US Senate by-election

The Intrade market is predicting a Republican upset in the Massachusetts Special Election.

This is what the market looks like in the last 24 hours.

Update: 6pm price in the election. Does anyone know what time the US polls close? I assume its 6pm.

Update II: Polls close at 8pm US (Boston) time.
Update III: Fox News are reporting that Coakley has conceded.

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  1. daddy dave

    The Dems fielded a poor candidate, Coakley, against an excellent candidate, Scott Brown.
    On top of that Obama’s excellent health adventure has made the Dems unpopular.
    So the Republicans have advantage at both local and national level. The main thing against them is that MA is blue-upon-blue, supposedly. So this really will be an upset and a repudiation of Obama if Brown gets up.

  2. Michael Fisk

    This just in – 25% of voters think the ACORN will steal the election for the Democrats, according to a poll.

    Given that over 100,000 Massachusetts voters are dead, it’s not surprising. There is no doubt that the Democrats are planning to steal this election.

  3. Michael Fisk

    16% of Democrats, according to that poll, agreed by the way.

  4. Michael Fisk

    Another brilliant Obama nominee:

    Chai Feldblum, the Georgetown University law professor nominated by President Obama to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has written that society should “not tolerate” any “private beliefs,” including religious beliefs, that may negatively affect homosexual “equality.”

  5. jc

    I think Brown would need at least 10 points to overcome Demolition Party cheating or otherwise he’s a goner.
    There’s no way he can win with the potential cheating headwinds against him.

  6. jc

    I recently read an interesting easy by Peggy Noonan on this administration.

    I think she correctly suggests that it appears like it’s an old fashioned administration – more like a throw back to the 60’s and 70’s. She’s right.

  7. Michael Fisk

    It’s a very corrupt administration, JC. Filled with crooks and vote-riggers.

  8. Infidel Tiger

    You’ve really got to hand it to the American people. They are sticking it to this foul administration. Obama will be doing well to last one term, let alone two.

  9. entropy

    I feel a bit uncomfortable about all this aggressive slagging off at the Obama administration. If their policy is bad, argue why it is so. There is no need for expressions of outright contempt or lurches into conspiracy theory.

    I know there is a constant temptation to extract vengeance after the disgraceful vilification of George W by Teh Left, but really.

    I was just at another site talking about the rumoured apple tablet. Apparently Fox News had a rumour scoop. A lot of pimply faced geeks were piling on as the scoop was from Fox. Others equally pimply faced geeks were moving in to defend Fox. It is all so juvenile and nasty.

    The USA has become polarised. So have the news networks. Fox is alone on the right, most of the others are left of centre with MSNBC barking mad amongst the moonbats. News has become commentary rather than information. They seem to believe they need to tell people what to think. Elite pricks.

    it’s time for civility to return.

    PS while I think Obama’s policies are pretty ordinary covered up by his oratory skills, I reckon he will still win a second term. The GOP can’t win by not being Obama and only fielding carping criticism.

    Hmm, I feel better after that rant.

    Back on topic, how often is it that the machine fields an inappropriate candidate in a supposedly safe seat, only to lose it when the public get to vote. It’s like they never learn. Same in any party.

  10. jc

    It’s a totally corrupt party, Fisk. The most recent example of this fascist-like party was Senator Nelson from one of the smaller states. He lagged on the vote for the Helath care proposal and turned only when the bribe was big enough ($100 million for his state). The end result is that he now lags 30 points behind a generic GOP candidate. Americans don’t seem to like crooks even if they there politicians.

  11. Infidel Tiger

    PS while I think Obama’s policies are pretty ordinary covered up by his oratory skills

    You’re meant to say “thank you, I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress” after saying something that hilarious.

    Obama is a turgid, uninspiring, monotonous, cliche ridden, stuttering, insufferable bore. He is to great oratory what Churchill was to temperance.

  12. jc


    What conspiracy theories would they be? That Acorn hasn’t attempted to steal elections in the past? Are you nuts? And if they have tried to steal elections in the past, do you honestly think they wouldn’t try with this election due to its significance.

    I’m obviously being ironic suggesting Brown needs to be 10 points ahead, however there is more than a grain of truth to what i was suggesting.

    As for the administration:

    PS while I think Obama’s policies are pretty ordinary covered up by his oratory skills,

    Pardon me while I suggest that is about as shallow observation as I’ve seen. Lip stick smudges off even from pigs lips over time.

    The stimulus package was just about as reckless as any president has ever been. Apart from the fact that it simply added to an over-burdened state, it was also focused on interest groups partial to this administration and the Democrats.

    The health care proposal is a dogs breakfast.

    The past year required a president to be focused on economic issues and this weirdo behaved as though the economic problems never existed.

