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Trump is the greatest political genius of our time

Not only that, Donald Trump is amongst the greatest political geniuses of all time. That he became President in 2016 and is still in the running to be re-elected in 2020 given all of the opposition from the media, from every facet of the left and especially the screwball left (actually is there any other kind at the moment?), from many within his own party, from within the bureaucracy, from state governors who are willing to burn down their cities to defeat him in November, from the Chinese who let loose a deadly pandemic, to the Democrat governors and Democrat politicians generally who used the Chinese virus as a political weapon, from the election cheating that will be a major part of the Democrat election program, given all of these you still cannot count him out. If there is a greater master of the arts of politics today, I cannot think who that is.

The debate was a case in point. These are all posts of one sort and another about how PDT neutralised all of this during the Presidential debate with Joe Biden, while also simultaneously debating with the moderator. Do not lose heart is the central message here. There is a lot here to savour.

Here Are The 11 Dumbest, Most Slanted Questions Asked By Chris Wallace

See some of the best memes that came out of last night’s presidential debate

CIVIL WAR AT FOX NEWS? Ingraham, Gutfeld, Others Attack Chris Wallace After Debate

JOE CLAMS UP: Biden Claims Russian Payment to His Son Hunter ‘Has Been Discredited’

Trump Corrects Biden: ‘Don’t Ever Use The Word ‘Smart’ With Me’

Your Obligatory Trump-Biden Debate Post

FACT CHECK: Did Hunter Biden Get Kicked Out of the Military for Drugs? (Spoiler: Yes) [Updated]

Trump’s Funniest Moments During the Grudge Match Debate

Trump Goes After Joe Biden Over Son’s Role At Ukrainian Energy Firm, $3.5 Million Wire Payment

Joe Biden’s debate “wire” video goes viral

VP Biden helped son Hunter become fabulously wealthy by shaking down international governments and corporations

NYT readers in rebellion, ‘canceling subs’ en masse after unfavorable Biden fact-check tweet

Contrary To His Debate Claim, Biden’s Own Website Says He Supports The Green New Deal

Trump Goes After Joe Biden Over Son’s Role At Ukrainian Energy Firm, $3.5 Million Wire Payment

Liberals upset Biden does not support Green New Deal

Biden Told So Many Whoppers Last Night, Burger King May Sue Him

Moderator Chris Wallace Interrupted Donald Trump 76 Times, Biden 15 Times

Chris Wallace Just Gave The Most Embarrassing Moderator Performance In History

There is a phenomenal amount that Trump can use in the period going forward that came just from the debate. Nothing that I can think of that would be useful in the hands of the Democrats, but we shall see. That you’d have to be crazy to vote for Biden is obvious, but there turn out to be plenty of crazies everywhere.

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If it worked in the USSR and East Germany, why not also in Australia

Hey, hey.  All the way.  Central planning’s here to stay.

Good thing the Australian Treasurer is a fan of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Reported this morning:

Morrison pledges $1.5 billion in manufacturing plan to be co-designed with government.

Yippee.  More government winner picking.  They have such a great record at this.

The package, which is the latest government funding pledge in the lead up to the federal budget next week, has invariably picked a number of winners, namely six priority industries:

  • Resources technology and critical minerals;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Medical products;
  • Recylcing and clean energy;
  • Defence; and
  • Space.

A total $1.3 billion will be spent in these industries over the next four years, starting in 2021, and government is being asked to pull in the one direction with businesses, capital investors and the scientific research community to turbocharge Australia’s manufacturing base.

Next will come the regulatory mandates for so called “private” superannuation to follow.

But don’t worry.  Those Australians who don’t like this policy are free to withdraw their money and leave the country.

Or can they?

Hey, hey.  All the way.  Central planning’s here to stay.

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The Andrews Labor government has killed nearly 800 people

Naturally, ABC “Fact Check” responds by investigating what role Tony Abbott played in all this.

