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Was there a tender?

According to Nick Tabakoff in today’s Australian, ABC Chairman Ita Buttrose is having her first big Canberra sit-down with ScoMo since she was appointed in February last year.  Exciting isn’t it. According to Tabakoff, the ABC begging cup will be out: the … Continue reading

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The Political Revolution that is Climate Change

I have a piece in the Spectator covering the changes in political rivalries.  Until recently, the struggles were generally between those with wealth and income, increasingly from producing goods and services that were freely paid for, and those who sought … Continue reading

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China’s flawed reaction to the coronavirus

Today in The Australian When the great cholera epidemics of the 19th century began in 1820, no one had any idea what had struck. Here was a disease of astonishing ferocity, as terrifying as the plague and seemingly as unstoppable, … Continue reading

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If not Buttigieg, who?

One cannot exclude the possibility that the Democratic Party might actually produce a candidate capable of defeating the Donald. I said in the previous post that Buttigieg was the one most likely to defeat Donald Trump on 3 November 2020. To … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi

You are impeached forever you will never get rid of that scar and history will always record that you were impeached for undermining the security of our country, jeopardising the integrity of our elections and violating the Constitution of the … Continue reading

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Who is the real zombie?

I’m sure most Cats think that Paul Krugman lost all credibility some years ago – recall his prediction that the stock market would tank and the US economy would go into a never-ending recession under President Trump? But this piece … Continue reading

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Rip Nan Wrinkle

ME at 2:29: “Now watch as the media ignore the speech and idolise Pelosi for the Great Rip.” The ABC:   Of all the SOTU addresses I’ve seen, I cannot recall one whose list of achievements – most especially in … Continue reading

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The Australian Baking Corporation

Time passes and Cats come and go. TAFKAS was discussing some of his prior posts with a friend yesterday and recalled one such post, that is possibly his favourite.  It was posted almost 2 years ago now but seems to … Continue reading

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Creighton Gone Troppo

Adam Creighton is generally on the money, so to speak.  But some of his latest contributions are almost worthy of the Whish-Wilson-aWard.  Consider Adam’s effort from this past weekend: Time ripe for a tough stance by our regulators Even the … Continue reading

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Dope of the Week

When it comes to public health matters, it would seem that very few members of the federal or state governments have a clue.  The same could be said of the bureaucrats, including the weird Chief Medical Officers who really have … Continue reading

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