    Lastly take a look at the deficit projections. At the current rate, this idiot will have accumulated $12 trillion which would firmly put the country in Argentina mode.

    Are you kidding?

  13. Michael Fisk

    He needs to be a minimum 3 points ahead, JC. That’s the absolute minimum required to head off ballot-stuffing.

  14. C.L.

    Just read that Irish bookmakers Paddy Powers have closed business on the race with a spokesman declaring “enough is enough,” Brown is a certainty etc. The conventional wisdom is 100 percent right, though. In this corrupt Democrat bailiwick, a candidate has to attain a majority + at least 5/6 points to win. The fat lady has not necessarily sung.

  15. entropy

    hey, I don’t like Obama, but that does not matter. And enough find his speech making inspiring enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. You may see through it, as do I, and it may not be fair, but live with it. Personally, I prefer my pollies to have a bit of policy meat about them.

    Nobody is offering anything to get me on the hook atm, although there is hope now the pale version of KRudd is no longer running the libs. But on current form even bullshit artist formerly known as Dr Death will get returned.

  16. jc

    Live with what, Entropy? His boring speeches? Why? I’m not American.

  17. C.L.

    Obama is a turgid, uninspiring, monotonous, cliche ridden, stuttering, insufferable bore. He is to great oratory what Churchill was to temperance.

    So very true. This is – or will be – the last Obama myth to fall. He is a hopeless orator. In fact, he’s not an orator at all. He reads speeches on a teleprompter and has a nice voice. His stupendous incompetence was on display in Massachusetts where he made fun of Scott Brown for driving around the state meeting people in his truck. “Anybody can own a truck,” said Barry – to the sniggering enjoyment of his elitist audience. Well no they can’t, countered Brown, not everyone can afford one nowadays. It was one of many KAPOW! rejoinders delivered by Brown – whose campaign has been faultless. Asked by a TV journalist how he could go undertake to block health care “reform” while running for “Teddy Kennedy’s seat,” Brown pointed out that it wasn’t Teddy Kennedy’s seat. It was the people’s seat.

  18. C.L.

    The oratory of Barack Obama:

    And the simple magic of of the true Communicator:

  19. daddy dave

    Nobody is offering anything to get me on the hook atm
    entropy, Obama’s slide in the polls is historic. He’s now underwater with more people disapproving of him than approving, and if you look at “strong” approval/disapproval, he’s at the ocean floor.
    So what this means is that public perception outside the US has not yet caught up with the change in mood within the US. The mood has swung fast. The general public are furious with Obama and the Dems.
    As for the accusations of corruption, well you need look no further than the pork-barrelling in the stimuli and the health care bills. But if you do want to look further, look at ACORN which has been busted rigging elections and doing other unsavory stuff.

  20. C.L.

    Two MSNBC “journalists” – including Chris “Tingles” Matthews – openly call for the Democrats to use fraud to win the election.

  21. daddy dave

    entropy you might also be interested in this article by Jay Cost of
    The Political Blunders of the Obama White House

  22. C.L.

    Odds on:

    The FiveThirtyEight Senate Forecasting Model, which correctly predicted the outcome of all 35 Senate races in 2008, now regards Republican Scott Brown as a 74 percent favorite to win the Senate seat in Massachusetts on the basis of new polling from ARG, Research 2000 and InsiderAdvantage which show worsening numbers for Brown’s opponent, Martha Coakley.

    Coakley’s odds are substantially worse than they appeared to be 24 hours ago, when there were fewer credible polls to evaluate and there appeared to be some chance that her numbers were bottoming out and perhaps reversing. However, the ARG and Research 2000 polls both show clear and recent trends against her. Indeed the model, which was optimized for regular rather than special elections, may be too slow to incorporate new information and may understate the magnitude of the trend toward Brown.

    The Fat Lady is certainly clearing her voice but make no predictions for the state whose fixers managed to get Teddy Kennedy off with a ticket for killing someone.

  23. jc

    IS that the “elequent Keith Doberman” Harry quotes as an authority on “teh American Right”

    That’s the same Keith who refers to himself as a product of an Ivy league school when in fact he attended a loosely affiliated agricultural college majoring in media studies.

    Keith also lives with his mom and has a cat.

  24. C.L.

    Mocking Brown, Coakley actually said this during the campaign. No, really.

    There is a subdued, almost dispassionate quality to her public appearances, which are surprisingly few. Her voice is not hoarse from late-night rallies. Even yesterday, the day after a hard-hitting debate, she had no public campaign appearances in the state.

    Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

    “As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?” she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that.

  25. C.L.

    Yes. It’s time. Rumble forth my elephantine friends.

  26. jc

    I’m finding it really hard, but anyone pick the odd man out in this poll compilation?

