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CIS event on Industrial Relations Wed 31

Following up the advertisement for the H R Nichols job, the outgoing Executive Director is delivering an Emerging Scholars address on Wednesday evening. John Slater will talk about the urgent need for IR reform. This was written last week but … Continue reading

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Because obeying the law is for the little people …

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The Liberals finally get serious

The AFR reports: Malcolm Turnbull has personally instructed the federal division of the Liberal Party to cease legal action against the Liberal Democratic Party to avoid jeopardising sensitive Senate negotiations over the government’s flagship industrial relations legislation. Overnight Monday, the … Continue reading

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Guest post, David Leyonhjelm on backpackers

Against all public expectations, the Coalition is about to do the bidding of the unions. The Coalition casts itself as a tough cop against union thuggery when it waves around its bill to reinstate the ABCC. But the ABCC bill … Continue reading

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Make the case for the ABCC

Judith wrote on Saturday that the government needed to make the case to re-establish the ABCC: It is hardly surprising that most members of the public have never heard of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. That does not mean … Continue reading

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More holiday reading

Books for Cats and classical liberals. * A summary of Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies, one of the great classical liberal books of the 20th century. * Summaries of several other Popper books. Bear in mind that the … Continue reading

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Kind of proves the point

So the luvvies are in uproar – Bill Shorten has been cleared of allegations of criminal behaviour by the Royal Commission. Commissioner Dyson Heydon’s decision to leave it until after 8pm on Friday night to effectively clear Bill Shorten was … Continue reading

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Guest post. David Leyonhjelm on penalty rates

For some time the government has been talking about jobs, in the process claiming that 335,000 new jobs were created in the two years of this government. However, unemployment officially remains at 6.2 per cent, higher than the USA and … Continue reading

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Eric Abetz and labour relations

The dog that didn’t bark in the night over the past two years has been industrial relations. Labour relations has been an ongoing sore, relentlessly undermining our prospects and ruining opportunities to raise living standards at every turn. Yet these … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Dyson Heydon stays

Update: Ruling here. (HT: Deadman)

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