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So there are 11 probable incidents of blood clotting following the administering of 1,400,000 doses, that is 1 in 127, 273.

According to the Federal Government web site there were 1,127 road deaths and 39,404 people admitted to hospital with road crash injuries in a 12 month period.

Taking the population of Australia as 25,478,000 the annual chance of being a road death is 1 in 22,607 that is, you are 5.6 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than to get blood clotting from the AstraZenica vaccine.


You are making the false assumption that the risk of dying in a road crash is evenly distributed across everyone in the population. Yet we are repeatedly told by the police it is those who speed, drink drive, and undertake other reckless actions who are more likely to die on our roads. And the risk is further influenced by the time we spend behind the wheel, and where we drive (country roads, inner city, etc). The comparable risk rate of dying while driving carefully, competently, and law-abidingly, adjusted for travel type and time spent driving – this is far lower than the 1 in 22,607 you quote.

Old and Busted: Listen, Nazi Trumpers, we must shut down to prevent even one death!!
New Hotness: So a percentage of people will die from the ‘vaccine’. Big whoop.

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Brokeback Toutin’: Rowland and Swan get vaccinated together

For some reason, all the medical staff are wearing masks. Seems they’re not convinced. Video.

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International energy stats + commentary on leading issues

A bit of light reading from JP Morgan, facing some of the facts. 

Humans will be wedded to petroleum and other fossil fuels for longer than they would like. Wind and solar power reach new heights every year but still represent just 5% of global primary energy consumption. In this year’s energy paper, we review why decarbonization is taking so long: transmission obstacles, industrial energy use, the gargantuan mineral and pipeline demands of sequestration and the slow motion EV revolution. Other topics include our oil & gas views, President Biden’s energy agenda, China, the Texas power outage and client questions on electrified shipping, sustainable aviation fuels, low energy nuclear power, hydrogen and carbon accounting.  

2021energy review

More there than most of us want to know,  but a handy source for reference.

Closer to home it is amusing to read in the Energy Security Board’s survey of the scene for the new energy market arrangements that Yallourn power station will close ahead of schedule and Energy Australia will help out with a 4-hour 350MW battery. That is to replace a plant that generates 1400 MW  24 hours a day, every day, barring maintenance time.



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Science in Seychelles

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She’s a teacher, she says

Incredible from end to end. And unbelievably repulsive. The very essence of the American left. This was in California.

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K-Mart QC called out

This is part of an all-out leftist assault on the rule of law and the right of the un-woke to defend themselves in court. It is becoming more frenzied because of the failure of their corrupt and contemptible get-Pell campaign. Any knowledge, let alone celebration, of the British tradition of liberty is disappearing from the school curriculum to speed things along.

Old Lefty on Mark Dreyfus’ wannabe-smear campaign against Christian Porter’s lawyers. Dreyfus has a long record of making phony allegations that fail. Porter demonstrated this in 2019 while mocking the Shadow Attorney-General’s dodgy dobbing in Question Time (Video).

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Trump Owens

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Grievance Envy

WITH black Americans, Asians, Indians, Aborigines and leftist white ladies dominating oppression news for more than a year, the former big shots of the genre are feeling overlooked. The ABC helps out with another curated ring-around about headwear and ‘Islamophobia.’ Yawn:

In Islam, the girl can say ‘no’ and she can marry any race, any type and any cultural background.”

Just like every other Aussie girl. I’ll tell you why these ones go veiled: for attention. Nothing wrong with that. Strategies of attraction are a female specialty. But don’t sell vanity as modesty.

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Big-hearted minister won’t fine legless young man $100,000

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Victoria setting new lows in energy policy

I have a piece in the Spectator on Victoria’s  announced  intent to go much further than the federal government in requiring the substitution of renewable energy for the much cheaper and more secure energy that is provided from its endless supplies of high-quality brown coal.  Compared with the national policy of reducing emissions by 26 to 28% by 2030, Victoria is opting for a 45 to 50% reduction. Not only does this introduce another variation on what should be a national energy policy but it consigns Victoria to further losses of industrial competitiveness and households to higher energy costs.

The ALP in Victoria has a history of sacrificing the state’s brown coal reserves and their low cost electricity. Initially, the power stations were used to as union playgrounds and by the late 1980s their padded workforce was tenfold the numbers necessary.  Though the ALP started to slim this back it took the Kennett reforms and privatisations to bring them into best practice.   Over the past 20 years the ALP has again imposed costs on coal and on electricity users, this time in pursuit of the green vote.

Whereas Victorians should, as they once were, be enjoying the lowest electricity prices in the world, prices are among the highest.

Discriminating against brown coal stations has also meant downgrading the more reliable power that coal brings.  Exchanging this for wind/solar means additional expenditures to manage these variable supplies and new spending on transmission lines to gather their more dispersed generation sources. All of these additional costs are paid by the Australian electricity consumer and the taxpayer.  The costs are also driving out major industrial users, with the pride of the state’s industry, the aluminium smelter at Portland, only being kept afloat by subsidies to counter the costs that other subsidies are bringing.

The amount of wind and solar in the system is even requiring the market managers to force roof-top facilities – all of which were built with subsidies – to be turned off at the increasingly frequent times when their supply threatens to bring down the whole electricity supply system.


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