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ACCC loses again: egg cartel case goes down

In yet another embarrassing outcome for Rod Sims, Chairman of the ACCC (who is so keen to be reappointed – he has things he wants to do), the ACCC case accusing egg producers of cartel behaviour has gone down in … Continue reading

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Senator Sam vs The 10 Companies

As reported in the weekend Sydney Morning Herald: Labor senator Sam Dastyari has warned there is something “fundamentally wrong and rotten” with Australia’s entire political system, claiming there are 10 huge companies with so much power and influence they have … Continue reading

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Fascinating – in Vanity Fair Magazine

From  Vanity Fair Magazine, an article titled Terrorism, Migrants, and Crippling Debt: Is This the End of Europe comes the following: For at least two generations, Europe’s highly educated, Financial Times-reading mandarins assumed they could inoculate the Continent against every possible … Continue reading

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Our taxes at work Part 3

  Have you noticed the cringeworthy ads on the television and print media about the National Innovation and Science Agenda – oh please. All this is costing a cool $28 million and that of course doesn’t include staff costs, both … Continue reading

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Our tax dollars at work – Part 2

In today’s OZ, Phillip Hudson writes that the bill for renovations to The Lodge came in at $11.61 million.  A further step up from the prior numbers of $7m and $9.8 million. The original budget was $3.1 million so this … Continue reading

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Productivity – What is it Good For

Productivity, it seems, is the love that dare not speak its name. Apologies in advance to those familiar with productivity and Australia’s productivity challenge, but it seems necessary to revisit some first principles. In a normal economy, with transparent and … Continue reading

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GST – what to do, what to do.

I claim no particular expertise in tax policy, but that has never stopped people commenting.  So I throw up some thoughts, including why I am torn in my personal views around tax changes. The case for increasing the GST and … Continue reading

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Sugar Cave-in

Did I mention that Malcolm Turnbull and his fellow Liberal wimps in Cabinet have caved into the rent-seeking demands of the Nats, led by Barnaby, to decline to refer the Queensland Sugar Industry (Real Choice in Marketing) Amendment Act 2015 … Continue reading

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GST should not be a matter of political machismo

Today in The Australian You may well ask why the government ever floated the idea of raising the GST, given that by far the best tax reform would be bringing public expenditure under control.

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Cities policy ends up the playthings of politicians

Cities policy as far as the Coalition is concerned came out of the blue.  It is uncertain where it is heading but likely, unless it can be turned against itself, to be the harbinger of new regulations and winner picking … Continue reading

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