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Such beautiful prose

Spartacus is again catching up on his reading and there was a wonderful piece on the Spectator by James McCann called Dumping Turnbull.  In this, McCann wrote one of the best and funniest paragraphs Spartacus has read in a while: … Continue reading

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Casualties of War

Spartacus is a regular-ish shopper on Ebay.  It is not the best or best price any more, but it has an air of convenience.  Spartacus was far from impressed by the recent (Treasurer Morrison) tax changes whereby now even $1 … Continue reading

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Five months and a new job title

Treasurer Scott Morrisson in May 2018 announcing the new bank tax: The government is also committed to ensuring that Australia’s largest banks are held to account and make a fair additional contribution to the Australian community, which they serve. Prime … Continue reading

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The lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum

A government agency lobbying a Government for “law reform”.  This is the new wave.  Forget deep state; there is nothing deep about it. As reported in the AFR: Competition regulator Rod Sims has vowed to campaign on law reform to … Continue reading

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Something for new Treasurer Frydenberg to consider

Something for new Treasurer Frydenberg to consider.  Read this letter from US President Trump to Speaker of the House of Reps and the President of the Senate.  Here is a snippet: Under current law, locality pay increases averaging 25.70 percent, costing … Continue reading

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Solutions only Bureaucrats can come up with

New York City had a problem.  The side walk garbage bins were overflowing.  Complaints were made to the local authorities.  And what did the authorities do?  Did they install additional bins?  Did they increase the frequency of bin collections?  Nope.  … Continue reading

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History of regicide can shed light on Turnbull’s downfall

Today in The Australian With Australians scratching their heads and wondering what that was all about, Shakespeare’s dictum, “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” has received a solid workout in the public debate.  

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Straw Poll – Best and Worst PMs since Federation – make your case here

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Will abandoning energy subsidies allow the electricity market to self-correct?

Coordination of supply in network industries Network industries involve firms cooperating in order to meet customer demands.  Their success depends upon parties mutually agreeing on certain interconnection standards in order to combine components together.  This need for coordination was often … Continue reading

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A question of leadership

Yes.  Cats well know that last week, Prime Minister Turnbull was deposed.  The Prime Minister is gone.  Long live the Prime Minister. And as with every such Prime Ministerial change, stories and analyses abound of who did what to whom … Continue reading

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