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Too big to jail

The Global Financial Crisis, in my view, was caused by a combination of a few factors. First, complacency – a long period of relatively stable macroeconomic conditions in advanced economies led investors, regulators and others to underestimate low probability but high … Continue reading

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Training our new taxi drivers

One way in which Ted Baillieu could improve Melbourne taxi services is to make use of these new drivers

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He’s our misogynist

The ALP can’t help itself. Rather than distancing themselves from the admitted misogynist Peter Slipper, they come rushing to his defence just because it is another way to attack Tony Abbott. As I understand it, Ashby’s case is on appeal – there … Continue reading

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Millennium Development Goals

The eight MDGs were agreed in 2000. They are: 1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, 2. Achieving universal primary education, 3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women, 4. Reducing child mortality rates, 5. Improving maternal health, 6. Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, … Continue reading

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Principal-agent problem

Despite the apparent growth in corporate and public governance over the past 20 years, agents are acting ever less in the interests of their principals than in the past. In the corporate sector, the extent of rent seeking and corporate welfare … Continue reading

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CO2 mask

This video tells it all. It shows the IQ of  many of those attending the Qatar climate change conference. Not only did seemingly senior representatives express a willingness to wear the ugly and uncomfortable masks, but it is physically impossible … Continue reading

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End of the world: 21 December 2012

Apparently the Vogon Constructor Fleet will be removing the earth on 21 December to make way for an intergalactic highway construction project. All I can say, Don’t Panic What are your plans for the last two weeks?

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Return your Christmas presents – quick!

The Prime Minister has just issued a press release to ‘strengthen’ Australia’s anti-dumping regime. Yes, protectionism is the new black. Once again the Government has relied on a report from its favoured protectionist adviser, John Brumby (isn’t there something unethical … Continue reading

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A dodgy deal?

Most Cat readers would agree that Government-subsidised export credit organisations (such as Australia’s Export Finance Insurance Corporation – EFIC) should be abolished. They are a means of transferring wads of taxpayers’ money to special interests/rent seekers behind the back door. The … Continue reading

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International Century of Small and Effective Government

At long last, the United Nations has decided to dedicate a Century to Small and Effective Government. Apparently the strong evidence concerning the risk of global warming being caused by the United Nations was the key factor behind the resolution. … Continue reading

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