Libertarian laughter and something for the WTF? file.

Some humour from Dan Mitchell, roving libertarian reporter. Reagan played the press for suckers using jokes. Interesting to compare and contrast with Trumpie.

Goddam birds!

More laughs provided by Jon Nova from some of the usual suspects. Stephen Hawking “send deniers to Mars!”

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Michael Rubin on Iran

For those Cats interested in what is going on in Iran, Spartacus commends the following podcast interview of Michael Rubin by Jonah Goldberg.  Michael Rubin is:

a former Pentagon official whose major research areas are the Middle East, Turkey, Iran and diplomacy. Rubin instructs senior military officers deploying to the Middle East and Afghanistan on regional politics, and teaches classes regarding Iran, terrorism, and Arab politics on board deploying U.S. aircraft carrier.

The podcast can be found here.  Subscription is also recommended.

Very much worth the listen.  ISHO – In Spartacus’ Humble Opinion.

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Maybe people should get serious about nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea and Iran

Nuclear War will come to us when someone starts a war on the West. They will attack us. And this is a very small taste of what it would be like, as we have just seen.

Wouldn’t you want something done to make sure it doesn’t happen? Any thoughts on what that something might be? Any suggestions about who should do whatever it is that can be done? Who, in fact, is the only person who is actually trying to do something? Weakening the only government Americans have by Americans themselves does not seem like a sensible strategy for dealing with America’s enemies.

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Equal pay for all!!

Still reeling from its double standards on tolerating child rape by some males, lewd semi-forced sex by others and the odd bit of hanky panky by almost everyone, Hollywood is now embroiled in self-abasement  over the discrepancy in pay between men and women.

Talent Agency represents both Michael Mark Wahlberg and co-star Michelle Williams.  The agency managed to negotiate a $1.5 million fee for the former and nothing for the latter in re-shooting All the Money in the World, (itself a costly action necessitated by Kevin Spacey being sacked in the afterglow of the Weinstein revelations).

This has brought much soul searching and led Mr Wahlberg to donate his fee (and Talent Agency to contribute $500,000) to Times Up, a lobby that is involved in hunting men who earn too much in the industry and seeking more pay for women.

Mr Wahlberg, last year’s highest paid actor declared, “I 100% support the fight for fair pay.”  Well good on him!

While he’s at it he should seek to lower the discrepancy between what his female co-star the lighting guy earns.  Or perhaps there ought to be a schedule of earnings for all films: for example, the lead guy/gall/LGBTQWERTY  gets 2 units, the director 1.9, the gaffer 1.2 and the make up person 1.  It should be the same for all movies

As a matter of fact I want to extend the case wider. For example, all seafood should receive the same price – it is simply not fair that crab should sell for $3 per kg while squid is $33 and prawn an obscene $150. Am analysing what should be the right price and how to ensure an adequate supply of the more popular fishmeat and avoid an abundance of the less popular. Will let you know when I work out the answer.

Meanwhile am off to see Darkest Hour – perhaps Winston Churchill can offer me enlightenment.

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The books you do [and don’t] see in bookshops

It is the first time in years I have seen a book of mine on a bookstore shelf, and a mere $39.95 as well. Has only happened twice before but incredible to see. I imagine it may have been because the title is so ambiguous – Art of the Impossible – so that it might have been anti-Trump as was every other political tract sharing the shelf. You can also buy the book from The Book Depository for A$29.21 and with worldwide free delivery. In my view, the farther we move from the election, the better the book becomes. It puts everything in context and helps you remember the might have beens, every one of which is a horror story we are not being made to endure. No book a decade from now will be able to make you understand the 2016 election the way this book does.

What has also amazed me is that even with all the interest in PDT across the world, I have never ever seen one of his own books anywhere for sale, other than in op-shops, where I am the only one to buy them at $3 a copy. In particular, why does no one sell or buy his Art of the Deal which has always been plain sailing to get through and would teach you something about the man who is president you cannot otherwise find out.

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The four horsemen of the current apocalypse

Wolfgang Kasper at the Mannkal-IPA conference on Western Civilization. Two wear red and two wear green: the revival of Marxism, the Welfare State, Environmental Fundamentalism and Islam.

The horsemen used to be Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

For nerds. A heap of stuff about the original horses.

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Open Forum: January 13, 2018

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Expletive undeleted

The short version, from the comments thread at Instapundit as is the photo:

So let me get this straight:

* The NYT alleges that Pres. Trump said the word “shithole” in private meeting
* CNN repeats the word “shithole” on the air about six dozen times

Did I just get that right?

The longer version from Drudge:


Meantime, what’s the issue, the word he used or is it something else?

And for you too young to remember, this is the source for the phrase expletive deleted. Makes me feel old to have to do this, but you would have to go back forty years to be able to get the point.

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Think before we get rid of the monarchy

Today in The Australian

Shorn of its bombast, the argument for becoming a republic is that it would complete the “Australianisation” of the office of head of state without altering the ­substance of our constitutional ­arrangements.

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Why don’t you Google it?

What comes up first if you google Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites. You might even pair this with this: James Damore sues Google, alleging intolerance of white male conservatives.

Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets ……/googles-new-fact-check-feature-almost-exclusively-targets-conserv…


Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites. Photo of Eric Lieberman. Eric Lieberman · Tech and Law Reporter. 12:04 PM 01/09/2018. Pinterest. Reddit. LinkedIn. WhatsApp. Share. TOP …


Need anyone even mention Facebook?


FACEBOOK to put cameras and microphones in homes…
Publishers concerned with Zuckerberg plan to define ‘reputable’…
Bans Bestselling Author over ‘The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama’…

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