    Politico/InAdv 52 43 Brown +9

    PJM/CrossTarget (R) 52 42 Brown +10

    PPP (D) 51 46 Brown +5

    ARG 52 45 Brown +7

    Daily Kos/R2000 48 48 Tie

  27. Michael Fisk

    Here’s Olbermann the Unhinged:

    “In short, in Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”

    Olbermann sounds like the editors of Pravda circa 1962. He’s a disgrace.

  28. Sinclair Davidson

    By my calculation the polls close at 10am Wednesday Melbourne time (6pm in Boston). So we’ll know a few hours after that.

  29. Michael Fisk

    It would of course be great to see the Dems get rolled. But we must be realistic here. Right now, as we type, the Democrats are using George Soros funds to organise an army of frauds and fakers to pose as dead people at the polling tents. This cannot be denied. There are 100,000 dead people who will vote in this election. MSNBC hosts have egged them on, calling for electoral fraud. Black Panther-pardoning White House operatives are on to it. Turnout was 3 million at the last election, so Brown must win by at least 3-4% in order to overcome Demolition Party cheating.

  30. I think entropy and Glenn Beck are correct.

    The voters in Massachusetts are overwhelmingly independent/moderate/tea part over undecided, democrat/liberal/progressive and then conservative/republican.

    The tea partiers are more popular and they don’t have candidates. The DNC and RNC will both eat their own and either reform or be kicked to the curb for a long time.

    Parties don’t matter. Debt, gerrymandering, protecting the constitution and the progressive agenda matter. The tea partiers and progressives both recognise this.

    If only the tea partiers could get good leadership and basically flush out the US Libertarian, Constitutional etc parties of their whackier elements and unite them, and run a good campaign.

  31. C.L.

    MSNBC – the Obama network – can no longer hide the decline:

    Poll: Americans skeptical of Obama’s promises.

    Support for his health care “reform” bill has plummeted to 33 percent.

  32. C.L.

    Coakley concedes.

    This is a catastrophe for failed president, Barack Obama.

  33. daddy dave

    Yep, anyone who watches US politics closely can see that Obama is a disaster. It’s going to get worse over the next 12 months, much worse.

  34. jc

    The only Demolition party representative that is safe now is Pelsi because her seat is the people’s Republic of San Fran.

    The Mass. seat turned 30 points. No one in the Demolition party is safe now.

  35. Ken Nielsen

    Now that is interesting.
    Funny how Democrats are always far more popular overseas than Republicans. And usually far more popular overseas than they are in the US.
    That observation goes right back to Kennedy.
    The overseas media be saying “Now, how could that have happened?” Racism will probably be mentioned. Interesting if they also mention MA’s long standing liberalism.

  36. Infidel Tiger

    Kudos America. An historic victory against the scourge of socialism.

  37. jc

    The trouble is that unlike Clinton, who quickly sped to the right after his mid term drubbing, Hopeychange is different. He seems to be a committed ideologue and he won’t do what Clinton did.

    In fact voices in the administration have said that they will move faster and in a more determined fashion than before to get their politics through before next Nov.

    These people are committed ideologues.

    As a matter of fact I can actually see their reasoning.. as regards the congressional side of the dems.

    The more committed are the ones who think or thought they had the safest seats. They are also desperate to make the changes they think the country should go. If they’re able to push through their legislation but lose big next Nov they don’t really give that much of a shit anyway.

    All they see is that less committed Dems lose while they remain in the congress without majority status but all their programs passed.

    Hopeycahnge also doesn’t hugely care if he’s a pone termer as long as he gets his polices through.

    I would bet that they now push even harder and break the rules to get done what they want and live through the midterm losses.

  38. Infidel Tiger

    The only person loving the Obama presidency is Jimmeh Carter. Finally he’ll be elevated to second worst president ever status.

  39. jc

    Funny how Democrats are always far more popular overseas than Republicans.

    Ken… I arrived there in 1988 despising and frightened witless of Reagan and that even in his last year in office he would start a war and we’d turn into pink gas.

    I finally figure for myself that the MSM here were basically a bunch of lying douchebags and that they didn’t understand or simply lied.

  40. Ken Nielsen

    OT but still politics is this news from UK
    My understanding of the business cycle is pretty spotty (been in the middle of a few but no time to analysise them) – it has been obvious that inflation must kick it tho it seems sooner than expected.
    You gotta admire Mervyn King’s skill at the very British art of understatement:
    “the patience of UK households is likely to be sorely tried over the next couple of years”.

  41. C.L.

    Last week:

    Obama to GOP: If you want to make this election about ObamaCare, let’s do it.

    A shellshocked Washington Post today:

    Massachusetts race wasn’t a referendum on health-care reform.

