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We already have a Tax Commission – it’s called the Parliament

John Hewson over at The Drum: … let us go to the other extreme and pose the question of whether it is inconceivable that the Abbott White Paper might consider, given the overwhelming importance of the tax and transfer system … Continue reading

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Spin from the Fin

It is getting to the point that the Fin cannot be regarded as a serious financial newspaper when its lead story essentially picks up the press release of rent-seeking wind farm operator Infigen Energy, which arose from the ashes of … Continue reading

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Big picture must frame reform

In today’s The Australian “However uncertain the future may be, what cannot happen will not happen. In Australia’s case, we cannot run large budget deficits forever. At some point, debt accumulation, combined with loss of confidence and external shocks, will … Continue reading

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The importance of folk songs in the Baltic states

Our tour guides in Tallinn (Estonia) and Riga (Latvia) both made a point of the vital importance of folk songs and public singing in the cultural and political life of these small and much invaded and tyrannized states. Riga can … Continue reading

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Robin Williams talks to Rove

Comedian Robin Williams has passed away aged 63.

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Data retention laws the lesser evil

In The Australian today: “There is plenty to criticise in the government’s handling of its proposed data retention laws. But the hysteria with which they have been greeted completely misses the point.”

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BCA promotes big government and the corporate state

In the AFR this morningBCA head Catherine Livingstone makes a heady call for the restoration of the corporatist state.  She says, Our approach calls for an investment in sectors with current significant strength to ensure they retain their capacity for sustainable job … Continue reading

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When David met Joe

“My morning with Joe” David’s Fin Review column from last Friday. There seems to be more interest in Joe Hockey’s meetings with the cross-benchers than Blake Garvey’s dates with the ladies on Channel 10’s reality TV show the Bachelor. So … Continue reading

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“Freeloading” workers don’t deserve perks

What a complete disgrace this rort is.  Building employers are forced to pay ‘redundancy’ payments on behalf of all workers (in excess of $100 per worker per week) which are then paid into a fund; in the case of Queensland, … Continue reading

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Hot rocks a dud: ask Tim Flannery

Here is a very balanced piece by Keith Orchison, who is always worth reading. It tells the story of investors (who should have known better) and the taxpayer getting caught up in the fairytale of hot rocks (which need to … Continue reading

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