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Industry policy, shmindustry policy

The Abbott Government has established a plethora of reviews covering a multitude of issues. Off the cuff they include Energy, Renewable Energy, Education, Defence, Competition, industry and yesterday we had a Green Paper on Agriculture released.   Some of the … Continue reading

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Are emails different?

We’ve all be assuming that our employer can read our emails, but a good friend has just phoned to ask the question, “How is an email any different from any other act of communication?” I’m not sure. The Australian Postal … Continue reading

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Private views create no public harm

In The Australian today: “The Barry Spurr affair is terrifying in the shoddy treatment of Spurr; in what it says about our universities; and in the lack of outrage that either has evoked. “

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Australian Labor Party has trapped itself in a shrinking pool of ideas

Today in The Australian ‘What a difference five years make. In 2009, Kevin Rudd called competitive neutrality “essential”; now, according to Labor senator Stephen Conroy, the Keating-era requirement that publicly owned businesses not be artificially ­advantaged is a “right-wing ideology” … Continue reading

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House prices, land use regulations and negative gearing

I have a piece in the Herald Sun this morning which argues that we should not abolish negative gearing on house investments as this would treat that form of investment differently from all others, and lead to higher rents. House … Continue reading

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What about peak oil then? And biofuel mania in NSW.

Keeping in touch with world news on the 2GB Power Wireless we find that Jarryd Hayne is walking away from rugby league, following Ben Graham of the Geelong cats who played in a Super Bowl and the price of oil … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Pedro Schwartz

Pedro Schwartz of Spain became the new President of the Mont Pelerin Society at the recent MPS meeting in Hong Kong. Sinc was there and no doubt other Australians of lesser note. I met Pedro at the University of Buckingham … Continue reading

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Sharon Strzelecki: Kim’s second best friend

I must admit to getting a bit of chuckle when Mercer decided to award the silver medal to Australia’s system of compulsory superannuation, just being pipped by Denmark.  It was a bit like Kim Day telling us that Sharon Strzelecki … Continue reading

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Future Fund on fossil fuels: sound

From the Fin.  Note the splendid returns for the year.  Congratulations, Peter. The $104 billion Future Fund said there were opportunities for good returns in fossil fuels and while it was monitoring long-term demand, divestment was a “last resort”. Future … Continue reading

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Just a coincidence: CAER and TAI share premises

Probably just a coincidence that the group the ANU commissioned to undertake an “INDEPENDENT” ethical assessment of its investment portfolio shares – the so-called Centre for Australian Ethical Research is sharing accommodation with The Australia Institute (Richard Dennis’s outfit). Check out … Continue reading

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