    Note also that WaPo’s Steven Pearlstein cites “lousy weather” and the Haiti earthquake as factors that made Massachusetts voters dump the Democrats. Yes, he really wrote that. Pearlstein has formerly described critics of Obama’s halth care “reform” as “terrorists.”

  42. jc

    hahahahahahahahha Haiti caused the upset? These people are deranged.

    Is Homer perhaps teaching in J schools somewhere in the US?

  43. jc

    Combine that with lousy weather, another terrorist attack, a never-ending war in Afghanistan and an earthquake that may have just killed 200,000 people and you don’t have to be George Gallup to figure out that Americans might be in a grumpy mood and might want to take it out on the politicians and parties in power.

    This is exhibit A in leftie derangement syndrome. They always know better than the voters. It couldn’t possibly be that the voters hate their policies.

  44. C.L.

    JC, Obama has already said that a loss in Massachusetts will actually encourage him to ramp up on the lunacy.

    President Barack Obama plans a combative response if, as White House aides fear, Democrats lose Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts, close advisers say.

    “This is not a moment that causes the president or anybody who works for him to express any doubt,” a senior administration official said. “It more reinforces the conviction to fight hard.”…

    There won’t be any grand proclamation that “the era of Big Government is over” — the words President Bill Clinton uttered after Republicans won the Congress in the 1990s and he was forced to trim a once-ambitious agenda.

    “The response will not be to do incremental things and try to salvage a few seats in the fall,” a presidential adviser said. “The best political route also happens to be the boldest rhetorical route, which is to go out and fight and let the chips fall where they may. We can say, ‘At least we fought for these things, and the Republicans said no.’”

    Cap and trade, Son of Stimulus – no problemo. Onward!

  45. Infidel Tiger

    Obama = New Coke.

  46. Obama to GOP: If you want to make this election about ObamaCare, let’s do it.

    That’s so funny.

  47. C.L.

    Actually, when you think about it logically, Coakley lost partly because of global warming. Approved lefty climate scientist Danny Glover says the earthquake in Haiti was caused by the warmening and the Washington Post says the earthquake made Bay State voters angry with Obama. How could Gaia be so cruel to a “clean and articulate” “light-skinned” negro? Is Gaia racist? Important questions.

  48. Infidel Tiger

    This is the equivalent of the Liberals winning Lakemba.

  49. C.L.

    It’s an impressive trifecta.

    Obama went to Denmark for the Olympics. He failed.
    Obama went to Copenhagen for Gaia. He failed.
    Obama went to Massachusetts for Martha. He failed.

    Not exactly bringing home the bacon, is he?

  50. Infidel Tiger

    That’s why he sent Clinton to Haiti. The Haitians couldn’t stand any more trauma.

  51. C.L.

    Bill Clinton gives some helpful advice on how to better present health care reform to the American people – advice sure to resonate with voters:

    “Put the corn where the hogs can get it.”

  52. Infidel Tiger

    Interestingly, Brown didn’t mention “Republican” once in his victory speech. A wise move.

  53. C.L.

    Liberal reaction – hilarious.

    My favourite from livid film critic Roger Ebert:

    “Massachusetts to Teddy: “F— you.”

  54. Ken Nielsen

    C.L. I wish I hadn’t read the stuff on your link.
    Born to Rule I guess sums it up.

  55. John Bayley

    Perhaps predictably – old habits die hard, after all – some of the Massachusetts Democrats blame George Bush for Coakley’s defeat:

    “DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen, in a prepared statement released moments after Martha Coakley’s abrupt concession, works to do what she couldn’t: Shift the blame back to Bush.”

  56. C.L.

    This was a massacre:

    Brown won unaffiliated voters 73% to 25%.

  57. C.L.

    Wow: Barney Frank backing away from ObamaCare.

  58. dover_beach

    I want some expert analysis; Rog, please?

  59. Peter Patton

    The Award for Australia’s Most Politically Uninformed Blogger, formerly known as All Over The Shop Partisans Who Treat Political Events as a Rorscach Test of Their Own Hobby Horses.

    Obama is a left of centre neo-liberal with a tinge of social liberalism

  60. C.L.

    Some credit is due to Mark for slapping down notorious moonbat Katz in that thread, however.

  61. daddy dave

    Obama is a left of centre neo-liberal with a tinge of social liberalism
    Wow, that’s what I call denialism. Those LP guys are still living in November 2009 when Obama was still the LightWorker.

  62. Mark thinks Obama actually is what I *hoped* he would be, only to be proven wrong by CL.

  63. umm no dd I think you’re interpreting it wrongly.