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Jingle Quelled

They’d boo Santa, this mob.”

– Legendary NSW rugby league coach and TV colour commentator Jack Gibson on a Queensland State of Origin crowd.

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The most telling moment of the debate

At least it was for me.

What amazes me, and has amazed me for quite some time, is that no level of corruption, no amount of lying, will get anyone of the left on the wrong side of virtually the entire media. And this was particularly true about the “neutral” “moderator” who did everything he could to stop the question and protect Biden. This business with Hunter Biden and Burisma has for some reason been used as the basis of criticism of The President. But at least there is still this: ‘China ate your lunch, Joe’: Trump rips Hunter Biden, alleged $3.5M payout from Moscow.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday repeatedly denied at the first presidential debate that his son Hunter Biden got $3.5 million from the wife of Moscow’s former mayor.

Biden, the former vice president, broadly defended Hunter’s controversial business relationships in China, Russia and Ukraine — while specifically denying the large alleged payment, first disclosed last week.

“China ate your lunch, Joe, and no wonder — your son goes in and he takes out, he takes out billions of dollars, takes out billions of dollars to manage. He makes millions of dollars,” Trump said, referring to a business deal reached after Hunter flew to China in 2013 aboard Air Force Two.

“Simply not true,” Biden said.

“And also while we’re at it: Why is it, just out of curiosity, the mayor of Moscow, his wife, gave your son $3.5 million?” Trump said, referring to a bombshell allegation in a 87-page report from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow, allegedly made the transfer in 2014.

“What did he do to deserve it?” Trump pressed Biden. “What did he do with Burisma to deserve $183,000?” he added, referring to the Ukraine energy firm that employed Biden’s son while he led the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

And if th3 $3.5m isn’t enough of an issue, there is always this that might be worth a look:

As for the debate in general, the moderator never allowed the President to press his points with the above just an example of a general rule. At no stage was Trump allowed to directly engage in a probing conversation with Biden. Nevertheless, it will be those moments that may yet have saved the day for Trump since he did in the end press enough from Biden that may yet convince enough voters to vote Republican in sufficient numbers to exceed the level of electoral fraud that the Democrats are depending on.

Those people who believe Trump should have been more polite are merely wishing for the return of Mitt Romney.

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All Ova Bar The Shouting

I… me… I… I’ve… I’ve… me… I… I’ve… I… I… I… I… I… I… me… me… my… I… my… I… I’ve… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… me… I… my… I’m… I… my… I… I’ve… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… I… I.”

– Reddy’s most famous hit, abridged.

Co-writer Ray Burton improved the lyrics to I Am Woman (1971) and put them to music. He must therefore be regarded as the man who took a corny, banal sentiment and gave it the bravura, triumphant feel that made the song a feminist ‘anthem.’ The track’s most historically interesting lyric is this: “But I’m still an embryo, With a long, long way to go.” Just two years later, Roe vs. Wade crystalised in a fatuous caricature of ‘law’ the means by which hundreds of thousands of little girls were given a far shorter way to go. It’s hard to say if Reddy penned I Am Woman because she was really a feminist or just that she had to become one to go with it. Either way, after becoming a US citizen in 1974 she became a resolute Democrat Party fundraiser and was especially close to far left moonbeam and California Governor, Jerry Brown.

The philosophy of Reddy’s anthem – such as it is – does indeed encapsulate the narcissism and the selfishness of 1970s feminism. She nailed that. Thrice married and thrice divorced, Reddy once claimed that she wrote I Am Woman because women had never before been given a voice in song. They hadn’t roared, as it were. If true – which it isn’t – that would be because they were busy ensuring their families, their marriages, their societies and their embryos were invincible; or as invincible as they could be. Their song is civilisation itself and much of the nihilistic noise now overwhelming it comes from – guess who – feminists.

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Gold Standard Hopeless

Performance is a relative thing.  A bad performance against a worse performance is really a good performance.  Relatively.

