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Australia’s economic outlook still gloomy as time to fix finances runs out

In The Australian today: “With this week’s mid-year economic and fiscal outlook projecting deficits through to 2019-20, Australia’s prosperity is as threatened as our peaceful way of life. But while the horrors of terrorism have brought Australians together, the economic … Continue reading

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Bankers’ promote green agit-prop

The pathetic defensiveness of the banks is illustrated in this article in the Australian ($).  ANZ is ashamed of its lending policy and has to justify lending to energy investments (other than cost-inducing renewables) by fabricating a number (20 per cent) … Continue reading

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No rush: let’s review it in 2020

I’m pretty sure that the Murray Report on the financial system will soon be gathering dust on the bookshelves of the relevant ministers.  (Can anyone tell me why the government is even bothering to have a tax review; nothing will happen, that’s for … Continue reading

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Advice to Joe: exit the OECD

Am I the only one who thinks that Peter Martin, economics editor of The Age, is making Ross Gittins look quite sensible?  And let’s face it, that’s saying something. This was the man who claimed that someone on a million … Continue reading

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Talking sense on health spending

In The Australian today: “It’s the season for miracles. Unfortunately, today’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook is likely to show they are in short supply. But if divine intercession is too much to hope for, surely a sensible discussion about … Continue reading

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Lima: should this surpise?

Another day, another dust-up, another text, a few more exasperated delegates, another stunt … and then The green groups are clearly disappointed about the outcomes from the UN Lima climate conference; indeed, one environmentally chap thinks “it sucks”.  But would … Continue reading

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Double-edged sword of the new oil shock

Today in The Australian “It’s certainly been good news for Australian consumers. In October, a litre of petrol cost about $1.50; with prices now down to $1.25, the typical motorist is saving $60 a month.”

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Just hang in until we get the exchange rate right

You want evidence that we are being driven into a lower standard of living? Try this: Mr Stevens, who has consistently maintained the currency is materially overvalued, said a number in the vicinity of US75c seemed an appropriate valuation, which … Continue reading

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NAB and the ALP/Green carbon bank in cahoots to milk taxpayers

The Foreign Minister has been given near-universal acclaim  until this week when she (or a friend) started leaking against Abbott.  This was followed up by her apparent praise for the notorious RET and signing on to some $200 million in … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott pays price for ignoring basic political principles in budget

In The Australian today: “Like watching a dog hit by a car, the dying takes longer than one could possibly have imagined. But as budget measure after budget measure writhes in agony, the government has struggled to adapt to the … Continue reading

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