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Energy policy takes center stage

The action is getting hotter on the energy front.  Having been in a small minority for years, readers and writers on catallaxy are now finding themselves closer to the mainstream on the policy on energy/climate. To recap, the recent initial … Continue reading

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Does Josh Frydenberg have a sense of humour

Spartacus wonders whether the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, Minister for Energy and Environment has a sense of humour? In current political parlance, a NEG is a National Energy Guarantee  which will: deliver affordable and reliable energy for households and businesses … Continue reading

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John Monash … oo la la

What a ridiculous carry-on by the descendants of John Monash.  Monash died in 1931. It’s not as though John Monash is a copyrighted name. Perhaps they would prefer to keep the following under wraps too. … the sexually venturesome Monash … Continue reading

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The Immigration Wars

Yesterday evening, your correspondent I am Nostradamus, sorry, I am Spartacus was listening to a podcast of a debate on immigration in the US (hosted at Columbia University).  Here is a link to this debate. The protagonists in this debate … Continue reading

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The Social Justice Games

The Olympic Games are held every 4 years.  Ditto the Commonwealth Games.  There are other international “games” held at varying frequency. Trying to get into this competitive extravaganza, the United Nations has proposed the Social Justice Games; a competition where … Continue reading

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More rhetoric, less reality

Yesterday, Spartacus wrote about the toxic “fake issue” of income inequality that was poisoning policy and economics discussion.  And reading through the comments, Spartacus noticed a comment from BorisG who wrote: I agree income inequality is a non-issue in Australia, but there … Continue reading

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I am Nostradamus

Spartacus has just finished his first cup of tea for the day.  And having put on his thinking cap, looked into his cup and believes he has seen the future in the leaves.  Thus for this post, I am not … Continue reading

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Trump’s tariffs, China’s attitude spell trouble for world trade

Today in The Australian For all his bellicose rhetoric, ­Donald Trump’s trade policy is not a major departure from the traditional American stance. But with China mounting an aggressive response, the world trading system is under greater threat than it … Continue reading

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The rhetoric versus the reality

Is there any more inane yet toxic “fake issue” poisoning policy and economics discussion than the concept of income inequality? Is there an any more useless, deceptive and misleading measure of the strength of an economy and the welfare of … Continue reading

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Audrey knows best …. sure

I’m sure most Cats have come to the conclusion that the Australian Financial Review is the most anti-business business newspaper that has ever been published.  There is not a new tax or a higher tax that its journalists won’t endorse.  … Continue reading

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