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How to choose, how to choose.

According to a recent CNN poll: 68% now say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy. Basically, 3 in 10 people either think she is honest and trustworthy or don’t have a view. The same poll indicates that 44% of people … Continue reading

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No Trump!

When Penn and Teller, P.J. O’Rourke and the National Review all advocate for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump you know that all reasonable people must vote against Trump. Only people who have a visceral and irrational hatred of Hillary … Continue reading

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Australian Governments have a revenue problem

Australian governments have a revenue problem.  They must.  The don’t collect 100% of income earned in Australia.  But for those out there who keep claiming that Australia is a low tax country …. if you want to push the proposition that … Continue reading

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Who is advising Turnbull on industrial relations?

Whoever is advising Turnbull on industrial relations is doing an extremely bad job. That person clearly has no understanding of how the club works and is just digging a bigger hole for the boss when Turnbull cares to ‘seize’ on the … Continue reading

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South Australia’s renewable debacle

Excerpt of me on Chris Kenny Viewpoint tonight.  Go to the 60 second mark.

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Liberal Party is paying the price for letting Labor set the rules

Today in The Australian The trouble with voters in western Sydney, pollster Mark Textor appar­ently told the Liberal partyroom when it met last week to consider the election campaign, is their “entrenched cynicism”.

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20 January 2017: President Hillary Clinton

The implosion of the Republican Party is simply astounding. The inability to endorse an articulate, credible statesman will condemn the GOP to another eight years in the wilderness. I am amazed that the GOP would select that great fool Donald Trump. It’s … Continue reading

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You cannot make an economy grow from the demand side

There is an exceptionally insightful article in The Oz today by Maurice Newman titled not very accurately as: Central banks hell-bent on a currency debauch Lenin would love. This is what I think is the crucial point: Politicians share responsibility … Continue reading

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More on Super

It is a few days old, but Janet Albrechtson wrote a scathing review of the Government on its superannuation policy development process in the Australian. Turnbull tax reform: don’t undermine the integrity of super. She was very even handed.  She … Continue reading

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It Feels Different This Time

Perhaps I am showing my age with this metaphor, but do you ever get the feeling that it’s 2006 and you are sitting in a Blackberry strategic planning meeting talking about the rumors of Apple releasing a mobile phone.  Everyone … Continue reading

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