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Why is it legal for a state to order a lockdown?

Can this be legal? Why is this incompetent fool, Daniel Andrews, allowed to shut down an entire state on his own say so?

Here’s the latest rumour: Australia Victoria is considering Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions.

Melburnians have been put back under Stage 3 restrictions, but what would Stage 4 look like?
Melburnians have been put back under Stage 3 restrictions, but what would Stage 4 look like? Source: AAP


Mandatory mask-wearing, additional testing, and forcing businesses to close their doors are just some of the potential restrictions on the cards if Stage 4 were to be introduced.

Seriously, how insane is this?

But after a fifth day of new case numbers over 200 since the second outbreak began, authorities have flagged these rules could be tightened.

200 new cases in a state with 6.5 million people. That is approximately 200/6,500,000 which is 0.003% of the population of Victoria.

Dan Andrews is an hysterical fool. He is a blight on the population of Victoria. Virtually everything that has gone wrong since CV began has been Daniel Andrew’s own personal responsibility.

There is now even a Victorian version of the virus that has been detected in Sydney. It should be named after Daniel Andrews which is all the immortality he deserves as the most incompetent Premier Victoria has ever had.

How can such an order be challenged? If under the present constitution we can do nothing, then we must amend the constitution. Does no one any longer care about their personal freedoms? Is Labor now the party of tyranny?

You are almost certainly not going to die from the Corona Virus but you might yet be bankrupted.

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Vive la Republique

The release yesterday of the John Kerr letters, and the confirmation biased interpretations of many, yet again reminded TAFKAS why he supports an Australian republic and why he believes we will never get on.

Yesterday’s release brought back, yet again, 2 particular things that particularly irk TAFKAS.  That Whitlam was a democratically elected Prime Minister and that he was sacked.

Whitlam was not a democratically elected Prime Minister; at least democratically elected in the generally accepted way.  And neither were Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull democratically.  They were elected to parliament by their local constituents and selected by the caucuses/party rooms of the group that had the majority in the lower house.  And this selected individual is recommended to Governor General to be commissioned as Prime Minister.

While Whitlam and these other not so talented executives were democratically elected to their seats, to suggest that their selection to be Prime Minister was democratic is just risible.  Apart from the obvious that the Senators who select the Prime Minister nominee are not themselves elected in the general accepted sense, the disproportionate role of the party factional heads in getting people into caucuses/party rooms is also far from democratic.

Further, whilst it would not be ideal, the Governor General does not need to take the recommendation of the party which holds the majority in the lower house when commissioning a Prime Minister.  This is the trick that good old republican Mal tried to pull when suggesting the Governor General should not commission Peter Dutton to be Prime Minister should the Liberal party room select him.

It is also not the case that Whitlam was not sacked, at least in a semantic sense.  He was demoted.  To be sacked implies you lost your job, income and were required to leave the building.  This was not the case for Whitlam.  What happened was that the Governor General terminated Whitlam’s commission and gave it to someone else.  Whitlam was demoted, Fraser was promoted.  This act of demotion/promotion was well within the purview of the Governor General.

But all this is history and the ramblings of, frankly, losers.  More timely is the incomprehensible incompetence and ignorance of the leadership of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) and why Australia is unlikely to get a Republic in the foreseeable future, if ever.  The ARM can’t agree on a model, and Peter Fitzsimons has had his head in too many scrums.

One of the essential issues for a Republican governing model is how the Head of State, President, selected in an Australian Republic, whether by general election or by bipartisan selection of the Parliament.

The model taken to the 1990 something referendum had the President selected by the Parliament.  This helped sink the referendum because many republicans, TAFKAS included, did not want or trust the political class to select the Head of State.  TAFKAS for one did not and still does not trust a cabal of self-serving and self-interested politicians to select the head of state.  If Australians are mature enough to have a republic, they are mature enough to pick their own head of state.

