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Barely 2 weeks into the year

It is barely 2 weeks into the new year and the hands have already come out for government to dole out tax payer monies.  Not for human welfare but for corporate welfare. Apparently, in their pre-budget submission, the Institute of Public Accountants … Continue reading

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Just Disgraceful

As just reported in the Australian: Barnaby Joyce’s resounding win in last month’s New England by-election has netted the National Party $153,000 in electoral funding, compared with the $130,500 the party received after the 2016 election. It is unknown how … Continue reading

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Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia was an associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Although Spartacus is not a legal scholar or lawyer (recall prior disclosure about being able to see his reflection in a mirror), Spartacus considers the late Justice Scalia was on of the … Continue reading

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Frydenberg falling short in his attempts to defray regulatory-induced energy costs

The following is a condensed version of an article I have had published in Quadrant on-line The Australian broke a story about dissension in the Coalition ranks regarding the “in principle” decision, announced by Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, to allow Australian firms … Continue reading

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Government and Transport Technology

Further to Spartacus’ rant the other day about the pathway to the elimination of cash, consider the evolution of self driving cars. Lets us not fool ourselves. Self driving cars are coming.  Don’t believe Spartacus. Listen to Bob Lutz, a … Continue reading

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Government and Payments Technology

Your earnest contributor Spartacus has been contemplating and cogitating over the holidays, and he (or she?) is concerned. Very concerned. Concerned about how our beloved parliamentary and bureaucratic overlords will utilize technological evolution to further track and control the citizenry. … Continue reading

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Corruption in the US Congress

There is a thought-provoking paper in the Cornell Law Review by Zephyr Teachout on corruption in the body politic. He states that the founding fathers of the US Constitution had a broad definition of corruption To the Delegates, political corruption referred … Continue reading

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Ok. I’ve Had Enough

Your man Spartacus was enjoying a sunny WEB (well earned break) in the lovely NSW Central Coast when this morning the clouds formed and the rain started to fall; both actually and metaphorically. Spartacus should really know better than to … Continue reading

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Peter van Onselen – Coalition club must make room for women

In an article in today’s Australian, Peter van Onselen argues that the Liberal Party must institute quotas for women in Parliament. He engages in sophistry to argue that gender quotas do not affect merit selection (which shows how out of … Continue reading

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Trump making headway

Just in case there is any doubt about the media and Trump, here is a graphic from a Pew Foundation study that shows media attitudes to Trump and the previous three Presidents in the first 60 days of their first … Continue reading

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