    Mark sounds very disappointed in Obama. He seems to be saying he’s Ronald Reagan lite

  64. Peter Patton


    You’re one step of me! At least you can call it something, I still have no idea what it means! 🙂

  65. here’s the full quote:

    Obama is a left of centre neo-liberal with a tinge of social liberalism. With his politics, he’d probably be a Tory or a Lib Dem if he was a UK citizen

    Lib Dems are actually left wing nutters and not worthy of carrying the mantle of the old Gladstonian whigs at all. But Obama as a Tory is far fetched. Mark is basically trying to distance himself from the losing side but saying it was never left wing

  66. Peter Patton

    It seems jtfsoon is on the right track. He explains what he means in the same post.

    With his politics, he’d probably be a Tory or a Lib Dem if he was a UK citizen.

  67. Infidel Tiger

    Is it too early to call Bambi a lame duck president?

  68. Is it too early to call Bambi a lame duck president?

    I thought that’d been happening since before he got in. 🙂
    Mark is basically trying to distance himself from the losing side but saying it was never left wing.
    He does that a lot. I wonder if he’ll be running down PhDs soon.

  69. Sinclair Davidson

    Adrien – I think Mark’s got his PhD.

  70. Peter Patton

    I don’t follow US politics closely enough to say too much on the implications, except that the BigPharma-Industrial Complex has just received a shot a Viagra to continue its march to make all Americans (and us) life-time addicted customers of its nefarious network of drug-dealers.

  71. JC1

    Mark B seems to be applying the Homer excuse suggesting the Nazis were the only ones that applied Keynes.

    Mark is saying that Hopeychange isn’t a real leftie?

    Man, lefties like MarkB from LP are so hard to please. They’re never happy.

    Homer seems to be infecting the entire leftsphere with this insidious epidemic.

  72. Rococo Liberal

    Gladstonian whigs ?

    In the split of the 1880s Jason, the Whigs went with the Tories and left Gladstone with the lefty liberals.

    Gladstone may have had Whig antecedents, but by the time of the Midlothian campaign he was a liberal, and his predecessors were Assquith the pseudo-upper class trimmer (who would have right at home in the modern Demopcrats) and the then proto-socialist lloyd George.

  73. “Mark is saying that Hopeychange isn’t a real leftie?”

    FFS. His appointees include Mao admirers etc.

  74. Michael Fisk

    What a day! The radical left took a 5% thumping* in Massachusetts, and now not a single Democratic congressman is safe. This has been a catastrophic year for the Democrats.

    * I say 5% thumping because we all know the real margin was about 8-10%. The Democrats had at least a 3% head start due to the massive fraud they committed before the poll in signing up 100,000 dead people to vote.

  75. Peter Patton

    Rococo Liberal. You’re not suggesting that ‘liberals’ are ‘left-wing’ are you?

  76. Michael Fisk

    And none of this would have been possible if McCain had won. We’d be looking at even bigger Dem majorities. That’s why electing Obama was paradoxically a GOOD thing for the right.

  77. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop

    perhaps all of the above can go and read the midterms elections of 1982 and 1994 and see whether the prognostications then proved correct.

    It is only a year.

    Obama thought he could get bi-partisan agreement.

    he was wrong with the Republicans becoming the loony toons party now.

    He wasted a year but so did presidents before him.

    He needs to learn to change but will have the advantage of an improving economy.

  78. daddy dave

    I agree with some of that, BBB/Homer, but let’s expose this fantasy that the left has that Obama has sought bipartisan support for the health care bill. He hasn’t.

  79. “The was wrong with the Republicans becoming the loony toons party now.”

    Yep sure, that’s why they won Ted Kennedy’s seat and Obama appointees include Maoists.

    “He needs to learn to change but will have the advantage of an improving economy.”

    “Shit hot” does not look like this:

  80. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop

    loony tons can win votes particularly when the incumbent doesn’t bother to sheet the blame where it should be.

    Maoists eh your great research again I presume.

    I said improving. It has from what he inherited.

    It will be even better in three years time

  81. Infidel Tiger

    Obama thought he could get bi-partisan agreement.

    What a load of horse shit. The vacuous Marxist never dreamt he’d need bi-partisan support after Franken stole Minnesota.

    The Democrats will be passing out the Kleenex tonight. And this time it will be for tears rather than Chris Matthews and Olbermann’s chins.

  82. C.L.

    LOL. Homer brings the sour grapes and the pork pies, as usual. Obama, in fact, is the the most partisan president in decades. He lied about opening up health care negotiations to public scrutiny and his colleagues on the Hill actually locked Republicans out of the committee room.

    Republicans becoming the loony toons party now.

    Mmm, yes. Let’s see. Obama lost a czar who was a 9/11 truther and a communications spokesman who was a Maoist. His safe schools czar is an advocate of child molestation and his Treasury Secretary doesn’t pay taxes. His Congressional principals include the barking mad Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid – a man who likes his negroes “light-skinned.” This is the bloke, Obama, hailed by Homer last year as a gifted manager and vetter.

