Tammy Wynette reporters stand by their Dan

BUT as Steve noted last night, their warbling didn’t deter Josh Frydenberg from arriving with a baseball bat of truth and throwing it around like Babe Ruth – or perhaps like Al Capone in The Untouchables. Teamwork. Well said, Treasurer. Of all the putrid acts of official thuggery and dishonesty witnessed this year, the attempt by the Labor Party and its cock-a-hoop journalistic sentinels over the past 48 hours to celebrate the Victorian Premier as a hero is the most revolting of all. It is one of the sickest shindigs in our political history.

Were it not for Daniel Andrews and his dirty, flyblown government, only 88 Australians would have succumbed to coronavirus. That’s 11 for each state and territory. Our small population and island polity were always going to make COVID an easybeat epidemiologically. Governments of both persuasions – including Mr Frydenberg’s – were going to claim credit for this to excuse their panic, then package an economic disaster as a triumph for their respective re-election campaigns. I even remember when that was the amoral sham most rational critics were lamenting. Yes, that was bad enough. But then came the hotel quarantines, the lies, the mates, the cover-up and the carnage. The Premier responsible said yesterday he intended to reward himself not with a beer but a pricier tipple. ‘To me,’ was the presumed toast. You could forgive Scott Morrison for Hawaiian shirt flashbacks and a visceral loathing for the commentary class.

AFP, ICAC old boys say it’s time to spy on the Coalition

It has no power to investigate unless there is already evidence of a crime. That would mean none of the current problems could be investigated — it would virtually mean that no inquiry could ever be commenced.”

– Former NSW ICAC counsel Geoffrey Watson is appalled that a federal anti-corruption body would be hamstrung by… evidence. Once described (by a barrister) as a “a lying c..t,” Mr Watson’s false accusation of corruption against NSW Liberal police minister Mike Gallacher led to the latter’s resignation. Watson himself was officially reprimanded in a parliamentary report as a “hectoring”, “sneering”, “contemptuous”, “bullying”, er, so-and-so.

Watson and former long-serving AFP officer Chris Douglas have explained their interest in a Commonwealth Integrity Commission to the ABC – which publishes stolen classified documents to defame war heroes when it isn’t lying about Catholic Cardinals using the bogus testimony of convicted criminals. Here’s how the ABC itself explains the sudden importance of a “federal ICAC”:

Calls for a federal ICAC have grown louder this year in the wake of a series of explosive revelations at a state level.

The NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority’s inquiry investigating allegations of money laundering at Crown Casino has embroiled former Commonwealth officials who sit on the company’s board.

Most sensational was the recent grilling of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian by the state ICAC over what she knew about the business dealings of her secret ex-boyfriend, disgraced former MP Daryl Maguire.

No mention of Victoria – the most corrupt state in the Commonwealth – where the hotel quarantine cash-for-knuckleheads affair killed several hundred people; where the police refuse to investigate a mysterious transfer of nearly two million stolen euros in alleged connection to the rigged prosecution of George Pell.

A set-up is underway here and if the Coalition falls for it, they will rue the day. The goal is to create a left-wing spy agency, staff it with zealots and bring down as many LNP governments as possible. The Prime Minister and the Attorney-General should instead push for an inquiry into the ABC’s taxpayer-funded war on its ideological enemies and the extent to which this unending and utterly illegal campaign has been abetted by bodies like – hypothetically – the AFP and Victoria Police.

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Quarantine Wally - Dilbert by Scott Adams

from here.

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Wednesday Forum: October 28, 2020

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Patrick Basham on the US election

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Cardimona vs the Tablelands Regional Council

OFF TOPICit is a very bad wind day, full-on drought in South Australia and very little everywhere else. 4% in WA.  Enjoy while it lasts.

Our man in Tolga has locked horns with the local council in Atherton when he applied to set up a table in the street to meet the people. Two obstructive petty officials at the front desk were not prepared to accept the application and when the Independent Candidate  made a fuss they recruited a council ranger to escort him off the premises. Given the disparity in size between the enraged Independent Candidate and the ranger, that was not likely to work so they threatened to call the police.

Cardimona loudly and insistently demanded an audience with a manager and eventually a man appeared and allowed him a hearing, then asked for an hour to deliberate. Two reporters are standing by to see what happens next.

This will be a change if the mainstream media are prepared to report on the activities of the Independent Candidate because he has been ostracised so far despite his hyperactivity around the electorate and his standout performances in public debates.

