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In September, the Sydney Morning Herald reported a revolutionary culture change: according to a new UNSW study, “women across Australia are purchasing sex” – driven by the need for sexual ‘safety’ and understanding. Wow. That’s something. Let’s hear from the … Continue reading

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Herein lies the problem

Sinclair posted earlier this week about yet another poor decision by former PM Tony Abbott: I would return to parliament if the Liberals asked me, says Tony Abbott. Unfortunately TAFKAS arrived late to the party and did not get into … Continue reading

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Murray Darling farming: a victim of green-induced government policies

I have a piece in The Australian today on the government induced water price increase and shortage  in the Murray Darling which is responsible for over 40 per cent of the nation’s farm output.  Here is an extract. Drought Minister … Continue reading

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Can you please make up your mind

Dear Prime Minister and Treasurer. Can you please make up your mind.  Please.  Particularly you Mr Treasurer. ASIC wants banks not to lend to people, but the RBA does. APRA wants superannuation funds and insurance companies to merge, but the … Continue reading

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China celebrates — but history is certain to catch up

Today in The Australian As China’s leaders celebrated 70 years of Communist Party rule on Tuesday, the fate of the Soviet ­empire hung like a ghost over the jackboots and missiles parading through the streets of Beijing.  

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We should be afraid of rising fuel costs, not climate claims

I have a piece in the Spectator, an extract of which is below. Starting as a scientific backwater, climate change has come to dominate the scientific community and politics in general. Within the former “think tank”, the Tasman Institute, in … Continue reading

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How much tax payer money has been wasted on the NBN?

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Political Purpose

There is a saying … some people go into politics to do something, others go into politics to be something. Well. From yesterday’s Australian is a description of the “office opening” of the new Senator from the great state of NSW, … Continue reading

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Impending climate and energy primer + Andrew Norton at work

Good news. Since Peter Ridd became a public face of climate realism he has been repeatedly asked about entry level reading matter. The good news is that the Lower Neutral Bay Climate Realists are on the job, writing a primer … Continue reading

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Epistemic Humility

If it is not evident from many posts, TAFKAS is a regular reader of National Review.  And his 2 favourite contributors are Kevin Williamson and Jonah Goldberg – both great writers and even better analysts.  Enough of the free plug … Continue reading

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