  83. JC1


    Is Scott Brown a loon by your “expert opinion”?

  84. C.L.

    …loony tons can win votes particularly when the incumbent doesn’t bother to sheet the blame where it should be.

    With the Haiti earthquake?

  85. “Maoists eh your great research again I presume.”

    Butters, you just let people make fools of you:

    Anita Dunn (Whitehouse Communications Director) said that she admired Mao as a political philosopher.

    Now, if you want to embarrass me, you can refute that she said this or something to that effect. If not, your “insult” is just testament to you acknowledging your inferiority*.

    *e.g Butters says “The Korean War was self-financed”

    The RNC might be full of loonies of their own kind, but the DNC has Maosists at the top. That’s why most Massachusetts voters were independents and the biggest political grouping wasn’t progressives or moderate conservatives, but the Tea Party activists. Parties don’t mean much to Americans any more.

    “I said improving. It has from what he inherited.”

    He inherited a massive loss and then hit up the house for triple or nothing. Americans will have to pay this off over a decade or more. Yep, a decade of “austerity” which involves binge level taxation is sure to make Obama popular when Bush and the RNC were kicked out for ruining the economy.

    It worked so well for Keating in 1996.

  86. C.L.

    Poor old Homer.


    I just checked to see if the famous ‘Fat Boy’ site – dedicated to Teddy Kennedy – is still up. Yes. I found one of EMK’s magisterial utterances – which evokes the oratorical standards of Obama – that describes what now threatens the Democrat Party itself.

    Winter of Disconnect (audio).

  87. “please look up what a maoist is after all your are self confessed great researcher”

    Butters – your “research” turned up the gem that the Korean War was self financing. Truly, this is the most dubious economic theory I have come across.

    You semi literate fool, an admirer/follower of Mao is correctly called a “Maoist”.

    Ergo, the progressive like Obama, have screwed blue collar unionists etc, and even white collar social democrats (“liberals”) by using the DNC as a host to inflict far left redistributive justice on Americans.*

    The sickening thing is you have the gall to say others need ESL lessons. Your cognitive faculties need ground-up re-tooling.

    *Michael Moore has threatened to “destory” any Democrat who will not kowtow to the progressive agenda.

    Butters – Obama has at least tripled the deficit.

    “Sorry you believe the Bush tax cuts don’t cost anything. A person who complains about debt but promotes it.”

    Taxation and spending are endogenous. The deficit is a synthesis of the two.

    However, your opinion is that if GWB re-fought the Korean War, there would be no deficit. Clearly the necromancy research needed more funding, as they didn’t have enough knowledge of the arcane to resurrect General of the Army Macarthur.

    You can attempt to rewrite the syntax of English, the events of modern history and the machinations of macroeconomics – but you’ll never be right. Correctness is not a function of party discipline.

    There is a litany of errors & proud, arrogant and above all utterly incorrect boasting on your part which needs to be absolved before you have credibility as a competent analyst and anything other than an uncompromising shill for the ALP/DNC agenda.

  88. an admirer/follower of Mao is correctly called a “Maoist”.
    Admiring what? His haircut?
    I think Maoist denotes a revolutionary who takes to the hills and forms a guerilla army whose purpose is to destroy the state and institute the apparatus of a Leninist one. Castro and Che were Maoists.
    Lots of Western leftists from the 60s and 70s called themselves Maoists, fashionable y’see. Said leftists would probably find ‘emselves in a labour camp if they actually lived under Mao.

  89. jc1

    hahahah Olbermann cries racism.

    He’s now offending north east voters? He really is a prefect example of a whimp.

  90. JC1

    hahahah Olbermann cries racism.

    He’s now offending north east voters? He really is a prefect example of a whimp..

  91. Michael Fisk

    JC, this Brown guy could be exactly the right candidate to run against the Purple Lipped Alien in 2012. I’ve watched his speeches on Youtube – he’s first rate.

  92. JC1

    Hope so, Fisk. There could be some really good candidates showing up next year.

    The big plan of attack is to stop the spending and get the budget back under control.

    Hopeychange says he’s going to continue with his policies so i guess he’ll run on his record in 2012, which could end up being a wipeout.

  93. Michael Fisk

    Hopeychange says he’s going to continue with his policies…

    The best scenario is that he’ll advocate spending a trillion dollars to create a Super Acorn, appoint more Maoists to his cabinet, get La Raza to draft the next Amnesty bill and send it to the House in mid October, and warmly embrace President Borat of Iran and generally talk up the human rights record of the Islamic Republic. Please God, let all of this happen!

