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Oops at the Fin – just the WA printed edition

One of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers, the Financial Review, has printed an error-strewn edition. The front page included dummy headlines, empty space, “three lines to come here”, Gallipoli misspelt (twice) and the subhead ‘World Is Fukt’.  The Anzac Day edition … Continue reading

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Direct Action riding to rescue us from carbon emissions

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has just launched an Emissions Reduction Fund White Paper.  The reference group formulating it was co-chaired by Danny Price of Frontier Economics, who forged many of the bullets used by the lobbyists promoting carbon taxes, and … Continue reading

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Stop renewable subsidies to allow lower electricity prices and competitive industry

The RET Review brought the usual howls of anguish from the rent seekers concerned that regulatory measures will cease and that they will need to sell their wind and solar products on the open market.  That means they would need … Continue reading

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All you need to know about economics

From a graduation speech delivered by Nobel Prize winner, Professor Thomas Sargent. The Greatest Graduation Speech Ever Given Is Bullet-Point List Of 12 Economic Concepts I remember how happy I felt when I graduated from Berkeley many years ago. But … Continue reading

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Rape and pillage: the facts

In response to my column on Anzac denial in The Australian today, I received an email from Mr H R Thomas in Queensland drawing my attention to the work of Dr Lindy Edwards. I have since become the 42nd person … Continue reading

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The great tragedy of justice delayed

In The Australian today: “Watching Barry O’Farrell’s resignation recalled Enoch Powell’s conclusion to his biography of Joseph Chamberlain that “all political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the … Continue reading

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Land of the free

Brendan O’Neill has revealed himself as the 21st century’s Joseph Banks, reporting back to England on the flora and fauna that inhabits Australia’s strange cultural landscape. He writes in Spiked: Australia contains what must surely count as the most exotic, rarely … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Brad Emery – Greens still living in a clean energy fantasy world

A young woman rides her bicycle into an inner city polling booth to vote in the 2013 Federal Election.  She tosses her mane of matted dreadlocks over her shoulder as she dismounts and fetches a bottle of organic prune juice … Continue reading

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Animal crackers

The ABC is suffering from a profound identity crisis. It is uncertain about its place in a crowded media landscape, unnerved by its critics and unsure of its future. Last night I chaired a forum for the Centre for Independent … Continue reading

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IPCC: Warming cost are small and less than costs of forcing carbon abatement

The IPCC is rolling out its “Fifth Assessment” horse-choker Working Group papers and slim-line Summaries for Policymakers. In this era where film stars with carbon footprints 100 fold those of common folk exhort us to reduce consumption levels to save … Continue reading

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