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Regulations prevent agricultural output from supplying markets opened by trade negotiations

“I can feel a dam coming on” was the refrain made famous by the Modest Member.  A new dam, new road, additional water rights, were among the baubles seemingly available from governments to be scattered among the voters when favours … Continue reading

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GetUp: Please ShutUp

Here’s another example of how we are stuffed – GetUp runs a populist campaign to protect many well-off age pensioners. Depending on the movement of wages, it well may the case that pensioners end up doing better with a CPI … Continue reading

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At last, a sensible Swan

This is a great piece from Professor Peter Swan in The Australian.  One point he could have noted was that a lower exchange rate reduces real wages and living standards. WHEN Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said earlier this month said … Continue reading

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What hope?

I was reading about ACOSS’s budget submission which is full of all the predictable, left-wing mush.  But I actually think their ideas about restricting access to the age pension make a lot of sense, although the politics are fraught. But … Continue reading

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The industrial relations club racket in retail

  I have written about this before, but there are some very powerful forces which would rather the details be kept hush-hush. But as Joe de Bruyn of the Shoppies enters his final circuit and is negotiating a new round … Continue reading

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The silly duffers at Charles Sturt University

 I just love this story.  In fact, it restores my faith in the judgement of university administrators who have the common sense to tell this group – the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, headed by Hewie here in Australia – to … Continue reading

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On climate hysteria

Here we go again: a report based on a computer model and prediction by our very own CSIRO.  But somehow it is accepted as fact: that Australia will become the victim of even more floods (evidently the drought thing is … Continue reading

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So when, precisely?

To tell you the truth, I am getting a bit sick of these ‘market’ economists, whose main jobs is to market their employing organisations, and their soft/left remarks: No, Australia doesn’t have a budget problem; There are no comparisons with … Continue reading

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Labor to reintroduce carbon tax and mining tax

Thanks for the heads-up from Andrew Leigh MP, formerly known as Professor Andrew Leigh. Now Shadow Assistant Treasurer, he has announced that the carbon tax and the mining tax were such good ideas that an elected Labor government will reintroduce … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm on the retention of metadata

From The Guardian Last week, Attorney-General George Brandis described data retention as ‘absolutely crucial in identifying terrorist networks and protecting the public’. On that basis, he argued for passage of the Government’s data retention legislation. This assertion is simply false. … Continue reading

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