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CFMEU Dan the Man hands out another union favour

The paybacks have been coming thick and fast in Victoriastan; I guess they won’t ever stop as long as Dan the Man is in power. But here is a clear payback to the Australian Nurses Federation, whose members? officials? paid … Continue reading

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Who’s paying for this?

If being forced to have a third of trustees be classified as independent (including the chair) – note that Cbus calls John Dawkins an independent director (Cats: stop that laughing) – is not bad enough, the mean federal government now wants … Continue reading

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Tax reform: Australia could do without a CGT

Today in The Australian If there is an iron law of Australian public policy, it is that you can’t keep a bad idea down. And never was that clearer than in the ­National Reform Summit’s ­discussion of capital gains tax.

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Makes sense: I wonder what the Australian figures look like?

The Distributional Effects of U.S. Clean Energy Tax Credits Severin Borenstein and Lucas W. Davis Energy Institute at Haas University of California, Berkeley July 2015 Abstract Since 2006, U.S. households have received more than $18 billion in federal income tax … Continue reading

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The gospel according to Bill: do as I say, not as I do

All that guff about Emily’s List and having half of all Labor parliamentarians women within a decade – and Bill Shorten has a chance to step up to the plate and he trips over. This is what happens when you … Continue reading

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Tipping in Australia

Do you tip? Should you tip? Here is a chance to discuss the merits and demerits of tipping in Australia. According to Cornell’s Michael Lynn, tipping was first practiced in the 17th century in English taverns to obtain faster service. … Continue reading

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Priceless at half the price

Now it’s not particularly clear what came of Craig Emerson’s National Reform Summit. This is what editor-in-chief of the Fin had to say: Amid 17 pages of waffle, business, the unions, welfare groups and seniors organisations agreed on some telling … Continue reading

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Getting on in Australia: hard work and risk-taking

Now I have some time for the research undertaken by Paul Frijter and Gigi Foster – different, unusual.  But I think they have jumped the shark with this one, equating high incomes in property, mining, banking, superannuation and finance in … Continue reading

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The hapless, feckless Victorian Libs

It’s all very well that I rave on about the emergence of Victoriastan under the Andrews Government, but we should not forget how pathetic and ineffective the Victorian Libs are (and were). I was reminded of this just this weekend … Continue reading

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Welcome to Victoriastan

Today we have the joy of the tram drivers walking off the job for 4 hours; of course, the disruption lasts more than 4 hours, but what the heck.  The union wants a pay rise of 18 per cent over … Continue reading

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