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The organized Skeptics go soft

Some decades ago the organized skeptics of Australia had a lot of credibility, at least the group in New South Wales which picked up a million dollar bequest from a man in Queensland who liked the magazine which was edited … Continue reading

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Forget the CFMEU/MUA: Think Pharmacy Guild

One has to have a certain admiration for the tactics of the CFMEU and the MUA – exploiting the full value of confected monopolies through any means, fair and foul. (Getting a Labor government to pass accommodating legislation helps quite … Continue reading

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Converting sceptics: the role of prize-winning scientists

I must be living on another planet because I thought the role of scientists was to be sceptical. But according to Eureka Prize winner for promoting understanding of Australian science research, her role is to change sceptical minds about climate … Continue reading

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Treasury’s conduct a disservice to public

In The Australian today: “What game is Treasury playing? Last Wednesday, Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance and Acting Assistant Treasurer, launched a Minerals Council monograph by Professor Tony Makin on Australia’s declining international competitiveness.”

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An inclusive green economy: close down the IMF

Now that the lovely Christine is under investigation (no one seems to be prepared to use the fraud word – let’s just call it inappropriate behaviour), perhaps we should ask the bigger question: should the IMF be closed down, an … Continue reading

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Two more little ones to love

  Did I mention that there are two more little ones to love in our lives – twins born 4 weeks ago.  Benjamin Patrick (3.15 kgs) and Nicholas George (3 kgs). Keeping Granny busy but blissful.

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Twaddle about superannuation

Have you ever read so much twaddle about one topic in such a short space of time?  The industry funds are really panicking – gosh, the rise in the SGC was built into their business models, so now what? I … Continue reading

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Wise words from Rebecca

My friend Rebecca Weisser, splendid opinion page editor at the Oz, had some very wise words on her Facebook entry.  I’m sure she will not mind if I repeat them here: My financial adviser asked me yesterday if I wanted … Continue reading

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On the not so blue Danube

Your central European correspond is now located on the Danube at Vienna, having sailed up from Budapest, a 23-hour journey at 6 to 7 miles per hour against a strong current, perhaps in the order of 5 knots,. There was … Continue reading

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Wish you were here: Mont Pelerin meeting in Hong Kong

While Steve Kates was selling Say’s Law to the socialists, three other Cats were soaking up the genteel fervor of the Mont Pelerin Society’s Hong Kong meeting. Highlights for the first day or so included Vaclav Klaus who reckons the … Continue reading

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