  94. JC1

    Man…. it didn’t take long for the rats to begin deserting. You just gotta love the demolitionists.

    If I were a voter I’d be even more pissed now after seeing this:


    What a bunch of lousy creeps. They put the country through all that, calling dissenters racists etc. and now after the loss they decide to rethink the policy.

    Start over, after the supporting one of the worst domestic policy initiatives of the last 40 years. So what’s wrong with this proposal.

    They can’t be trusted with anything.

  95. JC1

    They’ll try with a super Acorn, Fisk. I read somewhere they’re going to push for universal voting registration which is basically a license to print votes seeing the states wouldn’t be able to match citizenship/right to vote with the new registrations.

    As I said they cannot be trusted with anything.

    IF the Republicans were 1/2 smart and that is always a big if they should immediate threaten to walk out on any bill if the Demolitionists ever attempt to ear mark bills with pork.

    The GOP should try to find religion this time around as it appears the voter gods may be willing to give them another shot. They better not fuck this up.

  96. Michael Fisk

    So long as they ignore the Rockefeller Republicans, they’ll do fine.

  97. JC1

    This stunt never gets old. The Demolition bunker goes berserk over the loss.

    “Now we know why Obama wouldn’t release his school records. Bush got C’s , Obama probably failed lunch.”

    “All blue-dog Democrats please leave the bunker”.

  98. JC1

    No kidding, but is Pelosi this thick. It’s really hard to believe.

    Pelosi met with House Democrats yesterday to tell them how the negotiations on a compromise health care bill between the House and Senate were going. As she spoke, one Democratic member whispered to another, “It’s like talking about your date on Friday, but the date’s in the emergency room.”

  99. C.L.

    Patrick Kennedy doesn’t get it, says Mark Steyn.


    “It’s like in Roman times, they’d be trotted out to the coliseum and the lions would be brought out,” Kennedy said Tuesday night. “I mean, they’re wanting blood and they’re not getting it so they want to protest.”


    This is the laziest trope in the Democrat-media book. When the electorate repudiates the Republicans, as in 2008, they’re voting for hope and change and raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. But, when the electorate repudiates the Democrats, as they did last night, then they’re seething and vicious and lashing out and so irrational they can’t even calculate their own best interest, which is to keep voting for the guy with “D” after his name. When suburban Massachusetts is your idea of Bitter Clinger Central, you may want to rethink your analysis.

    Meanwhile, the Huffington Post is arguing that Obama is on the nose throughout America because he isn’t left-wing enough. LOL.

  100. JC1

    Pretty funny call to order.

    Attention Pig Headed Libertarians — it’s better to reform from the inside than from the outside. From Libertarian-leaning Glenn Reynolds today:

    And on the third-party front, the Tea Party enthusiasm for Scott Brown bespeaks considerable pragmatism. Republicans who are seen as sellouts may face third-party challenges — or primary challenges, or both — but support for Brown indicates that people aren’t in a “take your marbles and go home” mode yet. Throwing a monkey-wrench into the ObamaCare works was seen as more important than getting the perfect candidate in, and that was a very wise move. I suspect that we’ll see similar pragmatism between now and November, but the GOP should also remember — as was shown in NY-23 — that making an example to encourage the others can be pragmatic, too.

  101. C.L.

    Following on the heals of the whacko 9/11 truther who resigned and the Maoist communications director who quit, Obama’s choice for boss of the Transportation Security Administration, Erroll Southers, has announced that he too has bailed. The man Barry wanted to put in charge used once his position to run background checks on his then-estranged wife’s boyfriend and then lied to Congress about it. Nope – Barry the cerebral leviathan didn’t see that one coming.

    Jimmy Carter is a happy man, indeed, as someone noted above. No longer does he have to endure the ignominy of carrying the title of America’s Worst Ever President.

  102. C.L.

    Obama: tuned in and on the job despite the Brownfall.

    Fort Hood: Neither Hasan’s name nor Islam mentioned in military report on shootings.

    America’s in the very best of hands.

  103. C.L.

    Marxist loser, Barack Obama, pushes on: will nationalise student loan industry. Cost: $100 billion a year.

  104. C.L.

    Fsscinating gizmo, SRL. Thanks.

    Hey, Krugman is now bailing – albeit because he subscribes to the laughable notion that Barry is unpopular because Americans want someone MORE left wing.

    I have to say, I’m pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama, who seems determined to confirm every doubt I and others ever had about whether he was ready to fight for what his supporters believed in.

    The header:

    He Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For.

    Amazing, isn’t it? A Nobel Prize winning economist waiting for the true hidden imam.

