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Kevin Rudd’s 2020 summit symphony fell flat

Today in The Australian Listening, on the eve of its 10th anniversary, to recordings of the Rudd government’s 2020 Summit, it was hard not to be reminded of Rossini’s quip about Wagner. “One cannot judge Wagner’s ­Lohengrin from a first … Continue reading

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Think Prove Speak

Whilst there is some doubt as to who actually wrote it first, one contender was Mark Twain who wrote: It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt And stepping into the … Continue reading

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Trump’s breakthrough on trade rules

Though under pressure from the Mueller investigation seemingly trying to establish a link between Russian influence on Trump and the pornstar Stormy Daniels who claims a one night stand with Donald a decade ago, Trump seems to have kicked yet … Continue reading

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Peter Van Badham in the Oz

Writing late this afternoon in the Australian, Peter Van Onselen expressed his view that Israel Folau has right to expression but sponsors have right of reply. This is a fair point of view.  But Van Onselen also wrote this as his … Continue reading

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On a positive note

This morning, Spartacus was a guest judge at one of his children’s (primary) school presentations.  The subject was broadly on government and one of the tasksthe children were required undertake was to a contrast 2 different forms of government.  Most of … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving

The follow is a letter to the editor in today’s AFR from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Before and after reading this, please consider who those who are still in parliament and voted for him to displace Kim Beazley as … Continue reading

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Energy policy takes center stage

The action is getting hotter on the energy front.  Having been in a small minority for years, readers and writers on catallaxy are now finding themselves closer to the mainstream on the policy on energy/climate. To recap, the recent initial … Continue reading

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Does Josh Frydenberg have a sense of humour

Spartacus wonders whether the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, Minister for Energy and Environment has a sense of humour? In current political parlance, a NEG is a National Energy Guarantee  which will: deliver affordable and reliable energy for households and businesses … Continue reading

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John Monash … oo la la

What a ridiculous carry-on by the descendants of John Monash.  Monash died in 1931. It’s not as though John Monash is a copyrighted name. Perhaps they would prefer to keep the following under wraps too. … the sexually venturesome Monash … Continue reading

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The Immigration Wars

Yesterday evening, your correspondent I am Nostradamus, sorry, I am Spartacus was listening to a podcast of a debate on immigration in the US (hosted at Columbia University).  Here is a link to this debate. The protagonists in this debate … Continue reading

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