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Catallaxy Exclusive – Breaking News

A precedent setting complained has been lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission. Tran-sexual Billi Betti Bueller has lodge a complaint alleging systematic gender discrimination by the electricity and electronics industry. Mx Bueller said: “The standard description of electricity connectors … Continue reading

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The Murray-Darling: concocting crises to kill agriculture

Politicians on the left and some on the right are throttling the use of irrigation water to accord with myths spun by nihilists and to the great disadvantage of the nation’s interest as well as those of farmers and their … Continue reading

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The Legal Industrial Complex – Stand up Philosophers

Ok.  TAFKAS reckons this post will set the cat amongst the pigeons. In the 1995 movie the Usual Suspects, character Roger “Verbal” Kint made the most profound of observation: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world … Continue reading

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Rudd’s tangle over broadband legacy

Today in The Australian Now that we are almost as abundantly endowed with ex-prime ministers as we are with coal, it is perhaps unsurprising that emissions from the former have grown to rival those from the latter. But even in … Continue reading

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He is Spartacus

The acronym TAFKAS stands for The Artist Formerly Known As Spartacus.  Why?  Many reasons, but one reason is that the pseudonym I Am Spartacus was pinched by the US Senator from the state of New Jersey, Corey Booker. However, this … Continue reading

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Secret recording of a bank chairman

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Government as a branch of science

Somehow the meaning of the word “liberal” is different in Australia to that in the United States.  Same word, same spelling, same pronunciation but different meaning. In this context, consider the following views expressed by the “Young Liberals” who: claim … Continue reading

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Moral equivalence

Dr Paul Bauert from Flinders University in Darwin, a paediatrician, has said that the conditions and treatment of people in refugee camps in Nauru is worse than the treatment of the Jews at Auschwitz. That someone could make such a … Continue reading

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A stable climate

There are two futures for the Earth. One is where there is insufficient ‘dark matter’ and the expansion of the universe continues ad infinitum. In this case the Sun will – in around 5000 million years – expand out to … Continue reading

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Courts start the process of terminating coal usage and all modern production

I had a piece on Quadrant covering the same issues asa Viv Forbes/Rafe regarding the pathbreaking decision of the head of the NSW Land and Environment Court.  This, if left as precedent, forbids any new coal mines and, though the judge … Continue reading

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