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Greg Chapman: Stairway to Wokeness (with apologies to Led Zeppelin)

When crusaders ensure
Their gestures aren’t ignored
Know they’re buying a stairway to wokeness
As they posture they glow
And everyone knows
One word wrong they’ll destroy you forever

Oooooh Ahh…. And they’re buying a stairway to wokeness

There’s a sign on the wall
But they want to be sure
That they choose the worst of its meanings
With a post that they tweet
They distort what was sweet
To ruin the one they’re defaming

And it makes them woker
And it makes them woker

There’s a feeling they get
When they’ve worked up a sweat
After cancelling a Nazi on twitter
Just like in ‘44
Went solders went ashore
And then cancelled Hitler forevermore

Oooh and it makes them woker
Oooh ahhhh and it makes them woker

And its whispered that soon if we all toe the line
The piper will lead us to heaven
The new day will dawn
For those that kneel long
But it still doesn’t save them from shaming.

If there’s no pronouns in your profile
You’ll be in exile
Until your gender is revealed
Yes there are 60 you can choose from
But in the long run
The choice you make will be the wrong one

Oooh and it makes them woker
Oooh ahhhh and it makes them woker

Saying sorry won’t help to save you
In case you don’t know
The piper won’t buy your confession
Even with complete humiliation
And submission
The stairway leads to your oblivion

And as you see your life destroyed
All Your virtue signals ignored
There‘s someone much woker than you
Who’s dancing about as you fall
Just like you danced as others fell
You understand the reason why
And the truth that you now can see
That the woke mob will devour all
And the only way to survive
Is to be a rock and not to roll

Because there is no stairway to wokeness

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The Energy Technology Roadmap

Last week the Coalition formally announced that the leadership has given up on coal and capitulated to the RE lobbies. The idea is to use gas to fill the gaps in supply as the coal stations close and RE takes over. At the same time storage capacity has to be enhanced to get over the awkward moments when there is no contribution from the wind and the sun.

Innovative technologies are the keys to this exercise in squaring the circle and after long deliberation  the government nominated  five elements in the plan, the winners in the Technology Roadmap Lotto as I think of them.

Generous quantities of money will be handed out to support initiatives in those areas and many organizations and their staff will do very well. We look forward to regular announcements of spectacular progress, or at least possible breakthroughs on all these fronts.

The cost and capacity of batteries.

The cost of batteries coming down is the second major bet placed by government in the technology road map.

Where is the evidence that significant advances are being achieved in the cost and capacity of batteries?  Are they still betting on Moore’s law, the idea that capacity will double every couple of years as it has done for data storage? The size of the battery at  Hornsdale wind farm in SA has been doubled, is there any evidence that the cost of the second stage was cheaper than the first?



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How the Dems are trying to steal the election

NYT: 18 Revelations From Trove of Trump Tax Records...
'Can you believe how f*cking stupid the IRS is?'
FLASHBACK: Ripped Obama 20.5% Rate...
Said poor should have to pay to 'be part of game'...
WIRE: National Security Threat...
Biden ad compares to what workers pay...
Sells 'I paid more' stickers... 

There is not a Democrat policy proposal from one end of the election to the other, other than to make it compulsory to wear masks. The New York Times has released a set of the President’s tax returns and that is what they are turning into the central issue. So far as I can tell, there is no suggestion that there was any cheating on PDT’s taxes, only that he used various existing tax laws to minimise the amounts he paid.

These are amongst the various replies with the first where the video above comes from:

Democrats Are LYING About Trump’s Taxes, Push INSANE Theory That He’s A National Security Threat

New York Times’ Trump Tax Return ‘Bombshell’ Is A Joke

The New York Times Recycles Old Reporting To Drop ‘Bombshell’ Trump Tax Return Story

NYT Debunks Three Media Conspiracy Theories With Trump’s Tax Returns.

And there are the various attacks on Amy Coney Barrett bordering on religious bigotry, but so what? Here’s one post defending her nomination: THE HANDWRINGING TALE.

