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Humanitarian Arrivals

Just posted in the Inner Sydney Morning Herald, as story about refugee arrivals: Half of Australia’s 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to be settled by just one Sydney council It’s (relatively) late and I am tired so I won’t go … Continue reading

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Anyone for a republic?

Prince Charles reminds me of his uncle David (Edward VIII) – a self-absorbed, opinionated tosser who should always be kept on a short leash. Luckily, Edward VIII was forced to abdicate and spent the rest of his life achieving nothing … Continue reading

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An understatement perhaps

ministers admit Germany still faces numerous challenges. That is German ministers and the challenge of managing and integrating refugees following Chancellor Merkel’s “temporary open-door asylum policy”. Here are some numbers as reported by the BBC: Asylum seekers in calendar year … Continue reading

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Who should be the next Health Minister?

When the AMA welcomes the prospect of Senator Arthur Sinodinos becoming the Health Minister, the PM should run a mile.  The last thing we need is another Health Minister cosying up to the doctor’s union.   The current President of … Continue reading

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Spot the inconsistency

Here’s a tip: never take public policy advice from a medical doctor. Here’s nanny-in-chief Professor (of public health) Stephen Leeder (a medical doctor he is) telling us that weight loss programs don’t work but that the state needs to intervene … Continue reading

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Shakira. Jamie Oliver. Ice Sculptures. Lavish parties. Concern for inequality. Welcome to Davos.

Here is a wonderful parody of Davos, whose attendees are so concerned about wealth and income inequality as well as climate change (gosh, what’s a few corporate jet and helicopter rides?): Hundreds of chambermaids, doormen and cocktail waiters have been … Continue reading

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Trump gives Davos a miss: sound

One of the reasons behind the first ever visit by a Chinese president to next week’s Davos boondoggle is that, as reported last week, president Xi was open to a meeting with US president-elect Donald Trump’s team, if clearly not … Continue reading

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Surprise, suprise: Bishop a no-show at polo

I guess she had forgotten to put the arrival of Japan’s prime minister in her diary; seems she has to be in Sydney and that clashes with the very important event, the Portsea Polo.  Gosh, she will be missing out … Continue reading

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If I were to call you something, it would not be a cynic

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, Comrade Elizabeth Farrelly writes about proposed (urban) planning changes in Sydney. Call me a cynic, Sydney’s planning changes just won’t deliver. I won’t bore Cats with the essence of her article, but highlight … Continue reading

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Here is a question

One of the many ideas around reform of the US Constitution is the repeal of the 17th Amendment.  The 17th Amendment essentially changed the election of US Senators from a vote of the State Legislatures to a vote of the … Continue reading

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