Undeniable fact: the 2020 Presidential election was a coup

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Crankster Squad

WITH News Corp providing cover this weekend for Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s crazy obsession with extracting from Facebook the encryption keys that prevent him from reading your mail – spoiler alert: if you oppose governments wiretapping citizens, you’re a friend of Jews child molesters – it’s little wonder the Morrison government is emboldened enough to create a new gestapo on a PR whim:

It’s feared anti-vaxxers could target COVID-19 vaccine storage hubs, with online activity from protesters spiking in recent days.

A special team of AFP detectives has been appointed by the Federal Government to watch the online interactions of the anti-vaccination “movement”.

Previously, those interactions had measured about 200 a day, but recently that had skyrocketed to 6000 a day.

As I noted in The New Duopoly of Violence, ISIS fanatic Raghe Mohamed Abdi was known to the same AFP for two years prior to his murder of Maurice and Zoe Antill in December last year. The Federal Police failed to protect the lives of two elderly Australians randomly mutilated in their own home. But they have a “team” eavesdropping on vaccine critics. I would be very interested to know if these “detectives” are, in fact, committing a criminal offence. Australians have an implied constitutional right to free speech.

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Victoria is heading for financial disaster

Victoria is heading for financial disaster that will make the lockdown look like a minor incident along the road to Dan Andrew’s destruction of the state he has been overseeing. It’s only a small story, of course, but at least it is being mentioned: Building boom blamed for blowouts. It’s described as an “Exclusive” mostly because none of the other members of the Victorian media will go near it. You will never see this on the ABC for example.

VICTORIAN road projects are suffering big cost blowouts as the Andrews government battles to rein in the rising cost of labour and materials.

The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal a series of suburban road upgrades have cost more than $50 million more than first planned, and some projects have blown out by nearly a quarter of the original cost….

Cost blowouts also affected works to strengthen bridges in regional Victoria, and just one of seven planned upgrades was completed last year because of changes to projects and rising costs.

It’s modern economic theory that is partly to blame, since everyone is now taught how public spending is necessary to create jobs. Absolutely wrong, of course, but everyone thinks it so that phenomenal amounts of money are poured into one wasteful project after another, projects that will never ever recover their costs in the value of their retunrs to the community. But it is possible that help is on the way, or at least a small modicum of coherence. I’ve emphasised the bits that need to be understood and then become the focus of attention, first for the Opposition and then for the rest of the community.

Opposition Transport spokesman David Davis said the government could not manage the finances of major projects.

Everywhere you look … costs have blown out and timelines are shot,” he said.

“The community expects projects to be built on time, they don’t expect money to be wasted or squandered.

“Many projects are delayed and its all down to the government’s own incompetence.”

The issue is NET costs, that is, the relative size of the return as against the costs of doing whatever is being done. Seems basic, but there is not a socialist government in the world that gets it right, with almost as many non-socialists as clueless as the socialists.

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I think he is talking about us

Paul Kelly in the Australian has a long piece claiming victory for Australia in the government v Facebook and Google kerfuffle.

I particularly liked this bit:

But there is a small group of angry critics that reject the model on the grounds of media diversity, insist small players will miss out, claim Facebook won the main concessions and complain that the big companies, notably News Corp, are getting what they want. Such critics have an extremely limited and selective view of how to assist journalism and what journalism should be assisted.

Let’s ignore the concession that this was really an industry protection policy and get to the rub.

I do not think that journalism should be ‘assisted’ at all. For any reason or at any time. If you cannot survive in the market, you fail. That is how the world is supposed to work.

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Double standards

In the latest story of sexual misconduct related to Parliament, Labor’s Penny Wong says that she met a woman (now deceased) who claims that a Coalition minister raped her in 1988 before he was elected to Parliament. Wong said

The complainant made an allegation that she had been raped many years earlier by a person who is now a senior member of the federal government. I said that making a report to the appropriate authorities was the right thing to do. I facilitated her referral to rape support services and confirmed she was being supported in reporting the matter to NSW Police.