Meanwhile, the American economy is picking up in spite of every effort to spike it, especially via the Chinese virus: Unemployment is Improving Far Faster Than Projected – Unlike After the Great Recession.

And Trump has been nominated for a third Nobel Peace Prize, this nomination coming from Australia! Australian Law Profs Nominate Trump For Third Nobel Prize For ‘Trump Doctrine’.

And do not forget the old political equaliser that goes beyond the lying and the media bias, well beyond: Trump Calls On Justice Department to Investigate Ilhan Omar Over Illegal Ballot Scam. There is a new story on Democrat electoral cheating coming out every day.

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The new religion of fear. It is all about submission

My three biggest fears? Trump, coronovirus and the climate.

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Is this a dream? British move against the cancel culture in schools.

Jo Nova reports that British schoolchildren are going to the taught that the cancel culture is bullying.

Josh White, Daily Mail, UK

  • Teachers will tell pupils ‘cancel culture’ is not part of a ‘tolerant and free society’
  • Students will learn that people with controversial opinions should be respected 
  • It comes as some mainstream speakers have been blocked from speaking at unis

In Department for Education training manuals, teachers are instructed to tell pupils that the ‘cancel culture’ which has taken root at many universities – where individuals call for a boycott of a person or company whose views they don’t agree with, in the hope they lose their job or clients – is not part of a ‘tolerant and free society’.

Never say it couldn’t happen here!

Liberty Quote – Without a taboo against deficits, deficit spending tends to become habitual. It is politically corrosive, because no constituency expects to be the one to have to sacrifice when the limits of borrowing have been reached — Arnold Kling

Liberty Quote – History is littered with examples of politicians withdrawing citizens’ rights to free expression because they did not like what they had been saying about them at a particular moment in history.

Scratch the surface of this proposal and you will find a harsh new regime which stands to damage Australia’s reputation as a democracy and might well come back to bite the politicians, academics and publishers who are supporting it today – Mark Pearson

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Wenn das der Fuehrer wuesste

“If only the Führer knew” was what we might today call a meme that became a popular declaration of naive – if not, wilfully dumb – exasperation about the corruption and oppression that unfortunately attended the terrifying rise and catastrophic fall of Adolf Hitler.

Disgracefully – but not surprisingly – it is also the conclusion Daniel Andrews, his lawyers, Victoria Police and the Premier’s red shirt putchists want the hotel quarantine inquiry to come to about the deaths of several hundred people.

The broader truth about this tragedy is not that it was caused by “creeping assumption that became reality,” as counsel assisting the inquiry has claimed. It was caused by a near-sociopathic egomaniac who decided to invent a mindlessly overblown panic so as to be able to blame the public itself for death and protect his own job. That’s what Mr Andrews has been doing all along.

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The Melbourne Syndrome in pictures

It would be much funnier if it weren’t actually true.

AND THIS FROM TODAY’S FINANCIAL REVIEW: Mask crackdown mad, health experts warn. Their headline, with this text:

Asked why he would require Victorians to wear masks when there is no health purpose, Mr Andrews dismissed the question. “That’s an esoteric debate, isn’t it? Maybe there will be a time when we have the luxury of having those sorts of debates.”

Maybe there will be a time! “Mad” is just the word.

And indeed, Andrew Bolt now specifically asks

Has Daniel Andrews gone mad?

I cannot tell if this is just hyperbolic exaggeration or is meant literally. To me, it could be either, but what if it’s literally true? I keep coming back to The Caine Mutiny and Captain Queeg. The Caine is a US battleship during the war in the Pacific. Captain Queeg is its captain who has gone insane. The leader of the mutiny is Maryk.

Maryk keeps a secret log of Queeg’s eccentric behavior…. Soon afterward, the Caine is caught in a typhoon, an ordeal that sinks three destroyers. At the height of the storm, Queeg’s paralysis of action convinces Maryk that he must relieve the captain of command to prevent the loss of the ship. Willie, as Officer of the Deck, supports the decision. Maryk turns Caine into the wind and rides out the storm.