I reminded our man of a statement by Karl Popper along the lines that one of the most persistent threats to a really free society is the tyranny of the petty official.

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Will ASIC prosecute ASIC?

Why not litigate?  That is the question.

According to ASIC:

As a director, you are responsible for oversight of the affairs of the company.


As a director, you must be fully up-to-date on what your company is doing, including its financial position, question managers and staff about how the business is going and take an active part in directors’ meetings.


When you make a business decision as a company director, you must, amongst other things, ensure that you (among other things):

  • do not have a material personal interest in the decision and make it in the best interests of the company
  • keep informed about your company’s financial position and performance, ensuring your company can pay its debts on time
  • make full and frank disclosure about any material personal interests you do have

Still, according to ASIC:

The chairman of the corporate watchdog, James Shipton, did not tell senior colleagues for more than a year that the Auditor-General had raised concerns about a housing allowance of almost $70,000 paid to one of his deputies, acting chairwoman Karen Chester has said.


She said the full leadership commission at ASIC was not aware of Mr Shipton’s $118,557 KPMG tax services bill that was paid for by ASIC in 2018, until after the Australian National Audit Office expressed concern in September this year.


Ms Chester suggested that most of the commission was kept in the dark about the auditor taking issue in August 2019 about $750-a-week housing payments for Mr Crennan after he relocated from Melbourne to Sydney for work.

ASIC has pursued the organisations is regulates for less.  Consider paragraph 109 from Justice Beach’s judgement in ASIC vs Harold Mitchell:

109    Further, ASIC says that by not disclosing to the TA board at its meeting on 3 December 2012 the level of interest of Network Ten in the domestic broadcast rights, Mr Mitchell contravened s 180(1). Further, he contravened s 182(1) because he used his position improperly as he concealed relevant information from the board on a subject of financial significance for TA to gain an advantage for Seven.

So the question at hand is … why not litigate?

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Jill Biden must be a nasty, selfish, stupid woman to allow this

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There is absolutely nothing to thank Daniel Andrews for

If there has ever been a more repulsive political leader in Australia than Daniel Andrews I cannot think who it was. The notion that the leader of a government through its incompetence has led to hundreds of deaths and the longest lockdown in the world is owed any gratitude is a notion so grotesque that only a socialist party could even have conceived of it.

And even now we are still in lockdown although some, but only some of the worst excesses have been lifted. The premier is a bungling idiot. He has done nothing that he can point towards with an ounce of pride. His stupidity has led to the deaths of many many individuals who would be alive today were it not for his personal involvement in the lockdown.

Daniel Andrews is, moreover, such an evil presence that he actually thinks he has been a positive influence on the outcomes we have endured in Victoria. Look at the other states, you stupid fool and tell me what you have achieved in Victoria. For others, in the grip of the Melbourne Syndrome, there are those who are grateful for still being alive in the midst of a viral epidemic that had virtually no possibility of killing them.

I, on the other hand, think of Andrews as a monster who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, responsible for the destruction of millions of dollars of value across the state and for a lockdown that will drain the resources available to Victorians for a generation.

And it is still not over and Andrews has still not resigned. He must live inside the tightest most secure echo chamber ever constructed if all he can hear is the praise from deluded idiots for what he has done. Step outside, you buffoon, and hear what the rest of us think.

Josh Frydenberg has said it well, and he has said it in response to a Labor Party motion in the Federal Parliament to thank Dan Andrews for what he has done. How out of touch with reality can these people be! Repulsive remains the only word that captures the essence of Andrews and the sooner he leaves the political stage the better it will be. If you “Stand with Dan”, you are a pretty stupid person yourself.

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“To all the little girls watching…”

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Were it any other city, I’d ridicule the coppers for being so toey

What’s the idea here?”

     – An Adelaide police officer demands an explanation of symbolic intent

Why two adults would decorate their yard at all for America’s stupidest cultural festival is beyond me. But hey, it’s a 55 percent free country. Daniel Abbie and his partner had the police called to their home by a “couple of people” in the neighborhood. In old Anglophone Australia, no species of miscreant was loathed more than the dobber. Today, informants are encouraged, rewarded and lionised. The result in this case: named and shamed, a police interrogation and the inevitable ABC consultation with an academic. University of Adelaide psychology professor Martha Augoustinos says the white scarecrows are “unacceptable.”

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