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Lucky for Derryn he is not in the North Korean Senate

Following on from recent news that the Hon. Senator Derryn Hinch was caught napping in the senate chamber, the Australian reports that Kim Jong Un blasts sleepy officials with anti aircraft guns. Two senior North Korean officials have been publicly executed … Continue reading

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Let’s have a Royal Commission

Is there any issue that Senator Sam does not want a royal commission into or that Senator X (Xenaphon) want a senate inquiry into? OK.  Let’s have a Royal Commission into Senator Sam.  You know it must be serious if … Continue reading

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Good policy to leave negative gearing unchanged

You really do despair when policy issues are interpreted through leadership contests. Lefties Turnbull and Morrison like to copy Labor on policies – see, we went even further on super than Labor; should we take a bow now? – but … Continue reading

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Sinc’s man

Malcolm Turnbull has slapped down a push by his backbench to reform the Racial Discrimination Act, saying there are other “much more pressing priorities” on the agenda. A group of 20 senators, including all but one Coalition upper house backbencher, … Continue reading

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Race Hate Push: ABC’s heading

The ABC headline says it all.  Yes, a proposal to amend section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is race hate push. I noticed Leigh Sales use the same disgraceful term on 730 last night – it is clearly the … Continue reading

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Government destruction of wealth: the saga continues with Victoria banning gas exploration

Confirming Australia’s leadership in the world league of weak, over-reactive and stupid politicians, Victoria has announced it will convert into a total ban the existing moratorium on the production of gas coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas using … Continue reading

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The New Parliament

Alan Moran wrote the following in Quadrant recently.  I think he posted the same somewhere on this site also. Alan’s opening paragraph was so beautifully written, that in honor of the opening of the 45th parliament today, I thought I … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words

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Don’t believe the PBO either

One minute the Parliamentary Budget Office thinks that a lifetime non-concessional contributions cap of $500,000 will raise $2.5 billion over ten years; the next minute, the figure is nearly $6 billion. Both figures are just completely made up because the … Continue reading

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25 priorities, sensible centre: help us

Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t seem to see the inconsistency of telling us that he now has 25 immediate priorities, but that changing 18C isn’t one of them. Last week, he and his erstwhile Treasurer, Sco-Mo, were telling us that they had … Continue reading

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