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Carbon taxes: many losers, some winners

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Bjorn Lomborg drew attention to the inconsistency of the global warming costs and benefit estimates made by newly minted Nobel Prize recipient William Nordhaus, and the alarmist IPCC climate review issued out of … Continue reading

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The Warmists Are Starting to Sweat

Over the next week the report being finalised at a United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), meeting in Korea, will see an outpouring of alarmist material.  Doom-laden factoids and forecasts will be released, all designed to head off … Continue reading

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Greed is a deadly sin perhaps, but it helps drive our economy

Today in The Australian Anyone who has followed the evidence being given in the financial services royal commission will not be surprised that Kenneth Hayne refers to “greed” more than 50 times in the interim report.  

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The Last Post

Dear Cats. For reasons more varied and complex to detail here, this will be Spartacus’ last post. Spartacus is retiring from blogging from this august site and elsewhere. What started as a brief rant about something or other led to … Continue reading

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Super Trouper

To paraphrase the great Thomas Sowell, the Australian Superannuation system is not really about the retirement income of the masses. It is about the income of the financial services elites. Even the 1980s ABBA song Super Trouper had a prescient … Continue reading

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Galbraith’s cow

I don’t know if Cats are up for silly jokes this early in the day but reading about the Keynesian hegemony in Boettke on Hayek reminded me about Boettke’s dinner with Galbraith. The old man entertained a group of young … Continue reading

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Boettke on knowledge, expert opinion and democracy

After a Brisbane interlude, picking up the threads of the previous post on Chapter 9 of Boettke on Hayek. At the end of the pervious post we were looking at the issue of establishing agreement (coordination) among diverse individuals and … Continue reading

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Structurally Separate the ABC

Well, well, well.  The news coming out about the ABC shenanigans continues. Kevin Rudd calls for a Royal Commission into the ABC. Former Chairman and former advisor to Gough Whiltman, James Spigelman, has been advising Michelle Guthrie. But honestly, is … Continue reading

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Wasteful investment in wind/solar has a negative value

A breathless piece by the Guardian’s Calla Wahlquist announced that Victoria’s renewable energy boom is set to create six thousand new jobs.   And yet the head of the renewable energy lobby group, Tristan Edis, was downbeat because the subsidies are … Continue reading

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Welcome to New China, clean and green

Love the sound of this loco!

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