  105. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop

    No CL George Bush won that in a canter.
    I see you too ( surprise surprise ) doesn’t understand what a Maoist is

  106. C.L.

    A Maoist is someone who declares a personal ideological attraction to and respect for Mao Tse Tung. Like Obama’s former communications director.

  107. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop

    A new definition.

    We must tell the Shining Path Guerrilla that.

  108. Good to see you refer literary matters to Shining Path.

    Clearly something gets lost in translation and the end result is your unintelligible dribble.

  109. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop


    It may come as news to you but the Shinning Path were/are Maoists.

    They well understood what the term meant like you and CL who come up with an absurd definition

  110. C.L.

    Homer the lexicographical prodigy defines ‘Keynesian’ as ‘anything of or having to do with the Nazi Party’ but he denies that a woman who professed her ideological simpatico with Mao Tse Tung is, in fact, a Maoist.

  111. jtfsoon

    so you have to actually go out and kidnap/blow up people to be a Maoist?

  112. daddy dave

    A Maoist is someone who declares a personal ideological attraction to and respect for Mao Tse Tung. Like Obama’s former communications director.
    yeah I think all this protesting that she wasn’t “really” a Maoist is a bit lame. She knew who he was and admired him immensely.

  113. Butterfield, Bloomfield & Bishop

    wow Statman what do Maoists actually do?

  114. I don’t know Homer. Do they believe in what he said or do they try to be like Mao? Do the really good ones actually try to BE Mao, or do they contact the other side and let themselves be possessed with his spirit?

    “You’re not a Maoist unless you’ve killed 200 000 Nationalists and invaded Tibet”


  115. C.L.

    Deficit-tripling nation wrecker, Barack Obama, blames Bush for Coakley’s loss:

    “People are angry, they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years,” Mr Obama told ABC America News as he reached the anniversary of his first year in office.

    One of the most diehard liberal states in the Union is angry with Bush so they voted for the Republican. Riiiiight.

  116. JC


    wow Statman what do Maoists actually do?

    Behave like they have IQ’s lower than a retarded gnat on on website in public display like you , homes?


  117. Michael Fisk

    Homer, a Communist is not someone who nationalises all private property, but a person who SUPPORTS the nationalisation of all private property. A Maoist is not necessarily somebody who is literally Mao Tse Tung, but someone who advocates his policies or philosophy. Obama has had at least one Maoist in his cabinet.

  118. No longer does he have to endure the ignominy of carrying the title of America’s Worst Ever President.
    Yep. I heard he sent a card to Dubya expressin’ his gratitude n’ everythang. Yuk. 🙂

  119. C.L.

    The number of Americans who want Bush back in office is now about the same as the number who approve of Obama. Truly, epic fails don’t come much more epic than this. It must be a real load off Jimmy’s mind to pass on his legendary mantle to Barack.

  120. Michael Fisk

    One day, historians will naturally group “Obama” with other household names of epic presidential failure, such as “Carter” and “Buchanan”. I don’t think the Democrats can survive too many more “victories” like in 2008.

  121. The number of Americans who want Bush back in office is now about the same as the number who approve of Obama.
    Okay that’s it. Time to split into two different countries. I’m sure the republican USA will be just great. 🙂

  122. C.L.


    Where would you live, Adrien, if you had a choice between the Big Apple and the Big Easy? I’d be interested to know.

  123. Michael Sutcliffe

    Okay that’s it. Time to split into two different countries. I’m sure the republican USA will be just great.

    I’m all for it. We should do a split between Australia and the USA. Left-leaning voters can have Australia, as it has a tradition of social democracy, and the righties can have the USA and maintain the tradition of ‘land of the free, home of the brave’.

    An element of my personal Utopia would be a country free of left-wingers!

  124. C.L.

    That’s another thing I liked about Escape From LA*. California was knocked off the mainland by an earthquake and is used only as a giant prison for scumbags. Truly prophetic given that liberals have now turned it into a failed state.

  125. C.L.

    Deep deep denial.

    The New York Times editorial board declares…

    Brown win “not remotely a verdict on Mr. Obama’s presidency.”

    This is the newspaper that refused to report allegations that John Edwards had fathered a child out of wedlock during the 2008 presidential campaign.


    John Edwards admits fathering 2-year-old daughter of campaign worker.

    Of course, the more reliable National Enquirer reported this correctly in 2008.

  126. JC

    They (NYTimes) lost $75 million last year. At the rate they’re burning through the cash they’ll have to get another bailout from Carlos Slim.

  127. tal

    I still can’t get over John Eddies hair!!!!!!!!!

  128. C.L.

    He puts a lot of time into that hair:

    Oldie but a goody.

  129. C.L.

    Democrat rats jumping ship…

    Pelosi on ObamaCare: There aren’t enough votes now to pass it.

    As Harry Reid once said, this war is lost.

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