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I Don’t Come to Bury Ceasar

I don’t come to bury Caesar.  I think that the bank “levy” is a dumb idea.  And it is on top of all the other non-company/income taxes paid by the banks, including but not limited to: APRA cost recovery ASIC … Continue reading

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Teaching Social Justice Through Secondary Math

I read this article in National Review this morning – Social-Justice Math Class: ‘Math Has Been Used as a Dehumanizing Tool’ and thought it was a troll.  But then I went to the source material. Is there any doubt why the West is … Continue reading

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Poor Donald Trump

The latest Trump comment No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly Really? What about Julius Caesar? Or Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, James Garfield, William McKinley, Jack Kennedy? Or Anton … Continue reading

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Health Us To Poverty

The thing about Government provided healthcare is that it provides licence for the government to meddle in all areas of our lives.  Government interventions in smoking, bike helmets, salt, sugar, trans-fats, activity, and more can all justified on the grounds … Continue reading

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CPA and other lobby groups

In recent years I have observed the cult of celebrity being reflected in lobby groups. It probably started with Heather Ridout (then at the lobby group AIG) who started to think she was a player and important. The secretariat (or … Continue reading

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Now I have heard it all – Part 2

As was re-shown on Insiders this morning, Opposition Leader, The Hon. Bill Shorten in his budget reply said, in respect of the budget: …. It does not keep faith with traditional coalition values.  It’s a budget of big government.  Higher … Continue reading

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Now I have heard it all

On Insiders this morning, when discussing the bank “levy” (aka the Banking Sector Rent Tax), the Treasurer, the Hon. Scott Morrison described the levy as: a pro-productivity measure. That is, the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia has just said … Continue reading

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There’s The Economist, then there are economists

Under the misapprehension that The Economist is a journal that offers unbiased commentary on a range of issues that trouble the world, Donald Trump provided its editor in chief, national health fan, Zanny Minton Beddoes with a lengthy exclusive interview. … Continue reading

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We’re all millionaires now

Bill Shorten wants to extend the 2 percent temporary tax on incomes above $180,000 because otherwise it is ‘a tax cut for millionaires’. Of course that is sophistry. It was a two year tax increase for those with a taxable … Continue reading

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The Budget another saga of government waste

My piece in the Herald Sun this morning IN this week’s federal Budget, the Coalition implemented policies established in the Rudd/Gillard years. The expansions in health, education and welfare budgets — now comprising two thirds of spending — were confirmed. … Continue reading

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