Yet Peter Fitz-knucklehead pretends his 2 stage approach will solve the problems.  No it won’t.

He wants to first have a yes-no plebiscite to become a republic and then a parliament selected-citizen elected referendum.  This will never happen, this will never work.

And this is why, much like quality of the laws our parliaments pass, demonstrates why our elites are not very elite and why Australia is unlikely to every have a Republican model of government.

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Duda Wins But Swords Are Still Drawn For Civilisation

THE victory of Law and Justice Party incumbent Andrzej Duda in Poland’s presidential election on Sunday was the best news of the month and, politically, the best news of the year (so far). There is no country and no culture in the world today that the extremist left is so eager to overwhelm, ideologically and spiritually, as Poland. Not even America tantalises them more. The great survivor of the twin monsters of Nazism and communism, cradle of Pope John Paul II – sainted scourge of moral relativism – and defiant still against the encroachments of the Anglophone world’s post-Christian barbarism, it is a beacon for the faithful and secularist conservatives alike. But how long can it stand? Yes, President Duda won but only just: his majority was 51.2 percent. His opponent, Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, was the preferred candidate of Brussels and the far left parties of Germany and Slovakia, all of which see Duda’s agenda – especially “controversial” reforms of the judiciary and continued opposition to aborton on demand – as “far right.” The President’s dismissal of gay “rights” during the campaign as a foreign “ideology” more destructive than communism enraged all of the usual Yankee wannabes – not least because it resonated with a majority of Poles as undeniable.

There was a time – from the mid-fifth century – when Ireland is said to have salvaged the patrimony of the ancient world, even as the Germanic hordes laid waste to its written treasures as quickly as St Patrick’s monks transcribed and shelved them for posterity. For many Christians – Orange or Green – Ireland continued to be both hold-out and cultural archive for how a Western country should constitute itself until very recently. It took about 1500 years for the barbarians to sack it as they once sacked Rome. True, sackings now are gentler affairs but that’s only because there are so few loyalists on the watchtowers. The Apostle of Ireland’s episcopal descendants played a treacherous role from the inside, of course. This week’s news from Second Rome of the Hagia Sophia’s re-conversion to a mosque is a horrible reminder from 1453 that venality and pride – or “filth,” to use Pope Benedict XVI’s word for church corruption – are termites in the buttresses of a Christian society. Strangely, for the West’s remaining Spartans Poland in the East is now the inspiration that Ireland used to be. So Andrzej Duda’s re-election is a big deal.

The first thing the President did after claiming victory was visit Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, home to Poland’s most revered icon. To Poles, the Black Madonna is more than an ancient art-work or mere symbol of national survival. Under this title, Mary was crowned Queen and Protectress of Poland in the 1600s; by then the wax tempera image was already centuries old and beloved. The scars on the Madonna’s cheek are slash marks inflicted by a swordsman during the failed Hussite siege of Częstochowa in 1430. The Hussites were puritanical extremists who policed their own number and those they sought to dominate with a dogmatic zeal very much akin to today’s cancel culture. As this comparable act of vandalism in Boston last week demonstrates, the siege goes on. Donald Trump, who made his own symbolic visitation to a Polish icon in June, has welcomed news of President Duda’s triumph. Militancy loves company as much as misery.

I’ve argued that Poland is more crucial for civilisation than America; that is a judgment based not on what the US is capable of but on how far gone I now consider it to be. A Duda-esque re-election for President Trump in November will be a devastating blow to the burners and the slashers but without a culturally all-encompassing repudiation of their enablers – I mean a years-long extermination of their lies – it won’t matter as much as it should. Ominously, Thomas Sowell told Mark Levin this week that if Joe Biden and his terrorist backers win the presidency this year, it will be “the point of no return” for his country. If history teaches us anything – from the disintegration of the Roman Empire to the fall of Constantinople and the destruction of Christian Ireland – it’s this: the possibility of civilisational collapse is real and its onset will be sudden.

