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Keating’s pointscoring unfair to Menzies and a disservice to history

Today in The Australian: Paul Keating’s attack on Robert Menzies is merely the latest episode in the politicisation of Australian history. Lost in that attack, which seeks to portray Menzies as an appeaser who would have left Australia undefended in … Continue reading

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AGL: virtue signalling while raising prices by closing plant

Australia has lost its pole position in electricity competitiveness. The gradual increase in subsidised renewable energy in forcing out coal plant has transformed the Australian industry from perhaps the cheapest in the world into, on some measures, one of the most … Continue reading

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Now here is a statisic

The Hon. Bob Carr had published an opinion piece in the Australian todat about Australia-China relations.  Here is one particular line: Its (China’s) public sector (even including state-owned enterprises) is a smaller proportion of its workforce than Australia’s. There you go.  … Continue reading

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He’s Gone!

Senator Sahand “Sam” Dastyari has just resigned from the Senate. Perhaps to follow in the steps of prior General Secretaries of NSW Labor to go to work for the Packer empire … Graham Richardson Mark Arbib Karl Bitar Follow I Am … Continue reading

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Renaissance Woman wants private schools to be banned

According to the ABC’s Geraldine Doogue, Elizabeth Farrelly is the Renaissance Woman.  And not just the Renaissance Woman but also: provocative Fairfax columnist, architecture academic, essayist on everything from climate change to feminism; perpetual thinker, mother of teenagers, and former independent Sydney … Continue reading

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Sydney University Bans Discussion of Banned Speech

In its Free Speech On Campus Audit 2017, the Institute of Public Affairs found that the University of Sydney had the worst combination of policies and actions as they related to the exercise of free speech and otherwise limit the … Continue reading

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Catallaxy Exclusive – University of Sydney Changes Names of Degrees

The University of Sydney, Australia’s leading higher education and research University, today announces a world first change to the names of its degrees. In recognition of the implicit and explicit bias and consequential inherent aggression, the University will no longer … Continue reading

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AGL’s proposed power station closure would ensure continued excessive electricity prices

Yesterday AGL confirmed its plans to close the Liddell coal powered electricity generator in 2022.  It did so in the face of calls from the government – even by notorious green aficionado Malcolm Turnbull – for its life to be extended. … Continue reading

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The balkanisation of public policy

One of my greatest concerns in public policy is the tendency for each side to admit no error and to hold certain “truths” which are defended at any cost. There is no room for introspection in such an environment and … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS – NSW Government to demolish and rebuild Parliament House

In breaking news, the NSW Minister for Profligacy and Indulgence, the Hon. Stuart Ayers has announced that the NSW Government has decided to implement and fund the NSW Parliament House Strategy.  This will involve the demolition of the current 110 year old … Continue reading

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