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Chutzpah – Labcrap

Chutzpah is a magnificent word.  It carries so much meaning in just a couple of syllables.  What it means is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad, at least according to Wikipedia. Chutzpah is an old Yiddish word, and … Continue reading

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Gender inequality

Over recent years there has been a growing concern about ‘gender inequality’ (see for example the Workplace Gender Equality Agency) with claims that women are systematically paid less than men. Many of these claims are refutable – see for example … Continue reading

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Welcome to the solar energy “duck curve”

Courtesy of Jo Nova. Each year as more solar power arrives when we don’t need it in the middle of the day, the belly of the load curve swings lower and lower. Then as the sun fades and the peak … Continue reading

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LaTingle: sucked in already

It’s always good to start the weekend off with a good chuckle and here it is from Laura Tingle, who has astoundingly be allowed to continue to write a column for the Fin after joining the ABC. (That’s another story: … Continue reading

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Claudio Veliz on our universities

A piece from the IPA Review, Feb 1988, posted in John Roskam’s weekly newsletter. The 20 universities refers to the pre-Dawkins era. ‘The Closing of the Australian Mind?’ [Australia has] one of the least diversified higher education systems of any … Continue reading

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Catallaxy Exclusive – Labor Announces GST Gender Equalisation Policy

The Australian Labor Party believes in fairness and justice.  Every one should achieve the same outcomes, no matter their gender, race or sexual orientation.  Discrimination, especially outcome discrimination, needs to be erased from our hearts, our minds and especially from … Continue reading

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Long Weekend Reading

For those Cats out there looking for a good book to read over the long weekend, here are 2 options.  They are both “interesting” but would likely be even more interesting if read while highly intoxicated.  And both are available … Continue reading

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Catallaxy Exclusive – Unfair tax cuts preference tax payers over non-tax payers

In a Catallaxy Files exclusive, opposition Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen has confirmed the results of research the Labor Party commissioned from the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO).  Mr Bowen said: The PBO has clearly shown that the unfair Turnbull Government tax … Continue reading

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Energy policy, price escalation and the destruction of industry competitiveness

For some in Australia, the renewable rich UK electricity market is a beacon. Wind produced 15 per cent of the UK’s electricity in 2017 and was running at 29 per cent earlier this year bringing Emma Pinchbeck, executive director of … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage Wars

This post is probably surplus to Cat requirements, but Spartacus feels the need, the need for screed. Alright.  It is that time in the annual calendar when minimum wages and the employment effects there from are the issues du jour.  … Continue reading

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