The death of the woman who made this allegation is a tragedy, and devastating for everyone who knew and loved her.

The woman, and her family and friends, have been in my thoughts throughout.

I issue this statement in the interests of transparency, and in the hope that appropriate action is taken to examine her allegation, the circumstances of her death and what can and should be done to help keep people safe and save lives in the future.

While Wong may be genuinely concerned about the welfare of the deceased, one cannot help but see this as a political stunt since Wong never revealed that she met the woman who accused Bill Shorten of rape, also in the 1980s. In 2014 the Victorian Police stated

Victoria Police can confirm that a report of an alleged historical sexual assault has been investigated by police. Investigating police sought advice from the Office of Public Prosecutions, which advised there was no reasonable prospect of conviction. All parties have been notified that Victoria Police will not be proceeding with criminal charges.

But this is what that woman, who is still alive and has not retracted the claim, said:

In 1985 I joined the ALP. In 86 at the age of 16 I … became a delegate for state and national conferences. In 86 I went to a Young Labor camp down near Geelong … I was alone … at about 4am there was a knock at my door. It was him at the door. He [Bill Shorten] pushed me into a bathroom, up against a towel rail, pulled down my pants and raped me.

So, Penny Wong, don’t you think you should meet with this woman and discuss her allegations against Bill Shorten? After all, while there is no possibility of a successful prosecution of Bill Shorten due to the alleged rape being committed long ago and the lack of physical evidence, the same applies to the Coalition Minister.

Or is Wong one of those females who will go after Coalition men who commit such crimes, but will turn a blind eye to any Labor men doing the same?

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Toxic treatment of women by Labor and the left

SA Liberal MP Nicolle Flint.

In its ongoing series of attacks on the Federal Coalition, today The Australian comes up with this: Toxic Canberra too much for MP Nicolle Flint. Here is the gist of it in their own words:

Ms Flint — who was hounded, stalked, and labelled a slut and a prostitute in the vicious 2019 campaign in the South Australian seat of Boothby — has decided she can no longer tolerate the pressures of political life as a female MP….

“I did not put up my hand so I could be the sole candidate ­heckled, mocked and shouted down by GetUp, Labor and union members at community meetings,” Ms Flint told parliament. “I did not put up my hand so my election posters could be defaced with the words ‘skank’ and ‘blow and go’, suggesting I was a prostitute charging $60 an hour.”

Of course, given the nature of The Australian and its entirely anti-government left agenda, these two statements are 16 paragraphs apart. Go to the link and count them for yourself.

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The man universally endorsed by Australian feminists

THERE’S a lot to see in Texas and many hands to shake at the Houston food bank whose staff are working to make the world a better place for the poor. But Joe Biden, presently visiting the Lone Star State, encountered a little girl at one such facility and that, as they say, was that: he wouldn’t leave her alone. I’ve said before that while I don’t regard Biden as a pederast, I do think he has a strange fetish for girls. It is not normal for an adult man to be mesmerised by them, to manhandle, sniff and kiss them, to press them to his crotch, to caress their chests and quiz them about dating.

In any Australian jurisdiction, Biden would be sacked and very probably charged by police for his behaviour. As the country endures yet another sexual harassment panic promoted by the media to ‘get’ conservative enemies, it strikes me as apposite and telling that every feminist, grievance campaigner and professional leftist in the nation joyously welcomed “decent” Joe Biden to the presidency. Of course, if he was an LNP minister, backbencher or staffer, they would be screaming for his immediate prosecution. These are not serious people. They don’t really care about Brittany Higgins any more than they really care about abused Aboriginal women. They are borderline sociopaths whose only objective is power attained through hatred and calumny. They are the toxic ones.

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Decent Joe lovingly vaporises brown people for some reason

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Open Forum: February 27, 2021

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Attention Michael Oakeshott groupies!

Michael Oakeshott Association Conference 2021

More about the Michael Oakeshott Association.

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