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How dare you!

Having to deal with the global swarmists must be unbelievably difficult for any political leader who finds they are dealing with the con in con-servation to the extent it has now become mandatory. That elections depend on such matters really … Continue reading

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Universal university education for all

University education is a human right. No one should ever be denied entry. If someone wishes a university education, they should just be allowed to show up, choose their courses and come to class. The university should provide that education … Continue reading

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Later than you think. Creating the news at the New York Times

A peek inside the editorial world at the New York Times. I don’t know how many readers took this bit of news seriously or how many readers realized the implications of the exposé. Personally, I was not surprised, as I … Continue reading

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Songs of the Caribbean

Praise to the bowling, super fine Of Ramadhin and Valentine. Bowl Lindwall bowl. Don’t be afraid, Dem dat can’t bat, break der shoulderblade! World Cup time.

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We need a strategy for dealing with censorship by the left

You can see this for now, while there are other things you cannot see at all, and do not even know you cannot see them because they have been obliterated by media proprietors as if they are private companies with … Continue reading

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Henry Arthur Jones

Henry Arthur Jones (1851-1929) has not entirely faded into history as is attested to by the existence of his Wikipedia entry. A prolific playwright from the end of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, about whom Oscar Wilde said … Continue reading

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Science site promoting critical rationalism

Scientia is dedicated to science practiced in the framework of critical rationalism formulated by Karl Popper along the lines “You may be right and I may be wrong and with an effort we may get nearer to the truth”. Up … Continue reading

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Michel Bacos 1924 – March 26, 2019

Michel Bacos  was the captain of Air France Flight 139 hijacked in 1976 leading to the Entebbe raid. (HT: CL in comments)

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Forthcoming IPA event in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Why the words of Western Civilisation must endure with Professor Mark Bauerlein Professor Mark Bauerlein is a Professor of English at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where he has taught since 1989. He is Senior Editor of the journal First … Continue reading

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Good and bad mixed up – the sunset of the West?

Ellen of Tasmania put up a video in the comments on The Joy of Socialism. The video is narrated by Paul Joseph Watson and proclaims that “Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by … Continue reading

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