially opened May 1, 1931 — just 410 days during the Great Depression. Pentagon, Washington DC, USA – Construction began September 11, 1941. … Continue reading

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A diagram from the American Enterprise Institute as recently posted on Dan Mitchell’s blog.  Worth the share IMO.

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