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Controlled burn

WA Emergency Services Levy funding used to pay for $100,000 worth of artwork at fire stations.

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Hey, you know who the real fire heroes are? ABC journos.

Our ABC is invaluable – but never more so than during a crisis. The past few months have proved that. We’ve always got to defend it. — Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) January 1, 2020

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Bosses cry out for more public money

Nothing new here: Chief executives of Australia cry out for clear energy policy in survey of top business bosses. Comes with Investment in solar and wind farms drying up. This is a very good news story: A sharp slump in … Continue reading

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Bungle in the Jungle

There’s a reason he’s one of the most beloved heavyweights of all time: Great advice; but 45 years too late.Thank you though — George Foreman (@GeorgeForeman) November 1, 2019 In other questionably useful adviser news: How Australia is home … Continue reading

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The Shark of Morro

How bad is Scott Morrison’s decision to give a billion dollars to rich chancers and panhandling carpetbaggers buzzing around the “clean energy” trough? Click it and weep: this bad. Speaking to Alan Jones this morning, Mark Latham excoriated the prime … Continue reading

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Robo-debt and Tyranny

So here is an interesting thing – the government is being sued. The occasion was the announcement at Parliament House by Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon that his law firm Gordon Legal will be launching a class action on behalf … Continue reading

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Engineers vs crony capitalism. Sound familiar? Think submarines and electricity

The tragic decline of a great company based on engineering excellence derailed by the the corrupting effect of political interference. Not block quoted for easier reading. In 1993, Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of Defense, Bill Perry, called defense contractor CEOs to … Continue reading

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Wasting money in the USA

Where is Australia’s answer to our man Dan in DC? This is his latest horror story of Federal Government waste. In brief Customs and Border Protection hired Accenture to hire and recruit 7,500 agents within the next five years. But … Continue reading

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From the Victorian Ombudsman’s Report

Clause 9 of the Members’ Guide prohibits the use of Electorate Officers for the Member’s ‘political or party duties’ 45. Nineteen ALP Members of the 57th Parliament breached this provision by employing 18 Field Organisers as casual Electorate Officers, whose … Continue reading

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The public cost of supporting those who game the welfare system

This is how the welfare system works: it is as if someone has moved into your house, uses your kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom, but doesn’t contribute to the groceries or help to pay the rent. There may be reasons … Continue reading

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