Daunte’s Inferno

Even women looked up to good old Daunte – especially this woman:

‘Victim was able to get loose from defendant Wright and started to kneel down and scream.’ After more yelling, Wright allegedly told the woman that he was going to shoot her unless he got the money.’

‘Give me the money and we will leave,’ he allegedly said. ‘Give me the money and we will go.’ Mikkelson added: ‘Defendant Wright then tried to choke victim a second time and tried to take her money.

So Wright was a violent, cowardly thug who liked holding up girls. As Tucker Carlson explains, the policewoman who shot him has been named by the media; she and her family have been forced to flee their home to escape what seems like an attempt by the media to enable an assassination. By contrast, the yellow-bellied Capitol policeman who murdered Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt on 6 January will be neither charged nor named. America has fallen apart.

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Tanks But No Tanks

In the right, Christine Holgate pulls the wrong rein

WERE the posh gifts for hugely well-paid Australia Post staff more trivial than Andrew Peacock’s Sheridan sheets or Mick Young’s Paddington Bear or Barry O’Farrell’s bottle of plonk? Bullied for being a woman, Ms Holgate? I think not. The nervous turmoil she experienced in the midst of the luxury watch debacle was no doubt genuine but it wasn’t born of Scott Morrison’s sudden-onset frugality or a rumour without foundation. Of the latter, there is no sparsity of vicious examples in Louise Milligan’s Australia. Holgate’s minor extravagance – for such is all it was – never darkened, as details emerged, to the blackness of venality or crime. It was merely dumb. Her gender-themed push-back, on the other hand, is smart – albeit demeaning.

Not even a quartz Cartier is less substantive than a superwoman in public life defaulting to harried damsel when it’s convenient. What started out as a classic Labor class-and-envy smear against the former Australia Post supremo – maybe you don’t remember Paul Keating’s disdain for French horology – has been magically transformed via the oestrogen hubris suffocating rationality in Canberra to yet another anti-Morrison moment.

“He got too hot under the collar, he took a swing, and he needs to apologise,” Sarah Hanson-Young said on Tuesday, likening the PM’s criticism of the $12,000 watch spree to a wrathful husband beating his wife. “I think it’s one of the worst acts of bullying I’ve ever witnessed,” Ms Holgate herself told 7.30. I guess she slept through the left’s treatment of Nicole Flint.

Ms Holgate and her attendants wore white at the sham Hanson-Young-chaired Senate committee, supposedly to identify themselves with the suffragists (none of whom earned $2.6 million a year). The real intention was to signal the Brittany Bombardiers in politics and the media that she sees herself as another victim of Liberal Party misogyny. Succour is available from the aforementioned avengers to any galled female who doesn’t drag the Labor Party into the mire.

That’s the sad thing about this affair: a strong woman legitimately hard done by would take on all who wronged her without preference or pro bono mudslinging from haters like Hanson-Young or Kristina Keneally. She wouldn’t allow herself to be owned like that. Holgate had a case – though whether it cancels out those watches is a subjective question. There were spineless Australia Post lounge lizards who didn’t come to her defence because they were taking advantage of her trouble; Anthony Albanese did want her scalp (the opportunity to park “Cartier” into Hansard and the news cycle at the height of coronavirus lay-offs was fruit so low-hanging he had to bend over to pick it); and yes, Scott Morrison – chuffed to be topping the polls as his government squandered billions – was played by the Opposition Leader. Lucio Di Bartolomeo and the Prime Minister say they won’t be apologising. Nor should they. They shouldn’t be proud of themselves either.

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It was the Christians

An ABC investigation relating to Victoria’s COVID catastrophe has put the blame where it belongs.

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Australia Post turns drama into soap opera

Today in The Australian

On December 22, 1988, Ralph Willis, who had recently become minister for communications in the third Hawke government, met with George Maltby, the managing director of the Overseas Telecommunications Commission, and demanded his resignation.

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Science versus emotion

The idea that locking down and keeping people apart will stop a virus spreading may be seductively intuitive. But intuitive ideas can be wrong. The job of science is to examine ideas and test them with evidence to see if they are more than just speculation. And the science here is clear. Lockdowns do not control the coronavirus.”