Consider that when reading this about Corona-management in New York State and City:

Throughout January and February, far too many leaders at all levels downplayed the Wuhan virus, but by March 17, New York City’s mayor (Bill de Blasio) had seen enough. Schools had shut down the day before, and de Blasio said in a news conference that New Yorkers should prepare to “shelter in place” to slow the spread of the virus. The governor’s team immediately jumped in to tell de Blasio this idea sounded “crazy.” “Phones were ringing off the hook,” de Blasio’s then-press aide Freddi Goldstein told the Wall Street Journal in an exhaustive, damning tick-tock of Cuomo’s horrific decisions. Cuomo’s officers told Goldstein’s crew in City Hall that “de Blasio was scaring people. You have to walk it back. It’s not your call.”

Five crucial, lethal days went by before Cuomo decided de Blasio was not crazy. As he has done on many other occasions, such as hiking the minimum wage to $15 an hour (de Blasio proposed this, Cuomo opposed it, then Cuomo enacted it and bragged about it), Cuomo furiously opposed de Blasio, then switched sides while calling himself the true author of the idea. Millions of New Yorkers went to work, packed into mass transit, and otherwise crowded together. Yet “if everybody had done exactly what they did one week earlier, more than 50% fewer people would have died by the end of April,” Jeffrey Shaman, a professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University and co-author of a study on the matter, told the Journal. Shaman pegs the number of lives that could have been saved by acting one week earlier at 17,514 in the metropolitan area or 36,000 nationwide. Cuomo’s March 25 order that nursing homes must accept those infected with coronavirus was a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe; and Cuomo has sternly resisted all efforts to launch an independent investigation into how much damage the virus did within such long-term care facilities. Cuomo’s claim that only about 20 percent of the state’s 33,000 deaths from the virus were linked to nursing homes is risible given that the percentage is far higher in other states; the true death toll in New York nursing homes is likely to be something like 11,000, maybe more. Cuomo’s continuing refusal to allow an independent look at this is simply a coverup. “I think you’d have to be blind to realize it’s not political,” Cuomo has said, as he prepares to publish a book celebrating his stewardship of the crisis. A bipartisan bill to authorize such an investigation is pending.

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Trump v Biden Debate I Open Thread

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Old Stephen demands that freeman Django gets off that horse

The Washington Post stages a Mandingo fight between Clarence Thomas and Colbert I. King:

To argue Justice Thomas will take revenge on lifelong racist Joe Biden for leading Democrats in their infamous attempt to lynch him is what perpetually outraged liberal whites usually denounce as a “new low.” But there are no new lows on the left. They have inhabited the sewers of political culture for decades.

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First presidential debate @ 11:00 AEST today

That’s the debate in full above. Biden was completely vacuous and where he was asked for substance, such as over packing the Supreme Court, he out and out refused to answer. There are many scraps for both sides to pick over. For myself, Trump has more to take away but Biden remained lucid right to the end, even if he kept saying the same things Democrats always say. The only post-debate poll I’ve seen shows that among Hispanics, Trump was seen to win 66-34. Still, after all is said and done, the election will determined by the extent to which the Dems can get away with fraud.

______________________________________________Original Post Below

Where to Watch

11 a.m. AEST on Sept. 30 on SBS, ABC News, Sky News and Channel Nine

The first presidential debate was originally planned for Indiana’s University of Notre Dame, but the school pulled out due to COVID-19 concerns. Instead, the debate will take place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. However, the city will decide when the event gets closer whether or not to allow a live audience.

Can also pick up the debate on C-Span and all over the net.

Topics for the first Trump-Biden debate

The first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will cover six topics. However, the topics are subject to change and the debate itself may not follow this exact order:

    • Trump and Biden’s records
    • The Supreme Court
    • The integrity of the election
    • Covid-19
    • Race and violence in US cities
    • The economy



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