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Premier Weatherill’s latest energy plan

Make Electricity While You Exercise

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$190 carbon tax needed to meet Paris Agreement

The Finkel inquiry into the energy future got off to a bad start with its preliminary report erroneously claiming all this wind and solar we are seeing is being driven by technology and consumer demand when it is clearly a … Continue reading

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And Social Justice For All

Speaking at the ASIC annual forum, the Chairman of Australia’s corporate, credit and markets regulator ASIC, Greg Medcraft said: It’s not necessarily just complying with the law, it’s about what is the right thing,” And ACTU Secretary Sally McManus does … Continue reading

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Guest post Jimmy Littlestone: Dr Andrew Keith Leigh

Today, in one of the biggest understatements in Australian political history, Andrew Leigh finally came out of witness protection and admitted that he had “made a mistake” after publishing a completely wrong oped earlier in the week. Showing all of … Continue reading

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The age of intolerance

Recent events such as gay marriage activists forcing a grovelling apology from Coopers Brewers, or a number of Australian CEOs (including Heather Ridout who has never been a CEO of any company), or the attacks on Bjorn Lomborg or Ayaan … Continue reading

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An unjust law?

Sally McManus tells us that she is a unionist first, second and third. She also advises where the law’s fair, where the law’s right, but when it’s unjust I don’t think there’s a problem with breaking it So what about … Continue reading

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Energy Policy – Oz Style

Writing for another state sponsored publication, Tim Colebatch, formerly of Fairfax, comments on Why gas prices went sky-high, and what governments need to do about it.  BTW, the state sponsored publication is Inside Story, produced by the Institute for Social … Continue reading

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Grasping at straws in the march to energy disaster

As I pointed out in my previous post, republished here, the Australian government is using all its abundant intelligence resources to argue that Trump will not follow up on his strictures regarding the global warming scam.  Julie Bishop is unfortunately proving … Continue reading

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I mean Lord Howe.  Hay man.  Does it get any worse than this. Phil Coorey in the AFR writes that Liberal Prime Minister Turnbull, that’s right Liberal Prime Minister says: Australia’s gas giants risk losing their “social licence” and could … Continue reading

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Mr Shorten – perhaps rotate this guy to a different portfolio

In one if his more inane attempts to push the ALP’s anti-business barrow, Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Spokesman for Competition and Productivity, Dr. Andrew Leigh, for a doctor he somehow is, writes in the Fairfax papers about the five faceless … Continue reading

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