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Bring a ute: “And they are really going to come for me now”

CHANNEL Nine has tried to pull off one of those in-house builder’s bog PR patch-ups for Weakest Link host Magda Szubanski following her lightly criticised attack on Jenny Morrison. Instead, she went even more berserk. She now claims Mrs Morrison is a literal Nazi whose Christian comrades are a threat to her substantial person:

On Wednesday night, Szubanski appeared on A Current Affair to give her side of the story, saying her intention was to highlight the growing influence of ‘far-right Christians’ in political life.

“That was a mild way of drawing attention to the fact I do have concerns about, and trust me this is not about the majority of Christians, but the element of the far-right,” she said.

“And – they are really going to come for me now – I think that is a concern.”

She also thinks Mrs Morrison flashed a ‘white power’ sign in an official photograph with Harry and Meghan. Do Nine and its advertisers seriously want to go on sinking money into this lunatic? But hey, when nothing else is remotely viable as an excuse, when you’re facing well-deserved obloquy for disgraceful conduct, when you’ve attacked an innocent woman and can’t Holgate your way out of it, the “far right” dodge is the one for you. She would already be unemployed if she’d pilloried a Labor Prime Minister’s wife. Nine clearly hates its Christian audience.

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I’m a doctor and my advice is don’t come back


Asked whether April 26 was a realistic return date for the Premier, Mr Merlino said his doctors were yet to make an assessment.

“Dan will be back based on doctor’s advice,” he said.

Of course, my doctorate is in economics and this advice is based on the economic catastrophe Andrews has overseen, which his successor will have to deal with. Went past my favourite construction site on St Kilda Road this morning, where they are building the billion dollar station at the Shrine, and there was not a worker in site (sight). Wonder why.

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Holgate’s Gender Defence Pathetic and Insulting to Women

Christine Holgate is an opportunist if ever there was one. She is playing the “Canberra Bubble” game to boost her seemingly upcoming unlawful “termination” (aka resignation) lawsuit off the back of the Brittany Higgins scandal. She is hoping to shakedown a feeble PM to apologise and settle.

Yet, judging by her own words and actions she was not up to the job of CEO of Australia Post. She was blind sided on Cartier watches by a Labor backbencher Kimberley Kitching in Senate Estimates and was incapable of defending her position afterwards. How that constitutes sexism I don’t know. How it became the Prime Minister’s sexist problem is even more baffling other than to say that empty vessels that shoot from the hip tend to be accident prone.

Holgate apparently felt humiliated to the point of suicide because she was asked to justify why taxpayers should foot the bill for Cartier watches gifted to employees for simply doing their job and who presumably could afford to buy their own watches given their bloated salaries of between $500,000 and $700,000 per year.

I would have thought that fronting tough questions in Senate Estimates was a core requirement of a CEO of Australia Post. That she preformed so poorly and allowed the contentious gift giving issue to escalate out of control says to me she was not up to the job.

That a bit of robust criticism caused her humiliation to the point of suicide says she is mentally fragile and also not up to the job. That she equates tough questioning holding her managerial decisions to account as bullying and sexist demonstrates she was always unfit to be CEO.

You don’t get paid $2.6m per year to be a fragile seat warmer. You can only justify that kind of salary because of the responsibility and accountability the role demands, including making the tough decisions, owning those decisions and fronting up to the critics. Christine Holgate failed on every level in the Cartier watch scandal and now blames the Australia Post Chairman and the Prime Minister for her own inadequacies.

Let’s be honest if you cannot hit SloMo for six off a short-break you can’t be very good. Here he was waxing lyrical about $5,000 watches while his government signed off on at least 919 performance bonuses to public servants in the same year worth the same or more. That would also have nailed Labor as I seriously doubt Labor would go against the Public Service Union and argue for an effective pay cut.

It was Christine Holgate’s job to defend and legitimise her decision to gift extravagant watches to very highly paid executives for simply doing their jobs. Holgate has, since the train wreck of Senate Estimates, tried exactly that albeit, too little too late, and not overly convincing, so now she plays the gender card. Its pathetic. She has only herself to blame.

The radical feminist movement (which Holgate now seemingly subscribes) is seeking to normalise any criticism of women as misogynistic bullying or harassment. This is ludicrous and is actually profoundly sexist and degrading to women. It denies women agency to control their own outcomes and futures. It condemns all women as snowflakes in need of protection. It is asking that women in leadership be given a free pass on accountability.