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What they said: Cancel Culture

Op-eds that would have easily been published just two years ago would now get an editor or a writer in serious trouble, if not fired. If a piece is perceived as likely to inspire backlash internally or on social media, the editor or writer avoids pitching it. If she feels strongly enough to suggest it, she is quickly steered to safer ground. And if, every now and then, she succeeds in getting a piece published that does not explicitly promote progressive causes, it happens only after every line is carefully massaged, negotiated and caveated.

Bari Weiss

Cancel culture”, in all its alliterative horror, sounds like a terrifying wave of intolerance. Something from Nazi Germany or Margaret Atwood’s Gilead. But it doesn’t really exist. 

Those shouting about cancel culture are focused only on the most aggressive minority. They are treating a group that is asking for accountability as though it were a mob spreading fear. These supposed cancellers don’t own magazines or companies, or run television stations; they aren’t bullies — they are trying to protect vulnerable groups from being bullied by the powerful.

For too long there have been next to no repercussions for those making bigoted comments or committing sexual assault, and people have had enough. What we’re saying is: if you act in a way we find reprehensible, we won’t give you our custom; we won’t buy your products, watch your films, be your fans.

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PDT latest press conference

Perhaps the most interesting part is that the President’s hair has gone completely white. Most of what he says you can find out in the media, but only through the distortions and outright lies that are an integral part of the process today. Has the ABC ever provided a positive story about Donald Trump without first going through all of the alternative possibilities first?

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And then they came for themselves

This is a great read from Victor Davis Hanson in the National Review:

How Cultural Revolutions Die — or Not

Please read.

It comes with a word of warning but also a sliver of hope:

Cultural revolutions not only eventually die without cruel dictators, but they can spawn dramatic pushbacks. Ronald Reagan was the answer to the radical Sixties. Revolutionaries are now sowing the wind, but they have little idea of the reactive whirlwind they may soon reap.

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When “Fact Checking” becomes a collage of government press releases

This morning we awake to the news:

Victorian health authorities have confirmed a link between two COVID-19 cases in people who attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne’s CBD just over a month ago, and the cluster of at least 242 cases in public housing towers in the city’s inner northwest.

Who could ever have predicted that allowing 10,000 people to protest in the streets during the middle of a pandemic would be a bad idea?

The Victorian government have been in CYA mode all along. As has the RMIT-ABC Fact Check unit.

Here is the linkage.

And here is the time line of the latest Victorian outbreak.

So on the 26 June – 20 days after the BLM protests – the RMIT-ABC Fact Check unit weighed into the debate. Now note – it didn’t consult with a single medical doctor or epidemiologist. Fact check units don’t do that sort of thing! No, the entire “fact check” was a collage of government press releases and comments.

The RMIT-ABC Fact Check unit was responding to comments made by Victorian Liberal politicians (and SKY News) linking the latest outbreak to the BLM protests.

But these assertions contradict the guidance of officials of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, who continue to report that the current burst of cases does not stem from the rally.

Then we have this awesome clincher:

According to official Australian Government advice, “most people who are infected will develop symptoms within 14 days of infection”.

It has been 20 days since the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne.

Magnificent analysis. Simply magnificent.

Now looking back to the time line. On the day of the BLM protests there were zero new cases in Victoria. Zero. That is a nice round number. Just two weeks later – on Saturday June 20 – there were 25. Two weeks after that there were 125. On the very day the RMIT-ABC Fact Check unit published their collage of government press releases as a fact check there were 30 new cases.

But wait – there is more:

Meanwhile, a strain of COVID-19 detected in southwest Sydney — where 30 people have been struck with the virus — originated from Victoria.

Genomic tests given to NSW Health show a unique Victorian strain has hit Sydney, where there is growing concern about the number of new cases.

We here in Victoria are now back into lock down because of stupidity and incompetence. I suspect NSW might soon follow. Remember which media groups were trying to report what was going on and which media groups (and “fact check units” infested by ABC and former Fairfax hacks) were cover up.

