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So how’s The New Daily going?

Recall the kerfuffle about AustralianSuper, Cbus and some others ‘investing’ in a new website, The New Daily.  AustralianSuper is using funds from the service fee that all members must pay to finance this highly dubious venture. Recall also that The New … Continue reading

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Smoking Wars again

This morning the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released results for the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey. The anti-smoking lobby is crowing that the results support the tobacco plain packaging policy “This is the biggest drop I’ve ever … Continue reading

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End of the carbon bubble

Just to add to the material on the greatest moral challenge of our time, the following piece of mine was published in the AFR this morning. In the UK political satire The Thick of It, Peter Mannion MP speaks for … Continue reading

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Make the most of your troubles, Tony

In The Australian today: “Defeat can be turned into opportunity if it is properly managed. With budget measure after budget measure risking rejection in the Senate, the government should use the threat it faces to improve the measures, strengthen public … Continue reading

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Oh dear, Gittins thinks he’s getting with the program

Actually, Ross, the debate on the minimum wage has come and gone and Gittins is the one looking the goose.  And here’s the thing: I am a labour market economist and you are not. For a while there, the work … Continue reading

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The budget crisis is real, it’s serious, and we ignore it at our children’s peril

In The Australian today: “With Clive Palmer, Labor and the Greens combining to destroy the government’s budget, it is important to understand just how serious our fiscal crisis is.”

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Rafe’s Roundup 12 July

World news. A positive take on the future of Israel. Good news from India. Good news from NSW, top of the super rugby ladder. History. Wells Fargo, stage coaches, mail and financial services. Cobb and Co. Nature study. Hippos doing … Continue reading

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Blogging on Broadway

Currently blogging on Broadway in the Happy Bagel on the corner of Broadway and W101th. Stinking humidity although only about 80F actually 24C, work that out. Drove up or down from Washington with Mark and Ieva Notturno through Baltimore, over … Continue reading

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Carbon capers

So, the carbon tax remains at least for the present, as Palmer United and Ricky Muir oppose its repeal, claiming absence of guarantees that the repeal savings would be passed on.  Eric Abetz claims the government provided such guarantees and … Continue reading

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Shorten fuels the voters’ illusions

In The Australian today: “In the house of the hanged, said Cervantes, it is unseemly to talk about the noose. But someone needs to remind Bill Shorten of Labor’s fiscal record. From 2010 on, every day brought pledges of a … Continue reading

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