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Just say it

Is it possible, just possible, that our intellectual leaders demonstrate some honesty.  If they so deeply believe in the economics and virtue of renewable energy, anyone who advocates for Australia to transition to 100% renewable energy, must equally advocate for a … Continue reading

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Another Nobel Peace Prize fail

What is it with the Nobel Peace Prize selectors who seem to have a penchant for choosing people or groups that have done nothing to advance world peace or even have worsened that cause? We’ve had Al Gore and his … Continue reading

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The first refuge of the anti-free-speech scoundrel

The first defense given by anti-free speech advocates when arguing for speech limitations is line about “shouting fire in a crowded theater“.  The irony is that, if the anti-free speech advocates actually knew the origins of this argument, they would never … Continue reading

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Oh really

Writing in the Fairfax papers, Debi Enker writes: The news is sad for ABC viewers under Michelle Guthrie’s rule. I am not sure who Debi Enker is, but I did notice the following in her comment the way it (ABC) runs … Continue reading

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With a generous dose of weltschmerz, it is noted that 2017 commemorates not only the 10 year anniversary of the formation of the Kevin Rudd government in 2007 but also the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the Vladimir Lenin Government in … Continue reading

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And so it begins

And so it begins.  Is the end nigh?  Has the process of nationalising superannuation begun? This morning, Adam Creighton in the Australian reports that Peter Costello has proposed that compulsory worker superannuation contributions be invested by government. In a speech … Continue reading

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Same-sex marriage survey suffers from incomplete information

Today in The Australian The continuing crisis in Catalonia highlights once again the dangers plebiscites pose to social coherence and stability. By reducing complex problems to simple questions, they can exacerbate divisions rather than build agreement, while worsening the tyranny … Continue reading

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Merit is code for wanting someone who looks just like you do.

Spartacus is speechless.  There are just no words.  Just read the following contribution from Jenna Price, Fairfax columnist, and an academic at the University of Technology, Sydney. Why Australia Post’s CEO was worth every cent of his $5.6 million salary Here’s … Continue reading

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Welcome to the ideas boom

In December 2015, the Australian Government launched the National Innovation and Science Agenda report.  According to this report: The National Innovation and Science Agenda will focus on four key pillars: Culture and capital Collaboration Talent and skills Government as an exemplar … Continue reading

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A parliament that does not legislate – call in the police.

James Robertson of the The Sydney Morning Herald seems to have taken a class from the Gillard School of Government; the school that teaches that good government is a government that passes as many laws as possible.  That the laws … Continue reading

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