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Gorge Wallis

Madeleine Kearns, National Review: Meghan and Harry Are Embarrassing Themselves.

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Political depravity

Along with the amazement at every other facet of the Covid story, the future will think the ban on HCQ as perhaps the most inexplicable.

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Fundamentally incorrect government statements

This seems very direct.

Lying is native to politics. If you did not realise it before watching the inquiry into Victorian Labor’s disastrous COVID-19 quarantine scheme, you will now. The Victorian government led by Daniel Andrews is so mired in lies that truth is a distant memory….

We heard the lie by omission, the half-truth, blame-shifting, obfuscation, red herrings, selective memory and collective amnesia. The Premier claims not to know who made the decision to hire private security staff to guard people in hotel quarantine. Labor ministers have followed suit, though most peppered their feigned ignorance with a generous serving of selective amnesia….

On August 8, the Premier told a parliamentary committee: “I think it is fundamentally incorrect to assert that there was (sic) hundreds of ADF staff on offer and somehow someone said no. That’s not, in my judgment, accurate.” However, Sky News and others reported that Prime Minister Scott Morrison personally wrote letters to the Victorian Premier urging him to accept the help of Australian Defence Force personnel in July as the number of COVID cases surged in Victoria. It was reported that the PM sent letters to Andrews on July 4, 6 and 11. In the final correspondence, the PM offered about 1000 defence personnel to work alongside Victoria Police to ensure the virus was contained, affected suburbs were locked down and contact tracing was undertaken….

When Defence Minister Linda Reynolds noted the Victorian government had rejected commonwealth offers of ADF help with hotel quarantine, the Premier framed it as playing politics. He supported the alternative version of events authored by Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp, who said he neither sought nor was offered ADF assistance with hotel quarantine in meetings on March 27-28. However, Defence records showed that from late March the offer stood. The Victorian government authorities rejected at least half a dozen offers of assistance.

And then there is this from Maurice Neuman: Nostalgia won’t protect Snowy white elephant.

Paul Broad, the chief executive officer of Snowy Hydro, has provided a solid rebuttal (The Snowy 2.0 project will pay its way) to an open letter (On every count, Snowy 2.0 is a disaster in the making), published on this page on September 18. The letter’s 37 authors cannot be easily dismissed. All have relevant expertise in energy markets, engineering and the environment.

That said, Broad is adamant that Snowy 2.0 is “underpinned by a strong business case”. He alleges that “critics have run with every falsehood under the sun” and that most arguments are “flimsy” and not warranting a response….

The project’s announcement bears many of the hallmarks of the National Broadband Network, which was a dream brought to life on the back of a drinks coaster. As predicted, it is a technological and commercial white elephant.

While there were no drinks coasters, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Snowy Hydro 2.0 announcement in 2017 was widely viewed as a cynically timed thought bubble. Like the NBN, it had no business case but was still acclaimed as an “electricity game-changer”. Turnbull boasted, “it will increase the generation of the Snowy Hydro scheme by 50 per cent, adding 2000 megawatts of renewable energy to the national electricity market”. He made no reference to cost. However, Broad later told a Senate estimates hearing that a “very rough, top-level estimate”, was $2bn.

Rough it was. Two years later, a construction contract was let for $5.1bn….

All in all, and without allowing for cost overruns, the final investment for the entire project could well sit at about $14bn or, seven times the original indicative figure….

Whatever the reality, Australians are getting the impression that Snowy Hydro 2.0 is yet another “trust me” project where the business case has been written to reflect the announcement. It will take time for the truth to be known but, sadly, history is not on the government’s side.

The sad part is that we still live in a kind of fantasy theoretical economic environment in which government waste is believed to be good for the economy. It may well be good for those on the receiving end of all this money, but for the rest of us, it is a straightforward loss that keeps us much poorer than we would otherwise have been.

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