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Belt and Road branch office criticises foreign overlordship

Labor calls the sacking of Whitlam a ‘blight’ on Australia’s national character.

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Fund me. Fund me. Fund me.

It’s all about the funding baby. Don’t blame us for poor management and inefficiency. Just give us more money taken by force from other people.

This is the view of the medical experts. You know, the people with no expertise in budgeting or management and who have no interest in trade-offs. Just give them more funding and the world will be better.

Reported in the Daily Terrorgraph:

Liverpool Hospital Medical Staff Council chair, associate professor Miriam Levy, told the inquiry she feared young doctors in local hospitals across southwest Sydney were so overworked they were “committing suicide at much higher rates”.

Does it get any more disgraceful or disgusting than that? Using the suicide of young doctors to get more resources and power for oneself.


Does it get any more pathetic that a doctor demands policy change based on her “fears”  Perhaps she provide, you know, some evidence to support her very strong and emotional claims. Does Professor Levy conduct surgery based on her fears or based on, you know, evidence?

But why provide evidence.  The headline is what matters. This has nothing to do with young doctors. This is about other people’s money.  So says Professor Miriam Levy:

Junior doctors are “forced to treat 25 patients at a time, spread out over several wards because there aren’t enough beds”,”

TAFKAS is not so special to be a Professor or a medical doctor, but 25 patients at a time. OMG. If this was AT THE SAME TIME, maybe an issue.

And that the patients are spread over several wards, that sounds like a management (or poor management) issue rather than a funding issue.

But never get between a public servant and other people’s money. So further says Professor Levy:

patients and doctors were “being screwed” by a lack of government funding, resulting in clinicians being forced to “ration services” including lifesaving Kidney Dialysis.

So how are the doctors being screwed? Go on. Tell us please.

But never letter unsubstantiated emotion get in the way of energy policy, sorry health policy.

Well. Professor Levy. The Government does not fund procedures. It funds hospitals. How the hospital management, which includes doctors such as yourself, chooses to manage that funding is a matter for the hospital and the hospital management team. For example, how many patients did not get treated because you took the day off to parade before the NSW Parliament?

And as part of the funding that the NSW Government provides, salaries get paid, salaries such as Professor Levy’s. Has Professor Levy, or for that matter any of her well paid colleague who have been “screwed” proposed a reduction in their salary to provide funding?  Or is her only solution to reduce the salary of other people, lower paid people than Professors.

Maybe there is a funding problem in the hospitals, maybe there isn’t. But before demanding more funding, perhaps the hospital industrial complex first look at how they spend the funding they currently receive and their practices to improve productivity.

If anyone has been to a hospital recently and does not think there are productivity improvements to be made, then TAFKAS is running an initial coin offering for a tokenized Bridge and Opera House security.

Leaning on the deaths of young doctors to support a money grab is as pathetic as it is disingenuous.

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How affirmative action played out for Michelle Obama

h/t Herodotus on the open thread. A piece about the substandard work that Michelle Obama presented to get a higher degree at Princeton where she was clearly out of her depth. As she admitted “I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as I really don’t belong.”

Her thesis reads like a cry for help.  “I have found that at Princeton no matter how matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me,” she writes, “I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as I really don’t belong.”

She didn’t.  Michelle should never have been admitted to Princeton.  Thanks to the “numerous opportunities” presented by affirmative action, however, Princeton is where she found herself.  “Told by counselors that her SAT scores and her grades weren’t good enough for an Ivy League school,” writes biographer Christopher Andersen, “Michelle applied to Princeton and Harvard anyway.”  Sympathetic biographer Liza Mundy writes, “Michelle frequently deplores the modern reliance on test scores, describing herself as a person who did not test well.”

She did not write well, either.  She even typed badly.  Mundy charitably describes the thesis as “dense and turgid.”  

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