If this idea is given too much currency it will actually setback the career prospects of all women. Who would hire a female CEO on the basis she should be effectively immune from criticism, will likely fall apart if she is, and if you as chairman (i.e. male chair) exert your shareholder responsibilities will be smeared with a sexist bullying allegation? Better to just appoint a male. It will be interesting to see who hires Holgate next. In my opinion she has damaged her reputation badly by playing the gender card.

As a final comment I would say that the Cartier watch episode is symptomatic of a culture of greed and entitlement that pervades the upper echelons of corporate Australia and government that are seemingly in a crony partnership at the expense of citizens, taxpayers and consumers. Christine Holgate’s counterpart in the United States earns $300,000 not $2.7m and oversees a staff in excess of 600,000 compared to Australia Post’s 35,000. The executives gifted $5,000 watches also earned significantly more than the US Post Master General.

Australia has amongst the highest paid politicians and bureaucrats in the Western world and there is zero evidence (made abundantly plain during the pandemic) that this leads to better policy, better decision-making and hence better outcomes. Christine Holgate through her own inadequacy and poor judgment has exposed how out of touch most of Australia’s rent seeking elite actually are and embarrassed an equally inadequate and out of touch PM.

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What was that about RE getting cheaper all the time?

A bit of a jolt from Tesla.

Elon Musk’s 2019 proclamation that Tesla’s integrated solar roof would grow “like kelp on steroids” is looking more optimistic than ever this week, with reports emerging in the US that the company has jacked up the price of the integrated PV tiles in its home market – and not just for new customers.

US Tesla customers have told various sources over the past few weeks about drastic and unexpected price increases on existing Solar Roof orders, adding between $SU20,000 and $30,000 to the cost of installation – an eye-watering extra hit that appears to come down to a combination of increased component costs and increased cost of installation.

The unceremonious price hike adds a new chapter to the troubled history of Tesla’s solar roof, which has been taking two steps forward and three steps back since its inception in 2016.

As One Step has reported, in Australia, the product is nowhere to be seen, despite having opened to orders – with a $1000 deposit – over a year ago. In response to an inquiry through the Tesla Australia website, One Step was told that the Solar Roof could still be 12 to 24 months away from being available.

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More Fake News from their ABC

Okay – I’ll admit, I’ve been enjoying myself far too much on social media.

… and I’m not alone.

So we’ve all had a bit of fun and it turns out that the military events management people also employ work experience kids.

But the ABC never let an opportunity go to waste.

The dancing troupe’s leader Maya Sheridan says the ABC – which ran a story in which senior government MPs attacked the move to use them at the ceremony – had used deliberately exploiting images.

Governor-General David Hurley’s office has also said it was “disappointed” the ABC story depicted him in the audience, when he was not present.

Scott Morrison has blasted the ABC’s report on the matter, saying it was “misleading” and saying he felt for the dancers who have been caught up in the story.

“I am disappointed that this event was so misreported. I think that was disrespectful to the performers,” he said on Thursday.

“To suggest there the Governor-General or others were in attendance in that way., I think that was very dishonest and I think standards have failed.

“It is clear much of the reporting that we have seen of that matter – and that has been provided to Australians – in this case by the ABC was wrong, was false, and was misleading … the ABC should be reflecting on that.”

So what did the ABC do?

The ABC has apologised after editing footage of a dance troupe to make it seem like they were performing in front of some of Australia’s top dignitaries.

A peculiar edit from the ABC’s coverage spliced footage of the performance alongside videos of Governor-General David Hurley, ADF chief Angus Campbell and Navy chief Michael Noonan sitting in the audience, making it appear as though the high-level officials were there for the dancing.

Yep – the ABC caught manufacturing the story. How many times is this going to happen before the government actually ever does anything about it?

As for the 101 Doll Squadron …

“We perform regularly at festivals, cultural, and community events including The Woolloomoolivin’ Festival and NAIDOC locally. We’re very popular with all age audiences attending and have never been the target of abuse or complaints.

“This performance was one small part of a longer term partnering with the Navy and our community for pathway opportunities and ongoing programs, including a recent community BBQ and basketball tournament between Supply crew and local youth.”

The ADF has been in defence mode since the footage went viral on social media, insisting it booked the group to support local businesses and to reflect the Woolloomooloo community, the inner city suburb where the Navy’s Fleet Base East is based.

Good for them – we can’t all be investigative reporters for the ABC and making up shit.

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