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Name Change and Branding

It is not known to TAFKAS why the Labor party spells its name without the “u”.  Perhaps it is a deep acknowledgement that the Labor party is not the party of labour. On a similar vein, perhaps it is time … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Australian Energy Market

By Ben Skinner and Carol Tran Australian Energy Council Discussion about the emergence of a new energy market dynamic and whether there is a need to address it, has recently developed in the public arena. There has been significant attention … Continue reading

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It’s the vibe

A quote from an article in today’s AFR: ATO second commissioner Jeremy Hirschhorn has warned the four firms – Deloitte, EY (the former Ernst & Young) KPMG and PwC – that they need to rein in “hired gun” and “guru” … Continue reading

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Trying to redefine museums: a disease of our times

Today in The Australian Last Saturday, at a packed conference in Kyoto of the International Council of Museums, delegates voted overwhelmingly against an ill-conceived proposed change to the internationally accepted definition of the nature and functions of a museum.

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Irrigation water restraints about to become more harmful

There is a considerable interest in water in the Murray Darling, an issue that I have written about over the two decades during which concerted attacks on irrigation took place. Most of my articles and reports, including my latest piece … Continue reading

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Go early. Go hard. Go cutlery.

From Kevin Williamson in National Review: There is a famous (apocryphal) story about Milton Friedman visiting a canal-building project in China and seeing that the workers were using picks and shovels instead of modern earth-moving equipment, even though it was … Continue reading

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Some ideas are too stupid to die

There are many ideas that are too stupid to die.  Socialism.  Supra-nationalism.  Gender theory. However, there is one particular idea that continues to waft around Canberra like the fart of an old man who lives on a diet of cabbage … Continue reading

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Brexit reveals what parliament thinks of the people

Today in The Australian For the past few months Britain has been a nation busily engaged in building its own funeral pyre. This week Britain leapt into the roaring flames. Perhaps something will be saved from the conflagration but, regardless … Continue reading

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Salvatore Babones

TAFKAS is not overly familiar with the work and writings of Salvatore Babones, but having read one of his recent pieces for National Interest mag, TAFKAS will follow more closely. Barbone’s piece was an absolute cracker and TAFKAS commends that … Continue reading

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Where are the Customers’ Yachts

There is a rather old book, first published in 1940 called Where are the Customers’ Yachts. The books was about how Wall Street and the US financial industry of the day worked. Within the book is the story of a … Continue reading

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