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What makes you think we will ever get our freedom back?

Maybe we will, but what’s the evidence? I am amazed that such profound changes in our entire societies have occurred in just nothing flat. In an instant, we are no longer a market economy where anyone who wishes to try … Continue reading

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Every government’s greatest wish: to spend like a drunken sailor

Next to my own article at Quadrant Online is a new one by Peter Smith, one of the few economists I think of as worth the time to read: This Can’t Go On Much Longer. His point is that you … Continue reading

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This is not essential

The video is from Peter Hitchens: There’s powerful evidence this Great Panic is foolish, yet our freedom is still broken and our economy crippled. Most people will, by now, have viewed the online film of Metropolitan police officers bellowing officiously … Continue reading

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The coronavirus propaganda war

If any facts have actually been established they are that the CV originated in Wuhan, China and that the Chinese authorities suppressed all information about its existence and its pandemic potential until eventually it had spread across the world. Another … Continue reading

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With Paul Kelly in The Oz might as well read The Age

It’s Paul Kelly and he is right up to form: Coronavirus: It’s masks on, gloves off for Trump and Xi. Does he not know that China covered up for more than a month? Does he not know that the US … Continue reading

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How to structure public spending so it actually does some good

I have an article up at the American Institute for Economic Research explaining how idiotic a “stimulus” at this time is: A Classical Economic Response to the Coronavirus Recession. It takes as read that we are going to have a … Continue reading

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A sampler of the politics of The Atlantic

If you are interested in the politics of The Atlantic, let me present you with the final paras of this long and astonishingly inane article which I have just received: How the Pandemic Will End. One could easily conceive of … Continue reading

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A clash of ideologies

I have just picked up from the local op-shop for a mere $2 a quite prescient book published in 2008 written by someone named Dan Gardner. Its title is: Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear. Have so far only … Continue reading

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Flattening The Learning Curve

SO here we are, then, weeks into the internet’s – if not the legacy media’s – first globally impactful pandemic. The strategies being deployed to combat it are certainly opening fault lines in the political philosophies most of us claim … Continue reading

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I’ve just opened a sub to The Age and Greg Sheridan is a large part of the reason why

This kind of analysis really is a disgrace: Coronavirus: The West’s civil disobedience — it’s a trend to die for. There is a social divide in the West between left and right, authority and freedom, Pelosi versus Trump. It is … Continue reading

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